Earn 25 Avios per £1 at Hackett

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Avios and American Express have come together to launch a new partnership with the upmarket men’s clothing retailer Hackett.

When I was first told about this, six months ago, it was meant to be a similar partnership to the Charles Tyrwhitt one.  I’m not sure what has changed, but the deal is now restricted to British Airways American Express cardholders as opposed to anyone with an Avios account.

This is how it works.

Hackett Avios deal

On the ‘Offers’ tab of your British Airways American Express card online statement page, you will find the Hackett offer.  Click ‘Save to Card’.

Once you’ve done that, you will earn 25 Avios per £1 spent on your BA Amex at Hackett until 28th April.

(Note: some readers are reporting getting a lower 15 Avios per £1 spent.  It looks like there is a bit of market testing going on.)

The offers work in stand-alone Hackett stores – but not department store concessions or outlet stores – and you can also buy on the Hackett website here.

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  1. Mr Dee says:

    Nothing like curve apart from analysing data

  2. I must be so out of step on fashion. I mean that Hackett offer seems to give a 20% discount on items that are at least 50% overpriced in the first place. Sorry but no thanks.

    • Lady London says:

      I used to see the guy that started Hackett regularly. Believe IT or not he started on a stall under the canopy at Portobello Road market.

    • RussellH says:

      I agree with much of what you say, and I got offered 25 avios / £1 too. But I feel you are being on the generous side saying that the stuff is only 50% overpriced. Selling basic casual trousers for £100 – they must be having a larf, surely.
      I feel I am being ripped off if a shop wants £25 for a pair of trousers (but then that is no doubt why I find sign-up bonus targets hard to meet.)

      • Agree – I find it staggering what can be charged for simple clothing when I see what amazing value some high tech items are in comparison!

        • Orlebar Brown shorts are my favourite for this – charging north of £220 for something that you could still get a reasonable pair of for £25.

          Having said that, I’m tempted to get some just to find out why they’re worth £200…

          • If you earned £100,000 you’d probably buy them. They are very good.

            There are 1.2m people in the UK earning £100k+, apparently. That’s enough to keep OB in business. End of story. They don’t want or need you.

          • I’d need to be earning a lot more than that to spend that on shorts! Happily spent £1300 on a laptop recently though which I’m sure some others wouldn’t want to do.

        • Crafty says:

          I can confirm that, having earned over £100,000 for a number of years now, I won’t ever be spending £200 on shorts.

        • Offer on Amex Gold for £30 off £175 spend if anyone decides to try them.

    • Value for money says:

      I earn well above the figure you mention and wouldn’t buy a pair of shorts for £220, but then I live up north and don’t feel the peer pressure of London to wear a label. I sometimes think you are so embedded in the wealthy London scene you don’t see how it’s full of sheep trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

      • You have a weakness somewhere. Everyone does.

        I have some nice clothes, live in a smart area and my kids are in a good school. However I have no car at all, no watches at all, pay peanuts for haircuts, own little art, not much in the way of fine wine, no cigar collection, no expensive hi-fi ….

        If you don’t have some weakness then, frankly, you’re not having much of a life if you’re on a six figure package!

        • Value for money says:

          I’m on HfP – my weakness is nice holidays!! Agree with much of what you say and I’m similar, however, at times your comments can appear to be quite derogatory to lower incomes (sometimes anything under £100k!!) and in my experience that’s often a London thing where in the City it’s harder not to earn over £100k, no matter how good you are at your job!
          Anyway, great site – keep up the good content so you can carry on buying £200 shorts/ plastic swimming trunks.

        • Shoestring says:

          Not just *any* plastic for £200! 🙂

          It’s reclaimed.

          Presumably to save on input costs.

      • Lady London says:

        Hum. We have family “up North” and there is a lot of peer pressure in certain enclaves, too, to “keep up with the Joneses”. Compared to us in London where we can choose to buy things that are symbols/transmit messages about our status/belonging, or not, I felt the peer pressure is higher up there (NE Yorks) in the sets some of our family members appear to run in.

        so I don’t think it has much to do with location but on how you choose to spend your money.

  3. SimonW says:

    O/T – any idea how Amex Travel offer will work if i cancel one of the hotels that triggered the £200 off £600 spend from last year?? I need to cancel the first booking, not the second one that put me over the £600…. Im going to have to cancel regardless, but wondered if anyway to ensure I dont also lose the £200 credit?……

    • Louise says:

      You will lose the credit if they refund back to card. I had it done to me

      • SimonW says:

        Yeah i thought that. was hoping as it was triggered by a different transaction I may get lucky. Very annoying as the new booking wont even re-trigger it as the offer has ended. This is all due to AA cancelling flights due to the 737MAX groundings, so I have to ammend hotel bookings.

        • If it does get taken off (and assuming you put other Amex Travel transactions on the card to replace them) it would certainly be worth speaking to Amex to see if they would still honour it as a goodwill gesture when it has clearly been a change outwith your control.

        • fivebobbill says:

          Similar thing happened to me. Had triggered the £200 with a number of Amex “experiences”, one of which was a snorkelling trip in Oman. However when the trip was cancelled due to inclement weather on the day, the associated refund brought me back under the £600 spend and the £200 credit then automatically re-billed to my card.
          I contacted Amex CS to explain the situation was out of my hands, and they kindly re-credited to £200 back to my account.
          I know it’s not quite the same as you, but might be worth making the call…

        • SimonW says:

          Thanks. Will re-book the hotel then give them a call to explain

  4. William DD says:

    Interestingly enough, I had 15 per £1 @ Hackett for BAPP for the past few weeks – didn’t save it. Last week it changed to 25 per £1 so I saved that one (the original 15 per £1 was replaced with the 25 per £1) . Just my observation.

  5. OT – bookings still AWOL from BA.com. I hope they don’t disappear from the app as well or check in is going to be a pain!

  6. illuminatus says:

    Do reward flights booked via Iberia Plus have the same flexibility as BA reward flights?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      only those booked on Iberia and maybe BA but not other partners.

      • illuminatus says:

        Thanks, an Iberia flight is what I am after indeed. Ie it can be cancelled with a smallish fee? (can’t find info on the website)/

        • Optimus Prime says:

          When you choose a reward flight it does let you see the difference between fares and their cancellation terms. I think some let you reschedule/cancel for free (but require more Avios when booking) and others charge you EUR 25.

    • Not on partners. Yes on BA and IB.

  7. PussyGalore says:

    O/T: If I wanted to buy cheap insurance, say for 6 months, say for no more than £2.50 a month, would I want to insure my pet or my life? Struggling to get it below £5 a month at present. Harry maybe?

    • Start with £10k life for mortgage over 10y, that should do it. Got me x2 for little over a £1 each.

      • If your pet insurance ever costs more than your life insurance, it’s time to take a long hard look at your pet…

        • Lady London says:

          Well an awful lot of people’s pets only seemed to survive about 6 months during one period a few years ago. Poor things you just never know when pet insurance is worth taking out.

      • Shoestring says:

        BJ – not this old frat – but my 18YO son came in cheap, bit more than that, though

        • Will need to check DD, I am sure one is £1.34 or £2.34 and the other was cheaper still, and I’m older than you. Currently got 4x LI on the go thanks to you Harry but I need to be more disciplined on payment and cancellation dates. However, truth to tell they are so cheap I’m tempted just to let them run.

        • @Harry, just checked, £1.34 & £1.62 … must be my clean living 🙂

      • Was there a specific insurer, can’t see any with less than £5 monthly premium and the CB is low…

    • The_real_a says:

      Are you still able to buy UK only basic travel insurance for the “purpose”?

    • Graham Walsh says:


  8. Mikeact says:

    I guess we’ve all got the AerClub email this morning, ‘Pay with Avios.’….I’m guessing it’s not at all a good deal.

  9. Lev441 says:

    O/T – If a car rental company doesn’t take amex, would i still be covered under the Amex platinum charge card car hire insurance?

  10. O/T Amex Welcome Bonuses – When I log in to my account I see a section on the web page talking about the Welcome Bonus. It gives details of how much more to spend to earn the bonus, and how many points will be credited.

    On my latest Platinum card, I don’t think I am eligible, but I still see this section on the web page. Does this mean I am eligible, or is it just a standard web page for all users?

  11. Harvey says:

    Ot Travel Insurance
    I left expensive glasses in my rental car. Returned car and company can’t find them. Would my travel insurance cover it? I have amex plat and nationwide. ty

    • Mary Berry says:

      Ask the insurer maybe? J.C. 🙄

    • Insurer says:

      Bet answer is No

      But do update us on outcome

    • Louise says:

      Try personal possession cover on your home insurance (if you have it)

    • Jimbob says:

      My wife left her makeup bag in our rental villa, and managed to claim on Aviva travel insurance

    • kevbar says:

      I left my glasses on a plane and Amex Plat covered it – but they only paid out £22.50 on £145 glasses! Hardly worth the effort of submitting claim.

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