Groupon is selling Avios from a mileage broker!

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For the first time, Groupon UK is selling Avios points.  We have seen this on Groupon Spain and Groupon Ireland before, but not here.

Full details of the offer are here.

The prices are:

  • 10,000 Avios for £129
  • 20,000 Avios for £249
  • 30,000 Avios for £359
  • 40,000 Avios for £479
  • 50,000 Avios for £569

In all cases, these prices are lower than you will pay via the current ‘buy Avios’ deal we covered the other day.

Groupon airport lounge deal

So far, so good.  Except ….. the Avios are NOT being sold by British Airways.  They are being sold by a US group called  If you visit their website, it is quite clear that they are basically a mileage broker, someone who finds ways of trading miles against the rules of the programmes.  The T&C’s say:

“We, at, are in no way affiliated with any of the respective, selected airlines.”

This looks very dubious to me and I am pretty sure that British Airways knows nothing about it.  For a start, Groupon calls them ‘Avios miles’ – BA / Avios Group is very specific that they must be called just ‘Avios’ (not ‘Avios points’ and certainly not ‘Avios miles’) at all times, in all communications.

Now …. you may well get your points if you buy.  If you use a credit card, you are protected by Section 75 chargeback coverage and indeed Groupon’s own guarantee.  I would be wary, however.

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  1. OT – noticed that FT now offering 10K avios for subscription ( poor value however )

  2. Well, our F seats to GCM certainly came with a dose of karma!
    MAN-LHR cancelled, resulting in a £300 taxi dash to LHR.
    When trying to check bag in the computer would only accept them as far as NAS, so a manager had to be called to find out how to override the system and get them tagged to GCM.
    Got to the gate as boarding started. Then waited an extra hour to take off due to congestion.
    All well for the next 9 hours. The captain spent most of the flight socialising in the F cabin as he was taking his family on holiday so he made a point of chatting with everyone and handing out snacks from the Club Kitchen!
    On touching down at NAS the jinx struck again. While we were waiting to take off again there was a thunder storm and a private Challenge 60 aircraft crash landed nose down on the run way (thankfully no casualties). So it was another 2 hours while they moved the aircraft and inspected the runway.
    Crew brought many boxes of Dunkin Donuts on board as those were the only snacks available! My son was ecstatic and declared it the best flight ever 😂.
    Barring mishaps, this was a great way to get some of the F experience for the price or avios of CW (or in my case, WTP avios plus Lloyd’s upgrade voucher!)
    Planning to do every little for the next 3 weeks now 🏖. Thanks to HFP readers for facilitating our 2 F flights in less than 3 months!

    • Spurs Debs says:

      You are all there in one piece time to enjoy yourselves. Just goes to show even someone as organised as yourself you just can’t plan or anticipate for everything!
      Now get a cocktail and have a fab time.

      • 👍🍹 – though maybe a bit later as it’s a jet-lagged 5 am here!

        • Breakfast cocktail?

          • I would normally, but got to go & collect a hire car shortly 😂.

            But seriously it might even be worth Rob or Rhys writing about the sweet spot (and Rob could send Rhys to the Bahamas or Cayman Islands to check it out 😂). AFAIR the F seats were bookable a long time out, I just don’t think pax realised that’s what they were. So if you had status or were willing to pay you could get an F Seat on that route for the price or avios of J. I’ve seen J seats at £1800 return in low season (May to October generally), though it increases a lot after that. I’ve never had a problem bagging the 2 CW award seats at midnight, though, it seems that other travellers on that route leave it a bit before looking for avios seats.

          • Now that you’ve got the hire car, surely it’s cocktail o’clock now!
            Have a fab time Anna!

        • I’m rather partial to a breakfast Bloody Mary in the lounge or onboard 😉

    • Lady London says:

      Don’t worry Anna the pilots strike might be along for your return! 😉

  3. Surely the thing to do is just ask whoever you want to deposit the purchased miles with if it’s ok with them?

    • Have asked via twitter if ok and got this response: ‘Once they’re available to purchase, this is fine to do through Groupon.’


  4. OT, and as a follow-up to my request for info on lounges at LAX. @Nick and @Lyn were kind enough to respond with useful info, but the nugget that there was a shuttle bus operated airside by Delta (thanks @paulm!) transformed our waiting time at LAX.

    I thought that I’d post some more detailed instructions to help anyone else out, especially as the Virgin staff member I asked at check-in didn’t know anything about the transfer bus, but she did helpfully find out where the transfers went from for me.

    Background: was flying VS (from T2) in Y, without any status. Have 2 x PP from Amex Plat, but the PP app was showing that the only lounges I could use were either in T6 or in the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) which at first glance didn’t appear convenient to use.

    With the shuttle bus it’s actually really easy to get to TBIT to use the Korean Airlines Lounge (KAL). Immediately past T2 security turn right towards Gate 21, and within 30 seconds there is a manned door for transfers. You need to be in line for ”Terminal B” for TBIT. The journey itself was really interesting and I would imagine an AV geek would love it – driving parallel to the runway as planes were taking off and landing.

    Once you get to Terminal B, turn right up the ramp and follow the signs to the lounges. After a short while (c5-7 mins) you reach the Duty Free Shops in the far left corner. Go past these (shops on your right), and there’s a bank of elevators immediately on the right. Take them to the 5th floor (you’re already on the 4th, so just one level up). Exit the lift and the KAL lounge is immediately on your left. Overall it only took c20 mins from security in T2, although we only had to wait c3 mins for the transfer bus. I’m not sure if this is typical for the frequency of the shuttles (although we had the same wait time for the return) so you may want to factor in a bit longer.

    For the return, the shuttle leaves from the same place (by gate 146), and stopped at T3 before T2, although this added negligible time.

    Adverts on the shuttle state that they are currently building a bridge (the Delta Skyway) to connect T2, T3 and Terminal B, but it didn’t state when it was due to open.

    Hope this helps, and happy to answer any queries anyone may have on the transfers or on the KAL lounge.

    • So glad that @paulm was able to give you the really essential practical information about the existence of the Delta shuttle and that it worked out well. And now someone else will be able to follow your directions for the shuttle and lounge as well.

      The great thing about HfP is that someone, whether Rob and team or a commenter, always seems to have the personal experience and travel knowledge that you need, and is also willing to share it.

    • I did this on a trip out of LAX a month or so ago. It is a quick journey and that time I got the whole bus to myself as there was little traffic.

      I highly recommend the KAL shower rooms too. Nice and clean, toilet sink and shower, good towels and a great freshen up before a long flight. Ask at reception and trade your boarding pass for a key.

  5. OT – USD Currency Account

    I run a small business and have incoming USD currency account.
    My bank when trying to move currency from USD to GBP charges fees plus exchange mark-up.

    Is there any way to avoid such fees and use a near interbank rate?

  6. Really random off-topic but does anyone know how far in advance JAL tend to release domestic tickets? I wanted to fly CTS – TYO next Feb but there are not even any cash tickets available.

    • I think it is two months in advance for redemptions. I want tickets for December and they are not available yet.

      • Hi both, I just booked LHR to TYO to CTS redemption for Feb 2020 and when speaking to BA on the phone they were able book me that domestic redemption straight away.

    • It’s a bit weird. Sometimes they show only 2 months out online. Sometimes they show beyond that (up to a year out) but are not bookable beyond 2 months. Sometimes they are bookable online up to a year out! And sometimes the phone agents can see/book a different combination of the above.

      The last couple of months (since just before the devaluation) they have not been visible online more than 2 months out but you might be able to book them by phone.

      It shouldn’t be a problem booking them 1-2 months (or even just days) in advance, availability is usually excellent.

      • Thanks wz and Gavin.

        I’m going to wait for them to show to show up on line as I have enough orphaned AA miles to cover the tickets I need. 15000 AA instead of 12000 Avios (HND to KIX) but I can finally use most of my AA miles and not worry about keeping them active.

  7. Rob
    It’s still diverting me to a free iPhone.

    • When did you first use it today? The javascript is cached in your phone and can’t be cleared manually, I think.

      There is literally nothing we can do about it. I went through this with our IT guy when it happened a couple of months ago. The problem is Google partners (Google serves ads from partners when it has no relevant inventory itself) who are not as diligent as Google in checking the ad code put into their networks. We don’t even ‘see’ the code – Google Adsense sends it directly to you.

      • Seems like a strong case for switching ad providers…

        • You seriously think Google would let any competing ad networks survive? Adsense is dominant. Niche ad networks are even riskier and generally only used by those banned from Google.

          Google sells ad space by auction. In an auction, monopolies benefit sellers and buyers. You might think eBay is too dominant but you’d be a mug not to use it if selling something.

      • Hi Rob
        Since this morning.sending this from another iPhone which is fine

    • Had this 4 times on this post!!

      • Clear your phone cache (‘clear history and website data’ on Safari) or wait for the JavaScript cache to expire.

    • Frenzie says:

      For me it was a free supermarket voucher.
      Rob, I prefer the free iPhone! What can I do?

      • I just got the iphone ad (pop up) too.
        Only on this website… I genuinely don’t know the reasons why it could be, but feedback is a gift and all that 😀

      • Bonglim says:

        Happened to me too. I am not sure it was the website, but rather something I did.

        The solution is for an iPhone:
        ‘clear history and website data’ (settings–> safari–> clear history and website data)

        Then, remove head for points from the favourites (if you have it saved as a favourite)
        Then make sure browser is closed fully and reopen, turn whole iPhone off if you like.

        Problem solved. Most people do the clear history thing – but get caught out if you have a website as a favourite.

  8. OT Bits… So On T?

    Just passed through Barcelona Prat airport T1 security which is dealing with an employee strike over an extra euro per hour. Government wants 90% minimum service. Didn’t feel much different from usual summer traffic. A few more lanes created prior to the boarding card machines to cope with expected numbers. No delays.

    OTOH you can’t buy Fast Track security access online at the moment which usually you can via the Aena website (“Service temporarily unavailable”). Perhaps related.

    Sala Miro lounge is still closed for refurbishment. The temporary lounge space is dull but fine. Was busy an hour ago, quiet now, but they weren’t turning anyone away.

  9. C F Frost says:

    O/T. The Amex platinum luggage tags that they used to provide. Never used them. Was having a clear-out. Was going to consign to dustbin. But then thought: eBay. How much did they sell for?


    Good beer money for an HfP party.

    • Yeah, I think I sold mine for £25. Who buys this crap?

      • ankomonkey says:

        I’ve seen airline sick bags for sale for as much as £7 on ebay! It beggars belief…

        • Lady London says:

          They are exceptionally good to be sick into, though.
          Really solid, nothing leaks.
          Easy to close whilst remaining hygienic to dispose.

          considering the inflated prices the NHS is paying to vendors for some things, I can well imagine that perhaps someone looking after someone needing a lot of these to hand, might juuuust about find £7 ok. Depending on the country, of course.

    • That’s crazy. I’ve got loads of them in a drawer unused…!

    • Andrew M says:

      I sold an ANA First Class amenity kit on eBay last month for £65 which is pretty insane for what it is. The pyjamas are still listed, no takers yet.

    • TokyoFan says:

      Your name gave me a laugh 😂

    • D’oh – have several scattered around… threw one away yesterday, will have a look for the others now though!

  10. OT I have Marriott travel package expiring in next 3/4 days.
    Customer service is refusing to extend validity.
    What is my best course to extend the lif of certificate?

  11. Not a buyer of points at over 1p.

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