See the Spice Girls with your Hilton Honors hotel points

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Hilton Honors has an interesting auction package up for grabs to see the Spice Girls at Wembley on 14th June.  Interestingly, it has been sitting on the site for a couple of weeks now with only three bids, and is currently at 84,000 points.

This is what you get:

Two tickets to the Spice Girls concert at Wembley Stadium on June 14, 2019

3-course dining experience at Association Restaurant at Hilton London Wembley on June 14, 2019

Pre-concert drinks in Sky Bar 9

Two night stay at Hilton London Wembley from June 13-15, 2019, including daily breakfast

Given the concert sold out in minutes, this is a pretty valuable package.  You can bid or find out more here.  The auction closes on 1st April.

Hilton Honors spice girls auction

How to earn Hilton Honors points via UK credit cards

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  1. Cuchlainn says:

    OT ( already !! ) :
    Flying domestic on BA into LHR pm on Mon 15th April, for onward connection to JFK at 11.20am next morning again with BA. Couple of queries please :
    1. Can I check our hold baggage right through from BHD-LHR-JFK ? ( 4 pax, all on one ticket )
    2. Best way to get from Terminal 5 to 4 for overnight hotel lodging ?
    3. Transit time to get from Terminal 4 to 5 next morning and through security at Terminal 5 ? ( approx )

    • 1. Yes, as it’s less than 24 hours. But some staff will claim that you can’t because of “security”, these are people who lie and make stuff up when they don’t know the answer or don’t know how to do their job.

      2,3. Easiest way is local buses 482 and 490 – it’s free within the airport, so just walk on, no need to do anything. Takes about 20 mins, around every 15 mins unless you’re arriving very late at night.

      You can also take the tube or train, but you need to change at Terminal 2/3. For the tube you need to use a contactless bank card but won’t be charged, for the train you can also do that, or get a free transfer ticket from a machine. It may be faster or slower than the bus depending on your luck, as you need to wait for 2 tubes or trains. The tube to T5 is every 10 mins, T4 every 8 mins, and the big trains are every 15 mins.

      Security at T5 is variable, but as it’s a Tuesday and not at the start of school holidays you’ll probably be OK, I guess 5-20 mins.

      • There is no direct tube from T2/T3 to T4, so going from T5 to T4 on the tube you need to change at Hattons Cross. You can go from T4 to T2/T3 direct however in that direction only.

      • Cuchlainn says:

        Thanks John

    • Don’t forget your flight to JFK will depart from the B or C concourse so you’ll need to factor in a bit of extra time to get over there. If you’re flying in J, the B lounge is usually quieter than the main T5 one.

      • Cuchlainn says:

        Good thinking Anna – yes, ticketed in J too !

        • Remember you can also book spa treatments in B lounges from the A lounge spa if you’re not heading straight across to B!

    • No more 737 MAX Flying in the USA either until further notice.

      • Shoestring says:

        President Trump announced that the United States was grounding Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft, reversing an earlier decision by American regulators to keep the jets flying in the wake of a second deadly crash involving one of the jets in Ethiopia.

        The Federal Aviation Administration had for days resisted calls to ground the plane even as safety regulators in some 42 countries had banned flights by the jets. As recently as Tuesday, the agency said it had seen “no systemic performance issues” that would prompt it to halt flights of the jet.

        “The safety of the American people, of all people, is our paramount concern,” Mr. Trump said.

        The order came hours after Canada’s transport minister said that newly available satellite-tracking data suggested similarities between the crash in Ethiopia and another accident last October.

  2. OT- Amex Apple Offer

    Has anyone received the offer redeemed email?
    I have used the offer but so far not received the email.

    • Doug M says:

      No email, no cash back.

      • Same – made iPhone XR purchase on 7th March. Transaction moved from pending to processed on the 12th. No email, no credit yet.

    • Not Apple, but I’ve had the same experience this week with offers from Virgin Trains and Gousto

      • Mzungu says:

        Likewise, not Apple but another offer. I called as had not received an email – was told it was all OK, but could take up to 60(!!) days to post.

    • Had some take a few days recently.

  3. O/T last night I impulsively booked outbound F tickets to Sydney next Feb using 2-4-1 voucher. At D-355, do non-UK call centres still allow me to add return leg to my existing 2-4-1 booking? Thanks!

    • Genghis says:

      Yes. Good luck getting through and booking ex-SYD. I struggled getting to US call centre (confirmed next morning by UK their call volumes were ridiculous) but luckily booked online and sorted the numbers in the morning.

      • Thanks Genghis, just to make sure I am clear on booking return leg online – You booked a separate redemption flight SYD-LHR online for full points and then called next morning to add it to the outbound flight and therefore get half points back as it’s part of 2-4-1?

        • Genghis says:

          I didn’t book ex-SYD but yes.

        • pauldb says:

          I also did it this week – very straightforward call to get it adjusted. You’ll also save £33pp by paying Oz YQ instead of UK YQ oneway. It’s not “added” to the outbound, in the sense you retain two separate bookings.

      • It’s a shame this entire process isn’t automated! Honestly, how difficult could it really be to just write a script.

    • Paul Stevens says:

      I did a similar thing last year. Got the F flight out to Sydney but there were no returns available, even at D-355. Had add the return leg from Singapore and get a cheap flight there. Advantage of this was the Singapore – London flight was on a A380 whereas the London – Sing – Sydney flight was all on 777.

    • Bonglim says:

      I have done it a few times at D-355 from the Japan call centre. They have always been really helpful.

      There is a slight problem if you want to book a flight back on a wednesday etc as the call centres don’t tend to be open on a sat night/ sunday morning. But if a weekend flight then calling midweek worked really well.

  4. Jovanna says:

    My Radisson status dropped from gold to silver at the beginning of the month. I had gold status through Amex Platinum. I still have the Amex Plat card. I can’t apply through Amex again, having applied already. The box is greyed out.

    • Andrew says:

      When I’ve dealt with Radisson Rewards they’ve always been very helpful. Explaining to them your situation in a cheery manner has usually got them to resolve it (aka re-upgrade your tier) without any hassle.

    • Interesting. Mine says I earned Gold again despite not having stayed and no longer having Platinum.. for nearly a year

    • I had the same, dropping from Gold through Amex to Silver, as well as someone accessing my account and treating themselves to a two night stay at Niagra Falls Grand Hotel with my points. A short conversation with Patty at Radisson CS got both issues resolved there and then.

      • Hope they don’t inform the person that nicked your points and they arrive at Niagara to find no room waiting for them!

    • I always have to chase this up. Radisson (Club Carlson) always ask me to have Amex email them that I’m still eligible.

  5. stevenhp1987 says:

    O/T – How long does it take to get the £10k voucher on the Virgin Rewards+ card? Had the card just over 2 weeks and have had over £11k post on it thus far (it posted past £10k Monday) – no sign of any voucher in my FC account (my last activity was a +750 points for a Virgin Wine purchase in January…)

    • It should show up in the next few days on your account summary “Virgin Atlantic Reward +”

  6. The Spice Girls HH offer must be pretty new, it wasn’t there last week when I checked out the various global auction/offers.
    Good deal but going to be well into 6 figures of points, Wembley Hilton when these events are on is mega expensive.

    If you fancy something really cool, Sunday at the Masters in Augusta is an eye-watering 620,000 points and will go higher.$pgmode1&pgcust1=americas&pgmode3=livebid&

    • The hotel room must be worth 100k for 2 nights. No need to even do the concert to get value 🙂

  7. Sussex Bantam says:

    I hadn’t looked at the Hilton site for some time. Some of the pricing on there is “interesting”….

    A helicopter ride over Netherlands and 2 nights in the Waldorf Amsterdam – yours for just 2 Million points !!

    • probably Americans who can print millions of points doing large scale manufactured spend. Fixed price redemptions are pretty opaque but these auctions bring out how low some people value their points

  8. OT – how much do you value for Hilton points?
    Booked 2 nights for Conrad New York using Amex £200 off offer plus third night using points.
    Now if book 3 days in cash will only cost £250 more.
    Really need to get my head around, will you pay £250 more to save about 95000 points + diamond benefits (mainly brekky maybe upgrade). Thanks

    • If you’ve booked via Amex, you may not get Diamond benefits for those nights. I’ve even had Accor refuse to give me status benefits for a paid stay tagged on to an Amex booking – not sure if the Conrad will do the same. Whether the third night is booked with points or cash shouldn’t make any difference to that, so the only question is whether you prefer to keep 250 pounds or 95000 points.

      • 95000 points worth more than £250 imho

        • I would also value the 95,000 points to be more worth more than £250.00. Opt for the cash booking and don’t forget the points you will earn for the booking.

    • Thanks, I will go for the cash booking through Hilton.

    • Because of the fixed value floor to Hilton points it is almost impossibly to be worse off if you switch. You will always get at least £250 for 95k points and usually more.

  9. OT – Do Amex have any retention offers with the Platinum card when you cancel?

    • Lev441 says:

      Occasionally may offer an additional point per £1 spent.. call and ask!

    • Graeme says:

      Other half cancelled last month. No offers to retain, only offered to talk to someome regarding alternative cards.

    • I rang up and got offered an additional point per £1 for the next 3 months.

  10. RichardExpress says:

    O/T: Does anyone know if you can convert Clubcard points to avios or even flying club miles if the name on the Clubcard account doesn’t match the name on the BAEC account? The address and surname are the same just first name is different?

    • pauldb says:

      Is this a case of 2 relations, or a name discrepancy. I credit my wife’s vouchers to my BAEC account by using her vouchers in my account/login – can you do that?

    • LewisB says:

      I’ve used clubcard points from numerous friends and never had an issue. Might be worth waiting for a promo, if you can wait.

  11. OT
    Any krisflyer booking experience ?
    Trying to find availability for IST to MLE online and can’t seem to find star alliance routes, or if I find an award seat it doesn’t show me details?

    Still deliberating over marriott v krisflyer lol
    Marriott options of ritz cartlton langkawi and le merdeien seychelles look very tempting, no plans to these places (yet) but can be made hopefully in the future.

    • The Krisflyer website isn’t very good for partner bookings. Try the United website; if you can find something there at the lowest level, SQ should see it too if you ring them or use the excellent online chat function (which of course gives you a record of the conversation, though you have to paste it onto a document, rather than them emailing it to you like some other online chat providers do).

      IME, Krisflyer availability is excellent, but there’s not a lot from IST as so many fora have recently promoted it as great value when going east.

      • Thanks Louie
        I did give them a call and they told me how many points it would be but was difficult finding a date
        Also tried MAD-MLE which was a bit cheaper in points but thing is, we would actually really like to spend a couple of days in ist and sin.
        Do you know of any other ones with similar price in points that you could maybe email me?

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