HFP ‘Credit Cards’ page updated for March – what are the best deals this month?

It’s time for our monthly round up of what is coming and what is going in the world of UK airline and hotel credit card sign-up deals.

Our updated directory of all 23 UK travel credit cards can be found by clicking the ‘Credit Cards’ tab at the top of the site or – for email, Flipboard, Apple News or mobile readers – by clicking here.  This article is a summary of the recent changes, and will hopefully be a useful starting point for new readers.

What’s changed this month?

The bonus on the two British Airways American Express cards dropped down to its usual level on 8th February.  The deal was not extended, despite the fact that ….

…. the two Virgin Atlantic cards have increased their bonuses.  This was an interesting tactical move, knowing that the BA offer was going to be reduced.  More details on those below.

That’s about it …. things have got very quiet.

One thing which I didn’t mention elsewhere is that HSBC has added new benefits to its HSBC Premier credit cards (only available to HSBC Premier current account holders):

£20 of free Uber credit whenever you spend £500+ on flights

10% off hotels at Expedia when you book via a special link

12 months of Expedia+ Gold membership (see our article on that here)

10% off hotels at Agoda when you book via a special link

The only one of these I value is the Uber one, although it purely depends on your personal spending pattern.  £500 would cover the taxes on a BA Club World Avios redemption!

Credit cards

What are the best travel credit card sign-up deals this month?

If you are looking to apply for a new credit or charge card, here are my top recommendations based on the current sign-up bonus. The Virgin offer is a special deal whilst the Amex and Hilton cards are consistently strong offers.

These deals are listed in no particular order and their position on the list is not a sign of how good or bad the offer is.

Virgin Atlantic White Amex and Visa

Until 3rd April, you will receive 10,000 miles with the free Virgin Atlantic White cards.  3,000 of these come after your first purchase within 90 days, the remainder after spending £1,000 within 90 days.  My full review of the Virgin White package is here.  The standard offer is just 3,000 miles.

Virgin Atlantic Black Amex and Visa

The Black cards also have an improved bonus.  Until 3rd April, you will receive 25,000 miles with the £140 Virgin Atlantic Black cards.  You receive 18,500 miles with your first purchase within 90 days and the remainder after spending £3,000 within 90 days.  My full review of the Virgin Black cards is here.  The standard offer is 18,500 miles.

American Express Platinum

The sign-up bonus on this card is 30,000 American Express Membership Rewards points.  You need to spend £2,000 in 90 days to trigger the bonus.

Your points can be transferred into various airline and hotel programmes.  You could get 30,000 Avios, 30,000 Virgin miles, 60,000 Hilton points, 90,000 Carlson points, 2,000 Eurostar Frequent Traveller points etc etc.

You receive a pro-rata refund on the £450 fee when you cancel the card and you will retain most of the benefits – Starwood Gold, Carlson Gold, Hilton Gold, Melia Gold and Shangri-La Jade – for the rest of the year even after you cancel. The Amex Platinum benefits package is extensive, though, and once you’ve got it you might find the numbers add up for you. I have had one for 15 years.

My full review of the Amex Platinum card is here – this also includes details of the additional refer a friend bonus. Amex’s own home page is here.

American Express Preferred Rewards Gold

This is currently an outstanding deal which is showing no signs of going away. You pay no fee for the first year and earn 20,000 Membership Rewards points (see here for what 20,000 MR points can get you – 20,000 Avios points for a start!).  You need to spend £2,000 in 90 days to trigger the bonus.

If you are new to this hobby, I would make this your first American Express card.  One benefit of earning American Express points is that you only need to transfer them to an airline or hotel scheme when you are ready to redeem – there is no risk of being caught out by devaluations!

My full review of Amex Gold is here. The Amex home page to apply is here.

Hilton Honors Platinum Visa

You receive a free night in any Hilton Group property for spending £750 on this card. That could be worth £250 if spent wisely at a Conrad or Waldorf-Astoria branded property. My full review of the UK Hilton credit card is here. The home page for applications is here.

This remains my favourite promotion for someone new to this hobby. The card is free, you only need to spend a modest amount to trigger the bonus, and you can enjoy a free night in a luxury hotel afterwards (if you pick a decent one!). It will whet your appetite for what miles and points can bring you. The representative APR is 18.9% variable.

Note that Barclays is now – in theory, not always in practice – only allowing you to earn the free night once, even if you reapply for the card in the future.  Use your voucher wisely!  Remember too that it is only valid for six months.

Hilton Visa

Whilst it has no sign-up bonus, the Tesco Clubcard MasterCard remains the best free Visa or MasterCard for earning Avios for 95% of people (the HSBC Premier cards are better but this has very strict criteria for signing up).  You receive 0.3 Avios per £1 if you convert your Clubcard vouchers into Avios.  There is also the potential to use the points for Virgin miles or a totally different Clubcard Boost deal.

0.3 Avios per £1 is still not great unless you assume that there will be occasional conversion bonuses – and the nasty ’rounding down per transaction to nearest £8′ rule means that you will get less than 0.3 Avios is reality.  They are a good bet if you want a long interest free or balance transfer period however.  There are various versions of the Tesco card but the best are:

28 months interest free period on all purchases (representative APR 18.9% variable), or

0% interest on balance transfers for 40 months (representative APR 18.9% variable)

Bonus on small business cards

Head for Points focusses primarily on personal cards. However, if you are a sole trader or run a very small business, you may also want to check out the American Express Platinum Business Card and the American Express Gold Business Card. There is currently a 20,000 points (= 20,000 Avios) bonus on the Gold Business card and a 40,000 points (40,000 Avios) bonus on the Platinum Business card.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Disclaimer: Head for Points is a journalistic website. Nothing here should be construed as financial advice, and it is your own responsibility to ensure that any product is right for your circumstances. Recommendations are based primarily on the ability to earn miles and points and do not consider interest rates, service levels or any impact on your credit history.  By recommending credit cards on this site, I am – technically – acting as a credit broker.  Robert Burgess, trading as Head for Points, is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as a credit broker.

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  1. BrianDT says:

    Just for information. On February 14th, I called Amex Gold from Heathrow, asking if they could send a replacement card to a forwarding address I gave them, for my pickup in Christchurch N Z. “No problem”.Here we are, March 6th and no sign of it. Called to complain, and assured it is on it’s way. Pretty bad service in my opinion, and if it ever arrives I will cancel it on my return home. Not impressed.

    • Brighton Belle says:

      Amex customer support is supposedly legendary. A Gold application for my partner went wrong because we couldn’t satisfy their identity checks and got into a muddle about the requirements AFTER they sent us the card. We sent 2 sets of passport + address info to the fraud team and they never replied. After 6 months of trying we threw in the towel. A recorded delivery letter to the Brighton HQ closing the account out was never replied to either despite asking explicitly for written confirmation. This is the worst customer service I have received from a financial company in many years. I can see Amex HQ from my house. How hard can it be to poke the elephant?

      • Andrew says:

        Why didn’t you pop round?

        I’ve always found that “doorstepping” a head-office (or even the homes of company directors) to be very effective.

        • Brighton Belle says:

          HaHa. Brighton Police Station is 100m from their reception. I wouldn’t even have time to drink their welcome coffee before being escorted away by a nice man. They wouldn’t even need to send a white van.

        • the real harry1 says:

          You’re not meant to bring the shooters 🙂


      • Steve says:

        I swear I’ve heard this Amex Brighton story before or am I dreaming it!?

  2. Simon Barlow says:

    With the current issues with BA 2-4-1, is there a comparison with this and collecting virgin miles? Especially as Havana is a far easier option on virgin than BA?

  3. Roger says:


    I will be paying £2k or so Council Tax within a month (Possibly in two traches of £1k each depending upon Card offer).
    Currently contemplating getting white VA card with 10k miles on £1K spend.
    My council charges flat £2 fee for CC payment irrespective of the amount paid, so even full £2k payment in one go will only cost £2 extra.
    Amex (even via Paypoint) is not an option. Payzone is but looks like most stores will not accept Amex.

    Unless any other better offer comes up within next couple of week I will have no option but to take plunge and apply for White VA card and use Visa card for payment as that will count towards £1k spend.
    Is there any seasonal offer from MBNA or other card providers that you are aware of which may come up with better sign up bonus offers?

    • No offers in the pipeline that I know about, from anyone.

    • Roger says:

      Not sure, I agree with 0.5% value.
      For a start 10K miles, valued at 0.5p will mean 5% return on £1k spend.

    • mark2 says:

      Why are you paying the whole amount at the beginning of the year?
      pay each month on a card and wait for a good offer.

      • Genghis says:

        +1. I’ll only be paying a few months of 17/18 initially. When do my next churns early summer I will then prob just pay off the balance and may even ‘accidentally’ overpay.

    • Polly says:

      Roger, have you called up your council to obtain a bill with a bar code? Or ask them if they will issue you with pay point cards? Most co ops accept Amex these days so you could just pay via that route with no fees at all. That’s what l do with ctx, utilities everything except SKY sadly. So at least it takes the pain a bit out of our bill paying. Takes me 10 mins a month. EE by phone. You might have to hunt around your area to find one that accepts Amex tho.

  4. I have a question hopefully someone has the experience to answer.

    Almost 6 months ago (07/09/16) I requested on the Amex online messaging facility for my BA free card to be cancelled. That afternoon I received a reply from Amex confirming the card was cancelled and that I just needed to pay off the final balance, which I did in the following days. The card still appears in my account but says the account has been cancelled, so I assume this is not an issue.

    I am looking to apply for the BA PP card in the coming days – my question is at which point does the 6 month period kick in? I’m keen not to miss out on the bonus because I apply a few days early!

    • I would just contact AMEX online asking if you apply now will you still get a bonus. I’ve done this in the past and they’ve always answered with the appropriate answer.

    • roberto says:

      The card will remain online in your amex account even once cancelled until you remove it in the card management section.

    • I would prefer not to see cancelled cards on my account. I’ve had 2 Amex gold cards now and after receiving my new lounge club card I was refused entry to the Edinburgh lounge a couple of weeks ago. Transpires they had paired the new lounge club card against my old Amex (cancelled) gold account = expired lounge club account . This was eventually resolved but something to watch out for should you churn the Amex gold every 6 months.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    Quick note for future reference about the higher bonuses on the BA Amex cards which expired last month. I applied for one the day before the deadline, but the card was not approved until after the deadline. I did not receive the higher bonus. Next time it comes around, I’ll apply a bit earlier!

    • Did you contact them about this? I’d have thought they would honour the bonus in effect at the time you applied…

      • Winston Smith says:

        Yes, they said it’s the approval date that is relevant, not when you applied.

        • Damn, I would have hoped for better from them.

        • I would make a FOS complaint, on the grounds that you have no control over whether you are accepted immediately or not and Amex advertises a specific closing date.

        • HIDeHi says:

          I would not accept this. If you apply for something under an offer and they delay processing your application until after the offer is over, that is not your fault.

          TBH I feel like this may be a miscommunication here as Amex are the last financial company I would expect to behave like this. They normally give you more leeway than you deserve, rather than the other way around.

        • HIDeHi says:

          It might just be a system error and you got through to a lazy or incompetent agent. Send them an email through their online portal, I find the replies there to usually be pretty helpful.

        • Eli Gold says:

          I find that if you do enough wining to amex you usually come out with some points. it always pays to complain

  6. rams1981 says:

    Rob, any reason you don’t value 10% off the expedia hotel bookings with the HSBC card?

  7. miles says:

    just had a letter from Barclays they are pulling out from earning points from IHG as from the 20th of april , bang out of the blue , I have bookings for end of april and may booked on that card , so now going to have to Apply for the IHG mastercard , what apain !!!

  8. Stephen says:

    Does anyone know yet what churn period will be accepted by MBNA for the Virgin cards under the new rules? I cancelled my previous Black card last May, and would like to take advantage of the current offer, but no point if I won’t get any bonus and end up resetting the clock. (I have a white card now as well, but that shouldn’t affect the black one?)

    • Genghis says:

      There is no published ‘clock’. Give it a go. Having the white does not affect getting the black (in terms of the card itself but perhaps due to credit limits. I had to reduce Black limit when reapplied for the White last year).

  9. RussellH says:

    Just got a letter from Barclaycard telling me that my IHG Barclaycard will die on 25 April. More precisely they will stop giving me any IHG points after that. Apparently I can continue to use the card until my shiny new Platinum Barclaycard arrives, which appears to have identical Ts+Cs, except no IHG points. Surely they could at least have bothered to make some token improvement to the offer?

    They say I can change to any other type of Barclaycard Visa, but I already have the Hilton one.

    Given that they have stopped shoving cash in my direction each time they make a mess of issuing the correct number of IHG points, I shall not miss the card that much – I just have to get the IHG MasterCard out of the drawer.

    • That’s a pity. I am aware that Barclaycard move people from their closed portfolios to a “live” credit card occasionally, but when they do it they would normally check that the card that you are being moved to is at least as good as the one they are retiring.

      With the degradation of the BA product and the (admittedly very rare) issues with downgrades on 241 vouchers I have decided to finally ditch the BAPP and I was going to move all of my expenditure to by Barclaycard IHG. If they are closing that then I guess I will have to apply for the Creation version.

      • Justin says:

        What about the free night certificate then? I am in the middle of the year right now and working towards the £10,000 goal… This sounds a bit unfair…?

        • Brighton Belle says:


        • I totally agree and will be complaining loudly if there is not some adequate compo for shifting me on to another card. I am not sure how much more I need to spend to get my free night voucher, but if I am close to earning it I will be very unhappy. I also expect a full refund of the £99 fee.

        • RussellH says:

          I only have a free card. I try to steer well clear of paid-for cards, unless they are offering something really special.

          eg end of last year I realised I needed a lot of SPG points. Got the sign-up bonus in 6 or 7 weeks and then cancelled, so did not cost a lot, but I cannot see a paid-for Visa or Mastercard ever working for me. Others will find things work out differently I imagine?

        • You’ll definitely be able to get the £99 fee back, however I’d push for much more – you’d put spend on the card that you wouldn’t otherwise have done and I think they should recompense you for that.

    • Luckily already earned the fee night and new year starts in Apr so not lost anything. However, real shame as I liked the fact you got the free night as soon as you earned it. I also noticed that they were giving the additional points on foreign grabs a tons made through supercard which was an added bonus us as no fx fees. Will have to get the creation card so that I can keep the ihg points coming for non amex spend. Not worried about plat status as my spire has been extended until end 18 after just renewing ambassador 🙂

      • You don’t get any foreign spending points when you spend on supercard with the IHG barclaycard.

      • Mark E says:

        You are in a similar situation to me. My card anniversary is April and I’ve already earn and used my free night. With Barclaycard I would have hoped to have had my next free night available to use by about November. I will probably switch to creation but I won’t see my free night until March 2018

  10. Jame67 says:

    Just cancelled my Lloyds card this morning. The inability to squeeze much value out of BA redemptions that are useful to me combined with the deteriorating products and services they offer have finally broken this camels back. I cannot see this changing so long as great value revenue flights in premium cabins are available. I will continue collecting avios but in a more secondary and passive way for use on the odd RFS or other airline partners.such that my hobby is no longer avios-driven. For the moment I will be focussing on my Hilton card and my hobby will become Honors-driven as that is where I perceive my loyalty (or should that be points collecting?) is most valued and rewarded at this time.

  11. Lostantipod says:

    A timely update , as I have today received a letter from Barclays telling me that they are ending their association with IHG , and my Premium Visa card will be closed from 20 April. Good job I just racked up my free night (I normally have until 5 July to do so) or I would be rather annoyed.

    • Lostantipod says:

      Sorry didn’t see the identical post above. FAQs say £99 will be refunded pro-rata.

      • Given the loss of any spend towards the voucher I’d push for a lot more than that. Actually someone who was 10 months in has much more to lose than someone who is only 1 month into their new collection year!

        • What would you ask for?

        • If you’re significantly towards your spend target with insufficient time to reach it I’d push for the cash equivalent. I’ve had decent compensation for lesser things from Barclaycard in the past! To just say they’ll refund the fee pro-rata is insufficient in my view given they’re not just taking away months of remaining service (when it would be fine), but not allowing you hit your target.

          Of course if they’re going to stop the system anyway then nothing to stop you booking a fully-flex hotel in advance to trigger the voucher then cancel down the line when it has become a Barclaycard card with no benefits anyway…

  12. j harvey says:

    I have had a letter today to say IHG barclaycard club visa card is being closed on 25 April.
    Will the same happen with the Hilton I wonder?

    • Although it could, presumably this has been driven more by the Barclaycard contract with IHG expiring after it was awarded to Creation last year…

      • RussellH says:

        IHG have been running a MasterCard promotion for some months now (maybe it has recently expired??) with significant discounts for w/e stays, so it looks to me as though IHG wanted to go with MasterCard rather than Visa, with this being the reason for the non-renewal of the Barclaycard contract.

        I would imagine that Hilton will be a completely separate issue.

        • Lenin says:

          The link for the 30% IHG/MC discount is working again as of today. But the Courtyard at GLA is still cheaper 🙂

        • That’s not the reason. Barclays walked away – which implies they may also walk away from the Hilton deal when that ends. 0.3% interchange etc.

        • I applied for the Hilton card last week and received it

        • RussellH says:

          If that is the case, then Barclays / Lloyds / WorldPay etc are having their cake and eating it with smaller businesses.

          No doubt the likes of Tesco, Boots etc are able to force down the amount they pay for accepting card payments as a result of the interchange cap, but there was a big article in Travel Trade Gazette a couple of weeks ago about how many travel businesses are seeing their card acceptance fees rise to 3% or more. That is 2.7% straight to a different, but related part of the card businesses.

        • I do wonder how Creation is able to afford the same rewards structure as the Barclaycard (well, with the rounding down of points) – does IHG just make the points affordable enough to Creation to make it economical?

          I also wonder how the free night is funded – will IHG charge Creation for it or fund it themselves (on the basis Creation have bought a lot of points off IHG for you, or just to make the card attractive so you carry it in your wallet)? I guess if it’s the later, Creation could find a bunch of the points based on the annual fee and forex fees. If it’s the former, I wonder how much they charge them – if you use it at a hotel that’s less than 95% full then it only really costs IHG about $35 doesn’t it, whereas if the hotel is at least 95% full it will cost them way more at average daily rate.

  13. Matt Brown says:

    I am just about to cancel my amex gold after receiving my 9000 referral points and get my prorata fee refund. Has anyone been able to upgrade to platinum recently and get the ‘new member’ spend offer?

    • Tracy says:

      I asked yesterday via direct message and was told you would only get bonus upgrade points if you had received an email offering a bonus….

  14. Are there any differences in the benefits between the personal and business versions of the Amex Platinum? Thanks

  15. Relaxo says:

    Anyone had any success with 3K bonus points posting for Virgin white card? Does this show up on mbna statement or go directly to virgin account? My partner applied using my referral link but annoyingly MBNA emailed me with a different referal link a day later. Ive saved both links for documentary evidence but hoping the old link has still tracked.

  16. rams1981 says:

    OT SPG 500 bonus points for registering to get benefits through their new partnership with Emirates. Targeted apparently. Anyone else get it?

  17. Barclaycard have just told me that the Hilton card has been stopped as of today. Any truth to that?

    • Genghis says:

      It looks like they’re still taking applications. You mean the IHG card?

    • I really hope you made a typo and mean IHG!

    • If that came from the horse’s mouth, then why would you question it?

      The visa commitments followed by the eu interchange regs were always going to kill the credit card benefits we have been enjoying. Even Amex will get pulled in, indirectly. Barclaycard is very profitable and it’s not like they were unaware that a slug of their income was about to disappear. People using credit cards to earn points but who paid their bill in full every month were a losing proposition for card issuers from 1 Jan 2015. People paying £99 for a credit card were unlikely to be the Ines who don’t pay the balance in full. If anything I am surprised it has taken this long for the half decent non- Amex cards to disappear

  18. Just received a letter today saying my IHG card with Barclays will close on the 20 Apr 17 and any spend after that will not earn points. They are moving me on to the Platinum card, which is no good good for me and I may opt for a quick churn on the Hilton Card.

    • Brighton Belle says:

      Nice trick. IHG took their annual membership of £99 fee in January with the promise to give me a free night at £10K spend. I’ve done £5K. Now their card provider takes away the means to do that. Presumably I have to get the Creation card to keep the spend target in sight.

      • mark2 says:

        Are you hoping that Creation give you credit for your spending with Barclaycard?
        That does sound rather unlikely.

  19. Bit of a silly question, but with Hilton card free night do you receive status recognition benefits?

  20. Kipto says:

    BA AMEX QUESTION. This year my wife dropped from premier plus to the blue Amex card. Her anniversary for the card is in May. She is only £300 from spending £10000. If upgrading to the premier plus card, will it cost £195 or is it pro rata i.e two months worth of the fee around £30-£40. ? She will dowmgrade again once the companion voucher has been earned.

    • I believe it’s £195 at the time the preimum card is approved and then refunded prorata when she switches back to the free card later

    • Polly says:

      Yes Kipto, def worth the upgrade fee pro rata… Worth having the 241 in the bag in case you can use a F ticket or J. We have done this a few times.

  21. Nigel says:

    “BA to offer less legroom than Ryanair on some planes”

    • the real harry1 says:

      lovely enhancement, it means my chances of getting airline diverticulitis improve by about 200%

      • Brighton Belle says:

        Stop worrying about front row or emergency exit seats and prebook a C or D nearer the loos 🙂

    • Nate1309 says:

      I just read this too. Unbelievable. Wasn’t the BA agenda to find a way to increase profit every day? Well here’s today’s!

      • While they hold a quasi monopoly on some routes, a lot of pax have little alternative and BA know this.

        So its a simple mantra..

        Reduce costs = Increase profit

        Works for the short term, but what about long term?

  22. Ezekial says:

    I’ve got the AMEX £50 back on a £250 spend. I’ve got £200 spent, but no stays to use the rest.
    Can I just find one and blow £50 in the bar? Or will that come up as different spend?

  23. Kevin says:

    I received a letter from Barclaycard today informing me that they are going to close my IHG premium Visa card in April 2017. This is totally a mess as I just got my card fee paid in Jan (not sure how this will be refunded) and I will not able to achieve the free night award as planned considering I already spent a reasonable amount over the last few months. This mean all of my efforts over the last few months have totally wasted.

    Have anyone in similar situation and what can we do about that?

    • Brighton Belle says:

      I had an online chat with IHG about this today. They said Barclays will refund the unused membership fee back to the card. My plan is to open the Creation version and continue spending on that until I have accumulated enough spend since my last membership renewal. So don’t close the old card until the refund hits.

      • Kevin says:

        Well but i got to pay £33 (pro rota) for 3 months and considering already spent £5k on the card and not equal to have a free night reward if we considering it worth for £250.

  24. Just come home from a day out with friends to find the same IHG letter that everyone else has had. I had this card in my name and used it to gain Spire Elite these past 2 years. Eligibility checker on the Creation site says I am not eligible for the card so the 20k qualifying points earned so far this year will go down the pan as I can no longer earn qualifying pts going forward after April. Had to take the card out in my hubby’s name but at least he has now been promoted from Club Member to Platinum Elite. Spoiled what was a great day!

    • Brighton Belle says:

      IHG just tweeted me “Sorry, any IHG® Rewards Club benefits linked to the credit card will also stop after 20 April 2017. My conclusion… So if you spent anything on the Barclays IHG towards a free night they are going to walk away from the deal: any YTD spend is valueless. We have been screwed over and IHG don’t care a toss.

      • My year with the Barclaycard IHG card was up next week so I already earned my free night – but the qualifying year in the IHG account runs from 1/1 so my 20k qualifying pts earned so far won’t count for anything as I won’t be able to add to them. Need to start from scratch on my hubby’s account so not likely to earn Spire by the end of the year for next year. Was well on the way for it this year on my account. And I don’t want to waste a load of Virgin miles just to get Spire. Another good thing bites the dust. I have Spire till the end of the year at least.

      • Brighton Belle says:

        IHG are really keen to help. They told me “. . . Blah Blah …your feedback for improvements. . . You may ring Barclaycard customer care 0800 151 0900 or 0333 200 9090 for other queries.” “This change has been communicated”.

        Not sure that giving 6 weeks notice of the promotion shutdown is really fair given the accumulated spend effort over the previous X months.

  25. Ammar says:

    OT – I am trying to buy internal/domestic flights in Indonesia for jakarta to Lombok with Batik Air/Lion Air, The price comes up as 2200000 IDR, which according to xe currency is about £135 pounds but when I tried paying with my MC, i got a fraud dept message stating the company was trying to charge me £176 pounds, not sure how the exchange could be so far out – any thoughts???
    I confirmed it with the Lloyds Avios Fraud Prevention team when I had to unblock the account and decline the transaction

  26. Polly says:

    PLAT ? Anyone know how you get a bonus for adding a person onto your plat card? Is it worth phoning in to ease, or do you get an email invitation?

  27. simon says:

    seriously, when are we going to get the level of perks that Americans get with cards. Its enough to make me think of moving there!

    • When interchange fees go up to huge levels, forcing up the prices of goods in the shops!

      I am shocked Americans still put up with it. Why does Wal-Mart accept paying 0.3% to Visa in the UK but 1.75% in the US? We are talking literally hundreds of millions of $.

      • Although it is making hee-haw difference to prices here thanks to the payment intermediaries still charging retailers (apart from the large ones like Tesco, etc) a big percentage…

  28. Graham Walsh says:

    Looking for my next credit card. I’ve maxed out my Amex Gold this year to get the bonus points that will come at the anniversary in May. I’m still using my Virgin Black to max out the miles so I’ll use them for flights on next year’s holiday which I’m planning on Dubai. As Dubai hotels aren’t that cheap, what is the best hotel card to get so I can use hotel points to pay for the accommodation?

    Am I better off sticking with Amex so I can use in either Hilton, SPG or Club Carlson?

    Also any recommendation for hotels with a beach in Dubai? AI would be good too. I know I’m here now, but don’t get to see a beach when working!!

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