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No more Avios from mortgages!

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It is no longer possible to earn Avios points from mortgages.

There has only been one way to earn Avios from your mortgage, and that was via Tesco Bank.

Tesco Bank quietly entered the mortgage market back in 2014.  We never covered it much because there are many factors to consider when taking out a mortgage.  Whether or not you will earn Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles via Clubcard points should be very much at the bottom of your list of considerations!

Tesco Bank mortgages

It was all very simple:

You earned 1 Tesco Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £4 of your monthly mortgage payment.  This applied to both the capital and interest elements.

You earned 1 Tesco Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £4 of any overpayment you make, as long as it does not fully repay your mortgage

If you were making monthly payments of £1000 you would be earning 250 Clubcard points.  This is worth 600 Avios, so about £5-£6 of value.  It was not enough to move the needle on which mortgage provider is cheapest.

This deal is no more.  Tesco Bank announced yesterday that it is pulling out of the mortgage market. It is no longer accepting new applications and, more importantly, the existing loan book will be sold to another lender.  Once the sale is complete it is virtually certain that Clubcard points will no longer be available.

It isn’t clear what the future holds for the rest of Tesco Bank. It has not made much of an impact in the current account market, and the credit card arm is also underpowered.  When it launched the current account, Tesco claimed that it was deliberately uncompetitive so that it could offer good customer service.  Several years on, that excuse no longer washes.

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BA Sale
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  1. OT, has anyone passed through the new terminal at Muscat and knows if you now have to pass through immigration to get Lounge access or, just from the Qatar/Emirates arrivals/departure gates? Thanks.

    • that would be Rob.

      • Thanks Peter K. Rob was my first thought however he may have flown directly in and out (Oman’s 787 is long haul). It’s travel through from Doha-Muscat-Dubai I’m interested in as I’d like to get through on a transit visa if possible.

    • Last month i travelled to.Muscat and visited the lounge after going through customs

  2. OT: i still have one pass on my Lounge card which I got through the Gold Card. if I take a guest what is the charge?

    Also which is the best lounge at LGW North?


  3. Sanya says:

    OT as I’m very desperate!

    Im after India England on the 30th June (husbands birthday as well so ideal present). Would someone with atleast 36k Emirates miles please be able to check availability for me before i transfer points?

    • If it doesn’t say the event is sold out on the page it means there’s availability

  4. I’m unable to get through the automatic gates in the U.K. since sometime last year. Travelling on a British passport. It works fine in Europe and other countries using them.

    In the U.K I’m forced to use the desk every time. Anyone else have the same experience?

    • Yes me too Don, happened with the previous passport as well.

      Border staff can’t explain it. Most popular excuse given is it might have problems with my name (I have one of the most common names).

      • The Big G says:

        Yeah the same happens to me too. I’ve not been able to use my passport in the machines at Heathrow ever. And that is across multiple terminals too. No idea why and border staff can’t understand it themselves. They say my passport is fine!

        • Last time the BF officer came in the second booth to check my passport was working okay as she couldn’t understand why it was being rejected all the time. She went with an air that I was doing something wrong and was surprised when it also rejected her efforts.

          I would have thought her system would flag me up and she wouldn’t go to those lengths or was she just a good actress? Maybe I’m on one of Sajid’s watchlists and they’re told to Keep Up Appearances shall we say.

  5. Waddle says:

    Can anyone with the 500 Avios for £500 3x (or similar) offer on their BA Amex comment on whether £1,000 or £1,500 spend triggers 1,000 or 1,500 Avios respectively or is it a minimum with no maximum and only triggers 500 Avios however high the spend?

    • Sandra says:

      I’m waiting to find out what happens too – the £780 I paid for 2 flights triggered the bonus, Amex emailed & told me it had triggered and 500 points credited about a week later. A few days later I paid the final £250 balance on a BA holiday booking making a cumulative total of £1030, no more points have credited so I am going to leave it a few more days then query with Amex as the t & c’s aren’t very clear as to wether it is cumulative or not. I was intending to book BA flights anyway but bonus points are always welcome!

    • BlueHorizonUK says:

      I spent £2,600 and got 1,500

  6. sunguy says:


    “Sorry! Park & Ride is no longer available to purchase.”

    Looks like GtG parking is no longer using LHR Car Parks – other than the dedicated GtG parking park and ride….

    Knew it wouldnt last…… 🙁

  7. Charlie says:

    Hotel Special prices – Almost all are lies..
    Marriott promotions are bogus, the prices almost never are better than the normal prepaid rate. I thought I would experiment with the recent Radisson 10% off and free breakfast – it sneakily changed the price from EUR to GBP so it LOOKED like a discount, but just like Marriott – no discount at all! Disappointed as ever – assuming others are finding the same?

    • You have to keep your eyes open. Some of the hotels in the middle east are only offering deals or prepays.

  8. roberto says:

    a little off topic (good) news for others


    I have the plus card and following Rob’s post on the enhanced 12000 bonus I applied for the basic card and spent the £1000 minimum in a couple of days. I today received the following email :-

    As you know, you’ve been enjoying our enhanced bonus miles offer designed to help you earn even more Flying Club miles when you spend with your Virgin Atlantic Credit Card.
    Great news – you have reached the minimum spend threshold and have bagged your bonus miles.
    Your bonus miles will be added to your monthly miles total on your next credit card statement and transferred to your Flying Club account a few days after that. You can check your miles balance at any time by visiting
    Yours sincerely
    The Virgin Atlantic Credit Card Team

    So it looks like existing holders will be getting a second bonus as “promised”.. Its money for old rope if you’re in the same boat as me.

    See the Virgin add on this page to apply.

    • And yet other people report today getting letters rejecting them because they already have a card!

      • Shoestring says:

        the point could be that if you get accepted, you’ll qualify for the points

      • VM Twitter confirmed to me yesterday that you can no longer have both cards. Their policy will, I’m sure change as there is no mechanism in place to upgrade from free to plus. The only way you can go from free to plus is to cancel your card, wait 6 months and then hope to be accepted for the plus card.
        Obviously this is a ridiculously flawed policy – why force someone to use a different suppliers card for 6 months purely because they want to go on to your paid product?
        At some point, hopefully, someone at VM will realise they have a stupid policy and change it. I was going to move over to the paid card but there is now only a disincentive to do so.

  9. guesswho2000 says:

    I’ve only entered the UK once in the last three years, but I did so on an inbound to T5 from HKG, and the queues for the e-gates were hideous, so I ignored them and went straight to the immi desk. The bloke seemed very put out at having to do some actual work, and just asked me why I hadn’t used the gates, as if it was a crime. The response of “zero queue vs long queue” sufficed, however.

    • the_real_a says:

      They move very quickly… I have never waited more than 10 minutes. I’m always a little annoyed as there only seems to be 50% working at any one time.

  10. Isn’t Revolut type of online accounts an indirect way of earning additional air miles?

  11. OT – Moving Avios from Iberia to BA.

    Has anyone been able to transfer avios from Iberia to BA recently? I used to be able to do it via as an intermediary though my account there has now been closed. Does an Aer Lingus account currently allow one to do this?

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