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Review of my airberlin ‘super low tax’ New York – Berlin Avios redemption

This is my review of airberlin business class on the New York to Berlin service.

As I did have to leave New York eventually, despite my best attempts to avoid it, I decided to try out airberlin‘s New York JFK to Berlin Tegel service.

Rob has written extensively about airberlin.  You can learn about how to redeem Avios with airberlin in this article and learn about their latest US routes here.

The key point about airberlin is that you do not pay any fuel surcharges.  My one way flight from New York to Berlin cost 60,000 Avios points and just £4 of tax.

You need to add in the cost and time of getting from Berlin back to the UK of course.  My brother lives in Berlin, so I had no need to get a hotel and I was able to spend a few days with him as an added bonus.

Getting to JFK

If you are staying in Manhattan, taking public transport to JFK isn’t always the best idea.  Google Maps told me it would take about 2 hours (I was staying with a friend on the Upper East Side at this point) and I’d have to walk 20 minutes, take a subway, a bus and another train.  It is a different story if you are staying in Midtown or Downtown where you can take a direct subway train to an AirTrain connection station.

I took a friend’s advice to try Via – New York’s newest taxi app. It’s basically like Uber Pool but good. Unlike Uber Pool, where you might end up travelling in circles until you reach your final destination, Via only picks up passengers en route who are headed the same direction.  Within Manhattan it always costs a flat fee of $5 including tip.  Two days prior to my return flight the company had extended their service to La Guardia and JFK. These airport trips costs a bit more but still less than a yellow taxi. I paid $38 minus a $10 sign up bonus (you can use anika6q2 to also get $10 sign-up credit) and got to the airport within 70 minutes despite a bit of traffic in Queens.


airberlin operates out of Terminal 8 at JFK.  I find security in America in general a bit stressful and time consuming. Even when you’ve got priority status, you often end up in the same queue as everyone else – although BA does have a totally separate premium channel if you are flying out of Terminal 7.  But, being German, I was at the airport way too early anyway and had enough time to wait in line.

airberlin passengers are currently using a temporary American Airlines Admirals Club lounge until 2017.  I reviewed it yesterday – it wasn’t great.

The plane

airberlin operates an A330 with 19 business class seats.  If you look at the seating plan, you see that there are quite a few different seat arrangements.

A and K seats are directly next to the window (or rather three windows)

C and H seats are a bit further from the window but still called window seats

D and G seats are aisle seats without a direct seat neighbour

E and F seats are great when you’re travelling together with someone

My seat was 3A.
airbus 330 airberlin new york berlin seating

The picture below shows a D seat on the left and E and F on the right.

Airberlin new york berlin business class

I must admit the layout looks a bit chaotic but makes perfect sense as it allows you to choose the arrangement best for you.

airberlin new york berlin business class seats

The seats were a decent size. A blanket, pillow, headphones and amenities kit were already on the seat. There was also a bottle of water and the menu ready to choose dinner.

airberlin new york berlin business class seat

The flight

After sitting down and organising my belongings, I was offered a glass of champagne (Louis d’Or ‘Cuvee Louis Le Grand’ Brut) and asked to choose my dinner.

I also had a first look at the entertainment program. There were about 40 movies in English and German, various TV shows, and music channels including videos.  The choice obviously isn’t up there with some of the Middle Eastern airlines but was adequate enough.

airberlin new york berlin seat screen champagne

The cabin crew offered a great variety of magazines. I could have chosen Vogue or a gossip magazine in German or English, but I thought reading about forensics, Trump and May might be more entertaining – it wasn’t and I ended up watching a movie instead ……

airberlin new york berlin magazines

The toiletry bag was by WUNDERKIND by Wolfgang Joop. It contained an eye mask, socks, ear plugs, toothbrush and face cream and lip balm (also by WUNDERKIND). The eye mask was a bit tight and not adjustable so I decided not to use it.

airberlin new york berlin wash bag wolfgang joop

I liked the airberlin slippers which prevented wet socks when using the lavatory.

There wasn’t a lot of at-seat storage and my shoes took up most of the space.  I was struggling a bit to sort out my books, tablet etc.  However what I did like about this storage box was that you can access it from the top which is useful when the seat is reclined.

airberlin new york berlin seat storage shoes slippers

airberlin’s drink menu is a decent one and once the seat belt signs had been turned off, the flight attendants began serving. On top of the usual spirits they offer three white wines, two red wines, one rose and three different cocktails, but I’m boring and prefer G&T. The drink was served with some nuts (almonds, cashews and hazelnuts).

Airberlin new york berlin snack and gin and tonic

airberlin business class food

Shortly after having had the first drink, food was being served. The starter was a seasonal salad with a choice of either:

chicken breast with water melon, radish and goats cheese or

scallops with a papaya salad and cashew nuts

of which I chose the latter.

However my highlight weren’t the scallops (they were ok but could have done with a bit more seasoning) but the ‘Laugenstange’ – you can take the German out of Germany ….

airberlin new york food starter scallops salad

There were 4 mains to choose from:

Pheasant Breast poached in Butter accompanied by Kale, Cherry Tomatoes and a Duet from Quinoa and Barley

Beef Tenderloin in a spicy Teriyai Sauce with white Sesame Seeds, Green Beans, Baby Corn and steamed Colrose Rice

Mahi-Mahi Fillets in Sauce ‘Vierge’ with Slices of Butternut Squash and roasted Fingerlin Potatoes

Ravioli filled with Lemon flavoured Ricotta in a spicy Tomato Basil Sauce with roasted Yellow Tomatoes and Green Peas

I chose the pheasant breast which was a little bit dry but acceptable and a decent sixed portion.

airberlin new york berlin food main pheasant breast

I was offered both desert options (cheese or passion fruit mousse cake) but chose to only have the mousse which was delicious. It was too late for coffee and I asked for a fruit herbal tea instead. Note that when a German member of cabin crew asks you if you would like some tea, they most certainly mean herbal tea and if you want English tea, you need to ask for black tea.

airberlin new york berlin dessert tea

After the meal I decided to try to sleep.  The seat went all the way down and was way more comfortable than the La Compagnie seat I had on the outbound flight.  I managed to sleep for a couple of hours.

airberlin new york berlin seat sleeping position

I woke up just in time for breakfast which was some fruits, a croissant and yoghurt. I also had a coffee and orange juice.

airberlin new york berlin breakfast

Shortly after breakfast we landed in Berlin Tegel:

airberlin new york berlin airport tegel

where, annoyingly, we had to take a bus to get to the terminal.

airberlin new york berlin airplane

Berlin Tegel Airport

There are lots of local buses that take you from the airport into the city center. Expect the bus drivers to speak English but don’t expect them to be too friendly. You can buy bus tickets from the ticket machines, in most cases AB is the right ticket choice.  Once you board the bus, you need to validate your ticket by stamping it in one of the machines. If you forget, it can get expensive.

A taxi is also quick and relatively cheap because of close location of the airport to the city centre.


I thought airberlin was a very sound long-haul airline with comfortable business class seats, great service and decent food.  Forget any ideas you have of it being a second tier airline.  You can see from the seats, seating layout (1-2-1) and the food that it is actually ahead of British Airways Club World in many ways.

The only downside is that airberlin doesn’t have direct flights from London to New York – or indeed from the UK to anywhere.  You can either fly to New York via Dusseldorf or – if you want a stopover to sightsee –  go to Berlin and spend a few days in Germany’s capital eating currywurst and drinking decent beer.

As an Avios redemption, you will pay 60,000 Avios each way (there are no off-peak reductions with partner airlines).  The tax is a very cheerful £68 out of Germany and £4 out of New York.  Note that shows £87 of tax outbound but when you click through to pay it drops to £68. 

airberlin usually restricts business class availability to two seats per flight so this is not an option for a family or larger group.  There are usually four economy seats available.  You can book Avios redemption seats via in the normal way – only search for the long-haul leg as BA will hide availability if you search for New York to London via Berlin / Dusseldorf and there is no UK connecting flight available.

The airberlin website has more details on their schedules and service.

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  1. Genghis says:

    I object to Anika living up to the German stereotype of order and punctuality 🙂
    Good review Anika

    • Anika, I am not sure if you had mentioned your nationality before, but I have been convinced you were German since you were talking about “proper bread” in one of your previous articles 😀 I really wonder why Laugenstange is not popular in Britain…

      • Another giveaway is the ‘being served’ she likes to use, as in ‘Food is being served’, where an English person wouldn’t use the ‘being’. It’s nice – reminds me of my days teaching in Austria! :))

  2. Frankie says:

    Great review Anika. Good to see two starters. I don’t know of any airline that wouldn’t have a choice of starter in business class…

  3. O/T: I have just booked KUL to MUC return with QR in R fare (business class) for RM6,150 or £1,160. Great to try 3 different types of aircraft & I think 1 has a bar! Also will achieve 560 TP & maintain my BAEC silver this year & next. Plus, cheaper than my direct KUL LHR WTP fare even with the MUC LON budgeted in. Sad still can’t beat BA’s luggage allowance. I could use the 2 x 32kg but now will only get 40kg + 15kg (OW sapphire)!

  4. A and H, C and K, or should it be A and K, C and H ?

    How good are the separators between E and F is one is travelling on one’s own?

    Are these the same as the new Iberia seats?

    • Fixed. This article has been edited 19 times looking at the internal counter and neither of us spotted that!

      The 2nd picture down seems to show the internal separator which, frankly, doesn’t look like something I’d be happy with if I was next to a stranger – but you’d say the same about Club World.

    • E and F are VERY close, possibly even closer than the middle seats of Club World. Definitely worth avoiding if you’re a solo passenger and don’t want such close proximity to a stranger.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      E&F are definitely love seats. Wouldn’t want to share with a stranger but they are brilliant for couples (especially compared to the traditional ‘first class problem’ of not being anywhere near your companion).

  5. OT: IHG Accelerate is back from 6th September to 15th December. Full article tomorrow, you can check your personal target here.

    • Genghis says:

      Cheers Raffles. Bit poor for me though. 5k for stay in Sep, 1k for a stay then double points. It could make 5 weeks away with work quite lucrative though.

    • I haven’t completed my current one, yet :-).

      Learnt the 101 Lesson 1 of mattress runs though – turn up on the right night.

      Fortunately the £30 only turned into £40 since they just charged the extra. It has not yet reached the online system after several days, though.

      • Knocking out Christmas this year means you can’t do mattress runs on the super cheap nights between Christmas and New Year.

        • Rob,

          do you know if Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express count as two separate brands?
          I have a bonus points for staying in two separate brands, already have booking in HIE.
          Was wondering HI would count as separate brand.

        • Yes.

        • Yes they are, no problem there.

        • thanks for reply folks.

          Also does booking via OTA (such as expedia) count or does it have to be directly via IHG to qualify for Accelerate bonus?

        • It must be direct with IHG or via a corporate travel agent (ie NOT an OTA).

    • Don’t know why I bother checking – for the umpteenth time both self and OH have unattractive targets – 38,000 for 18 nights earned in blocks of three nights. No incentive to switch from Hiltons.

    • Jason Cousins says:

      Achieved all the targets for the Summer promo (61,000 points), got pretty much the same targets for Autumn, so very achievable. Thanks for the Heads up!

    • Getting errors on that link after agreeing to T&C’s:

      “There was a problem processing your request. Please try again after some time or contact your IHG® Rewards Club Customer Care Center for assistance.”

    • Damn! I have 3 nights at an IC in the 5 days between the end of the current deal and the start of the next one! argh! Why couldn’t they start it on 1 Sept!?

      • I agree. It is especially odd when you have a target ‘5000 points for a stay in September’ but the small print says ‘6-30 September’.

  6. I made the mistake of taking public transportation this Saturday gone from the financial district to JFK. Why? Just to try another route. My ‘road less traveled’ curiosity almost almost me my flight. Heat caused three of my baggage wheels to seize, so I had to carry 26 kilo; buying a metro pass on credit card first baffled me and then none of the machines worked; the fast train became a slow train and took 2.5 times as long; didn’t go all the way and needed a train change; sky train was painfully slow and terminal 7 was the penultimate stop. I actually thought I had the 19.00 flight, and I was told it had closed, only when they looked at my booking did I find out it was in fact 19.30, and I was allowed through. So lesson learnt, avoid public transport (unlike London).

    • I seem to remember that it is possible take a helicopter from wall Street area of Manhattan to JFK for around $100.

    • I took the subway from NY financial district to JFK last Monday. Had allowed 1.5 hour and it took less than 45 minutes!

      Got there 5 hours before the flight took off but no problem checking in early 🙂

      Flew AB J to JFK about 10 years ago. Great service and friendly crew, but chairs not lie flat then.
      Looks great now.

      • Mdhayes says:

        we did exactly the same, financial district to JFK was 45 mins, really easy and the sky train was fine too

    • Bariummeal says:

      Last time I decided for a laugh to go the cheapest way possible (holiday trip – not for work!) – by the Metrobus for $2.75. I have used the airtrain before and the changes drove me insane.

      The positives of the M60 bus – it only took 40 mins from JFK to e125 st manhattan at the 2,3,4,5,6 station.

      The negatives were that it was way easier had I not lost my metrocard – buying another one meant going to another terminal to use a machine (directed by staff who said only one terminal has metrocard machine) – I could have gone to Jamaica but this would have missed the point of using the bus.

      Here is the link to the public buses from the airport –

      All in all, I now use the bus every time – dirt cheap – there is $100 saved on Ubers to waste on more clothes and so forth!

  7. Nice review, Annika. Looks to be a good service.

    2 questions:

    1 – Is my life significantly less fulfilled through not having heard of Wolfgang Joop? I try to imagine if I would be worse off if I had not heard of Philippe Starck, and the answer seems to be no.

    2 – What is this about going to the loo in socks on an aeroplane? I have just always slipped my shoes back on.

    • Joop! is pretty well-known (must be as even I have heard of it), the Wolfgang bit is just a bit of product development.

      Must say that I blanched a bit at the idea of wading through the spillage in the loos, maybe they should paint a bee on the base of the urinal to encourage improved Teutonic aiming accuracy? Won’t socks just soak it up a bit?

  8. wrt German culture, can anyone explain why every German airport has numerous travel agency kiosks, usually on the upper levels near the excellent Besucherterasse (spectator area)? Is it a hangover from pre-Internet days, why go to the airport, were German high streets travel agency free zones?

    • Hamburg airport must have around 15 travel agencies at the airport. It was like stepping back in time 20 years.

      Is this a German choice to still use physical travel agents?

  9. Thanks for a great review. Anika.

    Your article hints at the uncertainty of AB’s future: e.g. no UK flights: then will LH buy German shorthaul routes? etc. I have a soft spot for AB, having flown several non-standard legs. In addition to STN-DUS, I have also flown STN-GLA (in deutsche BA livery with the dBA chocolate bar as catering), STN-PMI (connecting to PMI-LIS) and STN-VIE with air niki. Now nothing from the UK, and never to Berlin AFAIK. Reverse expansion.

    I’ll try again for JFK awards using Avios. I checked but there seems to be no non-stop availability in biz from JFK to DUS or TXL. Via HEL is available for 57,500 AA miles, but that rather defeats the objective. Ditto economy nonstop at 22,500/30,000 miles.

    Having lived in Germany, how I miss my Currywurst!

  10. Great review of a superb value product on points which I have flown a couple of times. The only thing I disagree about is that the food is ahead of British Airways Club World. I found the staff far more friendly though and not at all stiff and Germanic. Don’t know why but the service to NYC has seemed better than on the return. The bus to the terminal devalues the Business Class product, even when the last time I used it AB staff sent the bus off immediately all the Business Class passengers were on board.

  11. Does anyone else absolutely despise Berlin Tegel or is it just me?! I have been to better airports in what some would consider second- and third-world countries! -_-

    Having security and passport check at every…single…gate (or was it for every two or three gates?) seems to me to be a decision made in Communist times when everyone was supposed to be in a job!

    • Not a major fan of the airport itself but I do love the location so close to the city!

      Great review, thanks Anika!

    • Richard says:

      Quite the opposite, I travel through Tegel at least twice a month and it’s my favourite airport in Europe. So quick from the taxi to the gate, minimal walking, and a fast and cheap trip from Berlin-Mitte in a taxi. I’m really hoping Brandenburg airport never opens and TXL is there forever!

      • roberto says:

        How much is the Tegal to Mitte Taxi approximately please? I am off to Berlin with Mrs Roberto and was considering a train into town option but a taxi is preferable of course – staying at Behrenstraße in the Clipper City home apartments if that make a difference. Thank in advance

        • Roberto – unless you are allergic to buses, take the TXL bus that goes to Alexanderplatz and get off at Brandenburg Gate S-Bahn stop by the British Embassy – I’ve stayed in those apartments and they’re a very short walk from where the bus stops.

        • Crisf77 says:

          About 25 euro´s
          Last time I used Talixo where you can book a taxi to pick you up. a bit like uber but it uses local firms. They give you an online quote and options from a city taxi up to luxery cars. I use the Business option this cost me 38 euros, but to the waldorf that is a bit closer to the airport as where you are going. Its a nice service a driver will be waiting for you at arrivals, no cash changes hands as they will debet you CC.

        • I used Blacklane, arrive in style in black Mercedes limo for €32 (including €10 voucher off RRJJ3PBC)

          You being met at arrivals in suited man who’d walk you to the car, bottle of water will be ready for you n the car, and no need to handle cash.

      • +1 love TXL!! I am the bus 109, X9 user however, but it is just as simple and convenient. I will be sad when BER finally opens..

    • Having security at the gate is a positive thing! It means you’re never going to miss your flight because of a long security line, unlike at Heathrow.

      • Actually I personally have a mixed feeling about it. I often have to remind myself that I still need to go through security and need to leave the lounge earlier, sometimes I find it difficult to judge how much earlier..

        • Yes, but the point is that it doesn’t matter too much. If you’re in the queue at the gate, you’re not going to miss your flight.

      • And, flying in, J pax always get to the front of an empty queue.

  12. The start looks great, it would be even better if it was cuurywurst!

  13. OT – I’d just like to thank Tesco pet insurance for the offer of pet counselling after the untimely demise of my sorely missed pet…

    • Susan Rothwell Smith says:

      Apparently I could have claimed for burial or cremation but we just wanted to move on, poor Tiddles.

      • Just done it twice, this time for c/b £50ish plus £30 T giftcard already arrived. Fido, you only live twice. Cash not Avios but it comes down to the same thing.

  14. Mottelgamzol says:

    Anyone know if they fly to Miami?

  15. DUS is all right… for some, Altbier is also a decent beer 😉

    • Russell says:

      DUS is definitely OK – unlike Tegel it has good rail connections. And yes, Altbier is also a plus

  16. grex9101 says:

    Those on-board “deserts” sound a touch dry …

  17. Harkirat says:

    FYI – Th BA Avios explorer map is back. Just tried it.

  18. Mark1980 says:

    Slightly OT but I’m looking at booking an AB redemption for TXL – AUH and have a couple of questions:

    1. How far in advance can you select a seat on an Avios redemption if you don’t have status?
    2. Would 1E/F or 5 E/F be better for a couple with a toddler? 1 looks like you’ll have loads of room in front but 5 looks like you could cocoon / contain the toddler?
    3. What is the lounger like at TXL?


    • we made good use of bulkhead seats even though officially our kids were too old

    • airberlin lets you select a seat at the time of booking, irrespective of status. Onnly BA flights have this silly rule.

      The BA lounge at Tegel is OK and quite big IIRC but I’m not sure if airberlin use that – you’d get in with BA status of course.

      • BrotherBear says:

        By selecting a seat I assume this doesn’t affect your ability to cancel and get a refund?

    • 3) It’s the Air France lounge at TXL… good beer selection, very little else (the only food when we were there was Ice Cream)… plus it’s 4 flights above where the toilets are… would try and avoid too long a transit there.

  19. OT Question on status match: I did the status batch with airberlin last year can I do it again on the same account or should I make a new airberlin account? I have do have another flyer program to match it to. Also are there any other good status matches? Thanks

  20. Concerto says:

    100% agree with Anika’s review, totally mirrors my flight experience back in November last year. Only thing, I found the sleeper bed a tad narrow for my taste. Never had problems with public transit to/fro JFK.