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  • Maples 260 posts

    What’s so attractive about the FX on the Gold card?

    You get 2 MR points per £1 spend abroad, so the 3% fee hurts less. I was using the card abroad and had no issues with this, and I’d rather get 2 points rather than 0.5% cashback from my NatWest Reward Black.

    JDB 4,895 posts

    @Cranzle – on the gold card you get 2x MR on FX spend and 3x on airline tickets in foreign currencies. You also get the extra 0.5 MR at each £5k threshold so this offsets a lot of the FX fee while giving you s75 protection something I consider valuable for hotel deposits and airline bookings in particular. My personal experience is also that with Amex, particularly in weirder currencies, I get a better exchange rate so the net net works out better than FX free cards.

    1967stuart2 15 posts

    Had the Amex Gold card for 18 months.

    Received 25k retention offer at the start of the second year so was happy to keep the card (even taking into account the annual fee). Just received a further 25k retention offer for spending £1k in 3 months which I am happy with.

    Will then see what they offer me at the end of my 2nd year

    TGLoyalty 816 posts

    Just received a further 25k retention offer for spending £1k in 3 months which I am happy with.

    Same here. Pretty Happy with that.

    Beats all the churning malarky

    CJD 81 posts

    How are people getting these offers? Are you calling or doing it through web chat?

    TGLoyalty 816 posts

    Yeah via chat I said I was looking at my options to reduce the fees I pay for Amex cards and cancelling gold was an option so was there anything that could offer to help add some value.

    Mainline421 5 posts

    Offered 12,000 points for £1k spending in 3 months via live chat. Not as high as I’d hoped

    Bob Smith 4 posts

    Have been offered 25k MR for £1k spending in 3 months. Thinking of taking it. Deliveroo non existent in my area. Any thoughts?

    degsy 156 posts

    Have been offered 25k MR for £1k spending in 3 months. Thinking of taking it. Deliveroo non existent in my area. Any thoughts?

    I think that’s about as good as it gets on gold. Personally I’d snap it up. An easy 25k with no commitment on your side. No major risk for you on fees, given pro-rata refunds are still in place

    JDB 4,895 posts

    Have been offered 25k MR for £1k spending in 3 months. Thinking of taking it. Deliveroo non existent in my area. Any thoughts?

    On the basis that Amex is offering you more than the annual fee in points for a very modest outlay which you might be able to enhance with an offer, it seems like a no brainer. Re Deliveroo, can you offer it to anyone else? We also don’t have Deliveroo anywhere near us, but my son uses it in London and there was previously something on here that enabled one to give it to charity.

    Bob Smith 4 posts

    Thanks; just signed up

    bungalow 180 posts

    12,000 for £1k over 3 months, asked them for more but was told it’s account specific. Better than nothing, renewal is up in 3 months anyway, appreciate the heads up.

    * how often can you get these offers?

    JonathanC 110 posts

    Does anyone have any experience of backlash on Amex’s part if you accept a retention offer, do the spend and then close the account as soon as you’ve been given the bonus points at all ?

    I’ve been offered 12k points for £1k in three months, but I should be able to do it within a month, then cancel the card as soon as the points credit, I’ve got VS+ card for until around February at the earliest when I might get rid of it, and I’m not redeeming my MR points immediately as I’ve also got the free MR card (ARCC)

    Maples 260 posts

    I think people do that but you’re risking it, I guess.

    I got the retention offer, then ended up buying a GPU and hit the requirement within a few days, then fancied the Platinum, so upgraded and have also got the 40K upgrade bonus. Hopefully I’m in the clear, as I was going to cancel (if there wasn’t a retention offer on the Gold) and then get the BAPP.

    TGLoyalty 816 posts

    You could be loyal for 25 years and get cancelled anyway so make hay while the sun shines.

    FYI hit the £1k spend already and 25k point duly posted a day later.

    CJD 81 posts

    Got offered fuck all when I cancelled today.

    Not too bothered as I genuinely wanted to cancel – I’m considering applying for the Barclaycard so I’ve got an Avios earning MasterCard so don’t want 3 cards I’m paying for and the perks aren’t worth the money to me, but I was a bit surprised not to be offered anything.

    Harrier25 913 posts

    😯 Language Timothy.

    LittleNick 157 posts

    My gold just coming up for renewal mid next month. Put through about £25k as I had maxed all the rewards as you go bonus, got offered 25k MR points if I spend £1k in next 3 months so accepted and will keep the card.

    mrd 26 posts

    I was offered 10k points if I spent £1k in 3 months. Oddly enough the 10k points are now in my account.

    Does that mean I don’t even need to spend the £1k anymore? I would have thought they’d credit my the points once I had become eligible.

    rum 276 posts

    Got offered 7k points for £1k spend in 3 months which I accepted. I’m in month 11 of the first free year so will review my options again going forward once I have collected my bonus points.

    FatherOfFour 288 posts

    Wife was offered MR12k for £1k spend. She took a better offer last summer and kept it for nearly a year since, enabling us to make use of the lounge passes and trigger our next 2 or 3 “rewards-as-you-go” bonuses. Now she has switched to the ARCC/Blue card via one phone call.

    Interesting DP- she tried doing via chat, and they asked her to call. Chat option vanished from her Amex account after that.

    Slowone 3 posts

    Just into month 11 of my first free year, asked via Chat & got offered 25k for 1k spend in next 3 months which I accepted! Thanks to this forum – I would never have thought to ask in a free year.

    TomNI 3 posts

    12k MR Points offered for £1k spend in three months.

    JDJB 6 posts

    I’m just into month 11 of my 1st free year, spent just over £20k on it and I only got offered 12k MR points this week via Chat. I took out the Platinum card earlier this year, which I’m not really spending on, so I suppose there is little incentive for AMEX to want me to keep the Gold card.

    Harrier25 913 posts

    I suppose there’s nothing like pure greed.

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