British Airways adds superior Do&Co catering on more long haul routes

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More British Airways routes will soon get Do&Co catering.

Last September British Airways surprised us by announcing that all outbound long haul catering at Heathrow would be switching from Gate Gourmet and DHL to Austrian group Do&Co.

This is a significant upgrade since Do&Co is considered the most prestigious airline catering company in the world.  This new contract also includes Iberia’s long-haul catering.

Of course, a change in supplier is a big undertaking. If you are driving to Terminal 4 at Heathrow you will see the new Do&Co facility currently being constructed. It is huge – 172,000 square feet to be precise.

Do&Co routes British Airways

British Airways is currently switching over route by route, using Do&Co’s existing capacity.  BA does not like to publicly state which routes have the new catering since that necessarily puts off customers flying elsewhere.  We have therefore been relying on word on the street and our own in-flight experiences!

A BA employee got in touch this week with the latest position as he understood it:

Do&Co food has already been launched on routes to New York, Chicago, Tokyo (both airports), Pittsburgh, Charleston, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Moscow (both airports), Tel Aviv and Hong Kong.

From the 29th May:
Lagos and Abuja

From 1st June:

From 2nd June:
Islamabad (this is a new route starting 2nd June)

The full roll out should be completed by March 2020.

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  1. O/T BKK flight connection question. We are arriving into BKK on a Sun evening at 19.20 on a QR flight in J (2 adults and hand luggage only) and ideally would like to connect to a domestic to USM the same evening. There is a flight at 20.30 which we’d love to get – but obviously very very tight. We’ve never done this connection before – but looking online we’ve seen it can be done in ~30mins to get through immigration and over to the domestic gates. Has anyone done this and is so how long did it take? Thanks

    • A 70 minute connection following a 12 hour international flight, in an airport you’ve never been to, in a country where you don’t speak the language.

      I think you probably already know the answer – but I wouldn’t risk it unless you’re totally comfortable paying for a new flight if you miss it?

      • Agreed. The MCT at BKK is 75min IIRC, and I would definitely do it on a through ticket. However, JAD is not on a through ticket so they need to clear customs and immigration, check in , clear security again. This is doable if arriving and departing in J but personally I would still not risk it, certainly not if any of the flights are in Y. Is Samui fixed in stone? If not then I’d recommend Phuket as having more to keep the kids entertained. If you stick with Samui, I’d recommend staying at Novotell BKK for the night at about £100 or a nearby offsite hotel for a third of that price, and take your connecting flight the next morning. If you switch to Phuket I’d book a flight from DMK with Air Asia the next morning, take the free shuttle bus to DMK and get s good night’s sleep there at the Amari Don Mueng Airport Hotel for about £50. Either option removes stress and privides needed rest.

    • Memesweeper says:

      You *can* get through very fast at BKK but my last flight was 3.5 hours late arriving, so you should buy tickets for a later plane to USM as well as the flight you really want to get.

      Bangkok Airways are a terrible airline and charge rip-off prices for their short flights to Samui. Why not get the train and a ferry? First class and sleepers are options on the train.

      • marcw says:

        Some people want to pay the price to go to USM via plane. They own the airport and they run a monopoly – so they can charge whatever they want.

      • Or Air Asia and ferry combo deal from Don Mueng via Suray Thani if time is more critical. Much more fin for family too.

    • marcw says:

      TBH, I would risk it. However, I would also book a Thai Smile/Thai flight from BKK to Surat Thani as a back up the following day – should be cheap i reckon. Then you just take the fast frry to Samui. However, if your QR flight is on time, should be ok to catch the plane to Samui.

      • Thanks for all the replies. Some good advice to consider. I’m Hilton diamond – so currently looking at a 5 night redemption at Conrad Koh Samui (any views on this hotel?). As it’s the same price for 4 or 5 nights we’d prefer to get there on the first night. So I’ve thought about booking both evening tickets and refundable tickets for the following morning. If we make the evening flight we’d cancel the morning flights for a refund less admin fee. As we’re only on a short trip – I think I’m OK to take the risk of missing the evening flights. (We did the train and ferry 20 years when back-packing and staying in beach huts – but no time for doing the train on this trip.)

        • Rooster says:

          Bit of a waste of a night at the Conrad arriving that late, be better to book a cheap airport hotel IMO unless of course you are only staying 5 nights in total.

        • If you have booked Bangkok Airways to Samui then you need to be aware that despite the huge number of daily flights there are often very few seats left in a day, never mind an individual flight. Therefore a flexible ticket fall far short of a guarantee for all four of you on the same flight the next morning were you to miss the connection. I have no idea what loads are like on Thais few flights but my guess would be very high. Have to say I am not a fan of picking holidays based on hotels/resorts. Trust me, Samui is a very different place from 20 years ago, as is Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.

          • Thanks for the further input. TBH we are flexible and happy to travel onto anywhere up to a couple of hours from BKK. It’s just the two of us travelling and looking for 5 nights somewhere with a bit of luxury with an ocean view, access to a decent beach and good local food. If we can use HH points (or Marriott points) then so much the better. Maybe I should look around ome more. We are not going till next March so still have time.

  2. I flew to Tel Aviv last week and thought the food was terrible. Way worse than any of my other BA flights in recent years. Interesting that’s a Do&Co route.

  3. Ammar says:

    Ot – any data points – how long for HSBC premier points to transfer to Asia miles account? Days or weeks?

  4. Graham Walsh says:

    OT My Amex plat renewal has appeared on my statement this month. Dilemma time.

    I use the Plaza T5 lounge all the time as BA is usually full (I’m Silver). Guess I could ditch it and get annual travel insurance elsewhere for the me and the kids, car hire insurance when I need in August and just put up with BA lounges.

    Was thinking of getting g/f a supp card so we could use all use lounges in August, but cash is £140. Makes more sense to hit up Giraffe or something.

    And with the price increase, just can’t see the benefit of it. What would be great is a page Amex Plat vs self funded insurances/lounge access

    • Memesweeper says:

      I’m BA silver, but flying much less these days so ditching Plat. It’s all about your travel patterns and the value you can derive – you’ll have to do the maths on your probable future travel. If you really want to avoid the Galleries get a Dragon Pass.

  5. Has anyone used the Qatar Stopover program with kids? We are 2 adults and 2 children but it shows no room available for 2 adults and 2 kids. Wondering if I should book as two separate bookings (1 adult and 1 child each) but that will cost me x 2 as although discounted, I will need to pay for 2 rooms Has anyone booked as 2 adults and 1 child and contacted hotel to negotiate rate? A bit reluctant as it seems like a restricted program and not that many 5 stars on offer.

    • Flyoff says:

      When we used the free stopover we are offered one room for every person which we declined and took 2 rooms.

      • Thanks, very useful to know

        • The issue is it’s not free. For 3 nights I have to pay over £100 so I don’t want to pay for 2 separate rooms. The booking is only allowing 2adults and 1child. Have emailed them.

  6. Kevin Duck says:

    I am looking at using Avios + Lloyds upgrade vouchers to DXB in April next year.

    The BA site is showing the BA107 as operating with a 777.

    If I book it now, is it a fairly safe bet that it will be the A350 with Club Suites by then?


    • No. The A350 flights are, in theory, already showing.

      • Kevin Duck says:


        I’ve just checked the BA website again for the 25th April and the BA107 is showing as a 777.

        I’ll try again in a week or so and see if it changes

    • I don’t know about the plane but I’m impressed by just how much CW and F availability is there for numerous destinations next April, especially over the Easter/Spring break period. I though I had done spectacularly well to get 3 x F award seats to Miami for the Easter holidays, but maybe people are really giving up on collecting avios after all the devaluations/Amex changes?!

      • Peter K says:

        Or maybe they are saving them for something special target than several flights a year like before.
        Interesting point you make!

      • flyforfun says:

        The plane is wonderful. I don’t know how better pressurised it is than the others, but I did an all A350 trip UK to Australia via HK and back in economy and came away with very little jetlag. I got none of the tired, red, irritable eyes I get on the 747 or 777. And it seemed to me very quiet. Good service and a comfortable Y seat (apart from not enough padding when the person behind you reached into their seat back pocket) made for a very relaxing experience.

  7. OT and I’m not sure how many people make use of it, but Preferred Golf Membership (for Amex Plat cardholders) is going after 30/6. Enrol by 30/6/2019 to keep it until 30/6/2020:

    “*This benefit will no longer be available for new enrolments after 30th June 2019. All Cardmembers enrolled in this benefit by the 30th June 2019 will have access to the Preferred Golf programme until 30th June 2020, after which the membership will be cancelled.”

    • David says:

      Irrespective of the value assessment on this particular benefit (which will no doubt be valued by some, but not others) they must have some more benefits lined up to announce, otherwise the new card fee is an even harder sell

      • Unlikely, or they would have put them in the glossy brochure. People will decide whether to stay or cancel on the back of that.

  8. OT – Amex. A hotel mistakenly took payment from my SPG card for a booking made with points. I contacted Marriott and the payment was refunded (thankfully, it was £2k!), however there is now a “returned payment fee” of £12 on my Amex statement! is this normal? It was the hotel which was at fault for taking the payment in the first place.

    • Rooster says:

      Ask the hotel for the money

    • A returned payment fee is what you get when your direct debit fails, for other cards at least. Are you sure that it’s related to this transaction? Why not ask Amex why you were charged this in the first instance.

      I don’t give real card details for award bookings to avoid this situation.

      • I didn’t realise it was saved to my account 😬. I’ll be more careful next time. My DD went out as usual and there’s nothing else it could relate to.

  9. Whoop de doo, BArb has Do&Co. LOT have been using Do&Co for all their food for years. Even the short haul BOB sandwiches are Do&Co.

    It’s meaningful only when they have enough money to provide a decent product. That’s why the LHR lounge catering is poor. Pay them more and by magic it’s better. Turbot in the CCR? Absolutely, and as long as it fits in the microwave!

    • Whilst obviously true, the fact is that the Do&Co stuff being delivered so far to BA is very good, it seems.

  10. Bas advertising now features club suites yet they are a small minority of planes for years to come!!

    • Peter K says:

      Most companies advertise their best product.
      Look at car ads for example: Top spec cars shown, lowest prices quoted. Sometimes the car shown is “not available in all territories”.
      Hotel groups show their most desirable properties, though 90-95% of what is available is a far less interesting prospect.

      It’s not great, but it’s hardly just BA.

      • BA was not planning to promote Club Suite for a while. BA has over 100 long-haul aircraft and it will be on 5 by Christmas, possibly 20 by the end of 2020.

  11. OT, rejected for virgins free card, should I wait a couple of months before reapplying or is there anything else I should do?

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