My review of the Lufthansa airport lounges at London Heathrow Terminal 2

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This is my review of the Lufthansa lounges at London Heathrow Terminal 2.

This is part of our series of reviews of airport lounges across the UK.  You see all of the reviews here.

My SWISS First Class flight to Dubai started at a worryingly early hour at Heathrow Terminal 2.  Passing through security at 4.30am for a 6am flight, I discovered that the lounges did not open until 5am.  I had to kick my heels for 30 minutes before I could go in.

I last visited the Lufthansa lounges in Terminal 2 in 2015 as part of an official tour.  Unlike the Singapore, United and Air Canada lounges which are out in 2B satellite terminal, the Lufthansa lounge is in the main building.

If you are flying on a Star Alliance carrier from there, especially short-haul, it is your only option.  The other lounges in 2A are the Aer Lingus lounge which we last reviewed here and the Plaza Premium (Priority Pass etc) lounge I reviewed here.

To be honest, unless you have a long layover, you are unlikely to want to walk over to the satellite terminal to try out any of the lounges there.  It is a long way.  If you do have the time, the United Club lounge in Terminal 2B is by far the best of the four Star Alliance lounges.

Inside the Lufthansa lounge at Heathrow

Apart from the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt (review) and the First Class Lounge in Munich (review), Lufthansa lounges don’t really ‘do it’ for me.  They are very utilitarian – plain walls, functional chairs and tables, large open spaces.  There is nothing to make you feel special, in my view.

That said, there is nothing wrong with what you get and the daylight is excellent.  There are two lounges – one for silver / Frequent Traveller card holders and business class passengers, and a Senator lounge for Gold card holders and anyone connecting to a First Class flight.  Slightly oddly, to get to the Senator lounge you must walk through the business lounge.  As I was flying in SWISS First I was given a bit of paper with a bar code on it to activate the door to the Senator section.

(To spoil the surprise, the only obvious difference between the two is that breakfast in the Senator lounge included sausages ….)

The Lufthansa Heathrow business lounge

This is the main business lounge which most people will use (pictures courtesy of a new iPhone 8 so you should see some improvement!):

Lufthansa Business lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2


Lufthansa Business lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2


Lufthansa Business lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2

and part of the hot breakfast, without the Senator only sausages:

Lufthansa Business lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2

Whilst I didn’t take a picture, there is also a large utilitarian business / working area with a table that could accommodate a small team meeting.  There is also a decent but not exceptional range of newspapers and magazines.

Inside the Heathrow Senator lounge

Once you pass through the door into the Senator Lounge, the utilitarian design does not change, except for the fake wall of greenery at the rear:

Lufthansa Senator lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2

with some working space:

Lufthansa Senator lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2


Lufthansa Senator lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2

Here is the main dining area in the Lufthansa Senator lounge at Heathrow:

Lufthansa Senator lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2

where you can eat at these uninspiring tables:

Lufthansa Senator lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2

Fairly decent alcohol collection but no champagne, only sekt:

Lufthansa Senator lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2

The main difference between the two lounges is this:

Lufthansa Senator lounge review Heathrow Terminal 2

… although the main lounge does have fresh fruit segments and yoghurt which I didn’t see in the Senator area.


The Lufthansa lounge in Heathrow Terminal 2 is spacious and, at least at 5am, has a decent food spread.  United Club in Terminal 2B remains the stand-out Star Alliance lounge, but if you haven’t got the time or effort to walk over there then this will do perfectly well.

I would be happy to use it on a regular basis if I was shuttling between Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Switzerland or Scandinavia and the UK with a Star Alliance carrier.  All it lacks is a sense of occasion.

A more interesting contest is between the Lufthansa lounge and the Priority Pass option downstairs, Plaza Premium.  In terms of design and overall style, Plaza Premium wins by a mile.  It also has a better food selection.  What is doesn’t have is any natural light and it also gets more crowded.  I get a feeling that, if I had access to both, I would end up switching between them depending on my mood on the day.

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  1. Utilitarian perhaps but when was the last time you saw a BA lounge looking this clean or a food selection looking so well presented… sausages aside

    • Yes “clean” is something that BA just can’t seem to achieve in the T5 Gallery lounges – at times it is just all so “grubby”

    • Exactly! I don’t want to feel special on a 2 hour European flight, I just want a free meal and drink.

      Every time I’ve departed the lounge in the evening (5-8pm), the Senator section has been relatively quiet while the business section is packed. I say departed as it isn’t obvious how full it is until you leave!

      BA LGW (both F/J) is all right for cleanliness, but the toilets always seem to smell…

    • Anthony Dunn says:

      Point 1: the Galleries lounge in T5 has been around a tad longer than the LH T2A lounge – and it is showing the consequences of the heavy footfall. Time to spend some ££££s AC?
      Point 2: I have never been to Galleries T5 at 05:00 in the morning but I daresay that it too might look moderately pristine and unused at that time of the day.
      Point 3: the LH 2A facility is about as spartan, cold and utilitarian as I could possibly conceive. Even AY’s HEL base (in brilliant white everywhere) is more warm and welcoming. LH’s 2A facility gives the impression of being “just about sufficient” for purpose without going the extra [distance] demonstrated by the new QF lounge in T3 or the CX/AY lounges there. They really are pretty good.

      • Lady London says:

        @Anthony Dunn I have been to Galleries T5 at 05.00 in the morning and no Galleries T5 even at 05.00 in the morning does not look pristine and unused. Not even at that time of day. Still bowls of slop and untidiness.Through the day the slop gets slopper and it all gets even untidier.

  2. Pawel Siewko says:

    also fast track at LHR T2 lines open at 😉

  3. Senator lounge has slightly better food choices than business lounge and it’s fairly quiet until 11 or so, but after that it’s quite busy with almost all seats taken. And funnily enough it has better food options than LH lounges in FRA.

  4. Andrew Stock says:

    It reminds me of a Deutsche Bahn first class station lounge! Koln, Frankfurt Hbf, Berlin Hbf.

    Premier Plaza is a much better choice in design terms.

  5. a9504477 says:

    At certain times the Senator lounge gets packed and one is better off in the Business lounge. Still, if one has the time one should walk over to the SQ lounge, imo the best A* lounge at LHR (sorry Rob, but the UA lounge just doesn’t have any decent food and while their bar is very nice they don’t do a Singapore Sling…).

  6. RIccatti says:

    I was not at all impressed that LH has a separate, sub-standard First Class lounge for Star Alliance partners in Frankfurt, to where passengers from SQ Suites are directed.

  7. Patrick says:

    While the selection is somewhat limited, the food quality is far superior to any other T2 lounge.

    • Agree. Rob likes UA, but the only thing I like about it is the design. I don’t like going to a bar in an airport lounge. SQ is only good if you want some (East) Asian food. I’ve only checked out AC once, and the main thing I noticed was that it has very nice colour printers….

  8. Agree with John, I prefer the SQ lounge at the T2 satellite as the food is better and the drink assortment quite adequate. I agree the spaciousness of the UA lounge is impressive, but I generally wind up at one of the tables next to the bar anyway. The cocktail bar is OK .. for the first time.

    But this is the LH lounge post and I will say that I do prefer that over the Priority Pass lounge at T2 or for that matter most other *A lounges.

    • If you get into the SQ lounge just before an A380 flight like my partner and I happened to do during our 2B lounge crawl a few years ago, then poor you…

  9. So you have to fly first class with lufty to get a whiff of a sausage ?

    How sad 🙂

  10. The United and Singapore lounges both serve champagne and similar food but not Air Canada. I agree the United Lounge is the best in T2.

    • Air Canada is a travesty in terms of food and drinks! When I was there for the first – and probably the last – time, they served Waitrose Essential mixer drinks…

  11. Thanks for a nice article – in my opinion LH lounge is far better than a dark PP dungeon but your ying-yan idea of alternating is quite appealing!

    I was on the same SWISS flight on my way to Davos a couple of weeks ago and it was departing from 2B, so there was no question which lounge to go, of course UA! I was taken in by a colleague who has status with SQ but still preferred UA lounge.

    And if you have time you can even do a lounge crawl by visiting UA, SQ and AC lounges as my partner and I did back in 2015 en route to Vietnam with OZ.

    And if you have a good karma and don’t complain too much, you can even get a lift on an Air India passenger buggy back from 2B to the main terminal as my partner and I experienced back in 2017 while flying to Cyprus with A3 🙂

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