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Bookable now: British Airways adds additional European flights for June, July and August

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British Airways has just announced a raft of new flights from Heathrow for June, July and August.

Given the destinations involved (ie not Portugal), the airline is clearly taking a gamble on more countries being opened up when the next ‘Green List’ review takes place in just under three weeks.

If you are also willing to take a punt, you should have no trouble finding cash or Avios seats on these services as tickets only went on sale this morning.

New British Airways Heathrow services:

Lanzarote – additional Tuesday flight from 21st June, now six per week

Bodrum (above) – additional Monday and Sunday flights from 18th July, now three per week

Corfu – additional Monday, Wednesday and Thursday flights from 21st June, now 17 per week

Chania – additional Monday, Friday and Sunday flights from 21st June, now nine per week

Kefalonia – additional Friday and Sunday flights from 21st June, now five per week

Heraklion – additional Friday flight from 21st June, now 10 per week

Kos – additional Monday and Sunday flights from 21st June, now six per week

Kalamata – additional Monday and Friday flights from 21st June, now five per week

Paphos – additional Thursday flight from 21st June, now eight per week

Preveza – additional Monday and Friday flights from 21st June, now six per week

Rhodes – additional Friday and Sunday flights from 21st June, now seven per week

Thessaloniki – additional Monday, Tuesday and Friday flights from 21st June, now 12 per week

Tenerife – additional Tuesday and Wednesday flights from 21st June, now 15 per week

Flights are bookable now

Flights dropped into this morning. The usual four Euro Traveler and two Club Europe seats are showing for Avios redemptions.

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  • Leslie Blake says:

    Do we need a test to leave the UK to go to a green list country ie Gibraltar. Lots of conflicting advice. Thanks

    • Rob says:

      It is up to Gibraltar and whatever rules are in place on 17th May.

      You don’t need a test in general to leave the UK unless your destination requires it.

      • Paul says:

        It might be up to Gibraltar but as there is no longer a border with Spain. The border is now when you arrive in Gib. Therefore the Spanish may have something to say about it.
        Its all well pretending you have a colony but its part of Schengen, so unless the rest of Europe opens up it could get sticky.

        • David says:

          Paul – Gibraltar has NOT joined Schengen yet. There is an agreement in principle to negotiate a treaty with the EU about this. Indeed, the Gibraltar Chief Minister was in Madrid just a couple of days ago continuing discussions with Spain, and EU officials, etc.

          As things stand they remain exactly as before. The Gibraltar-Spain border remains open (i.e. it is possible to cross), but remains controlled. Given that Gibraltar was not part of schengen, passports continue to be shown as before brexit it. And given that gibraltar was never part of the EU VAT area, it remains a customs border as before.
          All that has changed following Brexit is that, given Gibraltar is no longer part of the EU, certain food products (e.g. meats, etc) cannot be brought in from Gibraltar to Spain, as they are no longer moving within the EU (they were always crossing the VAT border, but they were inside the area where EU standards could be guaranteed to be applied. Now strictly speaking Spain can’t accept such certification as we are a third country.

          Also, the Gibraltar border has ALWAYS been when you land in Gibraltar. Given that Gibraltar has no domestic flights with itself, and Gibraltar has never been part of the UK Common Travel area, etc.
          You have always needed to show your passport – and entry is up to the Gibraltar authorities.

          Gibraltar has also always been immigrationally distinct from the UK. People who need a visa for UK, need a separate one from Gibraltar for Gibraltar, etc.
          And entry is entirely a constitutional matter for the Government of Gibraltar.

          Furthermore, the agreement to negotiate a Schengen treaty makes clear that entry is matter up to Gibraltar. Additionally there is provision for granting people rights to be in Gibraltar, but not elsewhere in schenge – if they are not admitted to wider schengen.
          And keep in mind there are individuals in such situations already in Schengen countries – with rights to be in a specific one of them, but not all others.

          Just because border controls are removed, does not mean all persons have a right to move to all schengen countries.

          Finally, please don’t use the C word. Gibraltar is not legally described as a colony – it also does not descriptively describe how Gibraltar came to be British 300+ years ago, or the origin of the people of Gibraltar (they are NOT a deposited population of colonists), and it does not describe the legal and constitutional setup today.

          • Anna says:

            Excellent post. Why would anyone need to “pretend” to have a colony? Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory – and voted overwhelmingly to remain so when given the option.

        • Lord Doncaster says:

          Paul seems rather ill-informed and sour… probably one of those moaning about blue passports…

      • David says: sadly has had some statements saying you need this.
        Gibraltar policy is that you don’t.

    • Travel Strong says:

      Gibraltar First Minister has categorically said ‘No’ to that in TV interviews and has also said they will be welcoming british tourists from the 17th May. *However*, the current Gibraltar entry rules still do not allow tourists, yet. Expect a sudden change to that in the next few days, as they will make clear the new Gibraltar entry rules.

    • Track says:

      Again, “Green List” does not mean an invitation / possibility to visit.

      Have to check entry and testing requirements for the destination country. Mind the eligibility, if you are not the resident/citizen/family member.

    • Jake Taylor says:

      Trust me, you will have no issues coming into Gibraltar from the UK (or indeed Spain), whenever you are able to.

  • Vasco says:

    There’s extra flights to Portugal loaded too, 14 a week now up from 9.

    • Vasco says:

      That was to Lisbon, idk about other airports but I imagine there’s more too

  • Lady London says:

    I genuinely wish BA well for these new routes and flights and very much would hope it’s the beginning of being back to a sustainable revenue stream for BA.

    • Babyg says:

      Indeed and agreed, i wish virgin could have made little red/flybe work… would be nice to have other options.

  • Ammar says:

    Sorry – but which is the best value for money option – I cannot seem to figure it out for RFS:
    1) 41250 Avios + £ 1.50
    2) 39000 Avios + £ 13.50
    3) 36000 Avios + £ 30.00
    4) 27750 Avios + £ 52.50
    5) 18750 Avios + £ 136.50
    6) 12750 Avios + £ 181.50

    • Genghis says:

      What do you value your avios at?

      • Ammar says:

        1p. So i think 4) is the right option for me, as the others dont value my avios at that value – is my math right?

        • David says:

          If you value at 1p:

          1) 41250 Avios + £ 1.50 = £414.00
          2) 39000 Avios + £ 13.50 = £403.50
          3) 36000 Avios + £ 30.00 = £390.00
          4) 27750 Avios + £ 52.50 = £330.00
          5) 18750 Avios + £ 136.50 = £324.00
          6) 12750 Avios + £ 181.50 = £309.00

          In terms of total cost, option 6 then surely.
          But of course, that means you are using fewer Avios, and they could devalue, don’t accrue interest, etc.

          entirely up to you.

          • Ammar says:

            Thanks David & Genghis for the thoughts. I think Option 4 is where i feel value is for me as want to get the best value for money without parting with my avios too cheaply as they have an underlying value of atleast 0.8 p

          • Genghis says:

            I put 0.8p recently as Nectar floor as I had used HSBC points before this to get Amazon vouchers for even less.

          • Howard says:

            That’s the best option if you are happy to pay up to 1p per avios.

            If my maths is correct, the marginal cost of buying avios by going from 4 to 6 is 0.86p (you are left with an extra 15k avios but £129 less cash) so it’s a bad deal if you value them at 0.8p.

            It’s important to look at marginal cost of going from one option to another rather than the overall cost per avios (e.g going from 4 to 5 you are paying 0.933 pence per avios)

          • C says:

            Many of us would pick #4, in most cases. But YMMV.

          • David S says:

            Offer them £83.25 and 27,750 Avios; if they accept, you’ll break even!

  • Chris Heyes says:

    The main problem with valuing them at 0.8p is because you are paying more for food at Sainsburys compared to say Lidl or even Tesco/Morrisons possibly others as well, unless you “do” spend at Sainsburys the 0.8p is a totally false fig
    I’ve been to Salisbury’s 3 times and done 2 online shops as a comparison
    The 2 online shops I ordered exactly the same at Tesco as Sainsburys
    Tesco first, 2weeks later Sainsburys, then again Tesco, Sainsburys
    Every time My Tesco order was under £100 my Sainsburys order was over £120
    that was for the exact same order each fortnight
    The last Sainsburys order was £129,
    probably if you shop at Waitrose Sainsburys may be better value ?

    • Genghis says:

      Stuff at Argos costs the same as elsewhere. Petrol similar price.

    • Patrick Cold says:

      I have done similar trials and the cost/quality of Sainsbury`s completely negates any ongoing interest I might have had in accruing nectar points once the Insurance/Credit Card offers are exhausted.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      You e done an identical branded shop in both supermarkets and tesco was 20% cheaper?

      • Chris Heyes says:

        TGLoyalty Identical shop both Supermarkets what I would normally buy mainly meat as that’s what I would normally buy, to freeze so was easy to compare
        Tesco’s meat/steaks ect was two for £7 or two for £6
        Sainsburys meat/steaks was £4.75 or above “EACH” Both times
        so was a fair comparison, Dettol was £1 more in Sainsburys £4.50 v £3.50
        All four orders was exactly the same, each time

  • John says:

    This is extremely irresponsible of BA and will bring deadly strains of the virus into the U.K. Profits before lives.

    • Simon says:

      Oh please….

    • James says:

      What deadly strains are you talking about? There are NO deadly strains. There are no variants of concern.

      All Covid-19 variants are treated perfectly well by the existing vaccines (though Sinovac seems a bit weak.)

    • Alex Sm says:

      It’s a global pandemic anyway and no country is immune, so it’s useless to think in the categories of sealing individual countries from the world

  • TimM says:

    What does BA know about (currently amber) Greece, including the mainland, that has not been announced by the Government?

    • TimM says:

      …and also (currently red) Turkey?

      • Michael C says:

        I was wondering that – maybe it was a “put on some flights to us, and we’ll give you the football final”?!

    • Rob says:

      Nothing, but they think they are good at second-guessing.

  • Iain says:

    Looks like as fast as BA are loading new flight in, they are pulling down existing ones. Just has cancellations through on Sat / Wed LHR-CHQ flights in early June. I guess it’s just the way it’s going to be this year!

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