Bits: earn 25 Avios per £1 at Hackett, earn Accor points for dining, Times Square EDITION opens

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News in brief:

Earn 25 Avios per £1 at Hackett

Avios and American Express have come together to launch a new partnership with the upmarket men’s clothing retailer Hackett.

When I was first told about this, six months ago, it was meant to be a similar partnership to the Charles Tyrwhitt one.  I’m not sure what has changed, but the deal is now restricted to British Airways American Express cardholders as opposed to anyone with an Avios account.

This is how it works.

On the ‘Offers’ tab of your British Airways American Express card online statement page, you will find the Hackett offer.  Click ‘Save to Card’.

Once you’ve done that, you will earn 25 Avios per £1 spent on your BA Amex at Hackett until 28th April.

(Note: some readers are reporting getting a lower 15 Avios per £1 spent.  It looks like there is a bit of market testing going on.)

The offers work in stand-alone Hackett stores – but not department store concessions or outlet stores – and you can also buy on the Hackett website here.

Hackett Avios deal

Earn Accor points as a non-guest in some of its UK bars and restaurants

Le Club AccorHotels has launched a credit card-based programme to encourage you to eat and drink in its bars and restaurants.

The deal has an interesting structure which could be a template for further deals.  All you need to do is ensure that the credit card in your Le Club AccorHotels profile is a Visa card.

To make life complicated, if the card in your profile is ALREADY a Visa card, you must delete it and add it back!

After that, you will automatically earn Le Club AccorHotels points at the rate of 1 per €1 (whoah, a whole 2% rebate!) at the bars and restaurants on this page when you pay with the same Visa card.

There is only one good reason to do this.  The points SHOULD reset the expiry date of your Le Club AccorHotels account.  Whilst technically you need a stay every 12 months to keep your points alive, historically any earning activity on your account has done the job.  There just weren’t many ways of creating activity without a stay before this!

Full details including the list of participating venues are on the Accor website here.

The offer runs to 31st May and is only for UK-based Accor members.

Times Square Edition opens

Marriott opens the Times Square EDITION in New York

Finally, if you’re looking for somewhere funky-ish for your next trip to New York, the latest EDITION hotel has just opened in Times Square.  Full details are here.

The location may, de facto, make you write it off before you even see it.  I can’t blame you.  However, I have been very impressed by the class and style of two EDITION hotels I have toured (I’ve never spent the night in one).  If you used to stay in a W hotel but can’t stand the pace any longer, EDITION is for you.

As a Marriott Bonvoy redemption you’re looking at 60,000 points per night.  If you’re paying cash, don’t forget to factor in $35 per night of ‘resort fees’ – although you get a $35 food and beverage credit in return – plus taxes, to the price you see online.

The Times Square EDITION page of is here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Curve launches legal action against American Express
And the Priority Pass 'Lounge of the Year 2018' award nearly goes to ..... Aberdeen!
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  1. OT – bookings still AWOL from I hope they don’t disappear from the app as well or check in is going to be a pain!

  2. illuminatus says:

    Do reward flights booked via Iberia Plus have the same flexibility as BA reward flights?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      only those booked on Iberia and maybe BA but not other partners.

      • illuminatus says:

        Thanks, an Iberia flight is what I am after indeed. Ie it can be cancelled with a smallish fee? (can’t find info on the website)/

        • Optimus Prime says:

          When you choose a reward flight it does let you see the difference between fares and their cancellation terms. I think some let you reschedule/cancel for free (but require more Avios when booking) and others charge you EUR 25.

    • Not on partners. Yes on BA and IB.

  3. PussyGalore says:

    O/T: If I wanted to buy cheap insurance, say for 6 months, say for no more than £2.50 a month, would I want to insure my pet or my life? Struggling to get it below £5 a month at present. Harry maybe?

    • Start with £10k life for mortgage over 10y, that should do it. Got me x2 for little over a £1 each.

      • If your pet insurance ever costs more than your life insurance, it’s time to take a long hard look at your pet…

        • Lady London says:

          Well an awful lot of people’s pets only seemed to survive about 6 months during one period a few years ago. Poor things you just never know when pet insurance is worth taking out.

      • Shoestring says:

        BJ – not this old frat – but my 18YO son came in cheap, bit more than that, though

        • Will need to check DD, I am sure one is £1.34 or £2.34 and the other was cheaper still, and I’m older than you. Currently got 4x LI on the go thanks to you Harry but I need to be more disciplined on payment and cancellation dates. However, truth to tell they are so cheap I’m tempted just to let them run.

        • @Harry, just checked, £1.34 & £1.62 … must be my clean living 🙂

      • Was there a specific insurer, can’t see any with less than £5 monthly premium and the CB is low…

    • The_real_a says:

      Are you still able to buy UK only basic travel insurance for the “purpose”?

    • Graham Walsh says:


  4. Mikeact says:

    I guess we’ve all got the AerClub email this morning, ‘Pay with Avios.’….I’m guessing it’s not at all a good deal.

  5. Lev441 says:

    O/T – If a car rental company doesn’t take amex, would i still be covered under the Amex platinum charge card car hire insurance?

  6. O/T Amex Welcome Bonuses – When I log in to my account I see a section on the web page talking about the Welcome Bonus. It gives details of how much more to spend to earn the bonus, and how many points will be credited.

    On my latest Platinum card, I don’t think I am eligible, but I still see this section on the web page. Does this mean I am eligible, or is it just a standard web page for all users?

  7. Harvey says:

    Ot Travel Insurance
    I left expensive glasses in my rental car. Returned car and company can’t find them. Would my travel insurance cover it? I have amex plat and nationwide. ty

    • Mary Berry says:

      Ask the insurer maybe? J.C. 🙄

    • Insurer says:

      Bet answer is No

      But do update us on outcome

    • Louise says:

      Try personal possession cover on your home insurance (if you have it)

    • Jimbob says:

      My wife left her makeup bag in our rental villa, and managed to claim on Aviva travel insurance

    • kevbar says:

      I left my glasses on a plane and Amex Plat covered it – but they only paid out £22.50 on £145 glasses! Hardly worth the effort of submitting claim.

  8. Travel Strong says:

    O/T Business is continuing as usual at FlyMaybe. Flight in to BHX delayed 3 times, then cancelled, after 9hrs put on an alternative flight … but bags were not, for all those who were delayed. Surely Virgin’s reputation is going to be ruined unless they rebuild Flybe from the ground up.

    • Is a joke airline

      the only people who don’t believe this, don’t use FlyMayBe

    • Andrew says:

      Where were you travelling from?

      If that was a domestic, you could have driven from almost anywhere in the UK to Birmingham in that time!

      • I’ve used FlyBe out of SOU maybe 4 or 5 times in the last 18 months, never had a delay more than 30mins. Never had a cancellation. I guess I’m just lucky?

  9. OT Urgent help please
    I made hotel bookings using the 90,000 Iberia Avios. I’m trying to check in now with the Iberia hotel voucher, but the hotel doesn’t recognise the booking and asked me to contact Iberia!
    Background: a few month ago, Iberia changed my original booking (Hotel A) to a different hotel (Hotel B) as they claimed that hotel A is closed (although not true – another story). Anyway, I’ve just made three international calls to Iberia Plus, but they are now saying they can only see my original booking (Hotel A) which their hotel team claimed is closed a few month ago via email. I’ve now paid cash at Hotel B for 1 night (the booking is for 5 nights). Hotel A is still open but when I rang them they didn’t have my bookings either.
    Any advice on what I should do now? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    • Have you not got an email showing the change to the booking from Hotel A to Hotel B?

      • Yes I have the confirmation email also the Hotel B pre-paid voucher, but the Iberia plus agent said he can’t see the change in his system while the hotel B Receptionist can’t find my booking!! I’ve now made 4 costly international calls to Iberia but to no avail! Shocking Iberia customer service.

    • Also you don’t mention what Iberia team is now saying about Hotel A?

      • The problem is that the phone agent insists that the booking is with hotel A, but the change is via email. It seems that the two teams (phone/email) don’t talk to each other. I’ve now emailed them

        • Sorry to hear that. In any case, if it doesn’t get resolved by the time you check out, you might be able to fight Iberia to reimburse you.

    • Reeferman says:

      I’ve just returned from a USA trip where I used several hotels that were booked thru’ the Iberia Avios promotion.
      On 2 occasions, the hotel changed my booking to another hotel (one from “Holiday Inn” to “Holiday Inn Express” about 3 minutes drive away and the other from “Westin” to “Elements” – part of the same hotel, apparently but a different check-in etc)
      Both times, there was no reference to an Iberia booking – but instead to bookings through Expedia and Seems the hotels only know of this – the Iberia bit is unknown to them (one had no idea who or what Iberia was!!).
      Might be worth checking with them again – in case your name/booking appears through Expedia or
      Good luck

      • Many thanks Reeferman. I’ll try your suggestion now. What concerns me is that there are no bookings under my name at all and it seems that all booked guests have now checked in (according to the receptionist).

      • Thank you so much for the information Reeferman! The hotel receptionist phoned her manager (who is out of office at the moment) to check Expedia booking and it appears that our names are in his guests list. The manager will be back tomorrow to contact Expedia about the booking (he didn’t give a reason why he needs to contact Expedia if the booking is confirmed). Thanks again!

    • Doug M says:

      I used the 90K Iberia Avios for two hotel bookings. The one in Barcelona took ages to check-in, from memory something like 30 minutes, the reception were on the phone to their head office for most of this time. The second one was for a Novotel in Berlin this last weekend which was fine.

  10. Anyone having problems paying IHG card with Revolut? It has been working fine previously but the last couple of days I’m getting payment not successfull errors.

  11. I know WT redemptions are poor, but never knew they were *this* bad. I’ve just found a return to NYC at Christmas for 40,000 avios + £374. The same flight on the BA website (with luggage) is £407. Considering you can get £40 off for 5,200 avios, this is quite a terrible deal…

    V similar on Virgin

    • Fuel surcharges are a rip off. Use a few Avios to reduce the price. You will earn a few more Avios and TP.

    • Doug M says:

      How much is the flexible WT ticket which would be the proper comparison?

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Exactly. That’s one reason you would use Avios vs cash or at last min when cash is sky high.

  12. “If you used to stay in a W hotel but can’t stand the pace any longer, EDITION is for you.”

    I don’t understand this sentence. Is everyone in a W hotel always in a rush to get somewhere? Are Editions famously relaxed?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      they’re a bit louder and more in your face.

      FYI one of the best W around is in Doha

  13. Mikeact says:

    Attention all Tesco Rocket SIM users. For those who have purchased, there is confusion re cancellation, if you do not, you will be charged for another month. From Tesco :

    ‘ You can cancel your Rocket Pack by texting STOPROCKET to 28948 free or by calling 282 free from your Tesco Mobile phone. Make sure you cancel it 48 hours before you renewal date, otherwise the cost of the Rocket Pack may be automatically taken from your credit.’

    We have been warned.

    • ‘9. Your Rocket Pack will automatically renew each month (‘Renewal Date’) until: (i) you opt-out of the Rocket Pack (this must be done before your Renewal Date); or (ii) you do not have enough credit on your account to buy the Rocket pack.’

      The last line of your quote and 9(ii) above says to me we don’t need to do anything. If there is no credit in your account the Rocket Pack cannot auto-renew.

      • Shoestring says:

        yep it’s not a particularly onerous contract – they won’t come chasing you for the money if you neglect to cancel

    • Just caught your reply on previous page, thanks.

  14. Waddle says:
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