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Get a good No1 Lounges airport lounge deal on Groupon

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If you don’t have airport lounge access via your flight ticket, your elite status, via a Priority Pass card from American Express Platinum or via a Lounge Club card from American Express Goldyour best fall-back option is usually No1 Lounges.

All lounges include free hot food, free drinks (some premium food and drinks carries an extra charge), free newspapers and magazines and free wi-fi.  A new second site at Birmingham opened recently as we covered here and the Edinburgh lounge has just moved to a brand new location.  Fast track security is also included at Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

No1 Lounges is currently offering a special deal via Groupon for its lounges at Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

This is better value than the on-going deal with Virgin Atlanticsee here – although there are two caveats.  The Virgin Atlantic offer also earns you a few miles in return, and it also lets you book the hipster My Lounges at Gatwick North and South as well as The House lounge at Heathrow Terminal 4.

The Groupon deal can be found by clicking here.

The Groupon prices are:

  • £22.50 – No1 Lounge at Heathrow T3
  • £22.50 – No1 Lounge at Gatwick North or Gatwick South
  • £20 – No1 Lounge at Birmingham
  • £20 – No1 Lounge at Edinburgh
  • £28 – Clubrooms at Gatwick North or South
  • £28 – Clubrooms at Birmingham

No 1 Lounges Groupon discount

For comparison, the Virgin Flying Club prices are:

  • £35 – The House (Heathrow T4), includes 400 miles per booking
  • £35 – Clubrooms, includes 400 miles per booking
  • £25 – No1 Lounges, includes 350 miles per booking
  • £15 – My Lounge, includes 200 miles per booking

In general, the Groupon deal is better.  Remember that the Virgin bonus miles are per booking and not per person.

Here are our reviews of the London lounges included in the Groupon offer:

Groupon vouchers expire on 31st August.  Groupon will send you a code which you need to redeem via this special page of the No1 Lounges website to confirm your booking.

You can find the Groupon page you need here.

Comments (73)

  • Degsy says:

    Hi I also used Amex offers on platinum card spend £500 Marriott and get £100 back but although it was an advance rate marriott still haven’t taken the money so the offer hasn’t triggered, any advice as it’s only a few days left?

    • Qwerty Bertie says:

      Call the hotel and ask them to process it straight away. That worked for me with a Hilton hotel, and I imagine it would with any chain.

    • Rob says:

      Ring the hotel and ask for it to be charged. They may do it. A lot of hotels think they are being helpful, especially if you are elite, by not doing this.

      • Degsy says:

        Thanks Rob I just called and they have put it through and it has shown up on my account .

  • John Pepper says:

    OT: Maximising points: London to Jamaica (KIN). I have been asked to visit KIN for work with the cost of up to a BA PE ticket being covered. I am time rich with a lot of leave accrued. Is there any way of increasing the tier points I would earn by adding extra stops for little no extra cost? I would also be happy to start in the EU.

    • Polly says:

      Use skyscanner, multistops, tick “one world” box only, try various start points in the Eu…go via, london, nyc, DFW Miami, various USA routes. It will be fun planning, but time consuming. But possible.

    • Doug M says:

      Look at flying to JFK/IAD/PHL and then MIA and then Kingston. AA fly from Miami so it would be available with Tier Points. You really need to put some effort in and see what you can find. To be of real help you need to say when you HAVE to be there, and how much time you have around that, and some idea of budget. Remember most fares like a Saturday night included. Don’t forget that if you go Ex-EU and start doing several hops you add costs like the positioning flights, and potentially hotels as you may need to overnight, unless a row of seats in an airports appeals to you. Choosing random May dates I’m seeing £1K in PE direct with BA, for £2K starting in Amsterdam you could get 520TP out of this, but depends on your attitude to £1K and risk with an Ex-EU. The people paying may not appreciate you not being there because you missed a flight. Remember the tickets, positioning and actual, are not linked and it’s on you to be in the starting airport on time. I’m not sure this is a good destination for TPs. A question like this is much better answered on Flyer Talk. There are specific threads about TP earning. Comments here not the best means of to and fro on something like this.

  • Oliver E says:

    Has the same issue with the Bremont offer. Contacted Amex a number of times and have been told a manual credit will be applied.
    I haven’t seen it yet so only time will tell

  • Charmaine says:

    Hi, reading through the Groupon ad, no mention of Fast Track? But your email says Fast Track is included at BHX? Can someone kindly confirm as that’s the only reason I am buying this? Many thanks

  • Thywillbedone says:

    I availed of the Bremont offer in-store. For a £535 spend in total I estimate I got about £200 or so worth of goods (for my net spend of £135). Incredibly over-priced at least on the accessories side. Just about worth the effort to go out of my way to redeem. All IMHO.

  • Mikeact says:


  • stevenhp1987 says:

    OT, Virgin Reward + Credit Card…

    Has anyone gotten the full 25k bonus (for signing up before 28th Feb) after spending £1.5kt? My first statement generated Monday morning having spent over £20k… Only got 15k bonus points (for using the card) not the additional 10k for spending £1.5k

    I’ve also not gotten my voucher in my flying club account yet either despite hitting £10k ~ 3 weeks ago… My last entry is +750 points for Virgin Wines, December 2018.

    • Alex D says:

      I am in the same boat, my monthly statement will be the 1st April. I did however receive the below email; so i am going give it a few days before phoning them. Did you get similar?

      As you know, you’ve been enjoying our enhanced bonus miles offer designed to help you earn even more Flying Club miles when you spend with your Virgin Atlantic Credit Card.
      Great news – you have reached the minimum spend threshold and have bagged your bonus miles.
      Your bonus miles will be added to your monthly miles total on your next credit card statement and transferred to your Flying Club account a few days after that.

      • stevenhp1987 says:

        Nope, the only emails I’ve received are generic welcome emails, statement email & payment emails…

        Not had any emails regarding bonus miles or the voucher…

        • Alex D says:

          I would give them a call then and get it sorted! Absolutely no reason the miles shouldn’t post – especially as you’re well above the spend limits required.

    • Munch says:

      I received the full bonus of 25,000 points on my March 22nd statement. I’d give them a call.

      • Shoestring says:

        I signed up on the free Virgin card so was expecting 10,000 with the extra 5000 – they’ve only credited me 5000!

        Anybody else in the same boat?

        What’s the best way to chase it?

        • Shoestring says:

          hold ya horses, maybe I didn’t spend £1000 in the first month – I have 90 days to hit spend target, I now see – will therefore check next month

  • Kevin C says:

    I have been to the Haymarket Virgin money lounge but not the Eagle Place one so can’t give a comparison.

    The Haymarket lounge is perfectly nice. There’s an upstairs bit and a downstairs bit. There’s some airplane seats downstairs. It was pretty busy when I sent in. I wouldn’t want to spend all day there but I got the impression that there are several people who probably do. You can apply for a card to get in at the reception desk.

    • Stu says:

      The Eagle Place lounge was nice, with a couple of Virgin Atlantic business class seats in one corner. But not many seats or privacy. Did find it better stocked than Haymarket lounge.

      As mentioned in another comment, I find Haymarket lounge has a number of regulars who are there frequently when I visit in the afternoon. Upstairs can get quite busy. Downstairs has a little more space, but they don’t seem to stock the biscuits or keep the coffee machine working that efficiently! (i.e. it appears to be empty or broken about 1/3 times I am there!)

      • Kevin C says:

        Popped into Eagle Place today. You certainly wouldn’t come across it by accident! I liked it but Haymarket is much bigger. They have notices up in Eagle Place saying it’s going to be amalgamated with Haymarket.