Earn 1,500 Clubcard points (3,600 Avios) on £60 Tesco grocery spend

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Tesco has launched a new promotional code for Tesco grocery shopping via a tie-up with moneysavingexpert.com.  It is pretty impressive:

1,500 bonus Clubcard points on a £60 grocery spend

Code is XXGKLX

Code expires on Monday 20th October – you need to receive the delivery, or do ‘click and collect’, by this date

This code is aimed at customers whose accounts have not had a Tesco Grocery order before.

It will also work OK if you have not done a Tesco Grocery order for some time, potentially a year or so.  I got it to work successfully on my account as the screenshot below shows.

The quickest way to see if it works on an existing account is to go to the Tesco grocery site and do a dummy order for £60 (search for ‘veuve’ and put two bottles in your basket!). Click checkout, select a random delivery slot, go to the payment page (do not put in a credit card number) and enter the code. The box is halfway down the payment page.

If it has worked, you will see this on your screen:

Tesco bonus points code

The voucher is then stored on your account. You do NOT need to complete the dummy order – the code will still be there if you do another grocery order later on.

If the code does not work on your account, you may want to consider opening a new Tesco Clubcard account just for this transaction.  If you are in a BA household account then it is better to use the name of someone else in your household account and send the Avios to them.

If you don’t want to order your groceries from Tesco, consider spending £60 on some wine, nappies, dishwasher tablets or other expensive branded items which you buy anyway. It is a very easy 3,600 Avios or 3,750 Virgin Flying Club miles if you only buy items you need anyway.

(Want to boost your Clubcard points?  Click here and scroll down to the Clubcard logo to see our list of current promotions.)

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  1. How convenient it’d be if it was possible to add 3v cards to the order. Especially last year.

  2. plastikman says:

    luckily haven’t used tesco in ages. 2 bottles of hendricks winging their way over this weekend. Struck me that tesco grocery portal is light years behind waitrose / ocado.

  3. squills says:

    The other thing I noticed was: if you had genuine reason to set up a new a/c of course, eg dog ate the clubcard but you need to place an order, you can set up a new a/c with dummy £60 basket, then add a load of codes for new customer £15 off. I think I managed 6 x £15 off codes in the ‘bank’. Then if you have reason to buy a few loo rolls etc, you could feasibly use all 6 x £15 off codes in separate shops before Mr T gets round to working out you’ve had a £15 off code once so you can’t have any more – and they become deleted.

  4. ExpatSomchai says:

    Thank you !

    1560 CC Points
    60 Virgin Miles
    3 X Amex spend
    £6 off

    All for £54

    A nice evenings work.

    • squills says:

      Nice result, I was forgetting Virgin shopping portal, which shouldn’t get declined when used with codes on top

  5. Can anybody shed any light on the comment above about the 100CC coupon for spice jars? I remember a lot of excitement about coupons for an additonal 100cc points on gift cards some time ago, but I could never find the magazine that people were getting these things from. I’ve googled it, but all I’m finding is an app for my phone.

    • I assume they mean the general Tesco free magazine, which is usually piled up in a ginormous 6ft x 6ft cardboard box outside Cheapside Metro when it comes in. That is where the gift card coupon was last year.

      • Thanks. I went in to two tescos at lunchtime (sad), and neither of them knew of a Tesco magazine. Each tried to give me the Homes brochure. The hunt goes on…

    • ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

      It was in the summer magazine (yellowy colour IIRC). Tesco giving out 100CC points on Santa Maria products. The majority of which retailed at >£1.99 but there was one that was £0.74.

      Tesco happily giving me 26p extra in vouchers and a spice jar to boot for diddly squatt 🙂

  6. wetboy1uk says:

    Does anyone have the code for the spice jars clubcard points?

  7. I placed three orders in three different names, all genuine different people’s accounts, but same address. One arrived, I called about one of the others and was told that it was cancelled due to suspicious activity (two orders to same address in different names)
    will have to try again for Monday delivery with the other two and put a note on the order that this is not a mistake and I did mean to place both of the orders.

    • scottydoobuy says:

      should have just c+c then there would be no questions asked ?

      • Yeah, perhaps. I don’t have a store that’s convenient for me though. It seems groceries c+c is more restricted in terms of stores than tesco direct c+c

  8. scottydoobuy says:

    4x 3v’s 300 ccp =720 avios
    £100 on Amex =200 avios(bonus)
    £60.57 spent on tesco groceries 1562 ccp=3748 avios (paid with 3v)
    total 4668 avios for a £64 total spend
    i think thats right ? lol
    thanks for the heads up was doing my shop today anyway

    • or for £79 using the same Amex card you could get 9548 Avios by buying £1000 worth of visa gift cards which cost £3.95 per £50 gift card and pay them into a direct saver account at NS&I and withdraw the funds 7 days later to pay the Amex off.
      3000 points for the gift cards. 20×150 points.= 7200 Avios
      79 points for the fees for the card = 190 Avios.
      £1079 x 2 on the gold Amex card = 2158 Avios ..
      Total 9548 Avios.
      You don’t get any groceries this way though. …………….

  9. Strangely it states when you bank the code – expires 31/10/14 so may work after Monday. Will have to wait for someone to try it after 20th to find out.

    • Just did an order for a Tuesday pickup code said was valid until 31/10/14…will see if it works.

      Took a screen shot of the order so from experience Tesco should honour it……although now i have said that …

  10. Thanks squills . I have a dormant Virgin flying club account having flown with them once. Is there any advantage over Avios ?

    • squills says:

      Depends on you. For us – not really – which is why I have 100K sitting there doing nothing. Pain in the beckside, I have to keep them current.

      If you’re young free & single, and you want to go to their destinations, VFC is great.

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