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What British Airways domestic and long-haul flights are scheduled for July?

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Where is British Airways flying in July?

In the last few days British Airways has been ramping up to welcome Joe Public back on board. It is now displaying a ‘welcome back’ message on its homepage, together with the measures it is taking to make flying as safe as possible.

What has been missing is what its future route network will look like. It is slowly making adjustments, including the cancellation of its Leeds Bradford flights, and pushing back the launch of Newquay. ‘Meaningful service’ was meant to return in July but has now been deferred.

British Airways BA 777X 777 9X

Whilst Virgin Atlantic has announced its summer 2021 flight plan, British Airways has been more cautious, making incremental changes. Nonetheless, British Airways is increasing its flights. There are now 29 destinations, up from 17 in June.

We have also included the domestic schedule for July.  We do not have the full list of European flights.

The list below was published by Routes Online on Thursday afternoon for long-haul and Friday afternoon for domestics.  We have checked it and it appears to be accurate.

This list is clearly hugely speculative – although the flights ARE bookable on

British Airways long haul routes for April 2020

British Airways long-haul services for July 2020:

All British Airways flights currently depart from London Heathrow Terminal 5.

You can find out about the current British Airways catering service in this article.

Accra – alternating days, Boeing 777-200ER
Atlanta – 1 daily, Boeing 787-10
Beijing –
1 daily, Boeing 777-300ER
Boston – 1 daily, A350
Cape Town – alternating days, Boeing 777-200ER
Chicago – 2 daily, Boeing 787-9
Dallas – 1 daily, Boeing 787-8
Delhi – 1 daily, Boeing 787-8
Dubai – alternating days, Boeing 777-200ER
Hong Kong – 1 daily, Boeing 777-300ER
Johannesburg – 1 daily, Boeing 777-300ER
Lagos – alternating days, Boeing 777-200ER
Los Angeles – 1 daily, Boeing 787-9
Mexico City – 1 daily, Boeing 787-9
Miami – 1 daily, Boeing 787-9
Mumbai – 1 daily, Boeing 787-8
Nairobi – 1 daily, Boeing 777-200ER
New York (JFK) – 2 daily, Boeing 777-200ER
San Francisco – 1 daily, Boeing 787-9
Sao Paulo – 1 daily, Boeing 787-8
Seattle – 1 daily, Boeing 787-8
Seoul –
3 weekly, Boeing 787-8
Shanghai – 1 daily, Boeing 777-300ER
Singapore –
1 daily, Boeing 777-300ER, starts 6th July
Tel Aviv – 1 daily, Airbus A350
Tokyo –
3 weekly, Boeing 787-9
Toronto – 1 daily, Boeing 787-9
Vancouver –
1 daily, Boeing 777-200ER
Washington – 1 daily, Airbus A350

British Airways domestic services for July 2020:

Aberdeen – 14 weekly
Belfast City – 14 weekly
Edinburgh – 20 weekly
Glasgow – 14 weekly
Inverness – 7 weekly
Manchester – 14 weekly
Newcastle – 7 weekly
Newquay – 3 weekly (starts 18th July)

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Comments (75)

  • Dominic Barrington says:

    Sadly, the ‘welcome back’ messaging includes no mention of anything further than the almost offensively ungenerous approach to status extension, and similarly no mention of any kind of return to inflight F&B service. BA are now so far behind almost all other major airlines in both regards it is hard to understand why anyone might show ongoing loyalty to them.

    • Jamesay says:

      Agreed. I’m Gold and now about to ditch BA. enough is enough. Between the way they treat us and now how they’re treating crew. It’s enough. Bye!

      • Andrew says:

        I’m actually pretty stunned how little they have done to retain Exec members – the agent I spoke to when I was getting a refund this week was equally as surprised and disappointed and I didn’t even bring the subject up, she just saw my gold status in her booking. I know Rob’s theory is it’s to empty out the lounges for social distancing but it’s funny that every other airline in the world (including all the big ones in the US with equally busy lounges) think otherwise and have offered blanket extension. And I’m sure despite starting to fly again it will he months and months before BA open any lounges “for social distancing reasons”

        • Paul says:

          The lounges will not empty, they will be filled with AA and other one world status holders who were given extensions.
          BAs approach is dire, my wife whose membership year ended last December was given another year at silver with just 30 tier points and 2 BA sectors! I have had gold for 6 out of last 8 years, cancelled flights worth 1,100 tier points and got nothing.

          The one consistency with BA has always been their inconsistency.

          • Andrew says:

            BA really are the pits. And agree, the lounges argument is total rubbish – plus my gold card doesn’t expire until 31 March, so I would have access for a long time regardless – the immediate social distancing issues will probably have passed by then. And the status extension is two-fold: to give you a chance to renew for next year with much lower flying this year and to give you something for the status you earned last year, thought you would enjoy the benefits of this year but haven’t been able to due to lack to flying. It’s a basic goodwill gesture – come on BA!

        • Rob says:

          US airlines do NOT give lounge access to status members. You need to pay separately for an annual lounge pass.

          • Alan says:

            Sure in the USA, Rob – however as Paul says those with OW status from those airlines will have access to the BA lounges OK. I’m pretty shocked how little BA have done – I’ve got Silver until April next year but realistically can’t see me retaining it as I doubt I’ll have any significant travel with them for the rest of this year. Will be the first time I’ve dropped to Bronze since moving over from bmi.

          • Andrew says:

            And the US airlines DO give status members access to lounges for international flights in the US. So quite a misleading statement there Rob.

          • Doug M says:

            @Andrew. US airline lounge access is not the same as BA though is it? They certainly restrict better alcohol, else why give BA status people vouchers? Although I think the voucher scheme has changed again now.

          • Andrew says:

            AA for example give access to Emerald to Flagship First Lounge (not dining though) where there is free-flowing Taittinger for all. This lounge is accessible to AA members on international flights and OW Emerald on all flights including domestic. I think the sapphire lounge is a bit less generous with alcohol but not been in there to see.

    • Briand says:

      Here we go again with the good news that many ? 1000’s+ ? are going to call it a day with BA. Usual thing, promises promises….they’ll all come back one by one eventually, and BA will continue to carry millions of passengers, so missing these disgruntled passengers is hardly worth worrying about.
      And if it means their actions open up more reward seats…good news. (I guess their current stash will just be binned, I mean it’s a bit rich to ask for crates of wine instead of flying.)
      So, goodbye to those going to leave BA…might see you again one fact, most definitely I would say, oh, and enjoy the competition.

      • Andrew says:

        Why is it a bit rich to ask for crates of wine instead of flying? And as mentioned yesterday, if you weren’t aware, you can use your Avios to book One World and partner airlines, using your Avios up without stepping on to a BA aircraft.

        • Briand says:

          Of course you can use OW partners, and help them all share their revenue amongst themselves, including BA.
          Of course you can grab boxes of wine, via the BA portal,

          Despite your issues with BA, I guarantee you will not just bin your Avios, you will use them for yourself, family, friends or whatever.

          (So, it’s not a final goodbye BA then ?)

          • Andrew says:

            I never said I would. I was just expressing an opinion about the way they are treating Exec Club members. But it seems opinions are not welcome here if they mean saying anything remotely disparaging about BA, so I’ll be quiet and not cause you any more upset and pain.

          • Briand says:

            I have to say ,hitting a Reply button on here is not always clear, in my opinion.
            I was not intentionally referring to your comments, but the person, and others previously, who have made the point, enough is enough, no more BA.
            So, I apologise to you, but not to those who make ridiculous ‘BA ? No more’, references.

          • Doug M says:

            Opinions go two ways, if you offer one there has to be an expectation of a reply.
            With so little flying, why is everyone so excited about BA status extensions? I get no one is flying so we’re missing opportunities to earn those TP, but equally there’s no opportunity to use the status.
            I find it difficult to understand why BA would pick three months and give those people with TP year ending a reduced target, but then expect others to earn the full target. I think it’s more likely that BA are just hedging their bets and drip feeding extensions. Whilst a blanket extension pleases people, it can have a negative effect (for BA) on the choices people make, I have BA status guaranteed so I’ll try AF/VS/LH etc.
            Blanket extensions don’t always work for the scheme handing them out, look at the comments on IHG over not getting the Spire benefit expected for that extended year. Is it 25K points? Think how many points they’ll have to create if they follow through on it.

          • Andrew says:

            It’s certainly very strange that BA just picked those 3 renewal months and in 2 days time once we pass 8 June they might as well take that statement off their website as it’s of no interest to anyone. And surely everyone regardless of when they renew will have lost the same number of months’ flying so it really doesn’t make sense. And don’t even get me started on the Spire choice benefit which was promised and then backtracked on!

        • Rob says:

          I think retail sales have gone up, but a lot of that is just switching from pubs and restaurants.

          Although we have been working through some of the dodgy nonsense that we either bought or were given from foreign climates ….

        • Crafty says:

          Yes this has been thoroughly debunked. The on trade is closed. The figures refer to the off trade.

  • Alex says:

    No Jersey again?!

    • Sue says:

      I’m starting to feel marooned on this 9×5 rock! I have flights booked for 20th July – originally the seating plan was changed to show rear facing seats, then the following day the 1735 out of Jersey was cancelled, but I was able to book the 1930. The only other flight showing was 9 something). However, having changed the flight details in my booking I am now unable to book seats – I smell a rat and think the whole booking will be cancelled in due course, despite the fact that the Heathrow/Reykjavik leg will operate. Frustrated doesn’t cover it! That said, no flights out of Gatwick are mentioned on their schedule – I’m hoping when (or if!) they bring back Jersey it will be Heathrow!

      • Alex says:

        Likewise, I think a lot of it is down to when the States will get on board with resuming flights. There’s a bit too much eagerness to be isolated on parts of the Island.

    • DWB1873 says:

      Jersey – they aren’t doing Gatwick flights so why would they resume this one currently?

      There is a possibility Blue Islands is it for the foreseeable.

      Guernsey owning its own airline might not look so daft after all – though of course the Tax payer bill for not flying the last 3 months is yet to land and that is going to be substantial.

  • Lou says:

    How can BA operate to Cape Town and New York
    When airports are not open for international travel
    In either countries!

    • Rob says:

      The flights are going for cargo reasons. If nationals of those countries want to return home they can do.

      • Bazzer says:

        I have a flight to JNB on 4th July which looks scheduled to run and was hoping for BA to cancel it so i can get a full refund. Will I not get a refund if the flight is still running…even if I can’t fly out as I am not a national (or a piece of cargo) returing home?

  • Michael C says:

    LCY-IOM is 6 (I think) times a week.

  • Jamesay says:

    Small detail perhaps but when looking at making a transatlantic flight booking the system still advertising Betty free buy on board as an incentive. I understand that all such catering onboard had stopped. BA needs to update this false advertising!

    • Michael C says:

      I guess as long as Betty doesn’t mind, that’s ok?!

  • Dooly says:

    Do you think the flights to Singapore will go ahead if the situation there isn’t better? Especially if no tourists are allowed in? I have 2 fist class tickets booked and am waiting for BA to cancel rather than cancelling myself. Also the aircraft has been changed but that’s by the by. Am I correct when I say that if BA cancels the flights I can choose ANY date in the future with the same routing and if I cancel I can only choose dates when there is availability? (if I take the voucher rather than points and cash back?)

  • Andrew says:

    Qatar now stating they are the world’s largest airline, flying to 40 destinations.

    • Paul says:

      The response has been outstanding. The flexibility and clarity of message has been superb

      • Andrew says:

        And they continue to offer a full service on board (bar a few tweaks) and the Al Mourjan lounge in Doha has remained open throughout. What do you get in First on BA? A bottle of water and a ham sandwich, and for an ultra long haul flight you ALSO get an economy pizza in a box, wow such luxury Ambassador, you’re spoiling us!

        • Dev says:

          Came back on KQ yesterday from Nairobi … 2 hot meals and a bar service. Credit where credits due … they tried to maintain as close to as normal a service they could!

    • Rob says:

      They are!

  • Anna says:

    I’ve had flights from MAN to AGP cancelled for late July. MMB offers an alternative route, MAN-LHR LGW-AGP (they have got to be kidding) – in the event we decide to travel, I am guessing I would be entitled to re-routing on another airline direct from MAN? Although in reality I’ll probably try and get a refund and re-book myself as prices may well be lower than when I booked with BA.

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