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15% cashback with taxi app Gett

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American Express has launched a new cashback offer with taxi app Gett which operates in London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Coventry, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle.

The offer may or may not be showing under the ‘Offers’ section on the Amex app or website for one of your cards.  You need to ‘save to card’ if it is.

Gett Amex offer

Once you’ve done that, you will receive 15% cashback on all of your Gett rides between now and 23rd June.  This isn’t as generous as the offer Gett ran before Christmas, which offered a 25% rebate, but it’s basically free money so you can’t complain!  The £50 cap on cashback has gone, so for very heavy users you may even be better off this time.

If you’re not already using Gett, if you sign up via my referral link here (click) you will receive £3 off your first five rides.  The offer may vary for cities outside London.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. O/T FYI Did a mattress run at a hotel on Monday. Did the usual checkin, mess up bed etc. Left key in the room, do not disturb sign on door and left. The stay hadn’t posted to my account so contacted front of house and requested the invoice. Invoice shows the whole charge as parking and no stay. Phoned hotel and room was checked for turn down even with do not disturb sign on the door and I was checked out 😭😭.

    • You have to name the hotel now so we can all avoid it! Ouch

    • Michael says:

      How would they know though you just hadn’t popped out though?

      • Yup, loads of people stagger in around 3am after the club’s close. Staff entering the room with a do mot disturb sign on the door is one of my pet hates. Had a real problem with it at HI Oxford Circus.

    • Peter K says:

      A turn down service on a mattress run hotel? Seems a bit upmarket for a cheap hotel to hit a target.

    • I would be claiming S75 via credit card. How on earth would they know you haven’t gone for a night out? Please name the hotel or at least the chain.

      • Bagoly says:

        Do they have staff spying for people leaving with their bags in the evening?

      • Lady London says:

        How would they know you hadnt gone clubbing, got lucky and not bothered to return? We need to know which hôtel this is …so much is wrong here.

      • Agreed, you’ve paid for the room and turned up – whether you then sleep in it or not is up to you!

    • I am assuming as I left the key in the room they assumed I had left. No suitcases, bags etc in room. I have queried with hotel, manager to call me tomorrow as they are not working today. It was Marriott hotel chain, £40 paid.

      • Just take the key with you next time. No need to return those plastic key cards. I don’t ever remember being asked for them when checking out at desk. I have a big stash of them in a drawer.

        • Will do next time, thought I might be charged for it….

          • Haha nope, those are totally disposable. I hand them back if I remember, otherwise chuck them in the bin later. They could have issued two though, so one being left in the room didn’t necessarily mean you’d left!

        • Michael says:

          Marriot even allow you to use your phone to unlock your room these days. You could of been using that for all the hotel knew.

        • You can even check out via Marriott app as well.

      • Lady London says:

        This was moxy lhr wasnt it.

        If anyones doing a mattress run there put me as second guest checking in first and we can do a deal.

      • Even leaving 2 keys in the room fails to justify their actions. I’ve had 3 and even 4 keys to a hotel at once for various reasons. And, you would not be the first to have gone out and forgotten your key.

    • the_real_a says:

      You have been charged for parking, you didn’t park… no more discussion required with regards AMEX charge-back. I would not be able to expense this invoice. I have very often taken a hotel just for the day with the previsio i might or might not return for a shower… and would expect an accurate invoice.

      • Will wait and see if the re-issue invoice with room rate and credit one night to my account. If not, will probably do as you suggest.

    • Lady London says:

      Why did you put the do not disturb sign the door? If anything i would thought this the thing not to do on a mattress d’un.

  2. Turntable says:

    Rob – what card do you see being launched next in the UK (if any) ?

    • No idea. People who were promising stuff – Marriott, Hilton – have not followed through.

      What is more interesting to some extent is whether revamped cards like Lloyds Avios and Tesco Premium will be reopened in their new form.

  3. Shoestring says:

    No hot water for coffee/ tea on flight back Monday. First got a BS answer telling me how good M&S trolley is & sorry about no hot drinks. Challenged this, today we got 1000 Avios each for service recovery, which I think is about right.

    So full marks to BA for dealing with service issue correctly (second time of asking)

    • And good initial guess on what it was worth, spot on.

    • Did you call them? I submitted an online complaint a week ago about OH not getting any F & B in CE recently but got nothing yet except a case number.

  4. Crafty says:

    OT: Having recently got a Revolut card, I topped it up by £10 successfully as a test. I am now looking to top it up properly – first tried £940, now tried £500. Both times “declined by card issuer”, which is Creation.

    Unsure what I’m doing wrong. Has anyone else had this happen?

    • Maximum I can do is £250

      • TescoTease says:

        Depending on which creation card it is (IHG?) they’ll flag the top up as cash transaction, limit it to the daily cash withdrawal fee and charge you fees and interest.

    • Creation do allow these transactions but, in the same way as you do when using it with Curve, you need to tread carefully. Smaller transcations of £250 max and a weekly limit of £700 seems to be as much as I can push it.

      Revolut also have a daily card top up limit when you are a new user which relaxes over time.

      • idrive says:

        you have to build your “story” with Revolut. Limits will increase over time.

    • My Curve Card plus IHG/Creation allowed me up to the full Curve limits last year, with no obvious restrictions from IHG. It still seems to work but there seems to be a lower IHG limit imposed.
      And now my wife has a supp. card, she is limited to £300/day.
      I asume they now treat “Financial Services” the same as Cash Withdrawals? I just hope I can use it to the full extent htis year, and they don’t clamp down further, or my free night voucher has gone…

      • Just curious, can the supp on an IHG premium card also claim platinum status?

        • All her spending as a supp goes to MY IHG rewards account. But she does have her own IHG Rewards account too, and AIUI there’s nothing as far as I know to prevent her getting her own C/card and boosting her points towards free night and platinum, once (if) we hit my targets.
          I surprised myself by getting Spire last year from Curve IHG spending.

        • Alex W says:

          Supp does not get platinum status. But nothing to stop him/her getting another card, and therefore their own status, sign-up bonus, free night voucher etc especially with the help of curve.

        • Thanks Mark/Alex, was just wondering if I might have missed a loophole or something but seems not.

      • Alex W says:

        I am having the same problem with Creation via Curve. Can only get £300 per day through for cash transactions. So much for my plan to get Spire status via credit card spend.

    • Far too much, try 250!

  5. Rob – did you write something recently about BA hiking the charges on redemptions from the USA? (I recall the Virgin articles but can’t find anything about BA when I search). Looking at a return leg in CW for Easter 2020, is quoting around £500 in taxes/fees for 2 people from the Caribbean but £900 from Miami!

    • Sounds about right.

    • BA has always charged more on redemptions originating in the US.

      • This for is a one way flight from Miami, I have never paid anything like that before. Return from BOS last year in CW cost around £350 for two people, given that we had already paid the higher rate of charges for the outbound leg.

        • What I’m saying is, I’ve paid over £1300 in taxes and charges for our 3 outbound F flights, but if I want to book the inbound flights separately they want another £450 EACH for these. So a total of £2700 in taxes and charges for 3 return award flights – this can’t be right?

        • Are you conflating previous charges for return flights (outbound / inbound as one booking) with charges being quoted for one way flights (outbound and inbound as separate bookings)?

    • I am seeing this too, but given won’t BA just reprice it when you add it to your outbound?

      • I’ve read on here that if you book it at midnight/1 am then call to apply the 2 4 1, BA will refund half the avios but not the taxes. In that case, it’s a very poor option to book it online. The choices would seem to be pay excessive charges or wait to call BA to add the return leg and risk the seats being snapped up by someone else!

        • No, that’s not the case. The taxes are adjusted so you just pay what you should have paid, had you booked UK-US-UK in one go.

        • Anna, A few months ago I booked the return leg of a US open jaw online when they came out at midnight. When I rang BA the next morning to add the 2-for-1 they were happy to refund the relevant avios but said to reprice the taxes/fees (2 singles were hugely more expensive than a return) they would have to cancel and rebook the return. So there was a chance that it could be snapped up by someone else before they could book it again for me. The man from the call centre suggested he provisionally book a return flight the previous day as a fall back plan in case we lost our intended flight. Said he’d had someone crying on the phone when they’d lost a Sydney flight that way! Luckily it all went through fine and I had the flights with the correct return taxes/fees. This was for an CW open jaw return though, may be different for a return to and from the same airport.

  6. Metopes says:

    O/T: Just got an email that our seats have been changed on a flight to NYC next week due to an equipment change, had some nice seats up stairs on a 747 but now there are no seats showing together on the new 777. Have been given a refund on the seat reservation seat, but wondered if anyone has any tips, obviously keen to sit next to my partner.

    • Michael says:

      When you check in online see if any open up.

      Failing that ask at the airport.

      Failing that ask the cabin crew who will try and sort you out when boarding is complete. you could also ask someone to swap with you.

    • Lady London says:

      Why not phone them and ask nicely to be transferred to another flight where you can be seated together? not sure if equipment change counts as something to support a change of flight request.

    • Sadly hit the same problem, lost 3x 64K segments due to swaps to 777! Not much choice in 777, I’d just go for window/aisle combo on either side.

  7. Dominic says:

    Heads up that next Hilton promotion (starting May 6th) is now showing in my “Eliglble Promotions” tab. Not actually letting me register yet…

    Double points on all stays, plus some # of stay bonuses. Between 6th May and 8th September.

    • Luthar says:

      Thanks for this! I posted yesterday about having to spend 60 nights in hotels this year. This has helped me make my mind up!

      • There were a few extra responses to your post yesterday, don’t know if you saw them.

    • Will this work with bookings already made that are coming up within the dates?
      I was about to make a booking for in July too, will hold off till the 6th May now to book depending on the answers to my above question.

      • Historically existing bookings have always counted with Hilton.

      • Previously booked stays should count. However, the promo is double points from the 2nd stay! Obviously they’ve gone down the Marriott route…

        • Thank you, I’ll carry on and make my second booking. Can you claim points on a second and third room as my in-laws and brother-in-law may stay in the same hotel, if I can convince them, haha. Heading down to Reading for a family birthday who lives down there.

      • Yes, Hilton promos always fine in that regard. Accor almost never, IHG varies by Accelerate ‘task’

  8. O/T Just got off the phone call to VS, was hoping to boost my previous Air China flights. Was told miles booster only work for VS flights only – not even Delta. Is this correct? Should I just try a different agent?

    • You can definitely boost partner flights online, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a bug.

      • But you can only boost VS flights you’ve already flown by calling customer services….

    • I’ve boosted my ANA redemption flights for later this year via the website without an issue.

  9. O/T just an update to my post yesterday. I re-qualified for IHG spire yesterday but the 25k bonus points or gift platinum offer was not showing in my account. It appeared today so I chose 25k points obviously 🙂

  10. OT – any way to accurately price up taxes, fees etc on an open jaw redemption? I used 2 x 1 eat costs from Ba redemption finder before booking my last 2 for 1 and was surprised to find charges jump by £200. Considering an adjustment to book (class change) and would like to price up impact on taxes. Thanks in advance

    • Nick_C says:

      As an estimate, maybe take an average of the return price for each route.

      I’m just planning a Far East trip, and was shocked to find two one ways are so much cheaper than a return to Tokyo (I knew this would be the case for HK)

  11. Annabelle says:

    Re: help adding return journey for 2-4-1 redemption calling US at 1am BST which number to call? See on HFP 00-1-800-247-9297 but on BA number for US BA is 00-1-800-452-1201. Any difference? Perhaps one quicker to pick up than the other?
    Thanks so much.

    • Michael C says:

      Annabelle, sorry if this was last night / this morning you were asking about, but just to say I booked o/w LHR-Osaka no problem online at 0100h + ten seconds!

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