Here are some hotels where you can redeem your points for suites

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The extremehoteldeals site has been running a series of well-researched articles on hotels which let you redeem for suites or high end rooms at standard rates.  In some cases this may be an error, whilst in other cases it is simply the hotel trying to encourage more points bookings.

Here is their Hilton list.  The key one for the UK (apart from Conrad Maldives offering water villas for the usual price of land villas) is Hilton London Tower Bridge which is offering family rooms for the standard price of 70,000 points.  These sleep four people.

Here is their Hyatt list.

Here is their IHG list.

The IHG list has two hotels of interest to UK residents:

Crowne Plaza Liverpool John Lennon Airport (photo below) – suite, with lounge access, for 20,000 points per night

Crowne Plaza Harrogate – suite for 20,000 points per night

It is worth checking the lists for any interesting offers in places you are planning to visit this year.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Wow, the Rangali deal is still running? I thought that was a temporary price glitch. Cash upgrades for those can be $300-400 a night.

    That’s terrific value for 76k HH pts (5 or 10nights) if you are Gold/Diamond. Bargain redemption of he year IMHO.

  2. MarkNewstart says:

    Hi Everyone, …. Looking for advice on IHG, I tried to complete my first accelerate but they are saying I did not complete one of my offers
    Which was book a stay with points and cash? They are saying – wherein you have an option to purchase points towards a Reward Night when making reservations online. Rewards Night is a non-qualifying, thus, it was not counted towards the Travel with the IHG App even though it was booked through the App.
    If I recall you can’t make a booking unless you select the Terms and conditions which ask you to do this …
    Are IHG correct in what they are saying?

    • Bookings with points (or points and cash) are always non-qualifying for earning points, so don’t count towards any Accelerate targets EXCEPT if you have one for booking with points (or points and cash)! Sorry…

      • MarkNewstart says:

        thanks for your reply Brain ……………… the offer was Stay for less and earn 1 stay using points and cash which I booked on the App as well

        • It is a weird way of doing it, but they are right – your P&C stay fails to accelerate any other, erm, Accelerate targets except for that specific one.

        • MarkNewstart says:

          ok thanks for your help

        • Brighton Belle says:

          Yes, IHG did the same to me, I have never got through an Accelerate promo without getting stuffed by IHG in some obscure detail and losing the end bonus.

          What with the points inflation they have driven me away to

    • Exactly the same thing happened to me last Q1. It’s in the T&C, but buried well so that you don’t notice it. I had to make another booking to hit my targets. Since then my Accelerate deals have been rubbish and I haven’t stayed in an IHG property. Not my loss! I have a load of points to use up at some stage, but I’m not busting a gut to do it.

      • I got shafted for 7000 points and a 12000 completion bonus. It was stay 3 times at an Express hotel. However hidden in the t and c’s it was 3 different hotels.
        Moaned and moaned and a supervisor in Philippines gave me 15000 points gesture.

  3. barry cutters says:

    in florida the holiday inn resorts orange something…..2 bedroom suiite for 30k ihg points.
    Pretty decent too

  4. Any news on the full Points Break list?

    • Going to be released at the same time as the sale goes live, I think, which is probably going to lead to a lot of speculative bookings being made and later cancelled.

    • Noon Eastern, so 5pm here. Which is annoying as I need to collect my daughter from hockey at 5.45 🙂

  5. OT: Anyone got the Hilton 50% bonus from transferring Amex Rewards yet?

    • Andrew M says:

      Plenty from December seemingly. Anyone who transferred in January?

      • Transferred 2 Jan and nothing yet. Waiting on booking 🙁

      • trickster says:

        Did a speculative transfer a couple of days ago, which has now arrived at Hilton, but no bonus. I assume it would show immediately and not be applied separately by Hilton x days later?

        • Andrew M says:

          It was a targeted offer. No email received = unlikely to get bonus. Bonus applied at a later date. Looks like those with transfers in December received their bonus points around 22 January. Those with transfers in January still waiting. Perhaps they’re doing it as two monthly sweeps.

        • Ah shame its targetted, dont remember seeing that one, would have jumped on it otherwise

  6. Not achieved just yet but if I get two Hilton vouchers for free nights I want to use for my wife and four year old. I assume I have to look for standard reward room types when searching? If so how do people get round it using the vouchers for two adults but want to take a third?

    I wanted to book Conrad London but just wondering how I can get round it and also other hotels…

    • Heather says:

      We were able to use the park lane Hilton with our voucher. It has to be a hotel that will fit 3 in a standard room, most of the DoubleTree’s and the Hamptons work also.

      • Do a search on the Hilton site for ‘2 plus 1’ for a random date long in the future. You will instantly see which can take 3 in a standard room. Park Lane, surprisingly, is good for this – I put my brother in there once with his eldest.

    • When our eldest was a bit younger than that, I would just book for the two adults and then contact the hotel directly asking if it’d be possible for a roll-away to put in the room… if there is an issue you should be able to cancel without penalty if using certificates?

      Admittedly I haven’t done this since she was about 2 as we then had a second child and thought that might be pushing it a bit too far… we have booked 2+1 and then emailed to ask for a crib too

      Other option is to take your own bedding option for the child? (Still message to let them know whilst you can still cancel, just in case they are strict on occupancy numbers – the Hilton US call centre are quite strict, whereas I’ve found most hotels to be quite accommodating)

  7. OT: flying to AKL via HKG next week, LHR-HKG on BA and HKG-AKL on Cathay – separate avios tickets, because of using a Lloyds voucher on the LHR-HKG leg. I take it I will still need to collect bags at HKG, go through immigration and re-check in for the Cathay flight?

    I’ve got 7 hours between flights, so it should be fine to do that.

    • Scallder says:

      Afraid you will have to collect and re-check the bags Kathy. However Cathay may well do it for you on the return leg from AKL all the way through to London.

    • Kathy, it could be worth a try at check-in, as long as you don’t get your hopes up. Or even to call BA customer service this week and see if they will link the bookings in a way that allow you to through-check luggage. You could explain why you had to book 2 separate avios tickets, and therefore weren’t able to book a through ticket, and ask if they could perhaps make an exception in your case.

      Oneworld airlines will sometimes do this if you have no choice, for instance if you have to add a revenue connecting flight if no award flights are available to get you to the long haul starting point for an award ticket. However, BA do seem to be the worst in this regard.

  8. JOhn Thompson says:

    The suite at John Lennon is lovely. It’s a duplex with spiral staircase that’s in the former control tower!

  9. Graham Walsh says:

    OT, I’ve upgraded from BA Blue to BAPP (via a new application online as chat couldn’t upgrade me, they said call up or do a new application). Logged in this morning and card now showing black with a new number. I think my existing blue card can still be used and will go against my BAPP now?

    • Graham Walsh says:

      Answered my own question. Used it for TFL and the pre authorised 10p is on my BAPP.

  10. OT Is the platinum bonus upgrade from Gold still available? If yes, has anyone got the link?

    Thanks in advance

  11. OT: Just tried to pay VAT with debit curve – wouldn’t allow it. Back to the drawing board then.

    • Try £200 as a test. No reason why it shouldn’t work.

      • several £ 200 payments were accepted; tried to pay £300 – payment declined…

        • Was that VAT?

        • …should have said that it was income tax payment, not VAT (probably does not matter anyway).

          • You have a personal risk profile with Curve. Oddly a reader just emailed and said that he’d been OK getting £2k through (the daily Curve limit) which also makes me think it is partly down to who issues the underlying card and how they see large Curve transactions when they first turn up.

        • I was going to ask that – because the Creation/IHG has a bit of a flaky 3D verification process. I could try the Virgin visa I suppose.

      • Tried twice.

      • Ok £200 went through ok. £500 did not. How may £200 payments can I make? Only ever made two payments maximum per tax.

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