WEDNESDAY ONLY: London-Hong Kong £1420, Manchester-Cape Town £1350 in Qatar Airways business class

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I dropped in an extra article yesterday to cover the amazing £1360 return Manchester to Auckland deal launched by Qatar AirwaysYou can read about that fare here but you must book today.  (EDIT:  Availability is now getting tight as seats get snapped up but there are still seats there, May seems best.)

There are two other great deals which also need to be booked today.

Manchester to Cape Town is available for £1350 return in Business Class.

London Heathrow or Gatwick to Hong Kong is available for £1420 return in Business Class.

These must be booked today, assuming it is part of the 48-hour flash sale.

As with the Auckland deal, you won’t get this price over the Summer school holidays in July and August but apart from that it is fairly open from April until late November.  Availability had already started to tighten up last night but you should be able to find something if you are flexible.  There are only a small number of seats at these prices so the larger your group, the tougher it will be, although I saw up to EIGHT seats to Cape Town at this price on some days in September.

These flights will earn 560 British Airways Executive Club tier points return.  That is almost enough for a BA Silver card although you should remember that you need to have flown four one-way cash BA flights in your current membership year before you are promoted.

The aircraft

For Cape Town, both legs will be on a new Boeing 787This has the herringbone seat which I reviewed here and is very impressive.  Qatar has a special website showing off this seat which you’ll find here.  You won’t go wrong here.

For Hong Kong, from London you can pick either the amazing new Qsuite on an A350 or 777 (reviewed here) or the A380 (reviewed here, not Qsuite but has a great bar).  From Doha to Hong Kong you will be on a Boeing 777 which may have Qsuite but you should assume has the older 2-2-2 seating I reviewed here.

How to book

You can find out more about the flash sale here.  It ends at midnight on Wednesday.

The UK Qatar Airways booking site is here.  Make sure you tick ‘Premium Only’ to make searching easier.

Your best option to maximise your miles when paying is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold.  This offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.  Our review of Amex Gold is here.

PS.  As I am writing this on Tuesday, there is a small risk that the deals are pulled overnight by the time you read this email.  Apologies if so but hopefully not.

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  1. I booked the Man -Akl flight for myself and my wife last night and then my daughter and OH did the same an hour later – different dates.

    Quick question. We have a 9 hour wait in Doha . I don’t think this qualifies for the free hotel offer as it looks like there is a minimum transit time of 12 hours. Can anyone confirm?

    • Minimum transit time to qualify is 8 hrs. But only if tbete wasnt a shorter connection at a higher price. We got caught out that way one time.

      • May be easier to qualify out of MAN though because there are fewer flights. Virtually impossible to qualify out of London now.

        • T&Cs state 12 hour minimum so maybe it has changed and used to be 8. There was a flight with smaller stopover at a much more expensive cost so I assume based on Pollys feedback we won’t qualify!

    • There are 2 different schemes for getting a free hotel.

      The Stopover Package is for 8+ layovers where there is no shorter connection on that route on the same day. This offers hotel, transport and food vouchers.

      The +Qatar offer is for transits of 12+ hours regardless of any shorter connections. This gives you a free hotel night but nothing else.

      • Andy

        Thanks for clarification. Sadly there was an expensive option with a shorter connection so sounds like we won’t qualify. We will just have to make do with the lounge, which for someone used to mostly flying economy does look absolutely amazing so hopefully won’t be too much of a hardship.

        • BlueHorizonUK says:

          Worst thing they can do is say no. Apply and see what happens.

        • Yeah maybe worth applying and see what happens?

          I’ve done 8-9 hours in the lounge a few times, it’s not too bad if you can get a cubicle in the quiet room.

          Another option is to pay for a hotel. Hotels are cheap in Doha at the moment because of the crisis.

          Also Hilton offer day use which may work out cheaper too. The Doubletree is only 15mins from the airport.

          Have a great trip! I’m very jealous!

    • Hugh…its not so bad 9 hrs. Btt you get to the lounge..shower eat etc..find the black bendy beds in the quiet area. V nice attendees there get you blankets etc. We actually mananged several hours sleep on them. Then its time for a coffee and board…and more nice food! Very enjoyable experience either way. Or your OH can chose full make up and nails service at duty free…it goes on and on…
      When we had the hotel option another time we only got about 5 hrs sleep time wise due to transport back and forth. They can use the ORYX hotel downtown as its cheaper for them.

      • Polly.

        Thanks for the update! I suggested the possibility of a hotel to my wife last night and her initial reaction was that the lounge looks so good why would we want to do anything else and that was before she knew about nails and makeup service!!!

        So think we will stick with the lounge option. The only problem now is that November seems like such a long time to wait!

  2. Zooropa says:

    Hi All,
    Just booked MAN- CPT for October half term for the both of us and our 9 Month old daughter. £1355 each.
    This means I will have to cancel our week in the Seychelles in August (booked with BA 2-4-1) Going out on the 1st August returning on the 9th. 2 seats in Club.
    I will cancel at 10.00 am today, so if anyone wants the seats, it may be that they show as free and you can have them. (I am sure it is perhaps not as simple as that, but one lives in hope) 🙂
    Thanks Rob for the heads up on the Fare !!

  3. James67 says:

    I can’t see these fares in ITA matrix, or am I doing something wrong?

    Is there anyway for me to combine the London to Hong Kong outbound with the Auckland to Manchester Return?

    • Possibly not loaded into the GDS and only on the Qatar site? You can try pricing an open jaw and see what happens.

    • David S says:

      None of the sale fares from UK are appearing on ITA matrix but are available on Google flights and on QR website.

  4. OT quick question. I have Amex platinum. Can I refer myself for BA Amex card, thereby getting 18k MR points?

  5. OT: Do people still think it’s worth cancelling the AMEX charge cards in an attempt to get another in 6 months and rinse the spend incentive? I’ve got a plat charge card currently and so I can get 18k points for referrals but am currently struggling to find people to refer so not sure whether to just cancel to start the 6 month wait! I heard the rumors that AMEX were changing the rules on the offers, anyone know any further on that?

    • Same question about OT as above

    • If you are going to do it, do it sooner rather than later. I doubt the referral bonus will go away whereas they could begin to restrict churning at any time.

    • We are in exact same position as you so are cancelling our Plat today before new fee appears on next statement. Then l will upgrade my PRG to plat and re refer my OH after 6 or 7 mths. And hope there will still be a bonus to work towards.

  6. QR flights from LGW don’t seem to be loaded into the booking system yet?
    I’ve tried getting a price from LGW to see if it’s cheaper than from LHR (and I’d prefer the 787 anyway) but it gives the ridiculous option of National Express coach to LHR! This was for a flight towards the end of the year, so the LGW flights (supposed to start in May?) should normally be showing for those dates.

    • LGW is loaded, try different dates and you should see it.

    • LGW will certainly be cheaper by £5-£10 or so (can’t remember exact figures) simply because its charges are lower than LHR’s.

  7. Ramones says:

    Many thanks Rob. Booked Man-AKL in Nov for £1356 this morning. ????

  8. beverley says:

    Have all the CPT fares gone, there were some in June this morning at 8 but all seem to be gone now and nothing less than 2700 for the rest of the year. Any thoughts if JNB may be offered?

    • beverley says:

      Ignore me, QR pricing was for the party not per person. All booked now!

  9. LUCIE K says:

    Any ideas how i can use miles to get from Auckland to PPT Papeete French Polynesia .

    Exc Virgin Atlantic as ive tried that route via there partners Air New Zealand.

    Thanks in advance

  10. Does the 24hr stop over still work on these fairs? Do they need to be booked as a multi trip?

    • Graham says:

      According to QR, it does need to be booked as a multi city booking and they have refused my request for a +Qatar free Hotel Stay (I am transiting for 14 hours).

      They have referred me to the full T&Cs which make no mention whatsoever of a multi city booking! (which I have just challenged them on). I will update when I hear back from QR.

      • Strange, we have had hotel stays approved in the past and we didn’t use multi-city option.

        • Graham says:

          Interesting. Thanks.

          As far as the T&Cs go, I’ve met every single condition. The caveat might be ‘Qatar Airways retains ultimate discretion’ or similar…which is also in their terms.

        • Graham says:

          Well, anyway… A particularly shirty reply saying effectively that the terms don’t matter and “it is up to our discretion”

          Astounded, quite frankly. Be warned. Their ‘discretion’ overrides the official terms.

        • Probably worth reporting this to the CMA, as it sounds like this clause in their Terms and Conditions are unfair.

          They have had a clampdown for similarly one-sided terms in the gambling industry lately.

  11. ADAM NEMENYI says:

    Thanks for the tip Rob. On the return leg from HKG-LHR I have a 9 hour layover in DOH. Do I need a transit visa if i dont leave the terminal?

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