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Bits: Apple Pay available on Barclaycard Avios cards, save 30% buying World of Hyatt points

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News in brief:

Apple Pay is now functioning on the Barclaycard Avios cards

As our article on Tuesday explained, an astonishing bonus of 50,000 Avios is currently available if you apply for the Barclaycard Avios Plus credit card. You can apply here.

The benefits are very impressive. The Barclaycard Avios Mastercards are, easily, the most rewarding non-Amex travel credit cards on the market. They are arguably the most valuable Visa or Mastercard credit cards in the UK of any sort.

There were, however, delays in setting up the cards to work with Apple Pay. This was especially frustrating because the pre-printed brochure that arrived with the cards said that it was functioning.

The good news is that Apple Pay functionality is now here. It has actually been in beta for the last few weeks, but Barclaycard is now happy to publicly announce it. Below is a screenshot to prove it.

If you had been putting off getting one of the cards due to the lack of Apple Pay support, you can now jump in.

The 50,000 Avios sign-up bonus on Avios Plus runs to 18th July. You can also pick up a 10,000 Avios bonus on the free Avios Mastercard – but as long as you can spend £3,000 in three months it makes more sense to get Avios Plus and reconsider later.

Apple Pay Barclaycard Avios

Get a 30% discount when you buy World of Hyatt points

Hyatt is offering (yet another) 30% bonus when you buy 5,000+ World of Hyatt points via this link. The offer runs to 1st August.

This is obviously worth a look if you need to top up your account.  It may also be worthwhile if you are considering a stay in a top tier Park Hyatt such as Paris, where buying the points may be cheaper than paying cash – here’s my recent Park Hyatt New York review where I did just that.

This clearly won’t work at all Hyatt properties.  However, if you are visiting an expensive city at peak season it is definitely worth doing the maths.

We value Hyatt points at 1.1p. At the top end you are paying $1,320 for 71,500 points, which is 1.5p each. You won’t get a steal on this basis but you should still come out on top at a good hotel on an expensive night.

(This article, for example, shows how you can massively cut the cost of 7Pines in Ibiza if you buy points.)

The chain has some excellent hotels, and I genuinely find Park Hyatt to be the best luxury chain which is run by one of the multi-brand groups.  It doesn’t beat Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental etc but I’d take one over a Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf Astoria or St Regis any day.

Hyatt has started letting you book suites online for points and there are some bargains to be had. Here is how I used that feature in Paris last year. Looking at suite upgrades, you are paying 6,000 points per night – or 9,000 for a premium suite – which would be (x 1.5p) £90 per night. This is good value, especially if the suite automatically gets you lounge access too.

The Hyatt ‘buy points’ site is here.

Comments (60)

  • Kieran says:

    Just Apple pay or Google pay also?

    • Youllnever says:

      You’ll need to use the Contactless feature in the Barclays app if you’re on Android – Google Pay isn’t supported and they’ve said there are no plans to.

      • Law says:

        How backwards can they be to not support Google pay….

        On a serious note, what’s this contactless feature in the app? Can’t seem to find

      • Brian P says:

        “contactless mobile isn’t available for your card”

        very frustrating..

      • Dirtyneedlebluesky says:

        I don’t see this option myself on Android.

        Has anybody try loading this card on Curve yet? I kind of gave up using Curve (not mentioned much on here either nowadays) as my Lloyds cards were blocked. If so can you add and do the points track?

        • Red Flyer says:

          Yes I used in Spain via curve extensively last month and points posted no issues.

          • Dirtyneedlebluesky says:

            Great – thanks all for the confirmation. really useful to know and forgot to even try it when I visited NL recently. Will dig out the curve, dust it down and give it a whirl.

        • JohnTh says:

          Yes Curve fine provided you have already used BCard for some spend direct.

        • Rossd891 says:

          Works fine on Curve form me. Frequent traveler, never had an issue with it.

  • Jim says:

    Has anyone else had any issues with applying for the card? I’ve been refused but my credit is excellent.

    • Rob says:

      Please list the ways you think Barclays would make money if they accepted you.

      • Jonathan says:

        Just because you pay your balances off fully, doesn’t mean you’re a good customer to them, if you never missed a payment or paid a penny in interest on your credit card, what’s going to attract them to saying yes to you

        • Brian says:

          That’s completely fair but I’m not convinced that’s the reason. Probably just useless systems and IT, which given their history is more believable

      • dougzz99 says:

        Whilst I agree with you, in what way is the constant promotion of this via HfP not exactly what you’re pointing out. HfP audience typically affluent travel savvy points collectors. Isn’t that exactly the audience to cost Barclays money?

        • Rob says:

          HfP are well off and about 20 years younger at a guess than the average Barclays current account holder. Just don’t be too well off ….

          In 20 years Barclays will have no customers unless it moves aggressively, assuming all those 25 year old Monzo users stick with Monzo.

    • robkeane says:

      Jim, it appears the credit check is not solely about you having good credit, it is about ensuring that you don’t have a really great credit history such that you will never actually pay them any interest or fees. People have been trained by the credit scoring apps to assume that a great score means you are a shoe in for any card you apply for. The score isn’t used of course, but a high score may be an indicator that you may not be the customer that bclays is looking for.

      • Brian says:

        No idea if I’ll get rejected for this card once I apply, but I’ve always paid off my balance and I’ve got a good credit rating but I’ve never been rejected for ANY card ever.

        Not bothered if I do get rejected but £400 of money to spend in Argos would be nice!

      • Alan says:

        I have been paying all my cards off in full every month for at least 20yrs have excellent credit score and have never had an application rejected.

        I suspect this “too good to have our card” theory is an urban myth.

  • Emma says:

    Is it working for supplementary card holders too?

    • Andrew J says:

      Why wouldn’t it?

      • Emma says:

        I’ve been trying for ages to set it up but there’s no option to verify other than to call them and when I did they couldn’t do it from their end.

    • Geoff says:

      Yes but I cant remember how we set it up – I think it was from the main cardholder’s app.

  • Rob H not Rob says:

    I’m guessing the Hyatt Amex cashback offer of £100 off a £250 spend doesn’t work buying points?

  • Sam says:

    Is there a plan for the Barclaycard Avios Mastercard to become part of the Barclaycard cashback program?

  • Phil says:

    For Apple Pay you need to set it up in the app under cards and add to wallet. If you try add it directly in Apple Pay (the normal way) it won’t work and will request verification and a call which goes nowhere fast (trust me!)

    So as to the supp card holders I’m not sure as you need the app to essentially activate and not sure if they can login?

  • Alan says:

    Shame they still don’t support Google Pay and force you to use their inferior app implementation instead which stops you using other cards – really monopolistic (and a rubbish implementation!)

  • Philondon says:

    Why won’t they support Google Pay???

    This card really isn’t that great, still no statements in the app. I tried phoning and the automated voice told me to use Chat in the app. I did and the app says you don’t need to watch the screen as you get a notification when they reply. But you don’t if the app times out and logs you out.

    They really need more or better software engineers it seems, but then I hear there is a worldwide shortage!

    Anyway this is my backup card for when I can’t use Amex.

    Maybe someone wants to ask the Barclaycard boss at the HfP party about Google Pay as I’m not going to the party

    • Alan says:

      Good idea, Philondon – would be great if someone could (I won’t be there either). Their app quality is appalling – in addition to lack of promised notifications, chat also blocks predictions/autocorrect from your keyboard which makes typing much harder!

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