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Important deal updates: Accor, BA ex-Dublin, Tesco conversions

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There have been a few important updates on some of the deals I have covered in the last couple of weeks.  Whilst I don’t normally do this, I thought it was worthwhile spending an article running through some updates:

1,050 free Le Club AccorHotels points

Last weekend I told you how to earn 1,050 free Accor points via completing a quiz on their website.  Later in the week, I showed you how to convert these to Avios despite being below the usual 3,000 point threshold.

Accor has now pulled this promotion.  It appears that there was substantial abuse of it in China with many thousands of accounts opened and the points fraudulently used (it was not clear how).

It looks like some innocent accounts have been caught up in this.

If you transferred your points to Iberia and your account reads: “FFP Systematic Transfer : Iberia” then you are OK.  If it says “Account Regularisation” then it appears that your points have been removed by Accor.

Sofitel St James 350

British Airways Club World flights to Hawaii for £945

On Friday I wrote about the British Airways Club World deals available out of Dublin.

One of these was a £945 return business class deal to Honolulu.  This fare has either sold out or been removed by BA.  Hawaii Club World / business class tickets are still available for €1,846 (£1,340) which is a more widely available price – excellent value for what is, in theory, not a sale fare.

The other Dublin deals are still available – see my original article for details.

Clubcard vouchers

Tesco Clubcard bonus points are now in – check your account

If you transferred Tesco Clubcard points to your British Airways Executive Club account last month, your 20% bonus (capped at 4,800 Avios) should now have arrived.

This whole process has been a bit farcical.  Initially it wasn’t clear who was targetted, we were then all surprised to see that the bonus did not post instantly and, finally, someone made a big mistake and gave everyone a flat bonus of 480 Avios instead!

The 480 Avios should have been removed and replaced with the correct figure.

All in all, this promotion was substantially more confusing and messy than it had any right to be.

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Comments (112)

  • Simon says:

    Some of the Dublin fares are outstanding value, fights to California for £900 – £950 in CW. The taxes on Avios bookings means it’s only a few £100 more than those, tempting to cancel a couple of redemption bookings and rebook out of Dublin to save a load of miles (and earn some new ones).

    The downside is the 4 extra flights and because of the flight times the 2 extra nights in Dublin (although it is a great city), part of me thinks rebooking is a good idea another part thinks life is too short, I might as well use the miles and make life easy for myself!

  • Robin says:

    So, Accor think it’s OK to entice people to read all about Accor and play their quiz , give the award and then later on the quizz page a big thank you to all the participants and then “Account Regularization” zero my points balance.
    Surely that’s theft?!

    • Nick says:

      I see your point but its not theft im afraid… I to am waiting for this farce to be sorted out but I can see accor reeling this out from their T + C’s and saying due to large scale fraud (not through here of course :))…

      The member is solely responsible for the information that he/she provides on the conversion request form. The member is not allowed to convert his/her Le Club AccorHotels points into airline miles on behalf of any third-party.

      How they would ever know you converted on behalf of a third party I don’t know.

    • harry1 says:

      Bit premature, I imagine they’re just going to zero abusive a/cs – not people who opened 1 a/c per person

      Can’t blame Accor for playing it safe at first then reinstating genuine a/cs

    • Pat Butcher says:

      How can you steal something that is yours in the first place?

  • Louise says:

    Accor has had the account regulation and points removed, although i had not even instigated a transfer to Iberia

  • Nick says:

    Ive put this out on FT accor but no response so can anyone on here help?

    Im on 3870 accor points so able to convert to IB with no issues (apart from it taking weeks to get to the account). Am I able to convert all 3870 points to IB avios or does it have to be in batches of 2000? ie wait till I reach the 4k ppints then transfer. Or is the 2k mark simply for redeeming against rooms at accor?

    By the way I set up an account for my wife, got the 1100 points, eventually transferred across to IB with the correct email reply, account now showing as 0 points. Still no sign on IB account from over a week ago, nor my Groupon avios, nor my IB plus store avios.

    If you read the T + C it does say it can take weeks and now I believe it.

    Between Accor and IB they’re hopeless!

    • harry1 says:

      any amount if you use the HFP trick

    • MrCinnamon says:

      “Le Club Accorhotels points will be automatically transferred to your Iberia account, once you have reached a total of 3,000 points. ”

      So I believe it is in batches of 3000.

  • Nick says:

    Edit above from accor T + C’s in relation to automatic comnversion for airline miles…

    It may take up to 6 weeks for Le Club AccorHotels points to be transferred to the desired frequent flyer account

  • Bigglesgirl says:

    Argh! I’ve been ‘Regularised’ by Accor! Just went in this morning (no problems logging in at all), finally pound my points account and there it was – Account Regularisation. Thanks China! 🙁

    • Shadowfixer says:

      I have also been Regularised…. Any thoughts on what can be done to fix this?


  • Nick says:

    Tesco: all sorted, correct points posted but it was pretty trivial for me as I’d just converted a big pile of points in to £1.5k of goldsmiths vouchers just before the Avios conversion bonus came along.

    Accor: I, stupidly, had it set up to auto-convert to Avios not Iberia. God knows why/how: I’ve transferred from Accor to Iberia before. Anyway, it’s showing in my Avios account yet, but then it does often take a week or so.

    Hawaii: was that a mistake fare? It just seems crazy that they could ever price it at that.

  • Deb says:

    I wondered what the 1472 bonus 20% extra points were sitting in my BA account this morning.
    I should have read HFP first!

    • zark says:

      I too found miscellaneous points in my BA Avios account this morning – arrived yesterday. Clearly they are from Tesco and represent 20% of an AUTO transfer from Tesco to BA on 26/10/15. I have had auto-convert in place for years ( all at the grandfather conversion rate of 800 Avios for 250 Tesco points) and continue to get this rate and these bonuses automatically.
      I may have been mistaken, but I got the impression from all the comments about this issue, that these 20% conversion bonus’s were supposed to happen only when manually converting or setting up auto convert for the first time etc. For me this is clearly not the case.