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Earn 390 Avios, for free, with Facebook app Avios Suitcase

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(EDIT, January 2014 – since this post was written, the scheme has been devalued.  You can now only earn roughly 150 Avios from it.  The points now post within 48 hours, not necessarily overnight.) has launched a Facebook app called Avios Suitcase.  This is currently in beta mode, ahead of a wider roll out.  However, anyone can join – and there are 390 Avios to be collected for free if you do.

First, you need to search for ‘Avios Suitcase’ in the Facebook search bar.  You will then be invited to install an app.  Note the warning:

Avios Suitcase will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, email address, News Feed, birthday, status updates and likes.

Avios Suitcase

What is Avios Suitcase?

It is probably best if I quote from the site:

Avios suitcase is a new innovation we are trialling where you can collect Avios for your everyday actions in social media. You can play for fun or link your Avios Travel Rewards Programme account to start building a balance you can spend on flights. You could be sharing links, watching videos, checking into places where you collect Avios or even getting friends on board. Check in regularly as we challenge you to complete tasks, collect stickers and watch as your Avios suitcase balance grows.

How does it work?

It’s not fully clear to me yet, to be honest!

However, I do know that, simply by ‘unlocking my suitcase’ (ie clicking a button) I earned 100 Avios points!

I then linked my account number to Avios Suitcase.  That earned me another 150 Avios!

I then ‘liked’ the Avios Facebook page.  That got me another 20 Avios.

I then had 270 Avios which theoretically would go across at the end of the month.  However, in reality they went across overnight!  I joined on Monday and I got the Avios overnight on Monday.

You can, I believe, get up to 390 Avios by sharing certain things to your wall to earn two other ‘badges’ but I didn’t do that.

It is not yet clear what the big plan is for Avios Suitcase.  However, you might as well join up and give it a go.  Once you’ve banked your Avios, you can easily delete the app from Facebook.

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Comments (89)

  • Frank says:

    i used the Avios UK and SA page and this morning 660 Avios were posted in my account 🙂 I immediately moved them to my BAEC account, thanks raffles !

    “You moved 660 Avios from Avios to British Airways.”

    • Alan says:

      Ditto, 670 Avios transferred overnight – interesting that each individual sticker is listed separately. Nice haul for a few minutes work. Looks like it might be a monthly thing too?

  • Graeme says:

    340 transferred overnight for the UK one, so I did the SA one this morning as well. I’ve now got 340 sitting in there as well, having linked my Twitter account and then immediately ‘unfollowing’ as I’m not having them post on my behalf.

    Fingers crossed it’ll still work!

  • Ian says:

    Wow…. Managed to do the Avios UK and the SA on my account and then did my wife account yesterday and this morning our Avios accounts are showing that i collected 1310 Avios – Not bad although it was hard getting all of them after a few go !…. Cheers Raffles

  • MattBennion says:

    Seems the SA Avios Suitcase paid out also!
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 550 50
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 545 20
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 544 20
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 539 150
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 535 100
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 455 20
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 467 150
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 2816 50
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 454 100
    17/10/2013 AVIOS SUITCASE AWARD 481 20

  • Scott says:

    Easy points. Thanks for the comments all. It made it easier.

  • danksy says:

    i wonder if folks who haven’t got an IB Plus activated account, can use this??

  • Mark says:

    Easy peasy…thanks Raffles and to everyone else for that matter.

  • signol says:

    700 Avios easily for me, thanks Raffles! Both UK and SA done. And good for when we visit the in-laws in Durban!