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200 bonus Clubcard points (480 Avios) with Now 87 and 50 points on Finest wine

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It isn’t a life changing deal by any means, but if you need a gift for a teenager then it might work for you.

Tesco is offering 200 bonus Clubcard points when you pre-order Now That’s What I Call Music 87.

Now 87

The CD is £13 so it isn’t worth buying purely for the points, unless you are a super-keen ebayer.  The album isn’t out until 7th April, so bear that in mind if you are buying it as a gift.

Tesco has pulled back from cashback sites in recent months and now offers nothing or next to nothing on most purchases.  However, you will still find it in the various airline estores, include BA’s Gate 365.

The offer runs until April 6th.

Separately, I saw a couple of mentions yesterday about 50 bonus points when you buy a bottle of Finest wine. I have not been able to verify this – it is not on supermarketspecialoffers and it is not showing for online grocery deliveries. Perhaps it is not nationwide? You may want to have a look if in Tesco today.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Frenske says:

    Slow news day??? 😀 I wouldn’t buy the CD even if it was for free.

  2. Sandgrounder says:

    There haven’t been any decent bonus point offers for ages now. 🙁

    • What's the Point says:

      What we need is a ridiculous Tesco CC points pre-order of a video game (ala Diablo 3) to hit for a few hours on a Saturday morning…..the good old days!

  3. phreegreens says:

    Tesco (Watford) on Thursday had a 20% off deal if you bought x4 bottles of Finest wine. No sign of any extra points though.

  4. I bought a bottle of finest wine last night. I’ll have to check my receipt now!

  5. All Tesco Finest wines now up on SupermarketSpecialOffers website. I’m waiting for another 1,000 points bonus promotion for Tesco wines by the case. They seem to appear every couple of months but not seen one for a while.

    • squills says:

      There was a 1000 point code 2nd week in February (all gone now) – so they are still appearing from time to time.

  6. 1.5% on CD’s vs 2 Avios per £1 …. you’re paying 0.75p per Avios, which isn’t great but you will struggle to redeem them for less than that.

  7. Lyssie says:

    It is showing on Tesco Online shopping, I saw it several times on Wed. When I added wine to my online shop, the bonus points showed in my basket at checkout, although I later changed my mind and did not buy wine.

  8. squills says:

    The wines on Raffles’ list look rather over-priced to me.

    The trick here if anybody needs wine + points is to find the wines that compare significantly more cheaply at Asda (or possibly vs Morrisons/ Sainsbury’s) and get a price promise out of it.

  9. squills says:

    Eg the Finest Nero D’Avola compares @ £5.00 in Asda, so you’d get the difference back on a price promise PLUS the bonus points on top.

    I haven’t got time to put a list together but anybody interested could check here
    and here

    There are sure to be a few more 😉

  10. squills says:

    Actually that’s not too bad. 😉

    20 x £5 = loads of half decent wine + 1100 points 😉

    • squills says:

      Not forgetting your £15 off £60 code 😉

      • squills says:

        Actually it’s a bit better than that, I was forgetting the PP mechanic. In reality you’d pay for 8 bottles of wine @ £7.99 (and get the £2.99 difference vs Asda back later).

        So you pay £64 – £15 = £49 upfront.

        You get back 8 x £2.99 = £23.92 PP, net out is now £25.08 for your 8 bottles of wine.

        You value your wine @ £3.33/ bottle = £26.64.

        Hey presto, 1176 free Avios. (If you were going to buy wine @ £3.33 a bottle anyway)

        • “If you were going to buy wine @ £3.33 a bottle anyway”

          That’s the problem.

          • Lady London says:


          • squills says:

            Well, you’d be getting “£7.99” or at least £5 wine for £3.33 a bottle.

            In my experience these Finest wines are a medium cut above the 3 for a tenner Asda wines, so £3.33 is conservative.

            Even if you just need wine for cooking

      • idrive says:

        HI, where would you get a £15 of £60 code?

        • Idrive says:

          Will do thanks

          • squills says:

            Do you know how to do a Price Promise? Don’t forget minimum 10 different items (best 12 for safety), plus it’s the whole basket that gets compared. Check Tesco is not cheaper on the other 9+ items (check on moneysupermarket). In the past, useful fillers were various 10p sweets plus single items of fruit & veg, even 4p worth of ginger root or a single sprout will compare.

  11. What teenager owns a CD player?

    • Worzel says:

      This teenager owns one. I do regret though, spending so much money on cassette tapes in the late 70’s/early 80’s -big gap in my music library as they all inevitably ended up in the bin!

    • No idea, I don’t know any!

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