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  • drawn_that_way 20 posts

    I’m looking to take my 10 year old niece to Dublin from Edinburgh on a last minute trip to see Taylor Swift. However, her Mum has just informed me her passport has expired!

    I can’t get through to Aer Lingus, but from the website it looks like passports aren’t required for British citizens – only photographic ID. Does anyone know what photographic ID would be accepted for a child? Would an expired passport work? Alternatively she has a bus pass or I could look to get a citizen card ordered in time.

    Does anyone happen to know?

    A very stressed Auntie

    George K 311 posts

    Sorry to hear this. Here’s the list of acceptable photo ID on AerLingus. If she has a photo bus pass, that might do it.

    It doesn’t look like expired passports are accepted.

    JDB 4,854 posts

    @drawn_that_way if you look at the Aer Lingus web site, they do allow a bus pass. It would be advisable also to have a letter from a parent authorising you to travel with your niece, partly as an ID issue, but more as a safeguarding one.


    Johnie 20 posts

    Can’t miss TAS! If worst happens, there are multiple rail/coach services from Scotland to Belfast, then to Dublin. ID requirements generally less onerous, and could be quite an adventure for the wee one.

    Dublin tent encampments-related Garda ID checks increasingly frequent on border, but you shouldn’t experience any trouble accessing Common Travel Area.

    Do note possible Aer Lingus strike.

    Enjoy the gig when you get there – nonstop coaches run into the night and hotel availability will be a lot better in Belfast than Dublin, if that’s an issue.

    Random Punter 12 posts

    Sorry to be a downer, but there are two separate issues which you need to address here. Firstly Aer Lingus’s photo ID requirements – any photo ID should work for this (including photo bus pass). The bigger issue is that on arrival in Dublin you will pass through immigration, because Dublin airport does not separate international arrivals and arrivals from the UK. In theory at that point you do not need a passport if arriving from the UK; in practice you will need to be able to demonstrate that she is a British citizen who lives in the UK. I don’t know in practice how you do this without a passport. This isn’t an issue if flying to Belfast.

    As others have said, a better option may be to go to Belfast and cross the border by road or rail where you will be unlikely to encounter a CTA passport check (although there is still a risk). Otherwise, is there any way you could get her passport renewed in time?

    drawn_that_way 20 posts

    Thanks so much for all your help, everyone.

    I am looking into the Belfast and ferry route as sadly her bus pass doesn’t have a photo on it.

    She has a Young Scot card and I’m struggling to see if that would suffice. They are part of the government PASS system so i think it might work – but I can’t get through to the airline or the embassy to check.

    Johnie 20 posts

    As well as Citylink/Translink scheduled services from Edinburgh/Glasgow, operate daily.

    From Belfast to Dublin and reverse, as well as Translink/BusEireann there’s and Dublin (National) Express.

    Consider also trains: non-privatised has decent web only fares as well as pay at station.

    Also Stena Line has reasonable combined rail and sail tickets.

    Although Aer Lingus Regional is supposedly operating normally, mainline customer service will be heavily impacted by strike.

    Worse comes to the worst: there may be late Avios Reward Saver fares availability EDI etc to LHR to Dublin. Might be worth it for Taylor. Good luck and enjoy the show!

    John 1,095 posts

    The recently expired passport should suffice for proof of citizenship to Irish immigration, but not sure about the airline, especially when not travelling with parents

    masaccio 808 posts

    How about a PASS card which is 30 quid for a two day application? It’s not explicitly on the Aer Lingus ID list, but you could call to ask.

    NorthernLass 8,494 posts

    If you’re desperate, could mum travel with you? Children don’t need photo ID if travelling with their parent or guardian (I’m assuming this means legal guardian and not temporary as her aunty!)

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