EXCEPTIONAL British Airways Club World and First Class flight deals if you can fly very soon!

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I don’t want to suggest that the threat of the British Airways pilots strike has left forward bookings in premium cabins looking a little thin, but British Airways has launched an exceptionally good sale in Club World and First Class.

When BA runs a great sale, it is usually for travel many, many months in advance.

Not this one.

If you have a long-haul Avios redemption booked before the end of September, you should do the maths and decide whether to cancel and replace it with a cash flight.

British Airways £2019 business class sale

You must book by 19th August and travel between 19th August and 30th September.  This means, if you are able to squeeze in a last-minute getaway – and you are confident that the pilots strike will be settled – you can get a great deal.

You need to travel with a companion to get these deals.  There is nothing here for the solo traveller I’m afraid.

The following routes are £2019 for two people in Club World:

  • New York
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • New Orleans
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi

If you can dig a little deeper, we have:

  • £2399 for two – Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto
  • £2998 for two – Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok
  • £2999 for two – Mumbai, Chennai, Lagos, Abuja
  • £2305 for two – Antigua
  • £2332 for two – Barbados
  • £2399 for two – Toronto
  • £2998 for two – Bangkok, Beijing
  • £3019 for two – Accra
  • £3998 for two – Tokyo

There are also some Club Europe deals if you look at the sale page of ba.com, although nothing to get too excited about.

British Airways £2019 business class sale

For an even better deal, take a look at the BA Holidays website here.

Deals include:

  • Dubai: Club World flights plus three nights at a 4* hotel from £1069 per person
  • New York: Club World flights plus three nights at a 4* hotel from £1199 per person
  • Las Vegas: Club World flights plus three nights at a 4* hotel from £1149 per person
  • Dominican Republic: Club World flights plus seven nights all-inclusive at a 4* hotel from just £1359 per person

And in First Class …..

BA has highlighted the following – I’m not sure what other routes may be available but it is worth checking all the routes with Club World deals listed above:

  • £3019 for two – New York
  • £3019 for two – Miami

How should you pay?

When it comes to paying, remember that you earn double Avios (3 per £1) on ba.com transactions charged to the British Airways Premium Plus American Express card.

Alternatively, you get double points (2 per £1) on all airline transactions charged to the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold card.

How to book

There is a special page on ba.com dedicated to this sale which you should check out here.   Don’t forget to compare prices with the BA Holidays offers here.

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  1. Had J/f companion voucher tickets to DXB end Sept. Cancelled, rebooked and got Club suites on way out where there was no AVIOS availability and F back. Used some Avios to offset cost and to upgrade Rtn to F for total 68,000AV plus £1750 for two plus got my companion voucher back – all for £650 more than if using the Companion voucher! Total bargain. People do do the Math plus then get over 25,000AV for the flights when taken! Result.

    • Nice work. It’s a no brainer if you have the cash. Especially to USA where the “charges” are 65% of the ticket cost!

  2. Early/late OT as no bits – our domestic connection on Saturday was cancelled. My OH was on a cash booking. As BA paid for us to get a taxi to LHR we’re not expecting a refund, however he has only received Avios or tier points for the long haul sector, which seems mean as it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t fly the domestic leg. If our return flights go to plan, he should still get 140 + 140 + 40 tier points which should get him to Bronze, but we’d be very annoyed if he missed out on this through no fault of his own. I thought I had read on here that tier points were still awarded for cancelled flights.

    • Roberto says:

      You can apply online in the complaints area for Original Routing Credit and should get back your missing avios and teir points.

      I did exactly this for a flight cancel/divert on the 25th of July. I filled in the form on the 30th and got them credited about the 9th of August.

      Google “Flyertalk original routing credit” for their guide.

  3. Made the mistake of booking to PHL and adding a car in the booking process. Paid £100 more than if I had booked the flights only and then added the car on a separate booking. Usually its cheaper to do th former but not with this great offer. Beware

  4. O/T we will have a long layover in atlanta later this month. Travelling delta economy from MCO then connecting with ba flight to heathrow (pilots permitting) Is there a delta arrivals lounge as ba check in desk wont be open so cant get airside straight away. OH has platinum amex card and i am supplementary. Our daughter is also travelling so it would be for 3. Thanks

  5. NigelthePensioner says:

    ……good luck with a HKG trip!!!

  6. Rob, BA related. Seen T.P.G article on BA reducing CIS/YQ fees (surcharges) for US-UK?

    I’m wondering if it’s for just O/W and if it’s only for future bookings ie, could it be argued that existing bookings made before the change (and not yet flown) should get a reduction?

    Would be interested on your take on it.

  7. Some great prices, shame I’m at the T5 Thistle awaiting our holiday to the Med or I’d be keen on a few of those options. Can’t complain too much as this holiday was booked using the iberia points deal, had a nightmare with them over the phone for months due to them not rerouting us when original flights were cancelled but fingers crossed all good now.

    • Lady London says:

      I had same $hit with Iberia when a flight was cancelled and the only déroute they would provide was unsuitablé. Got forced to refund the ticket despite one agent having helped me to find a reroute for which there were even full Avios seats available. This was the 90K IB about 3 dans before thé final date for using them.

      What happened in your case with IB?

      • Thankfully managed to get return rerouted via MAD to LHR instead of direct to LGW. Avoided a late arrival and extra time off work. Took many calls but eventually I spoke with someone with excellent English who understood and was able to rebook as I wanted without cancelling original booking.

  8. TGLoyalty says:

    Saw this yesterday 4x Club to NYC not much more than we would’ve paid for Eco there and PE back.

    Lots of availability yesterday

  9. Just my luck.
    Saw this via BA email yesterday.
    We have Boston F /J on a 2:4:1 in Sept. Was going to cancel and rebook for this offer….. But Boston not included 🙁

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      Fly to NYC then connect or get the train?

    • Have you priced it up? Nashville isn’t on the list but I’m seeing £2019 returns there in the sale period.

      • Unfortunately it doesn’t come up when putting Boston in.

        I have checked out NY – ok for 7 nights, but we are doing 14 (as we are also visiting Newport & Cape Cod). When you stick in 14 nights it jumps to nearly £3k.

        It then becomes marginal for the additional cost and the additional travel.

        Never know, they may release Boston over the coming days.

  10. I cant seem to get the cheap BA Holiday prices, Just seem to price up as normal

  11. Again us single travellers ignored.

    Before anyone goes on about “it’s to stop business travellers snapping them up” there are ways to prevent that – having to have both a Friday and Saturday stay or minimum 4 or 5 night stay stay for example. Most leisure travellers can manage that but not so many business travellers.

    But without knowing there was a sale on last night I was pricing up NYC for September seeing if there were any last deals and getting £1,499 which is OK but only OK I guess when I should be able to be offered £1,020. F was pricing up at £250 extra per sector.

    • You have no single friends?

      • Not the point. A solo traveller could also be part of a couple but whose annual leave entitlement / availability isn’t the same as their partners.

        Last ticket at X price – is a day to day reflection of fare buckets – is not the same as this offer. And yes some business will allow you to do that but not all and many business travellers would rather get back home to their families. Of course their partner could fly out for part of the trip but they’d have to pay the higher solo traveller price !

        • We actually do this in October. Kids get two weeks off school, my wife is holiday-constrained but I can work from anywhere as long as I arrange my meetings smartly. I fly off with the kids and she joins us a few days later.

    • If I’m travelling on Business, I always check to see what the options are if I spend an extra few nights myself. I’ve had employers who actively encouraged their staff to spend an extra few weekend nights in a City if it cuts the cost of the overall trip charged to the business.

      It’s hardly “single travellers ignored”. There’s been more than a few occasions when I’ve found that there’s only one seat left at “x” price when travelling as a couple.

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