Flybe increases its Avios earn rate by 50% – and the Flybe Avios scheme goes live

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It is now four years since Flybe abandoned its own reward scheme and adopted Avios as its reward currency.

Flybe recently hired a new Head of Loyalty (ex-Avios) and he appears to have set about making immediate changes.

From 1st October, you are earning 50% more Avios on most Flybe tickets.

Historically the cheaper ‘Just Fly’ and ‘Get More’ ticket types on Flybe earned 2 per £1 / €1 spent. ‘All In’ flexible tickets earned 4 per £1 / €1.  That distinction has now gone and all tickets now earn 3 Avios per £1 / €1 spent on the fare (excluding APD).

For clarity, this new rate applies to ALL flights taken from 1st October irrespective of when you booked them.  If you receive the old rate of 2 Avios per £1 then you should drop Flybe a note.

As well as the base fare, you can also earn Avios on whatever you pay for hold luggage, standard and extra leg room and preassigned seating.

3 Avios per £1 is generous, in my view.  On routes where Flybe and BA compete at London City, you are likely to earn more Avios taking Flybe given that the cheapest British Airways economy tickets only earn 125 Avios!  You won’t earn tier points on Flybe however.

You can find out more on the Flybe website here.

Flybe and earning Avios

The Avios / Flybe loyalty scheme is now live

Flybe has now launched its own co-branded Avios scheme, operating off the platform.

You can only credit a Flybe ticket to an account (Flybe, AerClub or Vueling Club) and not to British Airways Executive Club or Iberia Plus.  Any account starting 3081xxxxxxxxx will work.

You can now open an account via Flybe.  Following the link on the Flybe website here to register.

Membership is only available to UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands residents.

You end up with two sets of details, one to get into and one to access  Your account will look like this – note the Flybe logo at the bottom:

Flybe launches its own Avios scheme

Your Avios can be transferred to British Airways using the ‘Combine My Avios’ function on or

Children cannot earn Avios via Flybe because does not allow children to have accounts.

When do I receive my Avios?

Here is an interesting one. Unlike every other airline I can think of, you only receive your points when you have flown your return journey. The outbound points will not be posted after the flight.

If you miss one flight on your itinerary, you will forfeit your Avios points for the entire trip.

There is an impressive catch if your points do not post.  You can only claim missing Avios between 30 and 40 days from when you took the return flight.  Claims made before 30 days, or after 40 days, will be dismissed. Flybe really needs to get a grip on this.  Leaving a window of just 10 days when you can submit a claim for missing points is frankly silly.

(EDIT: Flybe tells me that this will be changed soon but requires some broader IT work to be completed first.)

PS. Here is the new Flybe livery launched a few weeks ago:

Flybe increases Avios earn rate


I’m pleased to see Flybe boosting their Avios earn rate.  If nothing else, it produces fresh competition for British Airways on routes where they compete.

Remember that Flybe now flies from Heathrow to Aberdeen and Edinburgh.  I reviewed the Flybe Heathrow to Edinburgh service, which departs from Terminal 2, here.

If you want to know more about Flybe’s participation in Avios, their Avios page is here and there is an updated FAQ here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Is the ’10 day window’ for when you did not give your number before the flight and want to get Avios retroactively or for when you did give your number and they just did not give you points? If the former it’s a weird rule that I guess you’ll just have to live with, if the latter, it seems very doubtful that they would be able to get away with it.

    • Shoestring says:


      • Or when you give your number but their appalling website puts you into a near infinite loop of log-outs, re-logging in, randomly dumping details entered and moving you around the cabin despite choosing a seat, removing Avios number, adding the BAEC number you gave it years ago.

        Eventually you’ll manage the digital equivalent of throwing two sixes and the website will allow you to proceed but you will have no way of knowing what details have stuck and what have been discarded into the ether.

        People who complain about have clearly never gone into battle with

    • Latter.

  2. FlyUpTop says:

    On flybe, how do you find avios redemption flights from Exeter as no sign of any through BAEC?

    • doesn’t recognise Exeter, so just put in EXT and don’t click on any options it may offer you.

      Worked fime for me, e.g. EXT-AMS 25-28 Feb (and that also bring up plenty more fligths – connections via LCY and MAN).

    • Cuchlainn says:

      Check availability through – I use BHD to EMA regularly for DD attending Loughborough Uni and get approx 2.5p per Avios.

  3. Is it still the case that flights bought through a corporate travel agent can not earn Avios – just when bought through their own site?

    • FAQ say you get points via any channel if you read it. Obviously not allowing business travellers to earn would be silly.

      In my experience, when this sort of thing comes up it is down to your corporate TA ripping you off by selling you tickets it isn’t meant to. I had one recently from a reader where the TA was selling package holidays (secretly booking a hotel for the traveller which got ditched) to get lower flight prices but was still charging the client the standard rate. If you never see a price on your eticket then be suspicious.

  4. Scottex says:

    I’ve stopped chasing flyBe for their lousy scheme, never been on a flight where points haven’t been awarded – why can’t they use something like nectar where you would swipe your card at check in ?

  5. Rob, you made a comment in the article
    “From 1st October, you are earning 50% more Avios on most Flybe tickets.”
    I bought a ticket on Saturday 29 September for a ‘day return’ flight to/from LCY on Monday 1 October but just checking my Avios account it is showing the old 2x £ fare spent. (It posted on 9 October …)
    Using your link to the Flybe Avios webpage, I picked up the statement
    “For Flights from October 1st you will earn 3 Avios per £1 on all ticket types!”

    • Peter K says:

      Why not chase it with them in the 10 day window of opportunity?

      • I have no idea how this works beyond what is on their site. Given that the FAQ isn’t even updated yet it is fair to say they are not on top of this.

      • Because life gets in the way.

        Most vendors who award points will make you wait 1-2 weeks before claiming missing stays and give you a few months to submit the claim.

        By making you wait a full 30 days to submit a claim and then only giving you 10 days from that point, Flybe look to have set the whole thing up to make it as difficult as possible to claim missing Avios. And it’s not as if they have a great reputation for tracking and awarding Avios to start with.

  6. From what I remember from a few years back, it was the person *buying* the ticket getting the Avios, not the passenger. Is that still the case? Because I have a customer up North who flies me LCY-EDI a few times a year, but they buy the tickets for me. I’ve never actually tried to claim for the Avios because I thought I wasn’t going to get any…

  7. O/T but no bits – Any advice…… have 4 CW LGW to MCO booked…. i now see availability has appeared for same day LHR – MIA….. will BA swap these over for me with no fuss? Or do I need to cancel/rebook blah blah ??

    • If it’s an Avios redemption booking you should be able to swap as it’s the same zone. You’ll need to phone and pay the change fee plus any differences in taxes, fees and charges.

      • Thanks yes it is Avios. Will give them a call

      • Change fee is £35 per person I think – difference in taxes, fees and charges should be minimal.

        • Follow up question! Avios I paid for AA flights Orlando – NYC…… presume i can cancel these flights and get the 30k avios back as if it was a BA flight?

        • Yes, you’ll lose the lower of £35 or taxes actually paid, which on an AA domestic might not be much at all, but the Avios will be returned.

        • Great… Thanks for all your help Stu

  8. Dave Taylor says:

    Not once have they paid out or allowed me to claim for the points for a flybe flight

    I dont exactly avoid them but I certainly do not consider them part of the alliance

  9. Michael says:

    I used to fly with them a lot and most of the time points would take months to post. They mostly eventually did but it wasn’t worth chasing.
    Incidentally, I booked a flight with them a few days ago and didn’t have a non BA or Iberia Avios account number so it set one up for me. I presume that’s now a Flybe one but it was done before they actually started promoting their programme.

  10. Scottydogg says:

    I hate Flybe with a passion after so many delays , cancellations , poor customer service , refusals to refunds things etc , so i will do anything not to fly with them.
    I remember trying to claim back avios for a flight i had with them , they said they had no record of my flight even tho i sent them everything they asked for , like the e ticket number
    I just gave up in the end , they are an awful airline

  11. Is it actually worth redeeming with Flybe these days? I recall a few years ago the amount of tax they charged made it more expensive than some of the low cost airlines. However, OH and son are starting to be very vocal about how much they hate transiting via Heathrow so I may have to start looking for regional alternatives for some of our future travel!

    • It can be – it “helps” if you need to take a suitcase because Avios tickets include 1 suitcase whereas Flybe will charge you on a cash ticket. Harder to make the number stack up on HBO trips but Flybe can be surprisingly expensive on niche routes with no competition.

    • Not a pilot says:

      No. “Taxes and surcharges” are prohibitive – even if you have a bag to checkin like Rob suggests.
      Woeful airline. But don’t listen to me, ask one of their pilots.

  12. Do their Embraer aircraft ever turn up at Heathrow?

    I’m always hopeful that one will be sitting there as we get bussed out.

  13. O/T If anyone having trouble logging into atm, it’s not accepting special characters in the password. Need to reset without it!!

  14. smell the coffee says:

    “Flybe really needs to get a grip on this. Leaving a window of just 10 days when you can submit a claim for missing points is frankly silly.”

    Surely you’re being naive, Rob? This is wholly intentional. Most people will fail to diarise appropriately and thus miss the window, leaving FlyMayBe happy. Many companies use such a ruse.

  15. Geoffrey Sneddon says:

    How does this fit in with the closure of From

    > Your 3081xxxxxxxx account will be closed very shortly, if it has not already closed, and the balance moved to a British Airways Executive Club account.

    Yet for this:

    > You can only credit a Flybe ticket to an account (Flybe, AerClub or Vueling Club) and not to British Airways Executive Club or Iberia Plus. Any account starting 3081xxxxxxxxx will work.

    • Shoestring says:

      Because the old a/cs may be closing/ have closed, but the newer a/cs are still working fine (eg Aer Club). Only 1 branch of is closing, the other branches survive.

      With Flybe, you’d presumably often just credit points to your Flybe a/c these days. Transfer to BAEC/ IB later.

    • As the article says, “ is not closing”.

      Your Avios Travel Reward Programme account IS closing, but not the platform or what it can do. However, if you want to use that platform you need to open a new Avios account with Flybe, AerClub or Vueling Club.

      • Really don’t see why they bothered closing anything as you can still transfer to the ba site!

  16. Memesweeper says:

    Glad to hear about this improvement. Now they need to fix the issues with Avios not posting, and start an actual loyalty scheme that rewards frequent flyers … I can earn a material benefit with regular flights with EasyJet (FlightClub) or BA (ExecutiveClub) … but nothing from Flybe. For me they are the last resort.

    • Shoestring says:

      Think about it. The Flybe senior management team has ostensibly adopted the Avios loyalty scheme. Yet they do their damnedest to avoid actually awarding points properly to the Avios loyalty scheme.

      They couldn’t give a monkey’s about retaining loyal Flybe customers.

      They are happy to p’ee them off by deliberately making it difficult to get points properly awarded, either efficiently first time or slightly belatedly second time if point award system didn’t work right.

      The Flybe Marketing person for this situation should be given a big bonus by the CEO for engineering this situation & saving Flybe money/ future points liabilities – then promptly sacked for failing the basics of actually making a loyalty program actually reward & incentivise loyal customers.

      • I don’t really think anyone chooses to go FlyBe. There are three main reasons to use them in my book:
        – routes no-one else flies
        – routes where the alternative is inconvenient (eg easyJet do Belfast International, FlyBe do Belfast City)
        – routes where alternatives are absolutely prohibitive (short notice to LCY where FlyBe is invariably cheaper than BA).

        Not a great endorsement really.

  17. Nigel Williams says:

    Its a shame their App is still Garbage 🙁

  18. Ottavio Nuccio says:

    How can I enroll my 4yo child to earn Avios whike flying with Flybe? I find it weird that children over 2yrs almost full paying cannot enroll via Flybe. We all have a BAEC household account and me and my wife both have as well got an account. I wanted to enroll my daughter somewhere, where she can as well earn AVIOS on a May 2019 flight with BE. Any suggestion with whom I can do that? Appreciate a lot in advance your help.

    • Peter K says:

      If you read the article it says you cannot earn avios for children on flybe.

      • Ottavio Nuccio says:

        I read it, of course, and that was the reason why I asked for advice if any other loyalty programme would let earn my child Avios while flying with Flybe

  19. Niall C says:

    I have an account starting 3081 which I have been told is going to close so I think I need to join FlyBe Avios, but the FlyBe website won’t let me as it says that I am already a member of Avios. Am I correct in thinking I need to open a new one or will the existing one continue.

  20. Ah, Fly Maybe…
    I have to use them as no other airline flies the route. They’ve not credited me any Avios without prompting and I now diary the 10 day window to claim. Their app is rubbish and they’ve taken out the auto checkin machines at at least 2 airports I fly through regularly, so it gets more difficult to check in. Not exactly customer orientated.

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