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£15 Amazon discount code for American Express Gold and Platinum cardholders ending soon

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For the last 20+ months, Amazon has been offering an exclusive £15 discount code for Amex Gold, Green and Platinum charge card holders when they spend £25 or more. 

This offer expires on 30th June unless it gets extended again, which is absolutely not guaranteed.  If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet – probably because you didn’t have an Amex Gold or Platinum when it launched – this is your last chance.

You will save £15 on your next Amazon order of £25 or more as long as you part-pay with Membership Rewards points from your Amex Gold or Platinum card.


This is what to do:

If you have not already done so, link your Membership Rewards account with your Amazon account by visiting this page on the Amazon website

Buy £25 of items on (these MUST all be sold by Amazon and not third party merchants, and excludes digital content and gift cards)

You MUST select your Membership Rewards-earning Amex card as your payment card (you cannot use gift cards or any other payment source)

Part-pay for your order using Membership Rewards points.  The sneaky option is to redeem just 2 points for a 1p discount.  This saves you ‘wasting’ MR points on a low value redemption.  You will only get 0.45p per point and you shouldn’t waste more than 2 of your valuable points on such a poor deal!  (One comment below suggests that 10 points may be required, so 5p!).

Enter code AMEX16SWP at check out (the code must go in after you have selected part-payment with your Membership Rewards-registered card)

The Amazon link above (and here) pays HFP a small commission if you use it – thank you.  You pay the same regardless.

This offer is open to all UK American Express Gold, Green and Platinum cardholders.  There were comments under an older article suggesting that it does not work for American Express Rewards cardholders.  Your Amazon account must have been opened before 28th October 2017 – creating a brand new Amazon account just to take advantage of this offer will not work.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Comments (130)

  • Andrew M says:

    “The comments below suggest …” – at the time of writing there are no comments below 😉

    • Worzel says:

      N. Ford says:
      20 March 2018 at 09:19
      That AMEX16SWP code didn’t work for me. It wouldn’t apply. Any answers…? Thanks…

      Julie M says:
      20 March 2018 at 10:02
      I just used it and it didn’t work if I put the code in first. You need to part pay with points first, £0.01 as Rob mentioned, and then select the Apply button. You can now put the code in the gift code field above the points field and that should work.

      N. Ford says:
      20 March 2018 at 10:20
      Damn… then I’ve missed out and have paid the full £25+!
      Should’ve waited for everyone’s responses…

      Patrick says:
      20 March 2018 at 10:15
      It only worked for me when I incrased the amount of points applied from 2 to 10 – otherwise I was getting a message that “It cannot be applied to my purchase”.

      • Anika says:

        Thank you Worzel. We forgot to change that bit in the article 🙂

        • Lady London says:

          Hi Anika,
          I will hope to see you at the Summer Party. You’ve only been there not so much over a year and you’re doing brilliantly.

  • Jeff says:

    I suggests that 10 points may be required, so 5p…

  • TripRep says:

    IIRC the Amazon deal only works once per Amazon account?

    ie if you have done it once on a previous Amex it won’t work again on a new Amex on the same Amazon account?

    • the real harry1 says:

      Only once per Amazon a/c

      • Toby says:

        Ahh, that explains why, with a new card, i couldn’t do it. Got on Amazon chat and they said I was “valid for the offer” and they manually took £15 off 🙂

  • the real harry1 says:

    The same Amex card can be used to trigger the £15 discount on multiple Amazon a/cs, eg perhaps every member of your household has an individual Amazon a/c. However, opening new Amazon a/cs now won’t help as the offer is time-limited to slightly older Amazon a/cs. Might help if the offer gets extended yet again, though.

  • Earlier today says:

    I have used different amex cards with the same account but it involved calling Amazon’s customer service to help apply the code.

    • the real harry1 says:

      Sure, Amazon CS will give anybody £10 in a flash if you claim a promotion’s not working. But the £15 discount is once per Amazon a/c, pure & simple. If you get a dumb CS agent who manually awards a second £15 – maybe because you still keep seeing the invitation pop-up which then doesn’t work twice – then bully for you.

      • On behalf of the dumb CS agent says:

        A careful reading of the T&C suggests otherwise:
        ‘9. Limit one promotion code per Membership Rewards eligible card.’
        Bully for everyone…

  • Jo says:

    OT: Hi just did gold to plat upgrade. Can’t see any slider for spending£1000 to get 20000 points for the upgrade. Is this normal?

    • Genghis says:


    • Steve says:

      It’s normal, you can call up and check progress, customer service is very happy to do the calcs for you. I just triggered my bonus last Tuesday and my 20k points posted on Thursday, a day before my three month deadline (I was running two other SPG and two companion card sign up bonuses and thought I could reach all targets with my usual spend) should have just bought some gift cards to play it safe but it worked out in the end

      • Jeremy says:

        Did you do the upgrade using your own targeted link or the one posted in the comments on HFP? I did at one stage have the link on my own account (before I was ready to upgrade) but it has now disappeared 🙁

        Many people’s comments on here seem to indicate that Amex is not paying out on bonuses where you were not specifically targeted.

  • Roger says:

    Code didnt work on a newly created Amazon account for a family member.
    Is there a limit on no. of Amazon accounts registered per household. IIRC, we only have two accounts (one for myself and another for wife).

  • Lewis King says:


    Been stuck in Mauritius since Sunday night. Flight delayed 48 hours till tonight – waiting on a part from the normal Tuesday flight that is almost about to land. BA have not conmunicated well at all, stuck at the airport 8 hours in total before they finally start putting people in hotels. I predict absolute chaos at check in, considering just one flight going out was bad enough, let alone two in an hour!

    Fingers crossed we actually get home tonight. I have a kitchen due to be installed this week!

    • the real harry1 says:

      Don’t forget your EC261 compo, nothing extraordinary there if it’s just a part that needs changing

      • Lewis King says:

        Oh don’t worry I am fully prepared with my expenses and comp claims 🙂

        • TripRep says:

          nice one Lewis should help with the new kitchen costs, BA seem ok about paying out on delays once you nudge them enough.

          If the flight is full there maybe involuntary downgrades?

          To be on the safe side, be sure to take the name of the Flight Services Manager and ask for details of the technical part that caused the delay, + aircraft call sign for check delay reason code via FT.