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Why I still think the United Club in Terminal 2 is the 2nd best business lounge at Heathrow

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…… after the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, of course.

This is my review of the United Club lounge in London Heathrow Terminal 2.  This is part of our series of reviews of airport lounges across the UK.  You see all of the reviews here.

I am down in Istanbul this week, seeing whether Turkish Airlines has got what it takes to challenge the Middle Eastern ‘big 3’ as a global hub airline.

This meant an early morning run out to Heathrow Terminal 2 yesterday morning.  As the majority of long-haul flights from Terminal 2 go from 2B (and Turkish runs long-haul aircraft on some flights, which is why I was there), I got to visit the United Club again.

After, of course, the ludicrously long walk through the tunnel …..

Heathrow Terminal 2 United Club lounge - tunnel review

I first visited the United Club lounge back in October 2014.  I have been in a couple of times since, once on a guided tour with the terminal manager.  I still rate it highly.

It was originally a Priority Pass lounge, until United unilaterally withdrew all of their lounges from Priority Pass last year.  Priority Pass cardholders are now using the Plaza Premium lounge in the main terminal.  (I will be back there on Friday afternoon and will run an update.)

H eathrowTerminal 2 United Club lounge review - bar

Why do I like the United Club?

For a start, it has the longest bar in Heathrow.  Unlike United lounge in the US, the drinks are free – a rather stunning concept to anyone who has ever used an American airline lounge.

There is a full bar menu including a cocktail list and champagne, which they were happy to serve me despite the early hour:

Heathrow Terminal 2 United Club lounge review - champagne

From your seat you can survey the main lounge area – the full lounge is about five time bigger than the area you see here:

Heathrow Terminal 2 United Club lounge review - working area

…. and there is a library area off to the right:

Heathrow Terminal 2 United Club lounge review - library

There is a series of classic aviation images on the walls, which I really like:

Heathrow Terminal 2 United Club lounge review - wall picture

There is a huge amount of natural light in the lounge – it is a long, thin lounge and the long wall is entirely glass.  The only downside is the bulky airbridges which block the view.

Terminal 2 United Club - view

Let’s talk about food.  If you like food, you’ll like the United Club lounge:

Heathrow Terminal 2 United Club lounge review - food 2


Heathrow Terminal 2 United Club lounge review - food 3

If you don’t want a cooked breakfast, there are snacks and also a lot of fruit and yoghurt (not pictured):

Heathrow Terminal 2 United Club lounge review - food 5

There is no shortage of reading material, both magazines (surprisingly good quality) and newspapers.  The only downside for me is that there are no PC’s in the lounge.  Showers are available too.

It is a long walk from the main terminal and back again, so it is not necessarily worth it if you are on a short haul flight from Terminal 2.  I recommend it above the Singapore Airlines business class lounge in 2B, which just didn’t work for me.

United did a good job here – check it out if you can.

(PS.  The photos above are from my 2014 visit – internet issues here make it tricky to upload new images – but nothing has changed.  Our Instagram feed has some actual pictures from yesterday.)

Comments (36)

  • Gavin says:

    Is this worth a detour if likely to be flying from the main T2 in the evening with some time to kill or should I just stick with the Lufthansa lounge?

    • Alex says:

      For definite.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, if you’re not got kids or bags and can justify 10 minutes each way to walk it then definitely pop in.

      • PJR70 says:

        Sitting in the T2 United lounge right now. Very civilised, good food choices and great bar. They just had to lower the giant window blinds as the sun was getting in people’s eyes. Perhaps 40 people here right now but sure it will fill up soon.

      • Gavin says:

        Excellent, I will only have a small backpack as only going for 1.5 days. 10 minute walk sounds nice, haven’t been in T2 since it was refurbished.

    • Lady London says:

      Yes but it’s a really long walk through the tunnel both ways and you’d better be fit.

  • CV3V says:

    Having been in numerous lounges I have always been left underwhelmed, whether in business or first. For whatever reason, perhaps atmosphere, I really enjoy the Qantas lounge in SIN. Every other lounge I am not fussed about, the sight of platters of the same old sandwiches in the BA Business lounges is a bit pathetic and having to stop one of the already harassed waiters/cleaners to ask for a glass of champagne is annoying. A Weatherspoon’s customer will leave the airport pub better fed and watered than a premium guest of BA Galleries.

    • Rashad says:

      Can’t disagree with your statement at all.
      Even if you do bother to ask for champagne and get luke-warm glass of excuse for a drink – then you really wished you did not bother!

  • Scott Wilson says:

    The United Lounge at T2 has a good ambience and the bar is good fun, and the highlight of the lounge. However, I find the buffet food very underwhelming, and can only be described as excellent in comparison to the dire offerings of most United lounges in the US. The Singapore Airlines lounge food is IMHO marginally better, and Air Canada’s lounge does have a panini machine (albeit with a fairly mundane choice). Of course the First Class lounges for United and Singapore are both superior, but no the United Club is NOT the best business lounge at LHR. Virgin Clubhouse easily beats it.

  • Clive says:

    The LH lounge, if departing from the main terminal, isn’t shabby at all. I was in there on Monday and used the Senator section. Alcohol may not be as good as the UA in 2B but the breakfast spread was excellent.