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Earn bonus Avios …. at Sainsbury’s!

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Yes, that’s right.  Sainsbury’s!

For those with very long memories, Sainsbury’s used to award BA Miles and Air Miles before the contract switched to Tesco in 2002.  You may have had one of these in your pocket a long time ago:

Anyway ….

American Express has launched a new promotion offering double Membership Rewards points until December 31st when you shop at Sainsbury’s!  Assuming you convert your MR points to Avios points, you will be receiving 2 per £1 spent instead of the usual 1 per £1.

You need to hold an American Express Platinum, Preferred Rewards Gold or Green charge card.  You can also take part if you have a Platinum Cashback Amex, with which you will earn double cashback.  There is nothing for BA, Nectar, SPG, Costco or Harrods Amex cardholders, unfortunately.

You MUST register for this promotion, by visiting this website.

The rules say that the bonus Membership Rewards points will post within 8 weeks of the transaction, so you may not receive the last of them until the end of February.

The rules also state that you must have had your card for 100 days when you register.  This is a very odd rule and one that has been cropping up recently in Amex promotions.  I have no idea what the point of it is, to be honest.

Spending at Sainsbury’s petrol stations does not count.

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Comments (14)

  • pazza2000 says:

    I agree that this new ‘held the card for 100 days’ rule is a silly one. I have held my MR for sub -100 days however have registered anyway to see if it is upheld.

  • gnarly says:

    Slightly more useful than the shop small promotion for those of us in the regions.

    Do you know if registering the main card also activates supplementary (e.g. spouse) cards?

    • Raffles says:

      Not sure, but on ‘small shops’ you had to register each card separately

    • ups says:

      It doesn’t – on the thank you page, it has this:

      “Please note that this registered Cardnumber is the only Card that can receive the offer. Any other eligible Cards (including those linked to the same account) must be registered separately.”

  • Zoe B says:

    I suppose you could buy a Sainsbury’s gift card instore then use the gift card to buy fuel…

  • Cliff says:

    Well for those in the first year of Amex Gold membership , this promo means the earning rate is three MR’s per pound spend

    • Trevor says:

      I have the platinum card, also sub 100 days (a rule imposed probably to stop us card churners benefiting any more than we do), but since I already earn 1.5 MR and 1CC = 3.9 avios per £1 spent at tesco on a normal day, I am hardly upset since I wouldn’t take advantage of this anyway.

  • flyoff says:

    Raffles if you look at the following link which has the Sainsbury and additional offer the wording is you get an additional Avios and the Amex cards aren’t restricted. The terms contradict the Sainsbury sign up page.
    I have asked Amex to clarify what the terms are.

    The Christmas Campaign also includes Carphone Warehouse,, House of Fraser and Nike and Argos. The Argos one may combine with the £5 off £20 Amex Foursquare deal. Remember Argos sell other stores gift cards so it is a good way of getting 25% discount in other store and potentially additional Avios.

    • Raffles says:

      Thanks. The 20 per cent discount on HMV gift vouchers is great for anyone who wants an ipad or similar for Christmas. It is almost impossible to get these discounted otherwise.

      Frankly, if you want to churn a few £k on your card, you could do worse than buying discounted HMV gift cards, buying ipads and ebaying them. You should make a profit.

      Or just sell the gift voucher …

      Nice Virgin deal as well, will do a quick post on that tomorrow.

  • momomo says:

    Also, for anyone in central London over the weekend:

    £25 off your first (single transaction) £50 spend in (one of) a selection of shops in the West End.

    The offer is for a “one-time only £25 statement credit”, i.e. it is not available in each of the 400+ stores listed, despite what some of the wording in the main offer suggests.

  • Raffles says:

    There is also £10 back when you spend £10 at Gap

  • Roger says:

    Combine the Foursquare offer with the up to 20% off Selfridges offer, spend £60+ on a qualifying Selfridges purchase on 24 November, pay £50+ and get a £25 credit. Make sure the Selfridges purchase is first if you’re on a shopping binge.

    It’s almost worth travelling to the West End to see whether that works.