BA reinstates Qatar ‘R’ class earning – so check out Qatar’s new ‘2 4 1’ sale!

Yesterday was a fairly chaotic day on Head for Points, but all ended well.  British Airways claimed that it was a mistake that it announced that Qatar Airways ‘R’ class (discounted business class) tickets would no longer earn Avios or tier points – a mistake repeated by BA’s social media and call centres.  By the end of the day, had been adjusted and ‘R’ class tickets were again officially qualifying for Avios and tier points.

This means that we can look at the current Qatar Airways ‘2 4 1’ business class sale today.

As usual, the best deals are to be had if you start outside the UK.

Remember the following guidelines:

As this is a 2-4-1 sale, you need two or four to be travelling to get the prices quoted

These flights all involve changing in Doha.  This means that you earn tier points and Avios on four segments.  For flights to Asia, you will earn 560 tier points return (140 x 4) as long as each flight is over 2,000 miles.

Qatar Airways has a wide range of aircraft in its fleet.  The hugely impressive current generation business class seating will definitely be found on the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and Airbus A380 aircraft.  As this is a 2-4-1 sale, however, you will also be perfectly happy on the Boeing 777 fleet because of the two-abreast seating.

My review of Qatar Airways A380 business class is here, 777 business class here and 787 business class here.

Qatar 350

These pages have a summary of the best deals for the main European departure hubs.  I recommend taking a look at each based on where you want to fly:

Qatar Airways Stockholm deals (Singapore SEK 11,730)

Qatar Airways Helsinki deals (Phuket €1,130)

Qatar Airways Germany deals (Johannesburg €1,229; Dubai €1,019)

Qatar Airways Oslo deals (Bangkok NOK 10,500)

Qatar Airways Paris deals

Qatar Airways Amsterdam deals  (Tokyo €1,519)

Qatar Airways Brussels deals (Maldives €1,580)

In most cases you must book on the Qatar Airways website by Monday 7th November and travel between 15th November and 15th June.

An extra 5% saving on flights from the UK

There is no doubt that the best deals are available from continental Europe.  However, if you are happy to pay extra for the convenience of starting from a UK airport then there are some offers out there.

Here are a sample, priced per person based on two travelling:

Dubai – £1320 (Edinburgh)

Goa – £1390

Bangkok – £1620

Kuala Lumpur –  £1650 (Edinburgh)

Seychelles – £1840

Maldives – £1750

Cape Town – £1950

More UK deals can be found here.

Book your Business Class Qatar Airways sale flight from the UK via this page and you will receive a further 5% discount.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Given the weak pound plus the cost of positioning, do these ex-EU prices still represent good value compared to flying from U.K.?

    • I guess you would need ‘to do the math’ and factor in the ‘cost’ of any positioning and inconvenience time for ex-EU compared to ex-UK.

    • Depends on the route and the day. BA rarely sells South Africa for under £2500 in business, for eg, but this is a route where you might pay a premium to fly direct.

    • If you have the likes of Avios and hotel loyalty program points then you can reduce the financial impact of positioning flights and hotel stays. For positioning flights, I use reward flight saver which can be very good value and burn Accor or Hilton points for my hotel stays when required.
      Even if you have to pay for the above, despite the poor exchange rate, I feel ex EU departures still represent great value and lets not forget the better aircraft, food and service offered if you fly with QR – oh, and not forgetting the tier points.

    • Yes, for example I just booked the FRA-JNB route for 2.868€ (£2,544) in Feb whereas LHR-JNB is £3,904 a saving of £1,860 for a trip I am making anyway and I will use my miles to get to FRA from LHR to minimise additional cost of extra flights.

      I will probably walk away with a £1,400 saving overall so yes, worth it IMO.

  2. What TPs do you get for DXB-DOH?

  3. Much relief that BA have reversed the situation that caused much angst for myself and many other HfP readers. Will make my forthcoming flights with QR even more enjoyable!

  4. I’m tempted with the ex OTP deal £540 to DXB. Trouble is it’s a320 both segments and while I’ve done an a320 DOH to LHR on what was the all biz plane it’s ok but not a patch on the A350….tempting price though but then factor on travel costs to Bucharest and I’m not sure

    • Genghis says:

      A likely 3 segments to Dubai, most likely all in A320s sounds too much like a mission to me. You’ll arrive better rested in Y on a direct flight.

  5. Is the really actually a 2-4-1 sale? It just looks like a discount on the price if you book two tickets – not buy one get one free. Understand that tax isn’t 241, but I got two R tickets to Tokyo for less than these prices in their last sale (ie not 241, just regular discounts)

    • They are calling it 241 so I copied it.

      There will probably be another sale soon for solo travellers at the same price.

    • From what I’d read it said “save up to 40% on two people travelling together” (base fare). The UK prices are very high at the moment even taking account the value of the pound. Like most people if I’m looking at ex-eu I want a 787 or 350, most of the cheap fares are the a320 or a330 which to be honest makes it less attractive to me.

  6. I’m glad to see they’ve reinstated earnings for these fares (I didn’t have any booked, but to suddenly remove them seemed manifestly unfair), however I trust they’ve have a bit of a sit down internally to look at their appalling comms yesterday – for both the call centre and social media team to be confirming the change only for the FT reps to say later in the day that it was effectively a typo is a pretty poor state of affairs. Either they backtracked under pressure or they haven’t got their internal systems properly setup to flag up these sort of issues and immediately escalate them to the relevant member of staff for clarification!

    • The the latest BA fares to Tallinn via Helsinki you could build a nice tier point run in from Helsinki.

      • Yes this looks really good, even as a weekend away at 200TP. For the weekend that fits for us in Dec it’s £239 each, some dates are even cheaper, there’s a Hilton under 3 miles away, possibility of the a350 also. Only minor downside is potentially a 4 1/2 hour wait for a 30 minute flight which is a PITA or arrive after midnight (something I have done many times but I’m still not a fan of) and at the moment it’s pretty cold and they are expecting snow, neither of these things will discourage us!

        • Is there a quick way to find out or calculate TP awards? Curious to know the optimal way to find good flights for mileage or TP runs.

        • Not really because you need to know which flights are over 2000 miles and which are under.

        • Did a little bit of investigation BA’s Avios / TP calculator. Most of near Europe is 40 TP one way in CE / Business. While Finland, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria are 80 TP. Interestingly St Petersburg (LED) is 80 while Moscow (DME) is 140. LED is priced at a European rate while DME is priced similar to US (which is also 140 TP). I just set LHR as home airport for simplicity. Cheapest 40 TP is Bergen at £82 each way (£2.05/TP). Cheapest 80 TP is Marrakech (RAK) at £248 RETURN (£1.55 / TP) or Thessalonika (SKG) at £136 each way (£1.7/TP).

          I put it together into a quick map:

        • Ed, that’s impressive, thanks for that little map…. Good thinking there…Moscow is on our radar one of these days….

  7. very OT, so apologies and thanks in advance.

    I have a Plat and want to refer a Gold… but the silly Amex website or App won’t let me refer!!
    Only a like for like refer appears?!

    Anyone else having these problems, or am I doing something wrong?

  8. OT question on December shop small Amex offer.
    Do secondary card holders get the offer if the primary cardholder has already visited that retailer?

  9. Barry cutters says:

    Does anyone want first lounge access this afternoon at t5?, i will be there at 4.30

  10. O/T – and I presume that this will be covered shortly, but brace yourselves for the latest BA Capital Markets Day key points…

    25 B777s will be converted to 10-abreast (with the added bonus of 3 x toilets being removed)…

    LHR A320s densified to 180 seats (from 168) W17
    LHR A321s densified to 218 seats (from 205) S18

    • Scallder says:
    • Scallder says:

      Some interesting Avios notes:

      Pg 62 – BA, Iberia and Meridiana Club will be mirated onto a single Avios platform in 2017 along with Aer Lingus, Flybe, Vueling and kulala(?)

      Pg 68 – 101bn Avios were issued in 2015 to 7.7m customers. 9 months to Sep 16 have issued 74bn to 8.1bn customers. Target for 2018 is to issue 122bn Avios to 12 million customers.

      • the real harry says:

        looks like Avios ain’t going away – unless it’s a 20% devaluation of course 🙂

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Pro Rata a little down on last year then

        Be interesting to see how it was split by region, imagine Euro earnings have gone down a little

      • James A says:

        Urge. Full LCC density then. All hail BA the LCC.

    • Lady London says:

      Are these the same seat density as Vueling, perhaps?

      I hate airlines that remove toilets for seats. It’s bad enough having to use such facilities on an aircraft anyway but when they get really congested….

  11. don’t forget, particularly with Qatar its sometimes almost the same price starting ex-eu but finishing the return back directly to the uk

  12. Just done a 787 and then 777 and although the 787 is nice and modern the 777 is a bit better for couples as on the 787 you need to lean over the partition to chat. The 777 is also a lot more spacious. Service was excellent on both. Found the food on a morning flight wasn’t particularly good but evening was exceptional. Billecart Salmon kept topped up throughout the flight 🙂

  13. Has anyone flown Qatar on the A330? My DOH-HKT leg was changed yesterday from 787 to A330 🙁
    On research it looks similar to the 777 seat. I flew that earlier this year when they changed my DOH-AMS leg, and it wasnt too bad.. But clearly not as sleek.

    • Hi James, there is more than 1 version on the 330, some are similar to 777 though slightly less pitch I think and some are similar to the lie-flat seat on the 320 and retrofitted 340. This one is a little smaller overall but is generally a better seat and benefits from a fixed IFE screen if you’re in the first row. There is also an older angle flat seat but I haven’t seen this in a while so may have been fully phased out now.

      • Lostantipod says:

        Did HKT-DOH yesterday on the A330 in J, changed from a 787. Lie-flat 2-abreast configuration across the cabin. Very spacious between rows…. TV monitor in back of the seat in front. Very little storage around the seat. Slightly bumpier ride than a 787 as the latter has some flight technology that is designed to smooth out turbulence. Can’t complain – seat next to me was empty, and I slept well.

        • the real harry says:

          ‘Slightly bumpier ride than a 787 as the latter has some flight technology that is designed to smooth out turbulence.’

          Sounds like B/S – anybody care to comment?

        • That sounds ok then, if we get bumped from our 787 next weekend from HKT. Heard varying reports on these plane swops. But most seem to work out. Their J cabins are usually v spacious anyway, which we love. Weather very mixed here ATM, so bumpier rides expected all round this part of Asia.
          Nice of BA to offer CE on domestics, another way for people to use up their avios then. Makes for a nice start to long haul trip too. Not that the leg room is anything to write home about.

  14. OT, but have you seen the IAG BA Capital Markets Day presentation from today?
    Interesting parts include Club Europe coming to domestic flights, 10 abreast in WT on Gatwick 777s and ‘major improvements’ to CW

  15. Phew! Thanks for the scare, Rob!

    Especially as I’m on QR914 to Adelaide right now (Hi Mike, Hi Peter!) and banking on this for BA status three days before my TP year end.

    Aloha from (recently departed from) Doha.

    • Wow, that was tight timing.. Have a great trip! We all had a right scare yesterday… But can all breathe easily… For now!

  16. OT: I’m going to have my first ex-EU flight with Qatar to BKK in March and reading through these posts I’ve realised that I’ve registered my flights with Qatars frequent flyers number instead of BAEC, will I still be able to claim tier points to BAEC? Thank you

    • Not if you keep the Qatar number in the booking.

      However, the Manage My Booking function on the Qatar website will let you change over the number to a BA one.

  17. Do you have to be a Privilege Member to get these sale rates? Looking at rates but sale rates seem to apply whether one person or two travel in Business Class. Rate for two is twice rate for one in the Business Promo rate. Am I missing something?

  18. I’d just like to thank Rob and helpful posters for flagging up these QR deals. Am currently in the lounge at Doha with a happy rested wife. Although she wasn’t too keen initially on joining me on a TP run ex-Oslo to Bangkok (and onward to Myanmar), sleeping for 5 hours on the 777 followed by service of 4 cups of Earl Grey tea – served in pairs – without a flinch has QR firmly in her good books.

    They even checked the bags through to LHr on our BA flight OSL.

    £660pp rtn pp for QR OSL-BKK, only slightly more than the BA taxes and charges alone is a real bargain. Big thanks to whoever suggested booking on in the first place (some sort of deal to compete with Norwegian I assume). I fare bucket and the Avios/TPs have posted.


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