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Bits: 90000 Iberia Avios starting to arrrive, five UK Marriott hotels leaving, more Dubai services cut

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News in brief:

90,000 Iberia Avios are starting to arrive

Avios from the Iberia ‘9,000 Avios for booking any flight (up to 90,000 Avios)’ promotion last weekend started to drop into accounts last night.

See the screenshot below courtesy of Flyertalk.  Now we need to see how convertible etc they are  …..

If you missed the deal, you can read the details in this HFP article.

I will do an article on good value Iberia redemptions – assuming you intend to spend them inside Iberia Plus to avoid your account going negative – in the next day or so.

90000 Iberia Avios
Five UK Marriott hotels to leave the chain

Five UK Marriott hotels are leaving the chain in two weeks, despite being included on the new points pricing list from August!

These are:

  • Sunderland Marriott
  • Newcastle Marriott Gosforth Park
  • Hollins Hall Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Shipley
  • Meon Valley Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Southampton
  • Sprowston Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Norwich

The last day that these hotels will operate under the Marriott brand is 18th July.

These hotels were recently for sale – I don’t know if a deal was concluded.  You can see the glossy brochure here (PDF) which is an interesting read.   The removal of the Marriott branding is being described as a positive to give the buyer a clean sheet.  Thanks to Martin for this.

Royal Brunei drops London to Dubai

More London to Dubai service cuts

We reported last week on the decision by Virgin Atlantic to drop its Heathrow to Dubai service from March 2019.

Royal Brunei is also dropping its Heathrow to Dubai service from 28th October.  Since 2004 the airline has flown to Dubai and stops before continuing.  From the Winter timetable this will become a direct London to Brunei service, leaving Heathrow at 17.05 and arriving at 14.40 the following day.  This will apparently be the first ever direct flight between London and Brunei.

You can find out more on the Royal Brunei website here.

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How to spend your 90,000 Iberia Plus Avios - as you can't move them to BA (Part 2)
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  1. Thank you, just answered my question. I need to add from BA for 3 one way flights.

    • Just did a test and trans 100 fine.

      • the real harry1 says:

        yeah, boy! as my son says 🙂

        When I wake up in the middle of the night I’m going to try IB—> again

  2. Surely if they have changed the T&C,s stopping us transferring of Avios to another program or BAEC after the promotion is finished they are breaking the law?

    What do you think Rob?

    There was no mention of this transfer restriction in the original promotion.

    If this is true I have lost £125 as l wont be traveling till early 2019 ????????????

    • Claire says:

      You don’t need to spend them until December, so that’s plenty of time to book flights for next year? I’m planning on booking in the autumn for next summer.

      • AndyW says:

        You can book BA flights on the Iberia site. Given the cost of the avios it should still work out ok even if the taxes are higher.

    • Not really – you can book in 2018 for 2019 travel or a 2019 hotel.

  3. Claire says:

    Iberia are starting to annoy me a bit with their hoops now. Just had this on both mine (verified already by passport and unlocked) and husband’s (sent the info twice but still locked). Now they want me to send tickets too? What’s that then, just a screenshot of the bookings page? Surely they can see it and are just trying to be deliberately awkward?!

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your interest in the Iberia Plus programme.

    It is a standard requirement of our programme to check the registration details for your Iberia Plus account. To help us do this, please email a copy of the official identity document you used for registration to [email protected]. The subject line of the email must include your Iberia Plus number in order for us to process it and you must send it to us by 31 July (GMT+2). If the documentation is not received before this date, we will be unable to register you for the Iberia Plus programme and you will not have access to any of the associated benefits.

    If you took part in our recent 9,000 extra Avios promotion for the purchase of tickets at, please attach a copy of any tickets purchased during the period and send it to us by 31 July 2018 in order to collect your Avios.

    Once we have verified your identification and proof of ticket purchase we will award the Avios due—as per the campaign terms and conditions—to your account.

    Kind regards and we hope to see you on board again soon.

    The Iberia Plus team

    • I can understand the tickets I’m afraid. Because you didn’t have a valid Iberia account when booking (it was blocked), they therefore need to retrospectively manually add the avios to your account. They therefore need to see the ticket to show to them you made a valid purchase for the right person within the promotion period.

      Annoying, but promising – I think you will get your Avios.

      • Claire says:

        The flights are all showing in the account though, and the IB+ number was added without any issue when the tickets were booked – the account wasn’t blocked until 10 days after the purchase. Plus, if the account is currently (as my husband’s is) blocked what ‘tickets’ do they want to see? Not sure what they want me to send them, when they’ve locked him out of his account.

        • the real harry1 says:

          Each ticket has a unique ID code – see your confirmation emails

          So it’s ID document, ticket numbers/ unique ID codes + IB membership number

    • Jimbob says:

      I’ve just had the same automated email.
      As you say, all rather annoying, as I’ve sent them my id 2 days ago, and why the need confirmation of the tickets, when they are already linked to my Iberia plus account?

      Hopefully this will be the end of jumping through the hoops

      • Claire says:

        It’s just taken me longer to compile a list of flight reference numbers and ticket numbers all extracted from the emails, listing them and emailing (for the 3rd time) the passport and info form. Let’s hope that’s them sorted this time.

  4. I was planning to transfer to BAEC and at use at some point in 2019.

    As l always fly directly with BA and never used Iberia website till recently and never flown Iberia.

    Also I have mobility issues and always found BA very helpful ????????

    Any thoughts Rob or anyone?

    • the real harry1 says:

      yes – start calm & measured

      tell them they have broken UK law by changing promo T&Cs

      reject the changes

      ask them to transfer the points to BAEC because that was allowed under original T&Cs

      take a screenshot of the original T&Cs – get this by googling cache of original offer then using green arrow

      send them the screenshot with your polite request

      wait for answer & we’ll take it from there

      • Jimbob says:

        Calm and measured?
        This is the internet; nothing less than pitchforks, burning at stakes and the Spanish inquisition will do!

        • the real harry1 says:

          we might even get a consumer lawyer along in a bit! 🙂

          shame Raffles apparently doesn’t want to get involved (for understandable reasons) but it seems clear IB Communications team were giving the blog owners information that has now turned out to be partly false or misleading

          if IB Marketing had any credibility, they would work to allow anybody appealing for the original T&Cs to get their points transferred as they saw fit

        • Jimbob says:

          The Americans will be organising a class action lawsuit, while us Brits will shrug our shoulders.

          I need my avios posted to my account, before I can start complaining I can’t transfer them!

      • Thanks Harry unfortunately your link is not working.


        • the real harry1 says:

          it’s not a link (it’s an address) – add an ‘S’ – then google it, go to cached

        • What’s everyone sending too? The email from IB is a no-reply addy

      • Devin says:

        Why do you say they’ve changed the T&C’s. Original text states they must be redeemed, I don’t see any implication that transfers are allowed.

        • the real harry1 says:

          I’ll wait for tomorrow’s article, with my best wishes to you for a lovely evening 🙂

        • A reasonable argument could be made that they advertised the promotion as receiving Avios, which is commonly known as a loyalty point/mile that is exchangable across all platforms that deal with Avios. What they have supplied is not an Avios as it is generally known. It is a restricted avios, and not a full avios in terms of it’s use and transferability. It could be seen as a false inducement.

          It is particularly limiting if they are not allowing transfers INTO Iberia to allow rounding up to the required points for a redemption.

    • See the article tomorrow.

    • Bagoly says:

      You can book a BA redemption using Iberia site.
      I’d say that makes the overall promotion pretty generous, despite some small extra costs.

  5. Peter John says:

    I just tried to move the Iberia points to BAEC & ATRP via and and neither work at the moment.

  6. Shepthedog17 says:

    I have also been asked for tickets as well as proof of ID for both my own and wife’s currently blocked IB Plus accounts.
    When I made the bookings tickets were sent as PDF attachments, so I have just attached them with a scan of the passport. Saves me typing all of the details out.

  7. Charles says:

    Hi Rob – it would be great if you are able to influence Iberia on this.
    I booked 2x IB long hauls using the promotional Avios and getting the fully refundable tickets early this morning. Only to receive an email this evening suggesting that the tickets are not refundable after all. It seems a bit mean to change the terms after the booking is made.
    Called the call centre who say that the Avios are actually refundable via email but not over the phone. Would be great to have some reassurance on this.

    • That’s not what the email says. What it says is if you cancel after 1st December, the Avios won’t come back – which is fine, because 1st December is when they expire. If they didn’t do this, everyone would just book a redemption on 30th November and cancel on 2nd December to get around the expiry rule.

      • G1712 says:

        Would it be possible to book flights for say autumn 2019 but then amend dates slightly post 1st December 2018 cutoff? I need to be in New York next autumn but unsure on exact dates yet! Thanks

  8. Is it just me? or some people still havent had their avios posted to their IB+ accounts? Im still waiting on them and see what I am able to do with them

  9. CountryKerry says:

    So my Avios posted today (booked 4 flights on the first day, and 6 on the final day).

    I also asked about transferring 5k Avios in from BA or Avios as I have a booking in mind that needs 95k Avios. Neither works via Combine my Avios, but, the agent added 5k Avios there and then.

    I can not fault Iberia on this. I rang, was put through almost immediately and the agent instantly saw the fault lay with them and then offered 5k Avios to fix it. On top of this, the agent then made the booking with me on the phone, negating the website and disregarding the telephone fee.

    I have never dealt with Iberia before, but as far as customer service goes, that was 10/10.

    • wow – that’s the opposite of the experience i had with a few different staff last week !

  10. Need an expert view, can’t get thru to IB. I used my 90k + some I already had to book a QR flight. Now I may need to change the date. Do IB offer the 24hr refund on these tix and what’s my downside.

    Some wording from my ticket suggests there is nothing changeable or refundable on a QR flight!! I don’t have any IB or BA codes on my Flights to Asia. Does the below seem right?

    Permitted before flight departure with a surcharge of €25. Only permitted on IB, YW, I2 and BA flights (except flight series 5xxx).

    refund (in each direction)
    Permitted with a surcharge of €25 up to 24 hours before the departure of the first flight on the ticket, as long as this does not include any IB5XXX flight. Refunds only permitted on flights with codes IB, YW, I2 and BA, unless the code for one leg is IB and the code for another leg belongs to another partner in the programme.

  11. Bagoly says:

    I was able to transfer in with CMA on my account.
    On my wife’s account we got not “Combine my Avios is not working” but “You can’t use Combine my Avios with this account. Please contact us”.
    My account has significantly more historic activity than hers (no flights).
    So perhaps accounts with less activity are being treated differently.

    Booked the two of us to Havana on her account and back on mine – there are still many days with 2 in Business available. All in cost about £500 each – even cheaper than a QR sale!

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