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Special BA gifts if you have flown to the moon!

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British Airways is sending out a special gift to Executive Club members who have ‘flown it to the moon and back’.

Some members who have flown more than 477,710 miles on British Airways over the lifetime of their Executive Club account are being sent this celebration box of cheeses.

British Airways fly me to the moon and back

It is all part of BA’s 100th birthday celebrations.  Just in case you thought that BA was simply doing this as a PR gesture, this has not been publicised at all and I only know about because a reader sent me a copy of the letter he received.

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  1. Nick_C says:

    OT. Tesco Mobile (and sorry if this has been posted before but some previous comments were unclear to me).

    I have four Clubcards and one account, all in my name. I have now had 4*2000 CCPs, using each CC# once.

  2. OT – looks like a BA sale on the way, the European destinations I have been tracking on “low fare finder” are significantly cheaper today than they were earlier in the week. e.g. 2 days in Berlin was 345 now 238 and Helsinki 396 to 237.

  3. OT I have forgotten to bookmark the link to upgrade the Amex Gold chargecard to Platinum. Not even sure if it still exists. I would be very grateful if someone could point me to it. Thanks.

  4. OT – Wonder if anyone can help on this. Looking at booking the Melia Sky Level in Barcelona (have just read the review on here). The Melia website states that Level rooms have free breakfast, but then looking at the rates they offer ‘room only’ and ‘bed and breakfast’ Do all rooms get breakfast regardless or is there some difference ? or is this Melia just trying to get people to pay more for the same thing!

    • I’ve not stayed in that hotel, but have stayed in a few Melias with Level lounges. The Level rooms have access to the Level lounge and there is a breakfast buffet in the lounge. It’s on a smaller scale than a main hotel buffet but we have never struggled with choice of food.

      If you pay for breakfast, I expect you can take breakfast in the main restaurant but I’d say it’s unnecessary. Hope this helps.

  5. C F Frost says:

    OT and EU261. Advice sought. My wife and three year old arrive LHR this morning on a rerouted flight from Kuala Lumpur. Their original arrival time (before a flight was cancelled) was 0755. With the reroute their scheduled time is 1155. That’s 4h. But their flight seems to be making good time and will land before. Which is the critical figure: the scheduled arrival time or the actual arrival time?

    • It’s always done on arrival time, not departure time.

      • C F Frost says:

        Thank you Mike. My point is to be distinguished from a delay claim when, with good reason, it is the disembarkation time that counts and this is clear enough in the guidance. In this case, the offered rerouting solution threw up an a scheduled arrival time of 4h after the original arrival time. Is it the offered scheduled arrival time that is critical here, rather than dissembarkation?

        • TGLoyalty says:

          It’s the time you disembark vs the original flights scheduled time of arrival. If it’s less than 4h then no compo unfortunately.

          The new flights scheduled time of arrival is irrelevant

    • TGLoyalty says:

      The time to doors open to allow you to disembark

      • Lady London says:

        Specifically, your arrival time is legally the exact time the doors open, regardless of any ‘welcome to London we have now arrived and the time is…’ announcements. Doors open does not count either, until stairs or a walkway into the terminal have been connected and are able to be used. That exact moment is your arrival time.

        • C F Frost says:

          Thank you both. LHR states flight has just landed: 1133. Not sure where there is a register of tunes of doors opening, but likely will be before 1155. In any case, my understanding is that in the case of alternative flight arrangements due to overbooking or cancellation, 50% awards are made for shorter excess periods:

          “If you are offered an alternative flight, the arrival time of which does not exceed the scheduled arrival time of the flight originally booked by more than 2 hours for flights of up to 1,500 km, or by more than 3 hours for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km, or by more than 4 hours for all flights over 3,500 km, the compensation payment will only amount to 50% of the figures mentioned above, i.e. € 125, € 200 or € 300.”

          Thanks you for the wise words.

        • Would they open the doors without stairs or air bridge??

        • Andrew says:

          When we arrived at a remote stand at LHR T5 a while back, they put the stairs on and opened the door. We then had to wait 20 minutes for a bus to turn up (and were not allowed to disembark until the bus arrived, of course).

        • Lady London says:

          Yes I’ve been on a lot of planes where the doors were open in front of me to leave from one of the front rows (so I could see thus goibgbon and it was clear crew were not letting anyone actually go through the door). Such as someone apparently still messing around trying to connect something, or obstruction on the air bridge needing to be cleared or something else in the way. This with the door open.

          If the airport ground staff are pfaffing around trying to roll a staircase up to the plane etc. or if there is a wait for ground staff to arrive to connect the walkway because the flight is early or very very late especially at a late hour, normally the door won’t be open. So watch and observe and lokk at your watch as the first person is allowed to go through the door and that’s your arrival time.

          PS on a multiflught journey the time that matters about you being late for eu261 is your time of arrival at your final destination on whichever leg (out or back).

    • Remember that in this case EU261 only applies on EU airlines. If your flight has been cancelled and you were rebooked and arrived only with a silght delay you are entitled 50% compo. But important, since you are departing from an airport outside the EU, EC261 only applied to EU airlines.

  6. RussellH says:

    OT: Moving Avios between plans.

    The usual recommendation here, in the event of problems, has always been to move to an a/c first, then on to BA or IB.

    I never had problems moving between BA and IB in either direction, and still do not. Before the avios travel programme closed, I had no difficulty moving avios from to BA.

    But now my e-mail address has changed itself to the one I have for aerClub, which is [email protected] This DOES ‘match’ with [email protected], but no longer with [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] do still ‘match’.
    This is odd! Anyone else had problems following the closure of the avios travel programme?

    [Obviously I can move avios from BA to IE if necessary via IB].

    • I can’t login to at all – it says that my number is “used by another programme” and email simply doesn’t work though it’s the same across the board. has always been a VERY STRANGE website

      • Mikeact says:

        I’ve never had a problem at all as far as I can remember. I left 1 Avios in it some time back to keep it live for as long as possible, and fortuitously I’m glad I did, as today I needed to move just about 200 k from Iberia to Avios to BA……no problem at all.

  7. OT. does anyone have experience of the spire amb benefits when staying at the IC Park Lane on a free night cert. Can only find reference to stays lasts year prior to the new benefits being introduced.


    • Mr Dee says:

      I think the basic rooms are small and I wouldn’t expect anything above the minimum on a free night stay although someone did claim to get upgraded to suite on a points redemption.

  8. Waddle says:

    OT Platinum:
    I understand with the personal Plat you can get a supplementary Plat and also an Additional Card in your own name for free plus the combination of four Green or Gold cards. The Biz Plat says one supplementary Plat for someone and then 98 Gold supps. Anyone know if the Additional Card feature is available for Biz Plat? Neither descriptions for the personal and biz on the Amex website mention this but the welcome pack for the personal does, wondering if the biz version does as well?

  9. Benylin says:

    OT: best use of nectar points?

  10. Very OT:

    Does anyone know what the flight redemption is that Emirates offers for 15,000 miles?


  11. Thanks

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