Qatar Airways launching new BRICS amenity kits

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If you have a Qatar Airways flight coming up, you may be interested to know that a new range of amenity kits has just been launched in both Business Class and First Class.   The bags continue to be designed by upmarket luggage brand BRIC’s.

New Qatar Airways BRICS amenity kit

To quote:

The new collection of BRIC’s amenity kits includes designs and contents created for both male and female passengers and features all natural Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio skin care products. The range includes lip balm, hydrating facial mist and anti-ageing moisturiser in Business Class, with Night Recovery Cream included in the First Class kits. Socks, eyeshades and earplugs complete the range, with the addition of a BRIC’s signature spectacle pouch and hairbrush in First Class.

For the first time, the versatile First Class female kit contains an adjustable strap that transforms it into a contemporary cross-body bag, enabling passengers to continue using their unique BRIC’s amenity kit as a fashion accessory. This kit comes in two colours, black with red trim and red with pink trim. The attractive First Class men’s kit comes in two colours, mustard yellow with navy trim and navy with green trim and can be reused as a washbag for years to come.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I received the new Brics business class amenity kit on my flight to Birmingham on Sunday – the business ones are different to the ones pictured but a similar soft-sided “leather” style and very high quality. I was impressed by them and glad they have gone back to Brics after using those low quality Nappa Dori ones for a few months. Contents of the amenity kits is identical to the hard-sided Brics (and the Nappa Dori ones).

    • Jon Arnold says:

      But their contents were rather disappointing! Compared to Emirates at least!

    • @Andrew, did you also get socks? Not clear from the article and they’re great for loafing around the house.

      Agree with the Nappa bag being rather cheap and naff looking.

      • Andrew says:

        Yes socks and eye mask and ear plugs the same as before. Slippers still provided in the White Company bag on night flights/ultra-long haul

  2. OT – mentioned Conrad New York above, don’t forget to check best rate guaranteed when booking through their website. Booked 3 nights over the Easter weekend for only 550 pounds.
    Same for Marriott, get the price down from £550 to £230 per night for St Regis Osaka over Christmas.

  3. Hilton Gold benefits
    Do you get free breakfast for you and one additional guest all across the Hilton portfolio?
    Booked a Hampton last night and the app my way benefits says a bootle of water and a snack or 250 points?
    Questioned the reward room points amount overnight increase(about 6000 points),they argued that that increases with availability
    Is that correct?
    Many thanks

    • Genghis says:

      All get included breakfast at Hampton

    • 1. Benefits depends on hotel brand,free breakfast if you select it. Hampton is free breakfast regardless of status.
      2) dynamic pricing seems to have crept in

    • The Hilton website has details of the status benefits, which vary from brand to brand

    • As gold you, in theory, need to log in and choose your benefit brand by brand according to reports here in the past IIRC. However, I am quite sure that I got both tbe breakfast and the points as gokd too but thats going back about four years. Ignore the cooked to order breakfast at HGI, always been a buffet much to my disappointment.

      • Many HGIs offer a menu (which is essentially a buffet that you can’t see)

        • Oh, a half hot half cold cooked to order would really be adding insult to injury 🙂 No menu at any of the three I stayed so far. I’ve found the brand disappointing and I’m in no hurry to reurn.

      • Yes, online you need to pick a setting PER BRAND.

      • Lady London says:

        thanks BJ. Now that I’m finding Hilton options that suit me in a couple of cities, I’ll get onto this.

        Hilton has got all my stays that previously would have gone to IHG, this year. I finally got sick of receiving ridiculously non-rewarding targets on the IHG Accelerate promotion and its replacement, and shifted my stays.

        • Close IHG account and start again to get better targets. You may have to threaten them about unauthorised use of personal data to get them to close it.

        • Skipping 2 seasons should do it, I didn’t pay for any IHG hotels between April-Dec 2018, and got a good set of targets this time (earned about 70K points for 4 paid stays costing £60/night or so). Did the same in 2015 or something.

          Also IHG renewed my Spire for no reason (I think same happened to Rob)

    • Lady London says:

      didn’t get any water on my last several Hampton stays in 3 different Hamptons in 2 different cities.and defo no snack. Wasn’t asked about any My Way benefits choice at any time. Have I missed out?

      Breakfast (such as it is – often it’s not particularly high quality by non-American standards) is always included at Hamptons.

      • Lady London says:

        *answered above after kind feedback by BJ

      • The_real_a says:

        Don’t be afraid to ask. My conversation with reception staff seems to conclude that virtually every guest doesn’t understand my way benefits and the question just causes confusion so they don’t bother asking anymore, however they are friendly when I bring it up.

      • I’ve found at HGI they give you the water at reception. Cannot recall what happens at Hampton. I am ok with Hampton but don’t stay there often because as Diamond it is better to stay at DT and above. Despite its limitations I have found Hampton better than HIX.

        • Honestly every hotel is different. Some have water in the room, some give it from reception, some tell you to “nick” a bottle or two from the shop. Whether you get 1 or 2 bottles also varies. Some HGIs have even delivered water to the room (this won’t happen at Hampton).

          If the location of a DT/Hilton vs a Hampton/HGI is the same to me, I usually choose the Hampton if it’s ~20% or more cheaper than the DT/Hilton. In the UK most Hamptons are newish while some Hiltons are old and run-down (many of these seem to be renovating and converting to DT).

          Regarding myway benefits, some hotels will note your preference at check-in and go by the rules, some HGIs give breakfast to everyone, some Hamptons give Diamonds drinks and snacks regardless of what is set, and some will actually ask you to choose points or breakfast/drink at check-in. At Hamptons, the bottled water may be separate from the drink, or it may not. None of this matters, if you set your profile to to points immediately after checking out, you will get the points and the drink / free breakfast. I believe this works for the Gold choice of 1000 points or breakfast but I’ve never been Gold.

          Hampton is certainly better than HIX, some HIXs are new, but the Hampton breakfast is always better (in Europe anyway)

  4. The Streets says:

    OT does anyone know if someone is trying to upgrade from blue BA to black BA – can this *only* be done via the call centre? Can someone who holds the blue card be referred for the black and apply that way? Obviously no sign on bonus points but the referrer may get the points?! Will the blue and black BA accounts still be linked

    • You can upgrade to Black from Blue by simply applying online for Black as you can only hold one BA card.

    • Bonglim says:

      They would not do it to me via the call centre at all.
      They said, as GRIMZ suggested, to just apply online. They will automatically realise it is an upgrade rather than new BA card.

    • One word of caution as advised by Amex customer services: an online application (even for an upgrade) triggers a credit search as part of the process, whereas upgrading over the phone doesn’t.

  5. Hi Rob,

    I think you forgot to add the link for the Hilton points offer.

    Could you please add it?

    Much appreciated.

    • It’s there twice – once at the top of the article and once at the bottom.

    • Optimus Prime says:

      You may not see those links if you are using an ad-blocker.

    • Think you need to switch off your adblocker, Marco, otherwise most of the articles on here won’t make sense!

      • Thanks for the tip! I will make sure to keep the AdBlock disabled for this site

  6. Sussex Bantam says:

    Wldely, massively OT – my nephew is flying in a couple of weeks. He wants to take his walkman with built-in radio on the plane. It has a mode selection switch which either selects walkman or radio playback. Does anyone know what the flight restrictions might be if any ? I’m struggling to find anything online

    (I did check this wasn’t a joke but apparently walkman’s are trendy again now. I knew mine would be worth something if I waited long enough…)

    • Walkmans only receive, not transmit, so you’ll be fine.

      Phones are turned off as they transmit: and, it’s nothing to do with aircraft but a mobile network’s inability to handle a phone that travels across multiple cells in the space of a minute

      • That’s not accurate. AM and FM radios are on the prohibited items list in cabin.

        Your radio is likely to radiate a signal 10.7MHz above the frequency to which you are tuned, e.g. if you’re listening to R1 on 98.8MHz then you’re effectively transmitting on 109.5MHz in the Air Band.

  7. Anyone suddenly having problems using revolut for tax free child care payments?

    As of today, I get “invalid card data”

    • Rob Walker says:

      Oh dear, this was quite lucrative for me. I’ll try a quick top up and report back.

    • Rob Walker says:

      Working fine for me still

    • Nick M says:

      I need to re-assess our options once we know about some childcare changes in September, but I think the old-style childcare vouchers will still work out better for us (TFC would be better right now, but then we wouldn’t be able to switch back…)

      Our nursery has started using ParentPay – it is a horrible system, but they do take Amex

  8. OT I was planning on taking out the Plat card for the insurance and car hire insurance for our upcoming USA trip but as I paid for everything using my BAPP there is no point. What is the best insurance policy for the car hire excess cover – we have a car booked for 27 days. I know it’s been mentioned before but I didn’t take any note of them. Ta very much!

    • Waddle says:

      The Plat would still provide you cover for the big travel insurance items such as medical and car hire afaik. It only won’t cover you for:
      Cancelling, Postponing and Abandoning your Trip
      Cutting Short your Trip
      Travel Inconvenience
      Personal Belongings, Money and Travel Documents
      Purchase Protection
      Refund Protection
      (Copied from HofP article)
      But most of these are already covered by your BAPP anyway. I could be wrong but I’m inclined to say Plat would still work.

    • This new Amex policy may be getting reversed due to HFP reader feedback. Stay tuned …

      • Oh wow – we go 19/5 so trying to get replacement insurance for travel and car hire organised – how long do we need to stay tuned for!

        • And Liz, don’t get platinum unless you qualify for the bonus. Get green and do as we used to do with gold.

      • @BJ I have the old link saved – will that still work for the green card.

      • Wow that’d be quite a coup – how about they fix the MR earning rate on Plat to something decent too? 😉

    • Lady London says:

      I have used all of Questor, insuranceforcarhire, bettersafe, icarhireinsurance.

      I keep returning to Questor (who IIRC will cover vans unlike most of the others) and bettersafe has been excellent to deal with on queries and last minute changes forced by car hire companies twice.

      There are more players now and a search on voldesites will show up a few of them but I can recommend all of the above. I use bettersafe mostly now and Questor when I need their particular t’s and c’s. It’s very important to check the t’s and c’s and they all vary slightly in what they will cover and how they work, and their geographical coverage under each category. This variation is why I don’t take an annual policy even though it works out much cheaper – the same t;s and c’s and coverage doesn’t work for all my hires.

      • Lady London says:

        but looking at your question again, Liz, a lot of them won’t cover you for a hire of more than 2 weeks. This can vary depending on whether it’s a standalone policy or days of continuous hire within an annual policy.

        But I would never, ever, hire a car without this sort of coverage unless I was prepared to pay the rental company the full excess in the event of any incident. Bearing in mind that car hire, IME, is a relatively fraud ridden business and much anecdotal evidence of false damage claims by even big name hires and other fraudulent or deceptive practices. this is the main reason I take out such insurance.

        Also worth noting the the excess coverage options actually offered by the rental companies at huge daily rates often don’t have the comprehensive coverage that these standalone policies offer. Eg roof of car, glass, tyres and other things are sometimes not covered even if you do pay the exorbitant daily rate to the car hire company. What seems never to be covered by anybody is any damage to the interior of the car.

        • Thanks Lady London. I read the info on MSE and went through the comparison site Moneymaxim – it produced a quote for £39.45 for Carhireexcess dot com – annual policy for up to 62 days per trip for USA – single policy was more expensive – CDW of up to $100,000 and excess up to £7500

        • The_real_a says:

          As I understand it, Amex Plat covers “any loss” with regards to car hire losses. Its truly comprehensive Inc tyres/interior etc.

          You advice on vans coverage is very useful. Thank you.

        • Scallder says:

          Lady London – Questor does up to 31 days on their annual policy (although you can extend this) and on the daily one can do rentals up to 180 days.

      • Charlieface says:

        MSE has Questor 25% off code MSE2097. Put in the payment page

    • Allycat says:

      I have used direct-carexcess co uk for a number of years, you can get a discount code through MSE, and had one claim which they paid immediately.

    • However also an interesting question if you’re only taking out the card now as they couldn’t expect you to have used Amex Plat (or indeed any Amex) to have made the purchases prior to taking out the policy (by paying for the Plat card) so I’d have thought you could have a reasonable case for being covered anyway?

  9. Will this affect Revolut and Curve Mastercards?

  10. Is Revolut a prepaid MC card? If so will seriously consider getting one.

    • It’s a VISA for everyone I know in the UK, but apparently Revolut mastercards exist

      • Bagoly says:

        We received a mixture of Mastercards and Visas for our Revoluts.
        Banning DCCs will save me having to reject card terminals profferred with GBP on them – was particularly bad in Bangkok.

      • Interesting, have only see Revolut MasterCards, not Visa (my own one included)!

  11. Michael says:

    OT: Amex Plat provides marriot gold status – how do I get my amex plat to talk to my bonvoy account for this to work?

    • Michael says:

      Thanks – but that makes it look like i need to enroll in Marriot again when i already have an account?

      • There is a space on the next screen to enter your existing account number if you have one – or it gets left blank and one is created for you.

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