EXCEPTIONAL British Airways Club World and First Class flight deals if you can fly very soon!

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I don’t want to suggest that the threat of the British Airways pilots strike has left forward bookings in premium cabins looking a little thin, but British Airways has launched an exceptionally good sale in Club World and First Class.

When BA runs a great sale, it is usually for travel many, many months in advance.

Not this one.

If you have a long-haul Avios redemption booked before the end of September, you should do the maths and decide whether to cancel and replace it with a cash flight.

British Airways £2019 business class sale

You must book by 19th August and travel between 19th August and 30th September.  This means, if you are able to squeeze in a last-minute getaway – and you are confident that the pilots strike will be settled – you can get a great deal.

You need to travel with a companion to get these deals.  There is nothing here for the solo traveller I’m afraid.

The following routes are £2019 for two people in Club World:

  • New York
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • New Orleans
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi

If you can dig a little deeper, we have:

  • £2399 for two – Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto
  • £2998 for two – Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok
  • £2999 for two – Mumbai, Chennai, Lagos, Abuja
  • £2305 for two – Antigua
  • £2332 for two – Barbados
  • £2399 for two – Toronto
  • £2998 for two – Bangkok, Beijing
  • £3019 for two – Accra
  • £3998 for two – Tokyo

There are also some Club Europe deals if you look at the sale page of ba.com, although nothing to get too excited about.

British Airways £2019 business class sale

For an even better deal, take a look at the BA Holidays website here.

Deals include:

  • Dubai: Club World flights plus three nights at a 4* hotel from £1069 per person
  • New York: Club World flights plus three nights at a 4* hotel from £1199 per person
  • Las Vegas: Club World flights plus three nights at a 4* hotel from £1149 per person
  • Dominican Republic: Club World flights plus seven nights all-inclusive at a 4* hotel from just £1359 per person

And in First Class …..

BA has highlighted the following – I’m not sure what other routes may be available but it is worth checking all the routes with Club World deals listed above:

  • £3019 for two – New York
  • £3019 for two – Miami

How should you pay?

When it comes to paying, remember that you earn double Avios (3 per £1) on ba.com transactions charged to the British Airways Premium Plus American Express card.

Alternatively, you get double points (2 per £1) on all airline transactions charged to the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold card.

How to book

There is a special page on ba.com dedicated to this sale which you should check out here.   Don’t forget to compare prices with the BA Holidays offers here.

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  1. Andrew porwol says:

    Booked Vegas for £1954 for 2 for this Saturday and cancelled a reward flight 😊 bargain

    • Lady London says:

      Sounds like you would have paid close to the dame total cash and kept all those Avios you would have paid for thé award booking, by switching to a cash ticket, @Andrew?

  2. OT – on my BA Amex today Spend £30 or more, get 1000 Extra Avios

    Save to Card to get an extra 1000 Avios on eligible spend of £30+ in-store and online at participating Supermarkets

  3. David Meyer says:

    I’m trying to book EDI-LAS in CW but offer prices do not seem to be available from regional airports. I have reserved seats LGW-LAS at offer prices. T&Cs of the offer state that ‘Regional connections to London are available’. Does anyone know the best way to book the connections and if will I be able add them to the same booking reference?

    • Hopefully just dreadful BA IT at work, pretty appalling if limited to London-only. I’d give them a call to see if they can price it up manually over the phone for you.

      • EDI-LHR-XXX priced up OK.

        Gatwick can be funny for sale fares with a regional connection. I’d phone BA and see what’s what.

    • Check from Glasgow too (if you don’t mind suffering the indignity).

      The difference in pricing of flights (or rail journeys) can be quite startling sometimes.

    • Lady London says:

      Phone them. Suggest if it can work for you, you ask about departing from INV (you may not have to return there).

      In theory as APD is not charged by the government from INV it should take nearly £200 off your fare. This does not always happen with British Airways offers though.

      • David M says:

        Thanks to everyone for the helpful answers. I tried phoning BA but it was taking so long that I had to hang up. I’ll need to try again tonight when I’m finished work.

  4. OT – I have 2 sheep. Should I slaughter them now or try and lock in their value post brexit?

    I’ve searched everywhere – so thanks for suggestions

    • They will be worth more after Brexit when we are cut of from the world, but beware rustlers when law and order breaks down and only accept gold.

    • If you slaughter & butcher them yourself, you can only feed your own family with them. Unfortunately you can’t sell on the meat.

      It’s a real shame. It doesn’t seem that long ago that you could point out the animal that you wanted and your local farmer would sort it out for you. Perhaps, post Brexit, we can return to those days be a bit more eco-friendly through local slaughter and slash food miles.

      • It’s not usually European rules that prevent such things, but UK ones.

        Lamb prices are pretty much Euro dictated these days, because the main customer base is France and Spain. Post Brexit, I would expect there to be a price crash for prime, but perhaps long keep store lambs will hold up a bit better.

        If they’re ready, send them to the abattoir now.

    • Mr_OT – Depends can ewe use a BAA 241 first?

    • Lady London says:

      If you slaughter thé sheep now you cristallise thé value and can pût thé money you Get to them into something else.

      The pound will coome up again against both the euro and the dollar, but will be (further) down for a time after Brexit. By the time the pound comes back again to a décent value, the sheep could be dead by then.

      The only exception would be if your sheep have a golden fleece in which case i’d suggest you keep harvesting it and keep the sheep as gold will eventuzlly outweigh what you could earn by crystallising the sheep now.

      Sheep are not a rare commodity so transporting them to a market where you can sell them for Euros after thé pound falls further, this getting yourself more pounds, is not going to work out after costs.

      • Very true Lady London however slaughtering two sheep at once would seriously curtail to storage capacity, raising discontent from other live stock who were previously slaughtered and already in the freezer. This will undoubtedly cause unrest with other livestock who were told many years ago they would have a share of the spare space as soon as the freezer is able. Live stock would then go to ACAS (Animals Culled and not Sauteed) and threaten to withdraw from being defrosted on numerous days in August.

    • the_real_a says:

      If you are Welsh i understand other uses are common… 🙂

  5. Optimus Prime says:

    Those of you thinking of going to LAS, remember that if you go indirect through JFK you’ll get 560 TP’s.

    • I think it’s only the directs that are on offer?

      • Optimus Prime says:

        Well that’s a bummer 🙂

        • I always avoid the indirects as I like to get to my destination quicker I never realised the point potential. Does this work with all indirect flights? How do you calculate how many points you will receive?

          • Optimus Prime says:

            AFAIK it works with indirect flights to US as long as the domestic leg is operated by AA. People with better knowledge should correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that AA flights with a BA codeshare will count as eligible for the four sectors you’re required to fly in order to reach Silver.

            You can find out how many points you’ll get here – https://www.britishairways.com/travel/flight-calculator/public/en_gb

            It’s a shame indirect flights are not on sale this time. They were during the centenary sale. And upgrading LHR-JFK to F cost just £200 instead of £240. That would have given you 630 TP’s and Silver status on the back of that trip.

          • The number of tier points you get is based on the number of miles you fly. So for example, JFK -> DFW is under 2000 miles so only earns you 40 tier points, but JFK -> PHX is over 2000 so you get 140 tier points. There are maps on flyertalk that show you the possible internal routes on AA so you can ‘optimise’ your tier point earning.

        • Thanks for the info.
          I need 130 points by end of Jan to take me to Gold so am trying to find the best economical way! Bearing in mind that includes a big holiday already booked so I only have 4-5 days to play with.

          • Optimus Prime says:

            Keep an eye out for a Club Europe sale and check the 160 TP return flights such as Canary Islands, Catania, Helsinki, etc.

          • If you just need 130TP, just do a few runs to Edinburgh. Business is 40TP each way and you can pick up Business fares from £99ish each way.

          • Or one of the 160 TP routes – Athens, Malta or (cheapest) Catania.

  6. I hope there’s still going to be a ‘proper’ sale on soon? So far recently we’ve had that awful centenary sale and then this one which is very limited.

    • Spurs Debs says:

      Very limited if only one of you.

      • Lady London says:

        Is it even legal to only offer to sell 2 tickets at a time in the offer? Surely they should be obliged to sell one ticket at half the combined price? This discriminates against non married people.

        • Are all non-married people single travellers?

          • No obviously a huge number of non married people are still part of a couple but the offer doesn’t discriminate them.

            It only discriminates against single people who are not part of a couple and like to travel on their own. Of course BA stupidly thinks that all single travellers in Club or First Class are “business people” and so that is why they must be charged far more per single flight booked and flown……………………….

          • TGLoyalty says:

            not ll couple travellers are actually couples (in that sense either)

            Siblings, Family, Friends, colleagues etc

        • Richmond says:

          You mean: discriminate against solo travellers? Which I agree and find all these promotions for 2 quite annoying. But if airlines don’t want my custom, I will just save money and spend it somewhere where it’s wanted.

  7. So I have 4 Business/First combo tickets booked for Dubai in Sep Costing 236K Avios & circa 2000GBP (Using BA 2-4-1 voucher)

    I did the maths and I will be getting 700GBP worth of Avios if I cancel and book with this offer, although I will lose the use of the 2-4-1 vouchers which will expire as well as the flexibility redemption bookings offer (i don’t mind).

    I wonder though, if I book this offer and BALPA announced a strike, will BA issue full refund?

    • Lady London says:

      Yes and previous practice has been reported as you would get the avios and tier points as well.

  8. If anyone finds a TP-heavy possibility (e.g. an indirect flight to the US) with a week away and wants to team up, please do post. I’m a solo traveller needing points and would very happily join up to partake!

  9. I had a work trip booked to JFK in September in CW. BA metal all the way through but ticketed via AA. I phoned them this morning to see how much it would cost to upgrade both legs (LHR – JFK – LHR) to F; answer £332. Yes please!

    • Were you booked in J class originally?

      • Lady London says:

        Would have to be as BA will only allow one class upgrade with Avios.

        • @ Lewis, the original booking appears to have been in I class but, fortunately, ticketed by AA and not BA. The ticket is semi-flexible but AA waived the change fee. Had it been a BA ticket I may or may not have been as fortunate as the ticket would have likely to have been less flexible but I’m a BA GGL member so they may have helped me.

          @ Lady London, the reference to Avios is not relevant here as it was a cash booking in CW upgraded using cash to F. I wanted to highlight that if anyone had travel already booked during the sale dates that it potentially would be worth a call to see if a cheap cash upgrade was possible.

          • Lady London says:

            Thé fact that it may be possible to pay a reasonable amount of cash from J to F ahead of trying to do it at the airport is very good to know @Mike P. Although are right we May find out tour GGL status could turn out to be why :-). But a very useful data point. Thank you.

  10. So I take it this offer is no use for single people wanting to travel on their own?

    Can anyone explain what it is exactly that BA and some other airlines have against single people travelling on their own?

    • Why do they have to? if you don’t like it why not fly with someone else? They are a company, designed to maximise profit, not a charity. Numerous companies do things that irritate me, rather than complain about it i take my money elsewhere. Only when they are hit in the profits will they be bothered

    • Same reason why one ways are often so spectacularly expensive compared to round-trips that include weekends – because they need to not cannibalize the revenue from significantly less price-sensitive business travelers.

    • It’s swings and roundabouts, innit.

      Next time you’re able to book a reward flight with a single F or J seat available, count your blessings.

    • Lady London says:

      I still think it May be illegal as married couples are far more likely to be able to take davantage if it due the fact that they are of married status as most couples more readily have a travel companion than most single people. Si thé offert disadvantages one marital status.

      If my supermarket is offering 4 identical bottles of orange squash for £1 then i believe there is legislation that allows me to insist on buying one of those bottles on its own for 25p.

  11. anybody know why the links in the articles don’t appear in Chrome?

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