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BP leaving Nectar on 31st May

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BP has confirmed it is leaving Nectar on 31st May.

As we covered in this long article back in March, there are major changes in petrol station loyalty taking place this Summer.

Shell Drivers Club is closing to be replaced by a new scheme called Shell Go+.  This is NOT points based and so you cannot earn Avios.  The last day to collect Avios from Shell Drivers Club is 30th June.  Learn more on here.

Esso is withdrawing from Tesco Clubcard.  The exact date is not known but I assume it will be 31st May.

BP is withdrawing from Nectar.  The date for this is now confirmed as 31st May.  You will not be able to earn or spend Nectar points at BP from this date.

Once this is done, Esso will be signing up with Nectar on 1st June – a move that I genuinely cannot understand, since Nectar has about as much traction with the public as a greasy pole.  You can already register your Nectar number via the Esso app.

BP leaving Nectar on 31st May

In terms of points collection opportunities:

Avios collectors can only collect at Tesco filling stations, via Clubcard conversions.  You will no longer be able to earn via Shell Drivers Club or Esso.

Virgin Flying Club collectors can only collect at Tesco filling stations, via Clubcard conversion.  You will no longer be able to earn via Esso.  The Texaco / Virgin Atlantic partnership ended last year.

Nectar collectors cannot earn at BP from 30th May but will be able to collect at Esso from 1st June.

We will cover this again in more detail nearer to the time that Shell Drivers Club closes.

You can learn more about the end of the Avios / Shell partnership on this special page of

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British Airways confirms an A350 and Club Suite for Tel Aviv
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  1. Hi Rob,

    Just to let you know, the A350 will be operating to Bengaluru as well from the start of 2020. So total of 4 destinations – Dubai (Mixed Fleet till end of 2019, then rotated to Worldwide), Toronto (Mixed Fleet), Tel Aviv (Mixed Fleet), Bengaluru (Worldwide).

    • Thank Nik. Interesting choice, another short route.

      • El Dorado says:

        It’s about a 10 hour flight to BLR – wouldn’t class that as short. Wish they had this when I went there last year instead of the extremely tired 777 we were on!

        • Lady London says:

          guessing British Airways has picked Bangalore as it’s a huge rapidly expanding business location for all the Silicon Valley type firms, and let’s not forget the major competitor in the India market just went bust. I will take a bet that until that happened, Bangalore might have been a route but not necessarily getting the new Club Suite anytime soon.

      • FlyingChris says:

        Frustrating all the new upcoming Club Suite routes are on the shorter side in the near future. Would have been good to try it on a West Coast / Asia route.

        • Makes crew and pilot training easier though.

          • To be fair though Rob, it is 10 hours, and significantly longer than YYZ and DXB! What’ll be interesting is where they’ll deploy their retrofitted 777s! I believe there should be 2 by the end of the year of those too!

    • Lady London says:

      It’s kind of like British Airways is taking for granted its existing major routes Europe, some Asia main routes for them and Transatlantic. So no need to roll out the new stuff to those routes. Are they regarding those routes/ corporate travellers as captive to them?

      I can just about regard Bangalore as a good destination as it’s a huge place for techies. The rest? Really? Do they really want to roll out the new Club seat anywhere, at all? At this rate it’ll be 20 years before their fleet has it all.. and then the seat will be out of date.

      Uh… I forgot. Presumably there is no pressure on British Airways to upgrade seats Transatlantic, as their cosy market sharing agreement with AA and others so much lessens the need to…as the parties to the “Transatlantic agreement” or whatever it’s called, that British Airways and AA are part of, has got those routes sewn up amongst themselves, presumably..

      • Michael says:

        They can’t really put it on their valuable USA routes as a new product on one flight a day makes their First on other aircraft look crap and Club World double crap..

        You can tell it’s a soft launch.

  2. ScienceTeacher says:

    OT: New Lloyds cards have arrived… but… were declined today 🙂

    • Jovanna says:

      Noticed that my balance was nil, credit limit nil etc. when I logged into my Lloyds account last night. The last time Lloyds replaced my Amex card (when it was cloned), I could see the last 4 digits of the new card in Apple wallet before the card had even arrived!

      • Me too.

        I will miss this AMEX card – it’s worked out well for me over the years.

        • roberto says:

          Abroad , using my Lloyds Amex before its demise . Noticed my new number today on my online account, no new card thus far and hoping my spend on the old card(s) is not treated at the earning new rate (plus the 3% FX charge).

          • Lady London says:

            It will be interesting to know but I think they will treat it according to the date of the statement it appears on… regardless of when actually spent.

          • Leafwarbler says:

            We’re abroad too. Checked with Lloyds before we left and they told us we had 30 days grace from issuance of the new cards to use our existing cards under the original terms and conditions. I specifically asked if that meant fx transactions would be fee-free and they said yes.

    • I also received my pro rota refund of £18. I would consider £6 an incredible price for an upgrade voucher and 8,750 Avios. Those were the magical days

      • Simon says:

        I got a £24 refund – and until march ’20 to get one more voucher. Gutted it’s gone but that is as generous a farewell as I could have hoped for. Last used the amex card on Monday – guess it won’t work today – will check later.

    • AndyGWP says:

      Ah – just checked and can see my pro-rata annual fee rebate of £6

      Can someone remind me if there’s any point keeping this card after the change (ie. the benefits of retaining it)

      • Simon says:

        step 1, If you have not got a voucher for this year then keep until you do then go to step 2, if have last voucher straight to step 2.
        step 2, If you have HSBC premier (0.5 avios / £ on that) then ditch else keep (0.4 avios on lloyds).

        (NB new Lloyds card not currently open to new applicants iirc)

        • AndyGWP says:

          Thanks Simon – I’m at step 2.

          I have Plat, BAPP, Virgin Rewards+, MBNA Horizon, Halifax Clarity and Tandem that tend to cover the majority of situations, so looks like most of the bases are covered and this can be cancelled

          (… I’m strongly considering HSBC Premier though)

          Thanks again

    • My Lloyds card (on Pay+ app) was declined at the Tesco petrol station yesterday. I got a message telling me to wait 10 minutes and try again. Don’t think the rest of the people in the queue would have been very impressed!

    • Rooster says:

      Glad I hit the voucher for this year before the Amex was cancelled

  3. Michael says:

    Re: Tesco Clubcard and Esso. The Esso app told me I could collect Clubcard points with them until May 31st.

  4. Bank Of Scotland has had cash back on all major hotels up to 15% but usually limited to £50 or £100. It’s under the Vantage section of the debit cards.

  5. Chris says:

    Has anyone been able to refer for another card type recently? The option is there to view other cards but when you click on a different card it takes you back to the card type that you have been referred from.


  6. Ft_Overthehorizon says:

    No sign of the Hilton deal on my offers unfortunately or I would have snapped it up 😮

  7. AndyGWP says:

    OT – Rob, not sure if you’re aware, but you don’t appear to have a review for the Aspire lounge in LHR T5.

    The link in Favourites just takes you to “first photos” of the lounge, and there’s another article I’ve found covering the official opening (which is just a press release really), and there’s also an official entry rules, but no actual review.

    Is it on your list to get a proper review?

    • Michael says:

      The Points Guy do! 😀

      Jokes aside – this is the better blog.

    • Here is a review – don’t bother going…

      • Indeed. Problem is that, since my initial visit, I haven’t had the slightest urge to go back.

        You should avoid it.

        If you want to go anyway, I’ll pay if you promise to write it up. Zero chance of getting in via Priority Pass (and zero chance of a table to yourself when inside).

        • I went recently—around lunchtime on a Thursday—and managed to a) get in via Priority Pass (with two guests), and b) find a table for all of us. I would have gone to the Plaza Premium, but I was the only one of us with an Amex Platinum and, given we only had about 45 minutes anyway, the guest fee for that one seemed steep. I think we were lucky to get a table, though. The lounge was very busy; we spent a few minutes looking for any space that might allow three of us to sit together, and then had a stroke of good fortune when a group of people got up to leave. There was a sign above the table saying that it was reserved for groups who had pre-booked, but no one told us to move.

        • Michael says:

          I’ve probably been in there 4-5 times now and each time it’s been by Priority pass.

        • We have got in with Priority Pass over the last couple of years, but haven’t tried so far this year..

          Usually we were able to get in immediately. Once they put us on a waiting list, but cleared us only about 2 minutes later. So it could be worth asking, in case other people don’t bother, which I think is what happened in our case.

          Yes, it is definitely small and crowded. For all their faults, I definitely much prefer the BA Galleries lounges, so I’ll be glad to get my status back again soon.

        • the_real_a says:

          I dont mind Aspire, the buffet makes a change to the slops in galleries. They operate a “wait list” policy (they take your name, go shopping and come back) so i have never waited more than 20 minutes to get in. Obviously larger groups will have more problems. The extension to the lounge last year improved things.

    • Lady London says:

      just read my comments previously.

      they can be summed up as “Don’t bother” and “I’d rather eat in the noisy Pret a Manger in the middle ground floor of T5” and “at anything like walk-in price or even on free Priority Pass, this lounge is a ripoff”.

      Other than that, it’s the greatest lounge in T5.

    • AndyGWP says:

      Ha – thanks all! Looks like I’ll be using Plat for Plaza Premium then… 🙂

  8. Traveller says:

    For Tel Aviv, it Looks like it’s just for the winter timetable as my various flights booked for April 2020 onwards are still 777’s or a321.

  9. No Hilton discount on my Hilton Barclaycard.

    The app has a “Purchase Offers” section, nothing at all in there.

  10. Craig says:

    Slightly OT: A few people had issues with Hilton and Amex offers when Hilton used 3C card processing. Was it necessary to chase Amex up for the rebate?

    • I did the spend across three hotel bookings. The second two used 3C payment but the offer triggered once the third payment processed with no problem. I had fully expected to have to chase!

    • I asked this just before Easter, and nope it credited with no problems. With points promo it worked out to £30 per night incl lounge access and brekkie

    • Craig says:

      Thanks both, I’ll sit back and give it a few days.

      • TokyoFan says:

        Hi Craig – mine posted fine too (I think I asked originally about my stay in Tewkesbury).

  11. doctorbee says:

    OT – Just wanted to advise of a restriction with the Amex Platinum Travel Insurance.

    We have flights booked to Colombo later in the year, but may be forced not to go because of the ongoing terrorist situation in Sri Lanka. The FCO currently advise against non-essential travel which means travel insurance would not cover the trip if we decided to ignore the advice.

    Even though the flights were booked with Amex travel on the Platinum card before the Easter attacks, the travel insurance does not cover cancellation where FCO advice changes to advise against travel after booking the trip. Therefore we are stuck in a situation where we won’t be covered for the cost of cancelling the flights, nor covered if we did decide to travel against FCO advice!

    Something for Amex platinum cardholders to consider in light of the price increase, as it is not as comprehensive as you might expect!

    • pauldb says:

      Who are you flying with: have you request a refund from them or Amex Travel?

      • doctorbee says:

        Sri Lankan Airlines but the booking is via Amex travel. After speaking to Amex Travel, they advised that Sri Lankan are currently being more flexible with cancellations but only for flights departing latest end of June, so need to wait until later to see if they can help us out.

        Note that Amex insurance will also not refund our hotel bookings either for the same reason as above.

        • KBuffett says:

          They should refund if the advice is still in place nearer the time. Poor show Amex

          • Shoestring says:

            It’s not poor show Amex at all. Contractual terms are clear enough. Amex have decided to take no responsibility for disruption caused by terrorist action, Amex here being both Amex Travel and the Plat insurance – I think this is 100% understandable and it’s there in black & white in the T&Cs.

            Airlines can’t let people freely cancel on ‘noise’ and bear the costs of cancellation when there are not reasonable grounds to justify this. So it sounds as if SL are allowing cancellations until the end of June – but playing it month by month after that. Again, completely understandable from their point of view. If the danger is lifted ‘officially’ by July etc then there would be no grounds to refund someone who didn’t want their ticket after all, because their reasons to cancel would not be supported by the evidence.

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