Where can you fly on BA from T3 to visit the new Qantas and Cathay Pacific lounges?

With the opening of the new Qantas lounge in Heathrow Terminal 3 this week, which we covered here and here, and the Cathay Pacific lounge which we covered here, T3 is now the place to be if you want to relax in style before a British Airways flight.

As well as the amazing Qantas and Cathay Pacific lounges, you can also visit the T3 American Airlines and British Airways Galleries lounges.  These are both perfectly acceptable but not in the same league as the others.  If you have a Priority Pass card, there are also two excellent independent lounges – Club Aspire (reviewed here) and No 1 Lounge (reviewed here).

If you thinking about weekend break destinations for the new year, you might want to put a British Airways Terminal 3 route on your list.

Remember that you need to be travelling in Club Europe / Club World to access the lounges, or have a British Airways Silver card or above, or oneworld equivalent.  You will need a BA Gold card or equivalent to access the First Class private dining section of the Cathay lounge.

You should also note that the Qantas lounge is only open from 8am to 8.30pm so it is not an option for very early or late evening flights.

Which BA routes operate from Terminal 3?

I couldn’t find an official list anywhere.  I had to resort to the old fashioned method of crawling through the arrivals and departures boards online.  If I missed any then I will update it during the day as your comments come in.

This list only covers BA flights.  A business class flight on any other oneworld airline would also work.  A very attractive option would be the handful of Finnair‘s Helsinki flights which use the new A350 long-haul aircraft which I reviewed here.  Book yourself in Business Class, for cash or Avios, and you can check out the new Terminal 3 lounges and then fly to Helsinki on a flat bed!

This is where I think we are with British Airways departures from Heathrow Terminal 3:

Short-haul and mid-haul:

  • Accra
  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao
  • Budapest
  • Chania (Summer only)
  • Gibraltar
  • Helsinki
  • Lisbon
  • Luxembourg
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Palermo
  • Prague
  • Pula (Summer only)
  • Vienna
  • Warsaw


  • Cape Town
  • Denver
  • Las Vegas
  • Miami
  • Nairobi
  • Phoenix
  • Vancouver
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  1. …….. I never understood why an advantage of EU membership was that we couldn’t buy booze airside (at any price) for our EU trips. Perhaps when we leave we might be permitted to buy booze again? 🙂

    • the real harry1 says:

      does not compute

      you CAN buy booze airside for EU/ EEA trips

      some DF retailers have various lines of stock that are only on sale to travellers flying outside the EU/ EEA if that is what you mean – but they also have plenty of lines that are on sale to all

      true, the lines of stock only available to non-EU/ EEA flights are usually better value, presumably because they don’t include VAT & excise duty (which the other ‘available to all’ items include for intra-EU/ EEA items, so they’re not actually duty free)

    • Perhaps you’re confused because no-one has ever said thats an advantage of EU membership? Even ignoring Harry’s point that your statement isn’t true!

  2. Accra is long haul

    • I’d call it mid-haul purely because they normally use a short-haul Airbus plane on it, one of the ex-BMI ones.

      • You mean the flight that has been a 747 for the last 20+ years? And is sold out in all cabins on a super hi-j? logic

      • Are you confusing Accra and Amman? Ghana has NEVER been served with a A321. They wouldn’t fit the hand baggage on it!!

        • Also there are no A321s operating (on BA) out of T3. At all. To anywhere. It’s exclusively 747/A320 (and soon to include the first neos)

  3. Thanks Harry …. I never new that. Only “you can’t buy here for EU” stuff. That is welcome news. Thanks.

    • the real harry1 says:

      yep & did you know that it is BA policy to let you bring a bottle of wine on board and drink a few glasses at your seat – they’ll even give you a nice clean glass

      for some reason they don’t like you swigging whisky

      • Yes! That was the only way I could make the trip to SYD via SIN in the last row of Y passable in May this year.

  4. “the AA lounge is acceptable but not in the same league”. What tosh, pretentious comment.
    The CX lounge is all show and now substance. Have you ever been to the AA Flagship Lounge? Greeted with Champagne, sweeties galore, and friendly staff. The Lamb I had there I would have been happy to be served at any restaurant. Loads of quiet spaces and constant attention by the staff asking if they can get you anything.

  5. Thanks Harry,

    Know I didn’t know that. I’m hoping that BA just keep some fizz going tommorow and I’m just hoping to get some Armagnac or cheap brandy in the T3 shop to stop the suite mini-bar saying “drink me, drink me” ….. 🙂

  6. OT as no bits. I’ve just gone on to my BA account to transfer some points from Iberia and it says I can’t combine avios with Iberia anymore. Any one know anything about this? Thanks.

    • the real harry1 says:

      oldie but a goldie

      go to avios.com and ‘pull’ them over from IB

      then shift to BAEC

      • I’m getting this:

        ‘Conditions of Use

        Effective from 13 October 2017

        What’s changed?

        Avios Group (AGL) Limited’s membership with ABTA has changed which has resulted in a change to the Terms and Conditions under Spending Avios on Hotel, Car Rental and Experiences.

        Previous changes as of 10 July 2017

        We would like to make you aware of some changes that we have made to our Conditions of Use. We have increased the number of Avios that Members can purchase or receive from other Members from 35,000 to 100,000 per calendar year and added that although we aim for the transfer to be immediate, this can sometimes take longer. In addition to this, we have removed the ‘Combine my Avios/Destinations miles’ section from the Conditions of Use because Destination miles which were part of Diamond Club no longer exists. Finally, we have made a number of minor corrections and additions to make our Conditions of Use clearer and easier to use.

        Unless otherwise stated in these Executive Club Conditions of Use (“Conditions of Use”), capitalised terms are as defined in the Executive Club Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), which are incorporated herein.’

        • the real harry1 says:

          no need to over-complicate it

          getting IB points into BAEC has always been flaky, so use avios.com instead as intermediary

          btw instant auto-conversion of (small/ any) Accorhotel points into IB still going strong, got success emails

    • Thanks Harry. I can’t get into any of the accounts now as too many login attempts so waiting tomorrow and get cust services to sort. It’s the full moon’s fault… 😉

      Good result on the Accorhotel points!

      • Cate, name address and emails need to match now – I had this a few weeks ago and once they all matched I was able to pull from Iberia to Avios then transfer to BAEC

        • Thanks Liz. I’ve checked everything I can but can’t get into Iberia’s website. I’m going to try tomorrow and if I still can’t get in will give them a call. I’ve always found Iberia’s website very tiresome for doing anything other than book.

  7. The flip side of this topic is that if you are BA Gold, which means you can use the First Wing check-in and the First class BA lounge at T-5, even if you are flying on a cheap economy ticket, and then you discover that your flight is from T3, you can at least salvage something.

  8. OT: No sign of hornets or Genghis today.
    #RewardsPoints 160 feet is the answer.
    Marriott rewards twitter for a free 1000 points.

    • As no bits was in the Virgin thread – I believe mark2 was first across the line today 😛

      • Thanks, had a look and couldn’t find it, had to find the answer myself! – found it now hidden in the middle of the thread!

        • Haha yep, I was just catching up on HfP backlog today so came across it. On Twitter you can at least see what other folk have successfully replied with to make sure you’ve got the right answer 😀 No confirmation back from them yet (slower than normal), but am sure will post fine – very nice getting these weekly!

        • Was looking for next reward opportunity, and these NFL points are adding up so prompted me to look at Marriott.

          Came across Weligama Marriott in Sri Lanka. 15,000 points per night, cash value around £150 per night.

          Quite a new hotel – 60,000 points for 5 nights seems a steal. Anyone been or planning a trip?

  9. Lots of BA Routes to the Caribbean also fly from T3 – Kingston, Bridgetown etc

  10. Thanks again Harry. The EU booze has a blue label on it. The Qantas lounge is a real step up although it is an extremely sparse buffet at the moment.

  11. ahibbitt says:

    Does having a BA F ticket allow you to access Cathay’s First dining, or does it need that Gold BAEC card?

  12. Thank you HFP for the heads up about LHR T3 lounges, which coincidentally, I fly from today. I disagree with the apparent obvious differences you see between Cathay first, and BA first, although my wife disagrees with me! I much prefer the BA lounge. A lot more room, food choice and more refined. Not always fair to bash BA.

  13. Full lists are available on posters on Piccadilly Line tube stations. This one is from Green Park

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