How to transfer Avios points from Iberia to British Airways Executive Club

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I have covered a few Iberia Plus promotions on Head for Points recently.  This has led to a few emails asking exactly how you can transfer Avios points from Iberia Plus to British Airways Executive Club. The process has got even messier following security ‘improvements’ last year.

This article will act as a reference post and I can direct future queries to it!

The important thing to remember is that there is the ‘proper’ way to do this and there is the ‘fudge when Iberia’s IT goes down the toilet’ way.  I will cover both here.

Here are a few things to remember before moving Avios points out of Iberia Plus:

Your Iberia Plus account must be 90 days old before you can move Avios points out of it

If you want to transfer INTO Iberia Plus, your Iberia account must also have earned at least 1 Avios point.  The easiest way is to do a transfer from American Express Membership Rewards or credit a flight, car rental or hotel stay.

You can transfer your points back and forth, as many times as you like, for free

Transfers are instantaneous

Moving Avios from Iberia Plus to BA British Airways

There are two ways to do the transfer.  You will often find that doing it from fails for technical reasons no-one can understand.  You may have more success doing it from Iberia Plus.  If that fails, there is also a Plan C!

New security measures

In 2017 Avios introduced improved security measures for people wanting to transfer Avios between their accounts.

The bottom line is that pretty much ALL of your personal data must now match.  Email, date of birth, home address ….. the lot.

If you have combined Avios in the past but are now having problems, it is possible that your accounts do not have the same email address, or you moved house and forgot to update one of them.

There is also another issue.  Because of the Spanish surname system, signing up for Iberia Plus involves you giving your ‘first name’, ‘last name’ and ‘second last name’.  Your English surname should be ‘last name’.  If you enter your middle name as ‘second last name’ then Iberia’s system treats it as part of your surname and cannot match it with your Avios or BA surname.  This cannot be corrected online.


Go to and log-in via the top right of the screen

Go to the ‘Manage My Account’ section which is under the ‘Executive Club’ tab

Click on ‘Combine My Avios’ in the left hand margin

However, as I mentioned above, this often fails to work when you try to move Avios points out of Iberia.  This forces you to plan B:


This is the one that proves tricky because it is hidden away!

Go to and log-in by hovering over the ‘Iberia Plus’ box in the top right of the screen

Hover over ‘Iberia Plus’ again in the top-right corner and select ‘My Avios’ under the ‘My Profile’ menu

From the ‘My Avios’ page, click on ‘Buying or transferring Avios’

At the bottom of that page, headed ‘Buy, give away or transfer Avios’, you will see the line “Don’t forget you can combine your Avios with those of other customer loyalty programmes”.  Click this text.

(Important:  if your Iberia account has not been open for 90 days and has not earned at least 1 Avios point, you will NOT see this line of text because you are not yet able to transfer Avios.  Instead, you will see this:


There is a blank space under the ‘Transfer’ box where the ‘combine’ link should be.)

You will now be on the ‘Combine My Avios’ page.  Follow the instructions to send your points to or British Airways Executive Club.

And if that still fails to work:


For reasons unknown, and will often throw up error messages when you try to transfer between the programmes.

However, using as an intermediary almost always works perfectly.

(Unless your account is a household account. Then you are stuffed!)

If you don’t have an account you will need to create one.  Then, from inside using the ‘Combine My Avios’ option under ‘My Account’, do this:

Make a transfer from into

Make a transfer from to

This WILL work (most of the time!) even when other options fail.

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  1. Looking forward to when the three schemes merge.
    No doubt we shall have a whole new set of problems!

    • Like having to pay the full BA style surcharges on Iberia/Aer Lingus redemptions?

    • I really wouldn’t look forward to that if I was you.

      • A lot of partners are going to be chopped.

        However, IF it meant you could book all partners for all airlines in one place (eg Royal Air Maroc) there may be some benefits.

        I am not holding out much hope even though it will make my life easier – although if all the tier point systems stay separate it will remain hugely confusing.

  2. Matt B says:

    Did anyone get the 20% bonus from amex to iberia? Was I imagining a comment last week from someone who claimed they did?

    • Yes, I got them. A couple of us commented positively on the 5th Mar article which advised not to make the transfer.

      • Matt B says:

        Thanks, just found it. Looks like it only worked for those who got the email. Annoyingly I have 100k waiting to transferred out and didn’t get it, whilst my girlfriend with hardly any MR got it.

      • I saw that post and sent some MR over to Iberia as a test – it didn’t seem to result in a bonus for me I’m afraid to say.

        • Also failed for me.

          If you got the original email it does seem to work and for multiple transfers too.

  3. Marcelo C says:

    Adding to the article:
    1- you can activate your Iberia account by buying Avoid too. I used it before and works
    2- I would say that plan D is call BA or Iberia call centre and ask them to make the transfer. It happened to me in the past that my details weren’t the same on the systems and I couldn’t do it online. Over the phone they did the transfer to me.

  4. Graham Walsh says:

    OT Just got my SPG card and unable to add to my current Amex online account, asking me to create a new one. Anyone else had this? Does SPG need a separate online account?

    • I have SPG and added to same account as my plat so can be done. Not sure how though, sorry!

    • Sometimes happens to me when the post is quicker than the IT. I usually wait a day or two now before adding new cards.

      • Also as has been posted by couple of posters, sometimes it does not work at weekends. May be try later during weekdays.

        • Graham Walsh says:

          Oddly, it worked today, their IT systems must have weekend off, one day they will learn about 24×7.

          Also you can remove the old cards yourself online – Account Management > Remove a Card from Online Services

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Ring and the agent can normally sort it out. Also do you have old cards still saved on your account which need to be removed?

    • Have you had an SPG card on your account previously? I’ve had this problem before and it was something to do with a previous SPG card I had churned.

  5. Looking up on it seems I can drive a 9 seater using the standard UK driving licence for cars.

  6. Hi Rob. I wonder if you would consider updating this reference article to advise on what to do if you have HHAs? (I know you said we’re stuffed!) We lost all our Iberia Avios as I couldn’t work our what to do to transfer them to either our BAEC or Avios HHAs. And it wasn’t enough Avios to make it worth splitting the Avios HHA back to individual accounts. If I’d known what to do to keep the (individual) Iberia accounts active without flying, would probably have been best option. But 3 years ce and went too quickly! Also, if you have BAEC and Avios HHAs, can you transfer TO an Iberia account in order to top up for a redemption?

    • I would close down the Avios HHA. There is no benefit if you have a parallel BA HHA with the same people.

      • Thanks Rob. May do that but there does seem to be some benefit to pooling miles in Avios HHA as we both have the Lloyds Avios cards and both generate the upgrade voucher (though maybe those days are numbered). So can use both to upgrade one trip for two return. Or just have access to a larger pool of points to make bookings. But maybe my assumptions are flawed here. Are you saying no need as we can easily transfer points from individual Avios accounts to a BAEC HHA and vice versa?

  7. Andreas says:

    Recently I have only been able to use to transfer, both ways. Pretty painless and easy to access.

  8. Melonfarmer says:

    Regarding the having to earn 1 avios on the Iberia account, I have shopped online through Iberia Plus eshopping using which allows one to log in to an eBay account registered in the UK (or elsewhere). 1 avios per Euro so easy to tick the box with some cheap electronics from China or second hand book (all that I trust eBay for, but that’s a different matter!). Use Chrome to translate the page if necessary.

  9. Is it any easier to get status on iberia than ba? My silver just ran out

    • I had the ex EU Qatar flights last November to get my BA silver status. Looked at crediting to Iberia for the status but I think it was slightly more difficult than getting it with BA. Of course if you’re getting the tier points a different way it could work out differently

      • You need to look at other things though …. how long does Iberia status last, and do you get a soft landing?

  10. delbert says:

    Touch wood, I haven’t had any problems logging on to Iberia on either my account or my wife’s. In fact I just transferred Avios from Iberia to BA using the Avios website from both accounts without any issues whatsoever.

  11. I really want to know how to combine the AerClub points and BA avois.

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