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Important deal updates: Accor, BA ex-Dublin, Tesco conversions

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There have been a few important updates on some of the deals I have covered in the last couple of weeks.  Whilst I don’t normally do this, I thought it was worthwhile spending an article running through some updates:

1,050 free Le Club AccorHotels points

Last weekend I told you how to earn 1,050 free Accor points via completing a quiz on their website.  Later in the week, I showed you how to convert these to Avios despite being below the usual 3,000 point threshold.

Accor has now pulled this promotion.  It appears that there was substantial abuse of it in China with many thousands of accounts opened and the points fraudulently used (it was not clear how).

It looks like some innocent accounts have been caught up in this.

If you transferred your points to Iberia and your account reads: “FFP Systematic Transfer : Iberia” then you are OK.  If it says “Account Regularisation” then it appears that your points have been removed by Accor.

Sofitel St James 350

British Airways Club World flights to Hawaii for £945

On Friday I wrote about the British Airways Club World deals available out of Dublin.

One of these was a £945 return business class deal to Honolulu.  This fare has either sold out or been removed by BA.  Hawaii Club World / business class tickets are still available for €1,846 (£1,340) which is a more widely available price – excellent value for what is, in theory, not a sale fare.

The other Dublin deals are still available – see my original article for details.

Clubcard vouchers

Tesco Clubcard bonus points are now in – check your account

If you transferred Tesco Clubcard points to your British Airways Executive Club account last month, your 20% bonus (capped at 4,800 Avios) should now have arrived.

This whole process has been a bit farcical.  Initially it wasn’t clear who was targetted, we were then all surprised to see that the bonus did not post instantly and, finally, someone made a big mistake and gave everyone a flat bonus of 480 Avios instead!

The 480 Avios should have been removed and replaced with the correct figure.

All in all, this promotion was substantially more confusing and messy than it had any right to be.

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Comments (112)

  • 3CT says:

    I went on a spree of booking hotels in Bordeaux, Lille and Toulouse for my summer trip to France for Euro 2016.

    I seem to have escaped the regularisation but I had already used my points including those won in the Accor Quest promotion to reduce hotel costs.

  • Graeme says:

    OK so signed up for Accor to do the game – got the 1,100 – now logged in to find my balance is reset to zero. Not making me feel the love for Accor really..

    • Choons says:

      Opposite for me, the points I have are still on the account but I thought they should have been transferred across by now or at least should have moved to zero.

    • harry1 says:

      Do you understand the context of rogue China dealings?

  • Gavin says:

    Accor points transferred fine it seems (FFP message showing in points history). A lot of effort but only cost was my time, hopefully some more low hanging fruit will come along

  • RIccati says:

    All the commends above make me to suggest that Accor has earned some BAD publicity and negative goodwill from this badly exercised promotion.

    Fraud or not but a decision of taking points from the hundred thousands of people worldwide (even those who tiptoed just to earn points for the quiz) is another example of elephant in the glass shop.

    Every one of those people will be eventually making a decision, should I stay at the Mercure [European city] or another hotel..

    • TimS says:

      To be honest I think it will be quickly forgotten.

      Many new (non fraudulent) accounts will have only set up new accounts to take advantqge of the iberia transfer trick. That doesn’t help accor or generate any sort of loyalty to their brand. It was just a way to get free avios, a brand accor has no interest in promoting.

      Therefore no accor loyalty was lost as they were new accounts and the customers were unlikely to stay at accor anyway so little impact. Certainly less than the actual cost of accor buying the avios to fulfill the many multiple accounts that were set up in China to abuse the promotion. That would be a REAL financial cost to accor that would have generated no future revenue/loyalty to accor.

      Accor do have an odd habit of running promotions that offer free points for little or no brand loyalty. Their recent Rugby World Cup predictions facebook promo is another example of this

  • Andrew H says:

    Eight days on from my Accor transfer and still no points in Iberia. Suspect this is down to Iberia. How many times a month do they do sweeps for this sort of thing?

    • harry says:

      Vinoseleccion told me that IB only sweep for their points once a month (first couple of days) – and indeed mine took over 6 weeks to get added

      • Andrew H says:

        Thanks. Another two weeks or so to wait for the Accor and the Groupon transfers, then.

    • Rob says:

      The last Starwood to Lufthansa transfer I did took 28 days to go through ….

  • K S says:

    Wanted to check – is it best to not auto convert on Tesco to avios? to get these bonuses not completely sure what the strategy is – switch it on and offer every so often?

  • scallder says:

    I had my Accor account “regularised” – Having just spoken to them, seemingly because i haven’t had an Accor stay with them in the past year they wiped the points.

    Whilst still on the phone to them, they sent me an email so i could reply saying in writing that i wanted the points re-instated and they were put back there and then.

    • Andrew H says:

      I transferred my points soon after the promotion started so I was fortunate not to have the account regularization problem.

      After the points transfer, I started using the Accor Places app on Facebook. My points level in Accor was zero. I managed to earn a 50 point badge straight away… and within 48 hours the 50 points were automatically transferred out of my account to Iberia!

      So the process I used to transfer under 3000 Accor points, seemed to automate the second, small transfer as well. Doubt it would work now, though.

      • Rob says:

        Once you have the transfer set up, every point you earn goes directly to IB. My wifes points from the promo were sent over immediately as she already had it set.

        I am actually in an Accor hotel tomorrow night for the first time in a l-o-n-g time.

  • Tania says:

    A little bonus today. I have an Avios account (not BA) that I only opened for Avios suitcase etc Today I received an email from the Avios elves, 200 Avios added for Christmas.

    • Andrew H says:

      I received 250 Avios in my Avios account this morning as an Aer Club bonus. I haven’t had any email from this morning, though.

      You can tell if it’s Aer Club related by checking your statement

      • Simon says:

        Yes I got this as well.

        • Alan says:

          Ditto – won’t say no to 250 free Avios 🙂

          • Andrew H says:

            Some people seem to be getting emails from giving 200 free avios – I haven’t received one. Hoping this is separate from the above

          • Andrew H says:

            I asked AviosUK about this on twitter. This is what they said:

            “A few Avios customers are being chosen at random as a little Xmas treat, no promises but there may be more emails sent soon”

          • harry says:

            Won’t say no lol

            On top of the free 24000, happy Xmas BAEC 🙂

          • harry says:

            went on Chat to beg for some free Avios like the dumb & dumber I am

            no joy so don’t waste your time 🙂