EXCLUSIVE: New Terminal 5 Priority Pass landside lounge now open!

There is new lounge available at Heathrow Terminal 5 for holders of a Priority Pass or LoungeKey card.

It is the club lounge of the Sofitel hotel, Club Millesime, which is now open to the public.

Full details are on the Priority Pass website – search for ‘Heathrow’ in the drop down box.

Club Millesime Sofitel Heathrow

Here are the key points to note:

To enter the lounge, which is located on the ground floor of the hotel, you need to pick up an access card from the Guest Relations desk in the hotel lobby.  You cannot go straight in.

Whilst the lounge is open from 06.30 to 22.00, Priority Pass / LoungeKey access is only available between 07.00 and 21.30. 

You need to pay for any food orders from the a la carte menu, although the buffet food is free.

There is a limit of four guests per cardholder although that is unlikely to be a problem for 99.9% of people.

Shower facilities are available.

Children are welcome but anyone aged 2 or over counts as a ‘guest’ towards your allocation.

Smart casual dress is required.

There is no implication that you need to show a departing or arriving boarding pass – you certainly don’t need to show anything to access the Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge in Terminal 2.  This means that the lounge may also make a good waiting spot if you are meeting someone.  I also assume that, if you were a guest at the hotel in a non-club room, you could use this to get five hours of lounge access which is the maximum allowed.

Annoyingly, I will be passing through Heathrow four times this week but none of the timings allow me to try the lounge out.  If anyone wants to visit and report back on the process and what they found, I’d be keen to hear.

Club Millesime Sofitel Heathrow hotel 2

How do you get access?

The current options are:

Priority Passyou can buy one here for cash, or you can get two free Priority Pass cards, each of which allows one guest (so four people in total) by taking out an American Express Platinum charge card (review here).

LoungeKey – this is the MasterCard World Elite benefit scheme.  The new HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard (£195 fee) comes with a LoungeKey card.

Lounge Club – sorry, Club Millesime is not part of Lounge Club which is bad news for American Express Gold charge card holders

Dragonpass – the lounge is not showing as part of Dragonpass either.  However, Dragonpass cardholders can use the Regus Business Centre in the arrivals area of Terminal 5

Bits: 10% BA Diamond Club discount is back!, 30% off in the Accor Summer Sale
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  1. Hingeless says:

    Interesting, they used to serve drinks for 2 hours+ in the evening, does this mean they will have them all day now

    This lounge was always busy when I visited, I take it that it will be even busier now.

  2. I agree with Hingeless, in that the lounge has always been packed at peak (ie: free booze and food) times and I’ve struggled to find somewhere to sit.

    If they get even a handful of PP card users at those times i can’t see it being managable or sustainable.

  3. Does a gold card holder who’s supplementary to platinum card get their own priority pass?

    And OT: do I need to buy “car hire excess” or would that be covered under the Amex platinum?

    • If you are the first supp card holder and have a plat supp then you will get a PP.

    • Being a gold card holder yourself is irrelevant to any supplementary cards you may have under other people’s cards

    • Thanks Harrry, but what I meant is: do I need this excess insurance if I have booked with my Amex platinum or is the Amex insurance inclusive of car hire excess?

      • If you’ve got Amex Plat you don’t need to buy one of these policies. IIRC you don’t need to book on your Plat card either, you’re covered regardless.

      • If you have Amex Plat – you don’t need to pay with it – you don’t need any sort of insurance at all, Amex pays everything including any excess.

  4. Complimentary shower facilities and spa access

    Anybody been to their spa? Be nice to unwind if time permits before a long flight.

  5. Used this lounge a few times when staying in the hotel as Accor Plat.

    The ‘free’ food/drink offering in the evening was decent, as per the other comments I’m sure the buffet/alcohol were set times.

  6. Nick G says:

    Great a hotel that decent hotel that had a nice lounge is going to be ruined by marauding masses…..well done Sofitel

    • I can’t think there are going to be hordes of passengers sitting around in a landside lounge across the road from check in and security. It may be useful for the odd person whose transport arrangements get them to T5 multiple hours before their flight. But most would rather spend time in an airside lounge, with less distance to stagger to the plane.

  7. Phil G says:

    The lounge is poor compared to other offerings so the 20 minute walk then the queue at reception really isn’t worth the effort imo

  8. Another question re the Amex platinum card. Having had two different answers from Amex I thought I would ask on here. I will shortly be reapplying for the Amex platinum ( referral email request coming up rob ! ) I want the last date I need to make a payment on my first statement to be no earlier than 26th August. I am aware that charge cards have a quicker payment date requirement than normal cards, usually 14 days against 25 days. I also want to ensure that my priority passes arrive in time as I go on holiday on 5th August. So, based on the above when am I safe to apply for the card to ensure that I can pay the card off from 26th August onwards. Thanks

    • Not sure about payment dates, but you should have the PP within 10 days of applying. 2 weeks is definitely ok.

    • Go read the T&Cs of the card, I think you actually have a month to pay despite the “due date” which shows online. Others can confirm, as I usually pay as soon as I notice otherwise I forget (and I don’t always keep thousands lying around so a DD is not helpful).

    • if you email them after you get the card they will move payment day, PP card normally arrives before credit card

    • Failing getting the PP card beige you go you can You can put the PP app on your phone and show the card details via it. Call PP and they’ll tell you your account details so you can log into your PP account to activate it.

  9. I was in the lounge on Wed/Thurs, thanks to my Platinum status. I thought the food offering both in the evening and at breakfast was a bit limited, though adequate for my purposes. Drinks selection was fine – though I can’t comment on the alcohol, since I don’t drink it! For me, the major selling-point of the lounge was its quietness – there were several people in the evening, but it wasn’t crowded, despite it being the alcohol period, and I was the only one in the morning!

    As others have commented, I’m not sure it would be worth going out of one’s way to get to, however.

  10. Agree with others that hope the lounge will not be overrun with Priority Pass users. Have paid extra for a room with lounge access at the Sofitel in the past and have always enjoyed it but it can even now be difficult to find somewhere to sit.
    Even hotel guests have to pay £25 to access the spa area if no treatment is booked.
    Not happy that Sofitel have done this.
    Might have to get a Priority Pass myself for use when staying at the hotel and just book a standard room. Assume it could be used to gain entry to the lounge for up to 5 hours in the evening and then for up to 5 hours the next morning for breakfast?

    • Once a day should be ok, yes – can’t see why not.

    • I wonder if a lot of lounge access was given through free upgrades to platinum Accor I status Platinum Amex holders… And now that they’ve cancelled the free status for Accor, they’re seeing it as replacing the benefit to Plats in a way which raises some revenue (from the PP people)? In which case other top Accor hotels might do something similar (and Amex should encourage them to, to sweeten the Plat deal)

  11. Free breakfast every day if you live near T5???

  12. Should I assume that with the Platinum card Priority Pass I will need a boarding card for entry, at least at airport lounges. Or are they all past security?

    • Past security, yes. Before security (ie this one and Plaza Premium Arrivals in T2), no.

      I have used Plaza Premium before when I was at Heathrow for a meeting.

  13. Totally OT, but I figure headforpoints readers might know – is there a best place to buy Bose noise cancelling headsets (QC35)? They seem to be exactly the same price everywhere I look…

    • Jovanna says:

      They were under £200 in the Bose store at Ashford Designer Outlet last weekend but I can’t recall how much, off the top of my head and I could be getting confused with a similar pair. Give them a call – 01233 649800 or 01233 898470?

      • Robert says:

        Very much doubt the QC35 would have been so discounted considering they are brand new.

    • Amazon had a Bose deal on Prime Day last year so worth looking on Tuesday.

    • Thanks for the replies! :)

    • Amazon Prime this Tuesday – on offer last year with a big discount but they were for certain phones, not iPhone, which i think will relate to the compatibility of the inline volume control.

      I don’t need headphones, but will be looking out for the Johnie Walker Blue they had on sale last year!

    • Bose, like Apple keeps a firm grip on their retail prices, and retailers are not permitted to discount their products. This means the prices will be same wherever you buy them.

      The Bose outlet stores are a bit of a scam, most of what they sell is brand new at regular retail price, with a little bit of cheaper discontinued products.

  14. Are there any good offers on lounge access at LHR T5?
    I don’t have a PP or any other passes at present

    I was wondering if Barclays Travel Plus pack is any good.

    For £13.50 pm you receive:
    1. Worldwide Multi-Trip Family Travel Insurance for you and your family
    2, Access to more than 800 airport lounges worldwide (you get 6 passes per year)
    3. UK and European RAC Comprehensive Breakdown cover

    • No, for one simple reason. The only 3rd party lounge is the tiny Aspire one. That has a capacity of 40 (?) people. The chance of you getting in via a pass is relatively slim because pre-bookings get priority.

      Once the new 200 seat Plaza Premium lounge opens there will be a lot more flexibility.

      6 Dragonpass passes for (£13.50 x 12, assuming you don’t cancel) is a bad deal if you don’t need breakdown cover or travel insurance. Cheaper to pay as you go.

      Best value is to pay £800 in the next Qatar sale for an ex-Europe business class return to Asia, get 560 tier points and thus BA Silver, giving you T5 lounge access for you and a guest for up to 23 months!

    • This one is a favourite of Harry, I think he said you take out the account then cancel it later on but retain the lounge passes.

      • Not exactly – DP/ Barclays are now cute at cancelling any unused passes when you stop paying. Get round it by phoning DP as soon as you sign up for the Travel Pack, explain you’re travelling soon and need the passes right away. They’ll email you 6 passes, each with a unique code valid for 12 months.

  15. Has anyone used any lounge at Birmingham International via their PP card? I’ll be there in September.

    • I’ve used No 1 (not sure if it’s PP), it’s ok, very good Bloody Mary from the bar staff. A few bits of food to pick at, and one free food order with entry.

    • radiata says:

      I have a PP but entered the BHX No 1 courtesy of QR a week ago as flying in J. Informed at the door upon enquiry that PP holders were being turned away as lounge envisaged being filled to capacity that morning (presumably with airline and paid booking passengers).

      The Aspire Lounge at BHX – not visited on the day – said also to accept PP.

      • If you have one of the PP packages that includes 10 lounge entries valid for 12 months and you keep getting turned away and can’t use the passes, what can you do? I’d be a bit miffed in that case.

        • You can book/ reserve entry to No1 for £5 http://www.no1traveller.com/reservations

          • So you have to pay for the membership with inclusive passes *and* pay to reserve a place?

          • Can’t blame No1, they are not a charity.

            Incidentally, I posted a link to show how you can get PP memberships with a very nice discount (on the European sign up sites, if anybody is interested).

            I think the Premium package was about £200 instead of £259 – and similar savings on the other levels.

          • Exactly.

          • You don’t HAVE to, but you do if you want to guarantee entry with No 1.

            This is logical. They have x spots per hour. If they sell them all, they are full and there is nothing they can do when you turn up with your PP. If you want to guarantee a spot you pay £5.

            It seems reasonable to me. They can’t offer free reservations because you may not turn up and, once your spot is reserved, they will be turning down bookings from paying customers.

          • So who are you blaming? No1 or PP?

          • ‘The system! Keuh keuh!’

  16. Interesting move from Sofitel to offer this setup. Have used the lounge a few times when staying there as an Accor Plat – not bad for light nibbles and drinks but agree is generally busy. Can’t imagine there’ll be hordes of PP users though.

  17. I used the lounge on Monday as a Platinum Pass member as I had over eight hours to kill at T5 and thought I’d split my time between the Sofitel and the BA First lounge. Procedure is fine, the guest relations desk is near the front entrance from the road, they give you a room keycard to enter the lounge. They were going to escort me to the lounge, but as I had used it previously they let me find my own way.

    Shower is available in the Spa changing rooms in the floor below, you just have to tell them you’re a Priority Pass Lounge visitior and they’ll give you a key to a locker containing a towel etc. Two shower cubicles (in the gent’s area at least). Showers are OK, better than the BA moulded ones, but being a spa changing room there’s a lack of privacy should there be more than one person using the facility.

    No food when I arrived and the fridge containing beer was locked. Soft drinks, tea and coffee are readily available. They laid out afternoon tea with sandwiches, cakes and scones a little later. A staff member patrolled when the tea items had been laid out asking people for their room numbers but was happy enough to be told I was a Priority Pass visitor.

    Sorry, forgot to ask about WiFi usage as was using my own 4G connection.

  18. Has anyone entered this hotel lounge with Loungekey which is complimentary with Mastercard World Elite Black card,….I also have PP, but will be cancelling it in October on expiry, due to this new card which comes with all complimentary lounge visits. Just a mention that if you hold a Heathrow rewards card there is a fantastic discount on PP membership by using your points to join.

  19. Stayed at the Sofitel last night. This morning I used the lounge for breakfast, which is a decent subset of the Vivre buffet (quality was great, same as the restaurant, just a much more limited selection).

    Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, pastries, bread (4 varieties instead of the 10 you might get in the restaurant), variety of fruit, yoghurt, juice, coffee (machine with espresso, cappuccino, etc.), tea, bottled beverages, continental options (deli meats, salmon), and maybe a few more items.

    To get access, you show your priority pass at the guest services desk (the reception desk will direct you there). They scan your card, have you sign, and then give you a room key which will provide access to the lounge and spa.

    The lounge was very empty around 9am this morning (maybe 5 people in there at any given time).

    Overall a very nice experience.

  20. Andrew says:

    Ok. Can’t see them on Selfridges and rate is low at the moment anyway… (Currently 8 Avios / £, think it was 16 or higher when I got my Shure headphones)

    Bose is only 6 Avios / £ which is better than nothing if you need them now.


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