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Special HFP reader offer as BA Redemption Finder expands to cover Virgin Atlantic flights!

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This is our review of the ‘new and improved’ Reward Flight Finder website.

There are only a handful of third-party miles and points ‘tools’ that I actively recommend.  These include:

AwardWallet – the ‘one click’ way of keeping track of ALL your miles and points balances, even non-travel ones

WhereToCredit – the ‘one click’ way of finding out which frequent flyer schemes let you credit a flight taken on an airline you rarely use

StatusMatcher – the easy way of finding out from real case studies who is currently matching your existing airline and hotel cards

The most useful for UK residents, however, was arguably BA Redemption Finder.

BA Redemption Finder was the quickest way of checking Avios availability for British Airways flights.

The great news is that, as of last weekend, it is also the quickest way of checking Virgin Flying Club availability for Virgin Atlantic flights!

This has meant a change of name, so BA Redemption Finder is now Reward Flight Finder and lives at

The best bit is that the site is free if you don’t need the advanced features.

How does Reward Flight Finder work?

Reward Flight Finder is a website not an app, but is optimised for both mobile and desktop.

It is simplicity itself.  Type in where you want to fly from, where you want to fly to, how many seats and what cabin and you will see – instantly – full availability for the next 355 days.  On mobile it looks like this:

Reward Flight Finder

Here are some results for two British Airways Club World seats from Heathrow to Tokyo.  Dark blue means it is a peak date, light blue means it is off-peak pricing.  The left column is outbound, the right is return – click to enlarge:

Reward Flight Finder

It gets even better.  You can set up hourly email alerts for a fee of £3 per month.   Set a date range, route, class and number of passengers and you will be notified when seats become available.  Free email alerts are also available if you are happy with daily checking – although to be absolutely certain of getting any seats that come up, the £3 per month route is better.

(Tim has set up a special reader offer to trial the premium service – see below.)

Reward Flight Finder is so smart that it even, for British Airways searches, shows the extra economy Avios seats made available to BA Gold members.

There are a few issues:

It cannot handle connections, only direct point to point searches

It does not show oneworld or Virgin Flying Club partner airlines – so for BA it is best used to check availability when you want to use an Amex 2-4-1 voucher.  If you are not using a 2-4-1 voucher you should use instead as it will show you Qatar, Finnair, Royal Jordanian, American etc as well.  For Virgin, you will need to use their website if there are also Delta services to your destination.

There is still a slight delay on the data feed compared to real time availability, but very modest

These are mainly trivial points, however, in the context of what is an amazingly fast and usable site.

Reward Flight Finder also works in reverse

Tim, who runs the site, added a new feature late last year.  You can now search BY DATE.  The site will show you EVERY BA or Virgin route which has Avios or Flying Club availability in the class of your choice for those dates.

Go to the “I don’t know where I want to go” page, select your dates, number of seats and travel class and run the search:

Reward Flight Finder

You will get a map showing you every possible destination on the British Airways or Virgin Atlantic networks which has seats available, in the cabin you want, for those dates:

Reward Flight Finder

Obviously you still need to do some work.  As well as searching Saturday to Sunday, for example, you would also want to check Saturday to Saturday, or possibly Friday to Sunday.  For BA, I would also want to look at First Class as well as Business Class.

There is no option to mix classes, so if you would be happy with that you’d need to do separate one-way searches and try to match places where you can get, say, Business outbound and First back.

This is a real breakthrough for everyone who complains “I can’t find anywhere to go”.  If you are restricted on when you can travel, this service will solve your problems.

The “I don’t know where I want to go feature” is NOT free.   You need to sign up for the £3 per month subscription (but see our HFP reader offer below) which also gets you hourly searching of your redemption requests instead of daily.

BA redemption finder adds Virgin Atlantic

A special Reward Flight Finder subscription offer for HFP readers!

Tim has set up a special offer for Head for Points readers which will let you have a month of Elite membership for just £1.

This will give you plenty of time to try out the “I don’t know where I want to go” feature and also to benefit from hourly checking (instead of daily) of your redemption requests.

If you don’t want to carry on after a month, there is a big “Cancel my Elite membership” button on the site home page – Tim doesn’t make it tricky to cancel.

The link you need for the HFP £1 trial offer is

BA Redemption Finder was already an excellent tool and, now that Virgin Atlantic functionality is added, it is doubly useful.  I think Tim has done a great job in creating something in his spare time which is better than anything British Airways or Virgin Atlantic have managed to create with full time IT teams ….

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Comments (166)

  • Mark1980 says:

    Slightly OT but does anyone have any experience with upper class availability from Manchester to New York? There never seems to be any and searching on Tim’s RFF it only shows a handful of dates throughout the year. I know VA release seats at T-330 but even then I never see any. Anyone any ideas / suggestions for bagging some?

    • Peter K says:

      I believe that VS don’t guarantee to release reward seats at t-330 unlike BA’s guaranteed 2 club, 4 economy at t-355. It’s basically pot luck and I’m in the same boat as you looking for them.

  • AndyF says:

    Sorry no bits today – Has anyone received their bonus points that ran between Hilton and Amex in November/December – 3 Hilton points per MR point? I still have nothing 7 weeks later.

    • SRoss says:

      Received my “50% BONUS TRANSFER FROM MR TO HONORS PTS” in late December, but only after having to raise a Case with Hilton and send them copies of the email from Amex. Still chasing the Bonus Points into my wife’s account. They “hide” behind the “8-week grace period” they give themselves, so suggest you start chasing from next week.

      • Liz says:

        I contacted Amex at the time and was told I wasn’t targeted for this promo. I was doing an Amex to HH transfer anyway but the points never arrived over the Xmas period. Eventually had to get the transaction cancelled and resent again so I could cancel my Plat card then about 3 weeks later the HH pts appeared again – an extra 41100 pts – wonder if it will get spotted and removed – if not I got a 100% bonus by default.

      • Bossman81 says:

        Same here, got them manually added after chasing and evidencing that I was targeted. Took several chat sessions and end exchanges – their CS is very lacking at times

    • Charlieface says:

      I had a bit of a fight with them over the previous bonus (beginning of last year?) after 3 phone calls where one time they couldn’t even believe that such an offer existed, even though I had a recording to prove I’d been offered it when I did the transfer, eventually they gave me double bonus points as compo.

  • Mark says:

    Been subscribed for a few months and the addition of VA was a added bonus!

    Have already upgraded a return from NY to Upper Class.

  • slonik says:

    OT – seem to remember reading about people booking hostels in SE Asia to when they have reward points about to expire. Can anyone recommend one?

  • clarence says:

    are flights on rff available to use with a 241 voucher

  • Maria J says:

    BA has chaged our plane on the way out to TFS for operational matters and when before they were 16 seats in Business Class , all taken, now they are only 9 and I can’t select my new seat. Any suggestions?
    Thank you

    • TripRep says:

      Which flight?

      What was the notification period, or is it greater than 14 days.

      I suspect that they have 787 issues…. Either that or lack of bookings

    • TripRep says:

      Ah sorry you did say TFS.

      • Maria J says:

        BA2702 I will be quite annoyed if they downgraded me as I need the TPs
        (and It’s my birthday )

      • Roberto says:

        Might be just a curtain move.
        Whats the flight & date and I will check on expert flyer..

        • Maria J says:

          BA2702; LGW – TFS 02/03/2019
          Thank you

        • Roberto says:

          Rows 4,5 and 6 are currently blocked in ET presumably ready for a curtain move if required.

          Also row 1 both sides is available as well so “worst ways” you are in there..

        • Maria J says:

          Brilliant! Thank you very much! I really appreciate it

  • nick says:

    I want to book BA flight using 2x 2-4-1 vouchers

    Can I book just the outbound now (on the BA website) – then call into BA call centre in a couple days to sort the inbound. Will they sort it all out on phone, link bookings and make sure I can use miles for 2 of the 4 passengers ?

  • Alex says:

    Although a really useful website, unfortunately RFF this does not replace the Avios route finder (zone map), where you’d put in how many Avios you have and it showed you where you could travel. You could also filter it for months, class, holiday type etc. Sorely missed!