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Has Starwood Preferred Guest given up its O2 suite?

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Regular readers will know that there have been some great points opportunities over the past three years to see top musical acts at the O2 Arena in London via SPG Moments.

Starwood Preferred Guest took a VIP suite in the arena and made tickets available as a points redemption, usually around 15,000 points for two people.  The suite was fully catered with a hot and cold buffet and a free, unlimited bar.

Anika reviewed a Muse concert here and I have been numerous times, generally to see acts too uncool to publicly name.

The game might be up, unfortunately.  The O2 suite was a three year deal and the three years is now over.  There have not been any concerts listed on the SPG Moments site for a while.

Other venues controlled by AEG (Mercedes Arena, Staples Center) also seem to have disappeared from SPG Moments.

SPG Moments O2 Arena London suite

If the suite has gone, this may be a sign of things to come with the Marriott-isation of Starwood.  SPG will have lost a lot of money on these events – the value of the points redeemed won’t even have covered the cost of the food and drink, yet alone the cost of the box itself – but it didn’t care because it was all about relationship building with its core guests.  I have never seen any signs that Marriott thinks the same way.

I wish Virgin Atlantic would do more with its suite at the O2.  I have no idea who gets the seats – once a year we get an invite, this year we get ’30 Seconds To Mars’, last year it was world darts – but there would be real value in Virgin Atlantic offering up seats for miles.

Virgin Flying Club is desperately in need of valuable low value redemptions as it doesn’t have any short-haul flights to offer.  With the credit card due for a major relaunch soon it would be a good way of driving sign-ups.

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  1. OT. Looking for advice. I have managed to get 100k MR in my mums name (referring etc) and I want to use them for BA flights. I have read the article for the HHA etc but I was looking for reccomendations on what would be best.
    She does not use any but I wondered if anyone had any experiance on what would work out best for me to have full access to them.

    • Grimz says:

      I have my Mum in my household account in BA and that allows you to use them.

    • Peter K says:

      I assume you have her permission?
      One option is to open an account in her name and move all the Avios into there. Then online you can join them into a single household account. You can then download a paper form to split accounts (you both need to sign it) and post it and you can say how much of the Avios each person keeps.
      Rob has an article on household accounts which will explain more. I think it’s in his “Avios University” series.

      • Yes, I have her permission. Im not too keen on credit card fraud so thought it best to ask her first 🙂
        Thats what I was thinking, that way all the avios will be in my account and if she ever decided to start collecting etc then she will still have her own account.
        Yes, I read the article but for me there was no clear winner so thought I would check what people on here had the most sucess with.

    • My mum is in the HHA together with my husband, and I book redemptions for all of us as required out of my account, no issues.
      I also manage her BA & MR rewards accounts through my awardwallet with her permission.
      You say she doesn’t use any but neither till mine until I took her 1st class to see some friends back home, and now she makes frequent use of them 😉

    • JamesB says:

      If mum is platinum you could get her to Marriott gold via dog status, transfer to 50k SPG-150K marriott- transfer to your Marriott, top up to 270k Marriott to 270k and redeem 162 avios travel package before end of the month.

  2. Grimz says:

    OT – I have just referred my Partner for the BA free card via my amex Plat for the 18k referral bonus. Is there a way of upgrading this to BAPP and bagging the 26k bonus for the 3k spend in 3 months?

    • Peter K says:

      No. You’d have to cancel it, wait 6 months, than apply again. There is no official upgrade bonus from the free to premium BA card.

    • Nick P says:

      How were you able to get the 18k referral bonus via the Plat for referring to a BA free card? Does the person you’re referring not need to also apply for an Amex Platinum themselves in order for you to get the referral bonus?

  3. Christian says:

    Damn – just booked flights with Emirates at the weekend.Might have to upgrade with cash!!

  4. Minhaal Rajani says:

    Any Platinum AMEX holders get the Emirates or Avis offer?

  5. Nigel Williams says:

    Mine was actually a slightly worse offer – Spend 800, get 100 back 🙁

    • Nigel Williams says:

      Its a shame Emirates dont fly to DFW, as I need to book tickets to see family for Xmas..

  6. Graeme says:

    It’s now been 51 days since I submitted an EU261 claim to BA, leaving me several hundred Pounds out-of-pocket. A grumpy Tweet yesterday has led to the offer of a phone call today – fingers crossed that’ll happen. Would others be expecting some Avios as compensation, or is that a bit greedy? It’s a pretty simple claim, I can’t imagine what’s taken them so long.

    • Graeme says:

      Apologies – OT!

      • Walty says:

        Did you do the claim online via their customer services link? My flight was cancelled on 18th Feb. Rebooked on 19th Feb. Completed customer service form on 20th Feb for re-imbursement of hotel & food along with EU261 compensation (selected joint claim at beginning of the process). Got a phone call last week that it was accepted and being processed. Funds arrived yesterday. A very painless exercise. Kudos BA!

  7. I’ve got the Emirates one (150 for 800), shame it can’t be booked under the QF code as unusually BA gives TP and Avios on EK booked under a QF code.

    Others I got was the HEX (£10 back on £35 spend), I can confirm that it worked when I added a couple of Network Railcard tickets (see – I booked two separate return tickets using the railcard discount in one transaction), then I did get the message off Amex that I qualified for the statement credit. Just make sure you add them to your basket and pay for them as a single transaction.

    I have the Qpark and Plane Food offers too. Would anyone recommend Plane Food at T5? Last time I used it was in 2009 before I had status and lounge access.

    • Cate ⛱️ says:

      Same Emirates deal here , but their tax/fees etc are just stupid even when you throw miles at it.

    • RussellH says:

      We have been to Plane Food a couple of times in the last six years or so, though not in the last couple of years (LHR is not somewhere we go very often). Both times perfectly accepatable, and reasonable value for money, given that it is at an airport where thb I do not expect to find reasonable value for money.

  8. OT – I was planning to cancel my BA Premium Plus card today but just received an email to add a supplementary card to get 3000 Avios. If I apply for the supplementary card today, I guess I’ll have the Avios in 2 or 3 days – will I have to wait until my next statement date in a month to have these Avios transferred automatically to my BAEC account, or can this be done manually before? I would not pay another month of fees (£16) for 3000 Avios…

    • They can’t transfer them manually. You need to wait till next month for them to move across. If you cancel the card before the points transfer you will have a very hard time getting the points once the link between the two is broken.

  9. OT – Got 5 passports to renew this month, can I pay with an Amex online? Need to hit a joining bonus and would like to avoid using Post Office Check and Send (£9+ each!) to be able to pay by Amex…

    • I’ve just had a look and the cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard and Maestro (does any UK bank still issue these?)

      The government departments seem to have wildly different card acceptance rules with Companies House accepting Amex and HMRC not accepting any personal cards.

      • mark2 says:

        Perhaps because Companies House are providing a service while HMRC are usually collecting tax due.

  10. Slightly OT, but Amex seem to have run a survey with Plat customers regarding how they rank the value of many perks of the card. Off the top of my head, there was 5x MR points when booking through Amex Travel or directly with airlines, getting mid-tier status with either a consortium or a single airline (with and without lounge access, with or without a status challenge to get to top tier), discounts when using MR points when booking through Amex Travel etc.

    Basically, it sounds like an upgrade to the card is coming, but they’re not sure which yet, and are testing the waters. Sounds exciting 🙂

    • Harry says:

      Staying OT, the points/status benefits of Amex Plat is well document/valued on this site. How does everyone value the “other perks”? Eg: Are the concierge useful at all? Any events invites and the odd “lifestyle enhancement” vouchers here and there?
      I’m wondering as I’m trying to decide between Amex Plat and HSBC Premier World Elite (not churning). From a points accumulation they’re of similar benefit to me (I use it for non-BA reward accumulation), but I’m a sucker for the little bells and whistles….(eg FHR for Amex and LHW for HSBC…)

      • Memesweeper says:

        The hotels booking perks for Gold and Platinum are handy if you’re heading to the right places.

        Other than that excellent insurance, lounge access and status at hotels are the only other features I use. I have the World Elite too and Platinum’s lounge coverage is much better.

    • Cate ⛱️ says:

      ‘there was 5x MR points when booking through Amex Travel or directly with airlines’

      This sounds interesting as long as there wasn’t a hefty mark up on travel which would negate the benefits and not just one airline.

    • Pangolin says:

      Well if anyone from Amex is reading this, 5x for airlines and Amex Travel bookings would be enough to keep me holding it (assuming they didn’t jack up the price or remove other benefits, eg. HH Gold).

  11. OT: Best non-Amex card for a student with (basically) no ‘income’? I’m looking for a Visa/ Mastercard credit card with some added bonus, earning some points, however, I need it to be available to students and without income limits. Currently, I’m using BA Amex, and I spend around 1-1.5k a month on it.

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