Hyatt gains two Manchester Oxford Road hotels from IHG on 10th January

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As we reported back in September, Hyatt is opening two hotels in Manchester next year.

These are NOT new hotels.  They are rebrandings of the brand new Crowne Plaza Manchester Oxford Road and the brand new Staybridge Suites.

The Crowne Plaza Manchester Oxford Road, which we reviewed here, will become a 212-room Hyatt Regency hotel.  Staybridge Suites Manchester Oxford Road, which we reviewed here, will become a 116-room Hyatt House extended stay property.

Crowne Plaza Manchester to become a Hyatt Regency

The hotels are located in the University Quarter, a 10-minute walk from the city centre and close to Manchester Oxford Road station.  Hyatt’s presence outside London is currently woeful, if you exclude the ‘Small Luxury Hotels’ affiliates, with their only hotel being the Hyatt Regency in Birmingham.   This is a welcome expansion.

Both hotels are now showing on for bookings from Friday 10th January.  This is a surprisingly quick turnaround – just four months from the announcement – which implies that relations between the owners and IHG have broken down badly or that both parties have agreed that Manchester simply has too many upper scale IHG hotels these days.

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  1. OT — a little Curve/HMRC advice please. For the first time this year I had to fill in a tax return rather than having everything taken care of by PAYE, so I have a low-five-figure tax bill to pay by the end of January. From everything I’d read previously I’d assumed I’d be able to put this through Curve (linked to my Virgin Mastercard) without a fuss. I have two (connected) problems: 1. My Curve daily limit isn’t large enough for me to pay this bill in one go. 2. From everything I’ve read it seems like you can’t make multiple payments to HMRC from the same card toward the same tax payment. I feel like I’m missing something here but I’m not sure exactly what. How have other people managed to use Curve with HMRC successfully?

    • Qwertyknowsbest says:

      To answer your 2nd question first, you can make multiple HMRC payments (I do frequently) for the same liability.

      As for Curve limit, you can get Curve to increase limits as they see you use the card frequently. They may require additional information from you, credit card statements etc.

    • The consensus is the second isnt so much a rule as a wish and you can make all the payments you like. I would make the fewest possible, but you certainly can make more than one

      • You can’t make multiple tax payments on DIFFERENT cards.

        (Although I have, with no ill effect. The issue is all around refunds and where they go, I think – although my refunds go by BACS!)

        • Source?

          The only official request I can see is “If you’re unable to pay your Self Assessment tax bill in full by card, you should use another payment method like a bank transfer.”

          Nothing about paying it in one payment, or using one card, or even that you have to switch to bank transfer for the whole amount rather than just for the remainder.

          • There was definitely a stated rule along these lines, but it was badly written and implied you couldn’t make multiple payments when they actually meant you can’t use multiple cards.

    • Can’t see any official restriction on this. And it works fine. Pay the Curve limit (or just below) each day.

      The only request I can see is that HM ask you not to use card if you can’t pay the whole thing by card. Nothing about same card, or one payment only. Though I’m open to being corrected.

      You could ask Curve to increase limits but depending on the support rep you get it can take a long time for a reply, they don’t like to do it if you’re only making HMRC payments, and they don’t like to do it until you’re close to your limit.

    • 1nfrequent says:

      You can make multiple payments to HMRC from the same card – I used my CUrve to pay my bill a couple of weeks ago and divided it into 2 payments without any issue.


    • Thanks everyone.

  2. Shoestring says:

    Why haven’t I received my Avios (British Airways points)?
    We have become aware of an issue whereby the payouts dated the 15th and 19th November were not sent by Avios as we expected. We are working on resending these so the points should be showing on your British Airways accounts as soon as possible.

  3. I would’t mind giving the marathon a go, it’s already at 22,000 points though, which is more points than I have. Nice package but not sure I’d want to fully indulge in the breakfast and dinner before the race.

  4. I stayed in the CP Oxford Road last week, sharing it with the Tottenham Hotspur team in town to play Manchester United.

    It’s 10 minutes from Oxford Road at a brisk pace, so allow 20 minutes to walk to Piccadilly or the actual city centre. You have to walk past the Principal and a HIX to get there, and the new-ish Holiday Inn City Centre is in a good location near Piccadilly too.

    The hotel is fine, though the air conditioning is particularly noisy for a new hotel. The Staybridge part seems to be the top colour of the exterior with CP below.

    There’s no reason to choose this hotel over the city centre ones unless you need Hyatt points or need to be at the University or a gig at the Academy, as you literally have to walk past some good hotels to get there.

    That said there’s a great BrewDog Outpost bar round the corner, so there is a highlight!

    • I was at the Staybridge last weekend. Very nice rooms / apartments. Good breakfast offering. Mon – Wed there is lounge food and drink in the evenings. Same IHG points as the CP. Was very impressed!

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      Watched this being built stage by stage as was visiting Manchester Uni regularly at the time. Yes, wouldn’t stay here unless the price was exceptional or was visitng university as the location is really designed for that. Melia, Radisson, IHG, and even Premier Inn have good options for city centre visits. They were obviously aware of their existing portfolio during construction so the quick rebranding does point to something unexpected for IHG. Maybe the anticipated university-related business hasn’t materialised?

  5. JamesLHR says:

    OT – Etihad Guest miles expiration. Despite all the media fanfare about the miles now not expiring, my brother got the below message from them after enquiring about some miles due to expire. Seems quite poor to have released to the media the information without even having a date confirmed for the implementation:

    Please be advised that Guest Miles expiration changes will be valid for the mileage you earn after its officially implemented.

    Kindly note your miles will expire as per original Terms and conditions under which you have earned them. You’ll find them in “Section 5 Earning Etihad Guest Miles.”

    So the validity of your Guest Miles is fixed as per your Etihad Guest Tier status detailed below:

    – 2 years from the date they are earned for Bronze members
    – 2.5 years from the date they are earned for Silver members
    – 3 years from the date they are earned for Gold and Platinum members

    When the new policy is implemented you will be timely notified, currently we only have the information it should start sometime in first quarter of 2020.

    • Neil Donoghue says:

      Same rule applies to Cathay Pacific! Any points earned before the 1st of January 2020 will still expire unless you pay $40 – Perhaps give them a call and see if you can pay a one off fee.

  6. O/T BA Amex Offers – if you use an offer that results in a statement credit refund do you forfeit the Avios for that transaction? On my transactions I have Morrison’s, Red Letter Days and John Lewis showing ‘0 Avios’ when all were for over £50

    • You get the avios and the statement credit. They are supposed to claw back the avios on the credited amount but in my experience don’t always.

    • The 0 points is related to the adjustment for statement credit, just says that particular txn had no avios awarded/refunded. Should be an earlier credit of avios for the initial purchase. Can be hard to track if you have lots of txns.

  7. I predict even the “cheaper” marathon package will hit 150k points and there won’t be much between the winning bids.

    • Indeed, value here is the marathon itself and not the hotel stay/package!

      • Yeah they had three packages on last year around this time for this year’s marathon with a one night stay at holiday Inn Camden lock and all of them went for over 250,000 points so I expect these will jump a lot towards the end of the month also.

        • Good to know what they went for last year Steve, thanks, the odds of getting in via the ballot are so slim these days not surprised they went for a lot.

          • Yeah I was trying to get one last year but was too rich for my IHG points balance.
            Unfortunately looks like it will be to steep for me again this year as I redeemed a few hundred thousand points for accommodation in Berlin during the Berlin marathon back in September 😡

          • I was at Berlin as well but used Accor points, got in again for next year as well although having to pay cash my points supply is running low.

  8. joe bloggs says:

    IHG is effectively selling access to the London Marathon ? Sounds like a major PR screw-up.

    Are they a sponsor ? Can anyone that gets one allocated by ballot, auction the place off, sounds like a money earner.

    Even if IHG are in a unique position, I would have thought the right thing to do was to market the auction as all equivalent funds go to a charity, given that there are many many people who would like to run it for a charity, who can’t get an entrance.

    • Wouldn’t it have been easier just to look to see if IHG are sponsors first rather than launch into a hate ridden diatribe?

      It only took me a second to find that they are.

      Indeed, they have a dedicated booking page for marathon packages.

      • joe bloggs says:

        Hate ridden diatrite…go gettem’ tiger……, you need to chill, one is glad you aren’t in charge of hate crime determinations…so funny.

        I postulated that it was a PR screw-up. I know that IHG have sponsored in the past. Their sponsorship of the event is not mentioned on the auction package info. HfP did not pickup they are a sponsor of the event. Given the rather low amount of revenue in the grander scheme of things they will make from these two auctions, especially compared to their spoonsorship, not going for the PR by putting the proceeds to charity would seem to be a missed-beat.

        • The London Marathon *is* a charity. Charity Number 283813

          So when they bought the sponsorship package they were already making a generous donation to a charity.

        • I knew they sponsored it last year (we took the kids down to watch it) and I was guessing it was a multi-year deal but, as you say, IHG doesn’t mention it in the auction.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Charities already have guaranteed spots and they are effectively for sale as you have to agree to fund raise a certain amount to gain one (£1k+ from stories I’ve heard).

      Sponsors like IHG also get entries in exchange for cash. I don’t see the PR screw up here as IHG has put their hand in their pocket for the slots and are free to do what they want with them

      2 nights at the 02 are worth c100k alone add in breakfast, massage and coach its not a bad deal in exchange for what will probably be 250k points

      • To secure a charity place for London, you generally have to pledge to raise at least £2k….

  9. OT – (this is either an announcement or a request for someone to correct me, but as far as I can tell) starting Sunday there will no longer be any FX fees at all on EU/euro payments, regardless of card. EU regs.

    • Where have you seen this? I would be shocked if it was implemented at such short notice having not heard anything about it previously (although it is an excellent idea if true).

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I might be wrong but I thought this was a reduction in cross border fees for retailers not customers?

    • @KevMc @TGLoyalty

      I think the legalese is here, it’s been planned for some time –

      But I learnt it from my VS Card statement –

      Important information about using your card abroad

      From 15 December 2019, we’re changing how you’re charged when you use your card or withdraw cash in any of the 31 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). When you pay for something in Euros, Swedish Kronor or Romanian Lei, we won’t charge you a Non-Sterling Transaction Fee.

      When you take money out in those currencies from a cash machine in the EEA, you won’t have to pay a Non-Sterling Transaction Fee either – but you will still need to pay a Cash Advance fee.

      • stevenhp1987 says:

        Odd, nothing in my VS Reward+ statement…

        Odd statement to suggest all EEA countries will be FX free but only list some of the currencies within it.

        Can’t find this change on the Virgin Money website either.

        Would be nice to use my Amex Gold in the EEA FX free…

      • TGLoyalty says:

        but it doesn’t say 0% fx fees – some cards used to charge a flat fee for using a foreign currency plus a fx fee

        • I wondered that too, but on the VS card the only FX fee is a 2.99% fee called the Non Sterling Transaction Fee, which is the one they’ve said they’re removing for EEA/€

  10. OT. Can anyone recommend a throwaway mobile SIM?

    Off on holiday for a month and don’t want to take my own phone with all its money apps etc.

    But need a phone to meet up with the taxi at the airport on the way back!

    So a cheap one-off sim in an old phone would do the trick – but most seem to be locked to auto renew/top-ups

    • What do you mean locked to auto renew / topups? Walk into any supermarket or corner shop or mobile shop or network website and they’ll have SIMs that are fine for what you need. Either free or £1, plus a one-off topup

    • Just get a free pay as you go SIM, you only need to load it once. 3 are good and the roaming packs include lots of countries (not just EU).

      • In the new lounge Edinburgh says:

        But not 4G roaming which is a big weakness

        • Not sure this is the case any more – they seem to have transitioned to 4G roaming, at least on my recent trips

    • So just a basic UK burner sim?

      50p from your nearest Asda. They are on the double-E network so should work with any of their old locked phones or any unlocked phone.

      Can stick a £5 non-recurring for 30 days of 200 minutes, 500mb and do it in store if you want to pay cash.

      • RussellH says:

        A bit late in the day, but I have just seen this. Asda SIMs do not work in phones locked to Orange / EE, even though ASDA uses the EE network.
        I used an ASDA SIM for years, until I finally had to accept that Orange/EE was never going to work inside the house reliably enough for all the SMS now received from banks etc. The ASDA only ever worked in unlocked phones, not in anything locked to Orange/EE.

    • Wouldn’t you get a Sim in the country of your holiday, since you don’t want to use your existing UK number anyway?

      • Shoestring says:

        if you can use roaming, I’d advise to go for one of the IDMobile SIM only deals, they are excellent value – they’re on a contract but on 30 days’ notice and SIMs arrive with free next day delivery – if you can’t use roaming, other international calls are dirt cheap as well

        my son’s on 2GB/ 500mins (£4/ month) and my daughter was moaning about data so is on 4GB/ unlimited mins (£8/ month BF deal) – texts are unlimited – you can switch on the ‘not to exceed £8/ month etc’ control so no unwelcome bills & easy to monitor usage

        • Shoestring says:

          forgot to add – and if you see a cheaper IDMobile deal, you can upgrade to the new deal on the phone in a couple of minutes

    • Lady London says:

      Asda (mvno uses EE network) lets you start with £1 top up from a credit/debit card. &0p for the card in-store or they send for free.

      • Shoestring says:

        but you’re much better off paying a couple of £s more (£5 or so) and getting a proper minutes & data deal, see my IDMobile examples – which are immediately cancellable ie 30 days only if you wish, for a proper allowance

        • Shoestring says:

          plus unused data gets rolled over 1 month

        • Lady London says:

          not his need. IDMobile runs on Three and between them I agree with you they have the best deals/ one off SIM cards preloaded/unloaded email etc. All of which are very useful if you dont want to come home to a huge excess data charge for roaming in your contract phone.

          But I’ve interpreted OP’s use as a need for a one-off.

      • Karen Brown says:

        *50p in-store, fyi the one I had sent was emailed by Asda to have arrived in the post but it never came so I think it got stolen. So had to set foot in an Asda to get one and pay the 50p 🙂

    • Lady London says:

      Asda. £1 topups from a card.
      Free online or 50p in Asda.
      The rest with very few exceptions are £10 top-up before they work.
      I’ve just finished looking at this myself,my reason different than yours, above was my best find.

      Occasionally you can find something for this type of need on eBay or Amazon or sometimes the sites we don’t talk about much here.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      maybe a daft question but why cant you put your sim in the old phone?

      money apps are on the phone not the sim. Also ive learnt being without your home number for a while can leave you open to missing banking etc texts

      • Colin MacKinnon says:

        Hi all,

        Thanks – I am off to Asda.

        I don’t want to use a phone (there is a fantastic sense of relief at leaving the phone behind and heading off for four weeks!) but they are becoming unavoidable for travel nowadays

        So I need a phone to call the taxi when we arrive back in the UK, and potentially, to contact people in Zurich, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa should we REALLY have to. Some people mentioned above charge £6 a minute!

        In Tanzania and SA will get a local sim for some data: Google maps and HfP ! Usually just use wi-fi. And will load Uber app for taxis and airline apps for flights and flight updates.

    • the_real_a says:

      GiffGaff is my choice. £20 gets you 20gb in Europe (40gb total) unlimited calls, and unlimited texts at 4g. No contract, and 99p sim from the supermarket.

      • the_real_a says:

        Data and calls packs are good for 30 days. If you run out you can just buy another mid month and start afresh.

      • Shoestring says:

        £20 fgets you 50GB with unlimited mins with IDMobile – but entirely up to you 🙂

  11. Help, please!

    We are staying at the new Hilton Garden Inn at T2 tomorrow night, though have a two-fold issue to overcome.

    #1. I have the spend £250 get £50 back saved to my Amex Gold. But the offer excludes online payments and only valid for checkout spend. It’s flexible rate booking and not checked in yet. How do I stop the balance being taken automatically? Or am I overthinking this.

    #2. The room rate is £249 so does buying a cold beer at the bar on said Amex Gold count towards the total?

    BTW, we’re at the Conrad Bangkok on the double points promo tonight and comes highly recommended from us.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Charge food/drink to your room and pay the total amount when you check out

      • Thanks, KevMc.

        So they won’t take the payment automatically as my Amex is obviously attached to the reservation?

    • If it’s a flexible rate you pay on checkout…

    • TokyoFan says:

      For future reference, “the offer excludes online payments and only valid for checkout spend.” is entirely untrue, regardless of what it says in the terms. Advance bookings online have always counted for me, as have multiple transactions (as long as cumulative spend is £250+)

    • Travel Strong says:

      Also just paying at the bar on the card will also trigger it. Does not need to be charged to room… do not even need to have a room! All the payments come through as a Hilton transaction, and count towards cumulative spend.

    • £249 for a Garden Inn is far too much.

      Heathrow hotels are usually the among cheapest in the London area and well under £100

      • The Savage Squirrel says:

        Not sure how you can comment unfavourably on someone else’s hotel booking when you don’t know the details. For all you know they may have 3 suites booked for that price….

        • I think you can safely assume if the HGI is £249 then everything else is very similar.

        • Travel Strong says:

          The new T2 HGI is now regularly priced at a premium, which is unfortunate as I really enjoyed my stay there in the opening days at £70-80 per night, but can’t justify the £107++ minimum now. For the OP’s night,
          1 x LHR T2 HGI is indeed ~£250, whilst the other 4 LHR hiltons are less than half the price.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            Bonkers I’d save £125 and head to CP T4

          • Same owners – Arora.

          • I totally agree that the price is steep but the Amex £50 rebate and double points promotion tempers it slightly.

            What I will say is that we flew BKK-ZRH-LHR today and sure you all appreciate it’s one hell of a journey and the convenience of walking through the T2 car park to the front door is most welcome at the end of a marathon day.

            We did exactly the same trip last May but stayed at the Hilton T4 but the additional train and walk (accompanied by a very groggy wife) just added to the overall misery.

            Anyway, first time here at Hilton T2 and, yes, very convenient but a little basic but that’s a Garden Inn for you.

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