Happy days! Amex Shop Small is back – get £5 for every £10 purchase in July

American Express is bringing back its ‘Shop Small’ promotion this July.  And this means a potential £50 for every American Express card you hold!

Lloyds TSB and MBNA Amex cards are included as well, so this could be a very generous deal for some people.

Shop Small

If you missed ‘Shop Small’ last year, it is a very simple idea.  American Express produces a huge list of small, mainly independent, shops up and down the country which accept Amex.  There is a website listing all the shops and many also have a blue ‘Shop Small’ logo in their window.

When you spend £10 or more in a ‘Shop Small’ during July, you will receive a £5 credit from American Express on your statement!

This time, American Express has put a cap in place.  This should stop some of crazier stuff that went on last year where people managed to do literally hundreds of transactions.   They are also insisting that you spend £10 to get £5 back, rather than the £5 to get £5 back they offered in 2012.

You are now restricted to 10 transactions per card account (supplementary cards do not get their own 10 transactions, I think – but this is to be confirmed).  Each transaction must be in a different shop – but, of course, you can visit the same shop using different Amex accounts.  Online transactions do NOT count.

How to get started

The first thing to do is to register all of your American Express, Lloyds TSB Amex and MBNA Amex cards at the ‘Shop Small’ website.  (Corporate cards and pre-paid cards cannot take part.)

The second thing to do is to look at the list of participating shops and working out how best to use them.  Don’t forget that a lot of pubs are taking part as well!

Happy hunting!

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  1. Trevor says:

    The Merchant offer terms state:

    5. The £5 statement credit does not count toward any rewards associated with your Card. This means that if you spend £15, any rewards points will be calculated on a net transaction of £10.

    Last time round and for the Foursquare Amex promotions, we know that MBNA cards didn’t subtract points for refunds – hopefully that will still be the case.


    a. Registration. Eligible Cardmembers must register an Eligible Card for the Programme Offer on this Registration Page. You may register only one Eligible Card for the Programme Offer.

    Only 1 card may be registered? I don’t recall this stipulation last time (and if it was made, it certainly didn’t make any difference to many of us using multiple registered cards), though may well have missed it (took me a while to find it again now to copy/paste here). Has anyone had any issues registering more than 1 card per name? With same name/email, it would be very easy to track.

    It’ll be interesting to see by the end of next week just what happens with supp cards and multiple card registrations. Of course supp cards may well work as before, but with the 10 statement credit limit imposed this time, we won’t know the extend of the limitation until someone has done more than 10 transactions between primary and supp cards on any one account.

  2. Andrea H says:

    Has anyone had problems registering Lloyds Amex for small shops? I have and this afternoon I spent an hour going round in circles until i spoke to someone on this Lloyds number and they said that they would manually input my card number. 0845 606 2177

    I have yet to receive the confirmation email but I will call again Monday if it does not arrive.

  3. Not one shop in Northern Ireland.

  4. Singing Dwarf says:

    I emailed Amex to clarify whether supplementary cardholders were included in the offer – a radical step, don’t you think!?! I receieved a response withing four hours, stating:

    “I would like to inform you that the Supplementary Cards and other basic Cards are also eligible for the Shop Small Offer.

    However, every Card needs to be enrolled in Shop Small offer separately. Also, if you have made a charge at particular merchant, your other Card will still be eligible for the credit of £5 if you make the charge at the same merchant.

    This means; if 5 different Cards are enrolled in Shop Small offer, those Cards can be used at the same 10 merchant or 10 different merchants.

    If you use two different Cards which are enrolled in Shop Small offer to make a purchase at participating merchant, you will be eligible for two credits of £5 each.”

    I hope that makes sense and removes some of the ambiguity for you all!

    • It is certainly a radical step if you start trusting Amex phone reps to be right!

      • Singing Dwarf says:

        Maybe, but I have it in writing from Amex via their secure messaging that supplementary cards are included within the promo.

        If they dont get the statement credit, I’ll kick up a fuss, citing the confirmation in writing that they are.

        I’ve always had brilliant customer service from Amex in the past and have no reason to doubt the response I received.

  5. Clive J says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. I made £45 last year and hoping to do better this year with two cards. Plenty of opportunities for me, both in my home town and where I work. They must have done some updates to the list as there is a pub listed that wasn’t even open last time.

  6. David M says:

    Worth noting that the D&D Restaurant Group are running a spend £50 get £10 off via FourSquare during July. All restaurants appear to be present!

  7. I live in the centre of Brighton and there are about 100 shops participating on my doorstep – including many many pubs….

  8. oliuk says:

    Has anybody rolled into a restaurant and asked them to split the bill in £10 chunks over multiple cards? Bit cheeky but will make for a half price meal if they will do it…

    • Trevor says:

      I did this in November and of course charged just £5 per card for an almost free night out! Stupidly, I forgot to split payment last night.

      More importantly, has anyone registered more than 1 card in their name (T&Cs state 1 card per person) and supp cards and seen the results on their statement yet?

      • I’ve done this on different cards in the same name and it works and shows on the statements. Not tried a supp yet. Paid last November on 12 cards at the local Indian. Took absolutely ages on the card reader. Went next door to the wine bar at gone 11pm and had a session at the bar only to find their card machine was stuck on summer time and it was the last night of November so my generosity at the bar bit me there. £10 minimum Amex spend at that one too. I laughed very hard when I checked the CC stubs in the morning!

  9. flyforfun says:

    Tried to use this at a restaurant I’ve regularly been using Amex at until earlier this year when I got my 2-4-1 voucher and switched to my MBNA BMI classic to get 2 points per £. It appears since they did a refurb and swapped banks to the new Metro bank they no longer accept Amex.

    To let Amex know do you just contact them on the number on the back of the card and mention the promo or is there a special number to call?

  10. Ben E says:

    Bump on this one… does anyone know the best way to contact amex about shops that are on this list but don’t take Amex? Want some kind of money back now, after going to a place on saturday and not being able to use my wad of amex cards