Is the Tesco ‘Avios conversion’ competition worth it?

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Tesco is running another competition this quarter for people who convert their Clubcard vouchers to Avios.

This competition is targeted, and if you have not received an email about it then you are not pre-qualified to enter.

Basically, if you convert £10 of Clubcard voucher to 2,400 Avios points by 31st August, you will be entered into a competition.  There are 50 prizes, each of 10,000 Avios.

Avios competition

Now, the key thing to note here is that the transfer needs to be to, not to British Airways Executive Club.  You can move your Avios across to BA later using ‘Combine My Avios’ but the initial transfer must be to

So, is this worth a go?

I have two takes on this.

If you were planning to transfer your Clubcard vouchers to BA, you have nothing to lose by sending them to instead and moving them to BA.  You might be a winner!

If you were planning to save your Clubcard vouchers for a 50% ‘Clubcard to Avios’ conversion bonus, then I wouldn’t bother.

Let’s assume you value Avios at 1p each.  By converting £10 of vouchers to 2,400 Avios, you are losing a potential £12 if a 50% conversion bonus comes along soon.  Using the same valuation, the prize of 10,000 Avios is only worth £100.

You are effectively giving up £12 for a chance to win £100 (assuming that there IS another conversion bonus at some point) and I don’t consider this a good deal.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. DANIEL says:

    Any future conversion bonus is pure supposition…the initial bonus last year may well have been simply a ‘launch bonus’ in the first year and also something to smooth over the avios debacle (taxes now payable).. people have short memories! I have plenty of clubcard and am holding on..but there really is no promise of any bonus..just my glass half empties pennies worth!

    • squillion says:

      Not suggesting you have a short memory but ISTR there have been 2 bonus conversion promos in a little over 2 years!

      Which makes it more likely there’ll be a 3rd somewhere over the horizon and heading our way.


      • I can confirm that there were 2 conversion bonuses. The first was in February 2012 and the second was in August 2013. Prior to that there were further conversion bonuses into the Airmiles scheme. If there is another conversion bonus there is no reason to suggest they will use a 12 monthly internal. I was personally hoping that there would be another one around now so I can cash in my boat-load of CC points but alas it doesn’t appear so.

        Incidentally I tweeted both Avios and Tesco earlier this week to ask them when/if there would be another conversion bonus but both are remaining tight-lipped:
        TESCO – I am sorry, we do not have any information on when/if this will happen again, however if this becomes available again we will be sure to let our customers know 🙂
        AVIOS – Tesco have different offers throughout the year, keep checking our website for updates of any new Tesco offers.Thanks, Laura M

  2. squillion says:

    I got this email.

    Probably completely unfounded but have a tiny little worry that when the next bonus conversion promo comes along, it might exclude people who have converted Tesco clubcard points to Avios in (say) the last 12 months.

    Of course that would be very unfair so not at all likely. Maybe a 1 in 100 chance?

    Possible though if Avios wants 100% new sign-ups and to reduce the cost of the promo.

    But given that the chance of winning £100 is so low, when I compare the upside (perhaps 0.05% winning chance ie 1 in 5,000) to the downside risk (which I put at 1%)…I’m keeping clear 😉

  3. GlennM says:

    Hi all,

    This is valid to all, as the BA Exec offers is also running the same competition at their end. The odds of winning are pretty poor.

    Did anyone get the BA Avios photo competition email?

  4. photo competition can be found here: (maybe worth a post?)

    • squillion says:

      Given the short duration (1 week) and the limited ‘noise’ around the photo comp – plus the fact that it’s quite difficult to imagine most of us have an appropriate photo kicking around – I guess the chances of winning this one are pretty good.

      Provided you have that photo! 😉

      I guess you could fake something with a glass of bubbly, scoffing a plate of tasty looking food or just happy person jetting away free on Avios? Having run comps like this in the past, you need to get people interest & feelgood factor into your pic to stand a decent chance of winning.

      • squillion says:

        •The photo must be of an object or a scene and not a person, and must not prominently feature any third party brands

        Egg on face re: people interest 😉

        This makes it easier, I guess.

    • I was going to give it a miss, to be honest. BA has emailed everyone about it and the closing date is short so you have no chance to take a picture unless you have a boarding pass knocking about at home!

  5. Yeah highl unlikely that would run a targetted one when baec is running an identical draw for very one.

  6. James67 says:

    This is second time I have seen such a competition since starting to collect cc points for avios but so far no conversion bonus that everybody is waiting for. Could it be that bonus is now dead in favour of these competitions whereby tesco can maintain control of their points liability rather than uncertainty of exposure to folks like us tranferring huge amounts only during a bonus period? I am still holding out for a bonus but concerned I will miss out on any forthcoming BA redemption sale by doing so.

    • GlennM says:

      Not at all, Tesco only recently did a conversion bonus to Virgin. I agree that its been a while for Avios, especially as the last big one was launched around end of July last year – so it seems timely for another one to come along. If there is none by the end of August/mid-September, I’d suggest thinking alternative points usage or the standard conversion. But all depends on your needs (e.g. any upcoming flights etc.).

  7. squillion says:

    I would think Tesco themselves are pretty keen on the bonus conversion promo – nice bit of excitement to keep the clubcard scheme fresh & relevant.

    But it will come down to whether the owners of Avios want to pay extra or not to recruit new members and keep Avios top of mind as a reward scheme.

    I bet the extra cost of the promo is largely financed by Avios, not Tesco.

  8. squillion says:

    Thank you for submitting your photo. We will be in touch soon to let you know whether you’ll be rewarded with 20,000 Avios.

    Heh heh! 😉

    Wish me luck! Not too difficult when you realise they don’t actually want people in the picture.

    • whitenoise says:

      Well at least you could upload a photo! I tried about three different browsers and two computers, and I every time I clicked on ‘choose photo’ nothing would happen! If I could actually enter, can you submit more than one photo?

      • squillion says:

        It was a bit slow but I guess that was when it was uploading the photo (mine was about 2MB).

        First time round it was slower & bounced the application back at me – I’s mistakenly thought it was max 140 words and not 140 characters 😉 .

        When I cut it down and resubmitted, it took about 10-15 seconds or so.

        Just standard Internet Explorer 10.

        Photo was PNG file.

  9. richie says:

    if you are sitting on a lage amount of clubcard points (spit between 2 accouts, although linked in baec in a household.) of say £700 it can mean the difference between 170k avios and 250k. with the latter being a double business return to hkg.
    my long term plan is to not use any avios for redemption this year as im flying a lot and will achieve silver . (all eco class) so next year i will reap the free lounge access . and then the year after i will hopefully have 500k of avios to use. im thinking round the world via berlin , abu dhabi, phuket, hong kong, sydney, brazil, new york london.
    im guessing they dont expire … or do they?

    • They expire if you don’t earn or spend any for 3 years

    • Your Avios expire after 36 months of total inactivity. So if you collect a single avios point every 36 months your account will stay open.

      • squillion says:

        Indefensible to let any expire these days – just buy something through the BA Store.

        I see John Lewis is offering 4 Avios per £1 at the mo.

  10. squillion says:

    Raffles: could I get your help on something, please? Remember our exchange where we concluded it was impossible to change Virgin Airmiles into Avios? (Which I accept is probably right.)

    Could you maybe do a post where you throw down the challenge of converting Virgin Airmiles into Avios or some more useful currency? You now have a pretty healthy readership 😉 and maybe some bright spark will come up with the goods.

    If you remember, I have about 100K Virgin Airmiles which I’ve kept alive for about 15 years but I really only want Avios for European flights (ie not hotel nights or wine etc).

    I’m hoping I won’t have to wait another 15 years before I can use them! 😉

    • 1. Send them over to Hilton HHonors and use them for hotels. You get 200,000 Hilton points. If used wisely, even after the Hilton devaluation, you will get as much £ value from them as you would from 100,000 Flying Club miles.

      2. Send them over to Hilton and convert to Avios. You would only get 20,000 Avios though.

      3. Send them over to IHG Rewards Club and convert to Avios. 100k VS = 100k IHG (2 nights in InterCon Times Square for eg, although in general this is a bad exchange rate) gets you, again, 20,000 Avios.

      4. Find someone and negotiate a trade. You book them a 100k Upper Class redemption, they book you 100k of Avios flights in return. This would be fiddly if you wanted 11 9k RFS Avios redemptions spread out over a year, though.

    • There are limited ways ‘out’ of Virgin. The best is to convert to Hilton (1:2) which will give you 200k HHonors points. HHonors to Avios is 10:1, so you will end up with 20,000 avios from your 100,000 Virgin miles.

      • squillion says:

        Cheers Raffles & Nux – that’s a great link, Nux.

        I think I’ll hang on a bit as you never know what’s around the corner with affiliations I guess.

        My own kids will be old enough to fly off on hols to USA etc in 10 years’ time – or maybe Virgin/ Virgin Red will set up some European partnership.

  11. Trevor says:

    I agree this comp isn’t worth the worry. Between myself, Mrs and Miss, I run 3 Clubcard/Avios accounts. If I were to enter the comp with all 3 accounts to increase my chances of winning, when comparing to a 50% conversion bonus, I am losing “£36”, and since the T&Cs say each household account or address can only win once, at most I’d get back “£100”, but this is only a net “£64”, so not worth it at all.

    Another way of looking at it is also to consider that it’s costing you £12 to enter – you may as well visit a casino if you are willing to pay for such bad odds.

  12. I’ve had to convert this morning because I’m short of points for a booking. I was expecting the conversion to BA to be instant, anybody any idea how long it takes ?