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Special BA gifts if you have flown to the moon!

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British Airways is sending out a special gift to Executive Club members who have ‘flown it to the moon and back’.

Some members who have flown more than 477,710 miles on British Airways over the lifetime of their Executive Club account are being sent this celebration box of cheeses.

British Airways fly me to the moon and back

It is all part of BA’s 100th birthday celebrations.  Just in case you thought that BA was simply doing this as a PR gesture, this has not been publicised at all and I only know about because a reader sent me a copy of the letter he received.

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  1. callum says:

    Of course it’s a PR gesture. They’ve got an article about it on a major frequent flyer blog, they have Instagram/Facebook etc. posts about how generous they are (which will no doubt be seen by numerous frequent traveler friends) and they may eventually publicly mention this (something along the lines of “this year to celebrate our 100th anniversary we’ve done X, Y, Z and given out nice hampers).

    It certainly doesn’t stop it being a good thing, but capitalist multinational corporations do not just do things to be nice!

    • IanMac says:

      1,321,809 and no cheese (yet)

      • Callum says:

        That’s always the downside for this kind of thing – people who don’t get it get irritated!

    • quite clever – even though i don’t come close !

      now if they did something to celebrate their Mach 2.2 customers … that would be even better !!

  2. So, the one time I’ve wanted to check ‘My Flightpath’ in over a year, as I know I’d be close, it’s currently showing as ‘Null Miles Flown’. Great! 🙂

  3. Keith Young says:

    1.4 million miles flown, No cheesy letter!

  4. David Gillan says:

    883601 miles for me and no cheese. I wonder how they decide?

  5. O/T I know it’s been said here that points stays count for Hilton Diamond status, but my stay from a week ago on points (points posted and it’s showing as past stay) isn’t showing on the tracker page. Anyone else experienced this?

    • Qwerty Bertie says:

      Yes, although the stay was a few days before the IT meltdown of early November.

      Have you got the confirmation number and receipt to prove the stay?

  6. Qwerty Bertie says:

    OT: I was wondering if anybody reading still holds one of the US-issued Amex cards with no fx fees, but after having moved some time ago to another country with a different currency? If so, has US Amex queried your card mostly being used abroad?

  7. Andrew says:

    OT – I have a “receive 500 Avios when you spend £500” on my BAPP. Interestingly this is valid up to three times at “a combination of retailers” – BA, BA Holidays, Marriott (in Europe), Avis and HEX.

    • I have “spend £3000 and receive 3000 avios. Not the greatest incentive…

    • Thanks, just checked and OH has got it. We have got a 2 4 1 booking coming up this weekend plus the balance on a BA holiday to pay so will take advantage of this.

  8. @mkcol says:

    OT – Just noticed the “Buy a Gift Card” offer on Honors. I’ve clicked through as far as I can without buying but cannot find out what I need to know – any idea if it’s billed as Hilton (to trigger an AMEX offer) or if it’s some other company? I’m suspecting the latter.

  9. OT — I am likely moving from the UK to the US later in the year, for at least a couple of years. Obviously I will have no credit history there but is there a way of getting an Amex in the US based on my UK account history?

  10. OT:
    which one would people recommend between the HSBC world elite and IHG platinum mastercard? The spend target is the same….
    I already have IHG platinum ambassodor

    • Waddle says:

      I don’t think the spend target is the same. IHG is £200 in 90 days for sign-up bonus and £10k for anniversary free night. HSBC WE is £2,000 in 90 days for sign-up bonus and £12k for anniversary bonus.

      I think at the end of the day it depends on which you value more – flights or hotel stays. AFAIK IHG points don’t transfer to airlines. HSBC points can be transferred into 4 airline partners but no hotels. HSBC WE is £96 more expensive per annum. Also if you don’t have lounge access in your cards portfolio then HSBC might be worth a look for the LoungeKey access.

      • Thanks Waddle.
        The target I was referring to is the annual one. We wouldnt have any problems spending 2k….We tend to stay in hilton mostly and have over 500K HH points. was thinking could diversify.
        On the other hand airline miles now harder to earn. plus lounge access useful.

  11. Going to Turkey this week. I will be asked to pay about 500 euros at the hotel for extra services purchased. How will this work? Will they do their own conversion to Lira and then I either pay in cash or with a card?

    What’s best card for this? I have Santander zero, curve revolut and starling.

    Do I insist making payment during the week rather than weekend?

    • Waddle says:

      There are several ways to approach this. You can use Curve linked to your MasterCard or Visa during the week. Use Starling to pay at the weekend (Starling uses fee-free MasterCard rate which is generally better at the weekends than Curve or Revolut due to the 0.5% weekend surcharge of the latter). Or if the rate is good, exchange in Revolut beforehand and pay whenever. Not sure about Santander Zero as I don’t have experience with it.

      All of this is dependent on paying in Lira. NEVER get the merchant to do the conversion.

      • Peter K says:

        I thought with curve and Revolut it was more than 0.5% markup at the weekend on less stable currencies, like the Lira.

        You could preload your revolut card during the week instead however and convert it to Lira. This is then set and no extra charges are made of using the balance at the weekend.

        • Lady London says:

          I was quoted and charged in Euro for most things I paid for with a card in Turkey. It’s almost like some other countries with niche or unstable currencies used to price everything the could in US dollars. Turkey seems to do the same with the Euro. Watch all charges and their currency carefully.

      • Thank you both, however I am not sure how the hotel will convert the euro price into lira?

        As example, I am paying a quoted 100 Euro for transfers and about 450 Euro for other services. Therefore, it seems likely they will convert the Euro price into liras at whatever rate they choose.

        And then present the bill to me at checkout?

        • johnny_c-l says:

          Most places just convert to lira when you pay. I’ve yet to have been gouged by any hotel taking advantage of giving poor conversion rates so think you’ll be fine.

        • Waddle says:

          Maybe you could try asking them to charge you in Euro? If they insist on charging you Lira I guess the best you can do is to prevent them from doing another conversion into pounds.

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