The HfP exclusive discount at Ski Solutions is extended

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Earlier this month Ski Solutions decided to partner with us and offered our readers a 5% discount on ski holidays. This offer was meant to expire on 16th September, but Ski Solutions has decided to extend it for a few weeks.

If you missed the first mention of this offer, Ski Solutions is a ski holiday company, run by a regular HfP reader, with 30 years’ experience in arranging tailor-made ski holidays across Europe and North America.

Val D isere

Ski Solutions works with all the leading chalet, apartment and hotel operators. Selling ski holidays is all they do and their team claims a combined 280 years of collective experience in the sector.

Until 31st October you can benefit from early bird booking discounts with an extra 5% discount if you quote ‘headforpoints’ when booking. The Ski Solutions website is here.

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  1. OT – IHG free nights from the credit cards – I’ve already used it for a booking but might now need to cancel. Well within the validity period still, so does this come back to me with the original expiry date? Thanks

  2. OT – apparently Tesco Wine by the Case is closing on October 8th. Another source of Clubcard points and avios gone. Might as well console myself with some clearance bargains ????.

    • Though there aren’t even many offers!

      • Lady London says:

        Is Tesco ever going to actually admit the are deliberately killing off Clubcard?

        Or are all the good vendors choosing themselves to drop out of Tesco’s Clubcard programme? I’ve worked for two major businesses that had Tesco as a key customer, many years apart. In both cases our salesman used to return from meetings with Tesco saying “it’s a good day as we left the meeting with Tesco this time with out ****s intact”. Tesco is apparently known for screwing suppliers. Is Tesco making the suppliers give 3x the value for Clubcard bookings but then only paying the suppliers 2x? would match stories I’ve heard about Tesco…. Marks & Spencer eventually came to grief by pushing UK suppliers too much too.

        • the_real_a says:

          Speaking to a couple of directors last year, i was told that the 2x and 3x are all funded by the merchant. Tesco passes on around 1p per point depending on the deal. The math’s only work if people redeem partial rewards (which is how Tesco sell it) so it works as a discount on the total price or you have low marginal costs (e.g. pizza express)

          • Sounds very likely or more high value merchants would have stayed in.

            Poor old Motorpoint never knew what hit them when people started turning up demanding a totally free car (not difficult in the days when Tesco was throwing points around like confetti) – they expected you to pitch up with £50-worth and get £150 off your £5000 vehicle.

      • We had a bizarre meeting with Tesco when they cut us off from their partnership scheme about 18 months ago. You see, Tesco didn’t actually want anyone to take advantage of its special offers, because they lost loads of money on them. People like us who actually promoted these special offers were a massive problem because we sent them customers and they didn’t want customers. They just wanted the special offers to look impressive on their home page but not actually be purchased.

        As we’ve seen since, this was clearly systematic of far bigger problems at Direct and Wine. I need to ask Avios how much their income from Tesco has dropped over the last 18 months …

        • I struggle to get 150 points a quarter from Tesco these days

        • The Original Nick says:

          Since Aldi have excepted Amex I’ve not bothered with Tesco. Tesco stopped giving me extra clubcard points vouchers too just before I started shopping at Aldi so they lost me as a customer.

        • Similarly to others, my points at Tesco have dropped dramatically. Practically the only points to hit the account are from the monthly mortgage payment (lowest rate at the time, Clubcard points give a free day out each year).

          Otherwise I’d not bother…

        • @Rob. Not sure if it has been mentioned before or if you are aware of it, the 1000 bonus on the purchases mastercard has been pulled since your September credit card review. Just checked other versions, no bonuses that I can see.

  3. OT – re Hilton/Amex offer, I had the 5k MR for spending 250 version. It seems that multiple transactions DO NOT WORK this time – I had one stay costing around 200 quid and another around 80. No email of “You have redeemed Hilton offer” was triggered. Thought might give anyone else using this offer a heads-up.

    • Just checking, but was your offer restricted to a list of hotels in Europe and were your stays all at those hotels?

      • Yes, both stays are with properties on the “participating locations” list. Just got off online chat with Amex agent who said that I just need to wait… I am still worried, though.

        • In my experience, the lack of an email is not an indication of not having triggered the bonus. Wait a few days, as advised.

        • +1 recently I haven’t always gotten an email when I should’ve triggered the deal but I’ve always gotten the credit in the end

  4. Anyone know how long Amex travel booking take to hit the account its been pending 5 days

    • Travel Strong says:

      My recent bookings took 5 calendar days to finally move out of pending, then another 2 days for the balance credit from the Amex travel offers to apply itself. The timeline was also identical on 2 different cards.

  5. Shoestring says:

    Malmaison rooms from £38 + snap crackle & pop (it says from £51 but it’s £38)

    Decent hotel chain.

  6. Totally O/T – wondering if SPG/Marriott Moments will release tickets in their O2 suite for Take That in May 2019. Was a total car crash this morning trying to get tickets in their pre-sale. Thankfully managed to get tickets after almost 2 hours but would be great to see them twice next year.

    • you never know for certain but I’d say they probably will but it might be more expensive than usual as its very popular.

      • They released Adele tickets – albeit they went in minutes and I never even saw them – so a fair chance they will. I’m more interested in Paul McCartney in December, would be a shame never to see him once in my life.

  7. If you take out the Amex platinum can you change who gets the the second priority pass / platinum card and if so how often can you do it without charge

    • I would imagine it is possible, although never heard of anyone doing it. Or pay £170 and get a 2nd supplementary Plat issued.

    • The Original Nick says:

      I’ve changed who had the second PP card but that was about 2 years ago or more. I just phoned up and said I was separating from my partner so I wanted to give the card to my Dad which I did. Amex were fine by it. It did then persuade my parents to get the Amex Platinum for themselves about 3 months later so I actually done Amex a favour. Oh, and my partner and I are back together before you ask.

    • We changed mine to our daughter so she and oh could use it travelling. Worked a treat.

  8. Whilst BA should cop for losses from their safety breach (remembering it was a criminal act by a 3rd party, of vourse), companies clearly profiteering from that loss should do one.

    • These criminals identified and exploited a weakness in the BA systems. The ICO will be looking at security policies and controls in place by BA, how the system was compromised and remained undetected for over 2 weeks, and the response to affected clients. All this is covered under GDPR.
      Although £60 in courier fees does seem on the high side, it’s worth bearing in mind that guaranteed 9am next day delivery within the UK from Royal Mail starts at £18.36. I agree with you that companies should not be profiteering from the loss however it’s not unreasonable to cost £60 for sending a card overseas on priority, guaranteed and insured mail, so long as it was justified that it was required that urgently.

  9. OT: does anyone know how long it takes Expedia to update an HSBC Prem to +gold status?

    Even after logging in and linking through the HSBC portal it’s still showing me as +blue.

  10. LL are reporting a significant change to the Marriott Rewards T’s & C’s as of today…Travel packages will no longer be eligible for airline partner conversion bonuses.

    • According to FT – also apparently no refund with new TPs either (previously got 45k) and they’re properly implementing need for MR member to be present for the stay.

      • Alan, do you know if this insistence on the MR member now being present only applies to new TPs or to ANY TPs, old or new? I have one booked in my partner’s name in Japan in Feb ‘19 and, whilst my name has been added to the booking as a second guest and confirmed via email by the hotel (and, for what it might be worth to the hotel management, I’m Platinum Premier Elite), my partner *may* not be able to make the trip due to her work commitments. As such, do I need to panic about being turned away by the hotel if my partner isn’t with me in the end and then being lleft hotel-less the other side of the world? For clarity, I redeemed and attached this TP in April pre–merger.

        (Oh, could I be cheeky and ask for the FT link — thanks, Alan.)

  11. OT – Has anyone received the September Vista newsletter yet?

    • Do you mean the Amex Platinum one? Looked back in trash and got it 6 days ago – only 1 non-London item in it (a £120 whisky tasting day!!), so pretty much as useless a line-up of stuff as usual…

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