Earn double Clubcard points at Tesco when you scan the app

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Tesco Clubcard bonus points offers have been very thin on the ground recently.

If you look back at Head for Points from four years ago, we were running multiple articles per week on bonus point offers.  Many of them were a good deal even if you bought them purely for the Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles and sent the underlying product off for recycling!

Anyway, we have moved on!  Here is the new deal.

Until 1st March, you will receive double Tesco Clubcard points (2 per £1) on your in-store shopping when you scan the Tesco app at check-out.

Tesco app double points

You need to be clear about what we mean here.  You need to download the Tesco app to your smartphone and, when paying for your shopping, open the app and scan the page showing your Clubcard.

It will NOT work if you swipe a plastic Clubcard, swipe a key fob, use the Tesco Pay+ app or (potentially) even scan the Clubcard saved in Apple Wallet.  You must open the standard Tesco app and have it scanned.

You don’t need to register and the bonus points will be added automatically.

2 Clubcard points per £1 translates into 4.8 Avios or 5 Virgin Flying Club miles per £1 which is not a bad deal.

The usual exclusions apply, eg no points at all on tobacco products, baby milk etc.

It is not a targeted offer and is mentioned, albeit briefly, on this page of the Tesco website.

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  1. JamesPond says:

    OT: Are Curve ATM withdrawals still charged as a purchase on the Virgin Atlantic Mastercard?

  2. FYI: “The EU is considering revising air passenger rights legislation, and a proposal from the Croatian Council presidency would significantly increase the length of delays passengers must face before they are entitled to compensation from an airline.

    The biggest change would be for travelers on long-haul flights beyond the EU, who would have to cool their heels for 12 hours before being able to file a claim — three times the four-hour delay threshold currently in place.”


    • Oh, those EU protections, what are we going to do without them 😫?

    • Apart from the compensation for pax this is also a stinker because the threat of huge EU261 bills almost certainly kept airline operators on their toes. I am sure that if it os relaxed to 12h punctuslity and reliability will both suffer.

      • But isn´t on-time/punctuality % now a selling point? I believe so, especially among business travellers.

        • Yes maybe, come to think of it I’ve only had a 1h+ delay once in at least the last five years. By contrast, I can recall them being quite frequent in 90s into the 00s.

    • Shoestring says:

      interesting UK court case ruling: strikes *ARE* extraordinary circs after all

      • This must surely be successfully challenged. Given how well organised and regulated industrial action is these days I cannot see how anybidy in their right mind could consider it extraordinary.

        • BJ, they don’t need to be extraordinary circumnstances. EU/261 clearly states that its provisions related to compensatio do not apply to regular strikes. Maybe Boris should do something about this on the Council? Or perhaps our MEPs? Oh, wait.

      • This is 100% expected. A couple of years ago the EU court came out with a decision saying that wildcat strikes were not an extraordinary circumnstance. The UK CAA plus a few passenger organisations concluded, God knows why, that this decision meant that all strikes were now extraordinary circumnstamces. As expected, this was clearly not the case, it was a very abusive interpretation of the CJEU decision.

    • Need to remember that in EU261 as published and approved there was no compensation for delays only the requirement for duty of care,

      It was the ECJ that ruled it should apply to delays and took the time frame for duty of care on delays and merged it with the compensation amounts for cancellations depending on the flight distance

  3. Shoestring says:

    O/T got a free 1 month Prime trial on Amazon Germany site yesterday! Handy as they had a submersible pump I wanted unavailable in UK and the postage was quite a lot (they weigh about 8 kgs)

    you log into the German, Italian, Spanish, French Amazon sites using your UK ID – UK Amazon credit can’t be used

    the German site is often cheaper than UK for same item

    • Indeed Amazon log in credentials are universal.

      • Lady London says:

        They’re not actually. Each country Amazon is a separate entity.

        I would love a universal Amazon prime with a single signup btw.

        • Not prime. But log in credentials. When I was a student in Spain, I opened an Amazon.co.uk account. But then Amazon.es opened, I could use same log in credentials. Now I live in NL and amazon.de is the “best” one. Same log in credentials.

          But that´s unrelated to Prime membership.

          • Lady London says:

            Ive had to set up a different one for each of the countries I use on amazon. In actual fact I use the same details. But login still has to be done again when logging into another country even if I am currently logged in to a different country site. Profile info such as addresses and wish lists defo not accessible across countries.

            So I really don’t know what you’re saying here.

          • Shoestring says:

            I never set up Amazon a/cs in Germany, Spain or Italy but have ordered items from all 3 Amazon countries, always using my UK email address, password and one time password delivered by phone (I have the 2 step log in)

          • Michael Jennings says:

            Your Amazon credentials for European sites and for the US are the same. You do have to set up separate credentials for some sites that are further afield – Japan for instance.

          • Lady London says:

            Definitely something wrong with mine then as I have always had to manage mine separately.

      • Lady London says:

        eBay seems to be one profile across eBay selling countries.

        Ebay amalgamated a few years back which really annoyed me as I wasn’t asked and didn’t want to share data across countries but suddenly discovered them doing this. Noting ebay still makes you sign in each time open a new country even if you’re already signed in to another country ebay.

        But this isn’t the case with Amazon. At least so far as customer-facing front is concerned.

    • Lady London says:

      Does this mean you made Amazon Prime in one country work for f.o.c. delivery to another EU/UK country? Is it supposed to work that way?

      • Shoestring says:

        Item Subtotal: EUR 79,90
        Delivery and Handling: EUR 0,00
        Order Total: EUR 79,90
        Selected Payment Method: Amex

        (I bought 2) – no idea if I got lucky but sure, they were happy to give free expedited delivery to UK (arriving tomorrow) whereas standard delivery was EUR 12 and takes a few days

        btw same item *was* available previously in the UK @£60, so buying from Germany saved me quite a bit

        • Lady London says:

          I think you got lucky possibly due to order value or possibly there is no.validation of delivery address being domestic to the Prime sign-up location once Prime signed-up flag is set.

          I’d be interested to hear of other cross border examples,think I saw an offer of eur49 for de prime not very long ago. Had it had crossborder possibilities on order or delivery I would have gone for it.

          • Shoestring says:

            it’s a ‘fulfilled by Amazon’ item so delivery would otherwise (non Prime a/c) be chargeable and the cost was indicated

          • Lady London says:

            Hum. I will have to mess around with it next time I want something crossborder. Agree with you that .de is better especially for tech and tools/DIY. Better choice in quite a few.other categories even if pricing has only just come back to reasonable due FX.

            Wondering if me not seeing these cross border abilities is due to Amazon having royally **c*ed up my account when I signed up for Robs first Amazon Business account offer. They took my 11 year old multicountry personal account and made it an Amazon Business account instead. They chucked some vouchers at me when I complsined but I’ll bet my account is still””””ed up and guessing I will find BN out they never fixed it.

            Wish I’d never applied for the Amazon Business account their ****up wasn’t worth it especially as it still seems to be affecting me.

          • @LL Why not open a new Amazon account? It very useful to have more than one anyway and you’ll soon never miss the old one if your didn’t want to use it.
            If you need to know what you have bought in the old one then log in and copy the item number into the new account.

        • Lady London says:

          Good idea but history is valuable to me. Looks like I am going to have to go back to Amazon on this when I have time. I really hate having to de
          battle through low quality non-empowered multiple levels of call centre to get something fixed that Amazon has ****ed up which I’ve now had to more than once.

          Feeling glum about all the hours that will take based on experience. Will leave it to next year as I’m so busy and still cross about their non-fixed “”””ups.

          • @LL I hear the ‘country’ CEO offices are well empowered to get things sorted quickly and to a high level of satisfaction, suggest you try that route and if you need more specific info ask Rob to send on my contact details and I will pass details on.

          • Lady London says:

            Ta @EwanG. Would only use that ‘nuclear,’ option for something urgent and involving a lot of money, will make a note of your kind offer but even at the supremely irritating level I’d prefer to walk away. Only once in my life have I ever been forced to use a :nuclear: option and that was after 5 months of struggle, polite warnings and with half a ton k at stake. Friends who were colleagues still remember the day it went down :-).

            I might take @Peter K’s advice and start using another account as my main one when i’ve had time to think about it.

    • I’m looking for a good kindle unlimited offer but they seem to have dried up lately. Cannot understand the prices of kindle unlimited relative to prime, I think kindle should be cheaper.

      • Lady London says:

        As soon as you buy any Kindle they put you in a cycle of offering and offering. Maybe new Id? I agree with you in most countries Prime is better value but UK and US standard pricing seems to have risen a lot. Guessing MSE might tag if nothing appears on here?

        • I just keep watching, the problem in the interim is that we cannot sign up for a month because the 3 or 6 month offers are not available for existing subscribers when they come along. I don’t actually own a kindle, I just use the app. I was actually surprised to discover I liked kindle ebooks, it is interesting to read and support aspiring writers who would otherwise find it difficult to break through the mainstream publishers.

          • Lady London says:

            Same discovery here about Kindle ebooks. I take it you’re signed up for their £1 daily deals? The actual Kindle is better than just the app for travelling but it is another thing to carry. The £1 daily kindle offers have some crackers in amongst all the dross.

            You probably won’t suffer from this but they keep sending me rubbish female fiction offers. What I actually read and buy is action thrillers just like every bloke I’ve gone out with. So annoying when they send me romantic fiction offers when I’ve never even clicked on any. They’ve denied profiling when I asked them but I bet some of it is. Give me Andy McNab and Jack Reacher for goodness’ sake! 😉

          • @LadyLondon, in that case I recommend you Karin Slaughter if you have not already tried. Start with the Grant County series in order (the first was Blindsighted) followed by the Atlanta/Will Trent series in order.

          • Yes, signed up for the daily deals. I’m tempted to get a kindle but just for home/UK use given I travel HBO. Could never decide whether just to go for the basic one or a better one.

          • I’m a little bit obsessed with Jo Nesbo, the Harry Hole series at the moment.
            Have downloaded Blindsighted, thanks BJ!

          • Definitely give me Jack Reacher LL! If you like those you will like the John Milton series by Mark Dawson, he’s sort of a British Jack Reacher lol.
            I’ve had several free trials of Kindle Unlimitec and have ended up keeping it this time as I have so much time to read these days, including an hour on the treadmill or exercise bike a few times a week (too boring otherwise). I feel it’s good value for me at the moment.

          • Lady London says:

            V happy with Paperwhite, defo worth the little extra. Paid USD for the latest one just before the £ tanked so worked out ok. The luxury one is great tactilely but can’t justify it. Even if I do caress it each time in Dixon’s when I’m in an airport.

            @Cat how are you managing to read the Kindle while you are on the treadmill? Are you casting it?

          • Lady London says:

            @Anna treadmill question was for you, sorry! Each time I’ve met @Cat at the HfP parties she’s told me about another three mountains she’s hiked up since the last time I saw her so I thought it was her reading the Kindle on a treadmill!

            Yup hoovered up about 3 box sets of the Mark Dawson on the £1 deals and they are waiting to be read. Did you say his guy is the British Jack Reacher? I’ll get my coat … off!

            @BJ I read a couple of Karen Slaughter, found quite bloodthirsty? wouldn’t mind reading more though, liked a couple of Jo Nesbos too. Hmm must get into those Mark Dawson ones soon…

          • I tend to use the cross-trainer through the winter months. Not sure I could manage reading at the same time – I alternate between my favourite mad hiker (Homemade Wanderlust), Seth Meyer and John Oliver on YouTube.
            I tend to save my kindle for when I’m in my hammock, between hikes.
            Roll on the Seychelles over Easter.
            Now that I have a waterproof kindle.
            Try reading the Jo Nesbo series from the start Lady London.

          • LL (I never know where these answers are going to appear!) – I do brisk uphill climbs on the treadmill so I’m still getting a decent workout but am stable enough to read my iPad and it doesn’t put the same strain as running on my middle-aged knees!

          • @LadyLondon, @Cat, @Anna. To be honest Karin Slaughter books are disturbing and give me the creeps, especially the first two Blindsighted and Kisscut. She took it down a notch after those but not all that much. However, as far as thrillers go they are gripping and compulsive reading but I’m not really sure why I like them because if they were movies they definitely wouldn’t be my taste at all.

          • Throw in Tess Geritson ( a real ER Physician) and Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch) both great series. Kathy Reichs, real physician and anthropologist. Racing through those atm. Just finished Reacher’s latest. Blue Moon, too many bodies for my liking. Love Harry Hole, yes, start nesbo from the beginning. The character development is stunning.

            Cat, plenty of choice to line up for the Seychelles. And LL on your travels.

  4. OT I’m heading to Madrid from from Heathrow early on Monday morning. With lots of shorthaul flights being cancelled today it looks like it could be busy. I guess being bumped off as a knock on from weather is a reason for compensation. So 2 related questions, best way to avoid being bumped / best way to get bumped? I’m currently Silver if that is relevant. Thanks in advance.

    • You won´t get bumped if your flight is operating. Leftovers from previous cancellations they will be accommodated to wherever there´s space available.
      There´s little room to gamble.

    • Lady London says:

      No comp for weather bump but you do get duty of care.

      However for no comp to apply due to weather then the weather must affect your actual flight not the positioning flight that brought your aircraft in. Airlines will try that on but there’s solid case law on it.

      • Thanks, they are not selling any more economy tickets for the flight and only 3 Club Europe so I guess it will be overbooked

      • where can one find this solid case law please? (same issue affected me last weekend and eJ indeed trying it on) thanks

      • This argument didn’t work for me with the Gatwick drone. Legally, the situation with the drone was treated as “the act of god” (i.e. similar to weather – circumstances beyond the airlines control).
        My argument was that the airline explained the delay of our 7am Norwegian flight to Sweden to 1pm by the need to wait for the plane to come to Gatwick first from Sweden. At the same time they send out a 9am flight to Italy and other flights on time. They could have sent us on one of those planes but they didn’t. I failed to get a compo. Should I have pressed harder? Or maybe go through Resolver or similar service which can claim compos more efficiently?

        • Lady London says:

          Did you sue?

          If it’s a general prohibition such as the CAA wants more space between planes in bad weather so airports get told to do this so airlines get told they can only run a certain number of flights in a given period you are.SOL if yours gets cancelled due to this. The airlines are going to pick lighter loaded flights so they lose less. They are not going to cancel major longhaul flights with lots of connecting business unless they have to etc. If yours gets cancelled and this kind of governance instruction is the reason and it’s within the period then no compo just duty of care.

          In your case sounds like they didn’t give this reason so I’d have pushed it. I wonder how far outside the drone flight prohibitions your flight timing was.

  5. OT: Anyone had an offer disappear on amex? I had the travel offer, spend required amount 3 days ago. Now I cant even find it in my saved offers

  6. Hat tip on the Tesco app, didn’t spot that.
    Btw the clubcard app login double points stacks with a paper double points voucher. Just did it.

  7. Can someone clarify the Virgin Clubcard autoconvert for me please? If I switch it on before the end of the month to get the 1000 points, will it only autoconvert the vouchers I’ve accrued in this period or also convert the stash I already have? If yes to the second part, would that include the Christmas saver vouchers? Thanks in advance.

    • Shoestring says:

      only converts the current period

      you might get the 1000 miles before the period end, in which case, just turn it off

  8. OT – does anyone know how to find the official reason for a flight delay – I want to find out if I’m eligible for compensation or not..

    • I believe Expert Flyer is a good source. They add a specific code to each cancelled flight.

    • Lady London says:

      There’s a thread on Flyertalk where people ask nicely if anyone can look it up for them if they haven’t got access.

    • If you give me the details I’ll look it up.

  9. What a bizarre Tesco offer! Not sure I can be bothered with it myself, usually use Tesco debit card/Pay+, so surely using normal Clubcard in app for this offer would have less of an advantage as not using Debit card Clubcard?!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Just register your debit card clubcard on the clubcard app

    • It’s a very sensible offer if you think about the reason they’re offering it. After a long period of bonuses on Pay+ (to encourage use) they are now offering bonuses on CC app (also to encourage use). For the majority, there will be no overlap – those willing to use P+ probably now do, so they’re moving on to driving up numbers using the CC app. For bargain hunters there’s a period where you should stop going straight to P+ (it’s still ok to use after the CC app), but this won’t be many people. Companies don’t offer bonuses because they want to be nice, it’s because they want to make people do something.

      • What they’ve made me do is hardly ever shop there any more!

        • I dont normally shop in Tesco but I did a big shop on Friday. 19% off with vouchers made it cheaper than Aldi. 7.2 Avios / £ – thank you very much! 5p a litre off petrol – yes please!

  10. I tried using the Clubcard app promotion in combination with Scan and Shop (I don’t understand why most people don’t use it when the queues are essentially non-existent!) and it wasn’t successful either despite trying to scan in my Clubcard via the app at checkout.

  11. I just scanned my Tesco Clubcard app (as in the photo above and not from Apple Wallet), and the receipt shows that I got only 3 points, rather than 6 points, for my £3.90 transaction. Do the double points appear later rather than on the paper receipt?

    • Same here – only been getting normal points rather than double all week. Does anyone know if these show up later? They dont show up on the app once that updates.

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