Bits: £20 Pizza Express Amex cashback, more uses for Avios as Alaska buys Virgin America

A rather eclectic selection of pieces today as we spent yesterday in the air:

£20 Pizza Express cashback for all Amex-issued Amex cards

A few new American Express cashback deals have appeared – you can see what you have been targetted for by going to your online statement page for each card and clicking the ‘Offers’ tag.

The most useful one is £20 cashback on a £50 Pizza Express spend.  This is valid until the end of June, but you only get the cashback once per card.

It doesn’t even matter if you aren’t targetted for it.  This particular offer has crossed over to the Amex ‘cardmember offers’ website.  You can register any Amex-issued personal Amex card there irrespective of whether it shows on your statement page.

If you have a Lloyds, MBNA or Barclays Amex-branded card, you can register at the Amex Connect website.


BA partner Alaska Airlines buys Virgin America

Alaska Airlines announced yesterday that it is buying Virgin America, the US regional airline which operates primarily on the West Coast.

I reviewed Virgin America in late 2014 and was impressed.  Even their safety videos were a substantial improvement on the usual turgid fare.

Alaska Airlines is a partner with British Airways Executive Club.  I wrote in this article how you can use your Avios points to redeem for their flights.

It is not yet fully clear what will happen to the Virgin America brand but Alaska is hinting that it will disappear, even if some elements of the Virgin service and approach live on.  The Elevate loyalty scheme seems likely to go, to be replaced by Mileage Plan.

Once the airline is fully integrated, which is likely to take two years because of the regulatory approvals needed, you should be able to redeem Avios for ex-Virgin America routes.  Until then, you will still be able to redeem Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles for Virgin America flights.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Yeah I was thinking booze was the way. I tried to find their drinks menu yesterday to see how much the most expensive bottle of wine was, but they don’t seem to have drinks menu online

  2. don’t think ive ever seen a hfp report with quite so many comments on essentially a theme-chain restaurant! what happened to discussion of LPGS vs Krug? haha

    • Does Pizza Expess sell Krug?!

      • If you are in London you may have an offer for £25 off £50 at Mayfair Pizza Company. They sell Krug for £95 a bottle I believe. You could split the bill over two cards …..

        • thought I would double check that raffles for a laugh…and you are right! that is an incredible price, not sure how they can make money on that when I rarely see it RETAIL for less than 3 figures…tks for the tip! I might register for the offer for the wife and I and then just walk in there and see if we can buy a bottle, unopened, for £100, so effectively paying 50 pounds…cheapest bottle of krug ever purchased…will let you know how I get on!

        • Have that offer with Pizza Express too. Lots of pizza for me evidently. Don’t live in London but have saved the offer just in case…

        • The Mayfair Pizza Co offer is on Amex Connect, so anybody can (or could) register, regardless of location.

  3. OT – I am coming to (what I thought) was my first year of membership of Executive club, Which frustrated me because i am only 10 tier points from silver. However on closer inspection my BA app says Tier Point Collection Year Ends 8th April 2017.
    Why do I have OVER a year left??

  4. jonnyfive says:

    Most Pizza Express restaurants stock gift cards. They will just process this as a £50 transaction in store so don’t see why this wouldn’t work. Will test tomorrow.

    • I would be interested to know if the gift card purchase works in PE as I doubt my wife and I could consume £50 worth of food (less usual discount) especially as I don’t drink!

      • jonnyfive says:

        ok, tested this afternoon. Bought a £50 gift card in store at Baker St branch. AMEX email confirmation received 1 min later. 🙂

        • Genghis says:

          Thanks for head’s up. I did this today and email confirmation came as soon as I left the branch.

  5. Off topic, but Raffles said it would be OK to post it here.

    Looking for inspiration – I hope someone can help us. My wife and I would like to go to Las Vegas in September.

    We had been planning to use our flying club points to buy an economy ticket and upgrade to Premium both ways or upper class one way with virgin from LHR to LAX/LAS to make use of the UC lounge. However, the recent increase in points needed, and the fact we didn’t realise you can’t upgrade all economy fare tickets means we need to re-think.

    I’ve made a list of the points we have already. I think it’s fair to say our earnings potential between now and then are limited – maybe a few more avios points.

    Since looking around, we are thinking of using the Virgin points to get somewhere east coast USA (New York, Boston, maybe Chicago?) then use the avios or similar to get a domestic US reward flight.

    We normally fly economy so anything else would be a treat. We could then use the hotel points for a few nights as a stop off in America somewhere.

    We live in the midlands so travelling from Heathrow and back to Manchester/Birmingham via Ireland could also be an option.

    Would be interested in people’s thoughts and ideas. Thanks!

    BAEC 5k
    Avios 3k
    Emirates skywards 15k
    Virgin FC 30k each (60k ttl)

    Club Carlson 90k
    IHG 50k
    SPG 11k
    Heathrow Rewards 5k (convert to avios?)