Maximise your Avios, air miles and hotel points

Get 1,000 American Airlines miles at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House hotels

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Whilst this is a little niche, there is no harm in signing up if you have a stay – it is more free miles.

Hyatt Place and Hyatt House, the two ‘limited service’ brands in the Hyatt portfolio, are offering 1,000 American Airlines miles for every stay between 15th October and 31st January.

If you usually take World of Hyatt points from your stays, you will receive 1,000 American Airlines as well.  You don’t give up your points.

Get 1,000 American Airlines miles at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House

If you usually take 500 airline miles from your stays, you get the 1,000 American Airlines miles on top.

The only thing you can’t do is claim base miles from another airline, such as British Airways, and receive 1,000 AA miles too.

Registration closes on 30th November which is a guaranteed way of annoying anyone who books into a Hyatt Place or Hyatt House in December or January and who forgot to sign up.

I stayed at a Hyatt Place in Dubai earlier this year and was very impressed – see my review of Hyatt Place Dubai Al Rigga here.  There are also two Hyatt Places properties near Heathrow now.  Diverting a stay to Hyatt Place or Hyatt House is also a way of ticking off another brand for Hyatt’s ‘stay at five brands and get a free night’ long-term offer.  We covered Hyatt Brand Explorer here.

Mariott Bonvoy American Express credit card

How to earn American Airlines miles from UK credit cards (July 2021)

American Airlines no longer has its own UK credit card.

There is, however, still a way to earn American Airlines miles from a UK credit card

The route is via Marriott Bonvoy. Marriott Bonvoy hotel loyalty points convert to American Airlines miles at the rate of 3:1. You receive an additional 5,000 miles bonus if you convert 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points at once.

The best way to earn Marriott Bonvoy points is via the official Marriott Bonvoy American Express card. It usually comes with 20,000 points for signing up and 2 points for every £1 you spend.

Until 31st August 2021, however, the sign-up bonus is increased to 40,000 Marriott Bonvoy points.

At 2 Bonvoy points per £1, you are earning (at 3:1) 0.66 American Airlines miles per £1 spent on the card. This will increase to 0.83 AA miles per £1 if you convert Bonvoy points in chunks of 60,000 points.

You can apply here.

American Express Marriott Bonvoy credit card

Marriott Bonvoy American Express

40,000 points sign-up bonus and Gold Elite status Read our full review

Comments (143)

  • tom1 says:

    o/t question for the Kuala Lumpur expderts
    is the Doubletree still the go-to hotel?

    Still 10k HH per night
    Hilton Garden Inn also 10k

    A few Marriott options too -only Gold so no free breakfast
    StRegis 50k
    LeMeridien 17.5k
    Hotel Stripes Autograph 17.5k
    JW 17.5k
    Also Aloft & Element both at 7.5k

    Grand Hyatt 12k

    Thanks for any tips.

    • Craig says:

      I can let you know in a few days!

    • tom1 says:

      Actually, just noticed that has been updated with the Marriott Points value instead of SPG. it’s a useful tool!

    • Genghis says:

      We stayed last year at the DT. Decent hard product in OK location and nice staff but not enough of them. But for 10k HHs, we got a suite upgrade and lounge access (reasonable brekkie, hors d’oeuvres etc) so an absolute bargain. Would stay again if ever had to. I visited KL in 2008 and had a good time, really liked the city. Last year though it just seemed a right dump. Like the city is stuck in the 90s / 00s.

      • tom1 says:

        Thanks – lounge+upgrade as HH Gold or Diamond?

      • Andrew-a says:

        We stayed at the Shangri-la this year and it was excellent, paid cash though. Really enjoyed the visit and the only part that we seen that was grotty was the area around the central market. We hired a private taxi for 3 days to see the city and surrounding areas which I would recommend.

        • KL visitor says:

          Hi Andrew, as a solo traveller, I won’t be hiring a taxi, but what advice would you offer / what to see etc for a first time visitor? and ideal location to stay for 2/3 day stay? Thanks!

        • Andrew-a says:

          @ KL visitor. I’m probably not the best person to ask ‘re hotels etc as I have only been once, earlier this year. We visited – Batu caves
          ,New king palace,National mosque, independent square, Central market/Chinatown KL tower, Petronas twin tower, Thien Hoe Temple.
          This was all in one day, took around 6/7 hours by private taxi. The cost was around 300myr so £56 ish. Well worth considering. We did this on the first day to get our bearings.

      • KL visitor says:

        Hi Genghis, I’ve been considering a (first) visit to KL (and Singapore-intend to fly MH between them) in 2019 and would be keen to learn more about your experiences/observations. What changed in KL between 2008 and 2017? Might a different (hotel) location leave a different expectation outcome in a first time visitor? What advice would you offer for a 2/3 day stay? Cheers (ps only HH and Marriott Gold thus am open to any accommodation option)

        • Genghis says:

          In 2008 I stayed at the CP, similar location to the DT. KL seemed more vibrant / had more energy, new things had opened etc. Last year, I saw lack of investment, more homelessness, the place smelt of urine etc. This is my experience. Maybe I now notice things more. I’m sure others have different experiences. I go to places that I love that friends say are just OK. Singapore, however, absolutely fantastic…

        • Roger says:

          Having just returned from both SIN and KUL, it is like a day and night.
          Singapore any day over Kuala Lumpur.
          Stayed at Marriott in Singapore, great location.
          Stayed at Intercontinental in Kuala Lumpur and the stay was fab, but city seemed to not have any breath of fresh air and lacked the charm and aura I found in Singapore

      • KL visitor says:

        Thanks Genghis…..
        The smell of urine concerns me though!!!

        With five days to play with, would I be right to assume you would suggest more time in Singapore rather than KL?

        Not sure whether I need to book (in advance) the KUL-SIN flight if anyone can advise? (obviously I’d like to be flexible, costs permitting, if possible)

        • Tom1 says:

          There are that many flights kul-sin that you can Book a few days in advance.
          Check and it shows you which airlines fly that route, which days, and what times. Between Malaysian, air asia, silk air etc I think there are easily 20+ flights per day.
          You could look at google flights over the next few days and see how easily you could buy a flight for the following day. Flights for next 2 days are £40 and after that are £15-20.

        • Genghis says:

          Yes, for me more time in Singapore. But everyone’s different. I don’t plan on going back to KL (for holiday) but would happily to Singapore.

        • Shoestring says:

          Never made it to KL but I enjoyed Singapore a lot a few times, not so much for the well-known touristy things – which are very well done btw, eg you could pick a few from (the Night Safari is famously good) – but I liked the food choice a lot, enormous variety & used to be cheap/ great quality – plus a mandatory few Singapore Slings in the Raffles Hotel. Also very good for shopping – not that I am a shopper by nature – but I was after some of the decent gear for scuba diving and the top names were cheap as well. And you get the impression it’s a very safe place.

    • Nick says:

      Check cash rates first. I got a bargain at the HGI in Chinatown (5 mins from a monorail stop), better value than points that day. Room small and basic but very clean and comfortable and I’d very happily stay again.

  • Nigel says:

    Another cancelled route by BA.
    I had four seats booked on the LHR to LEI (Almeria) for April ’19. Had an email and text message this week stating the flight had been cancelled and we had been moved to a flight from LGW the day after. When I checked flight for LHR to Almeria nothing was available with BA, just partner airlines and a stop via another airport. I am guessing this is another cancelled route. Doesn’t fit in with our plans so will be cancelling the flights, refund of cash and avios for whole booking.

    • Nick says:

      It’s not cancelled, it’s moved to Gatwick. The same way as BCN and PSA have moved to Heathrow. BA has tried to consolidate some of their summer routes rather than duplicate.

      I’m scared it’s effectively being done to create an opening for more VY at LGW (the route choices are quite crafty…), but that’s yet to be confirmed.

  • MD says:

    OT as Bits.

    Churning SPG Amex advice for a noob – got my first statement, direct debit due 8th November but I’ve hit the 33K bonus already and want to close the card. Do I need to wait for the DD to trigger and the SPG points to appear in my Marriott account before closing the card? Is there a set date the points transfer? Strangely the card did randomly send 2k points over to my account on 19/10, before the statement was generated and before I had triggered the bonus or paid off anything.

    Or (my ideal option) can I accelerate the process by simply paying off the bill directly now (and I hope they won’t then direct debit me for the statement total anyway?) and close the card, forcing the points to transfer over? Or do the points disappear?

    Sorry for all the questions. I’d let it run naturally but I’m a bit tight for time to squeeze in two more cards this year to hit my annual Platinum limit, started late. Many thanks.

    • Stu N says:

      The points transfer over about a week before your statement date, which will be approx 5 weeks after your application was approved. Generally a very good idea to keep the card until the points have landed.

      The fee is usually applied on first statement. If you pay the card off by bank transfer or debit card you should be able to clear it to zero before the statement is generated. I never use DD so can’t advise on how that would work.

      • Genghis says:

        SPG points used to transfer over even from cancelled cards on their natural date.

        • Stu N says:

          I wouldn’t chance it for >30k points at best of times, especially when the fee is only about £6.50 per month. Given recent issues with points transferring across, I’d very definitely be keeping the card live.

        • MD says:

          You appear to be one of the arch churners Genghis ???? I’m sure you have this process down to a T, what’s your routine? In hindsight of course I shouldn’t have bothered setting up a direct debit, that was just a reflex reaction to getting a new credit card.

        • Genghis says:

          @MD I have a spreadsheet, of course, where I’ve modelled the best options for us (essentially driven off how quick we spend money). Basically it now functions as a checklist of activities. Anyone can set it up, though my time being an excel monkey at a FTSE100 bank helped.

        • MD says:

          @Genghis. Excellent idea, I should really get around to that. I sketched them all out on a bit of paper last weekend and it got very crowded, very quickly.

      • MD says:

        Thanks. Good point about the recent SPG problems. All in all, I’m probably best taking the cautious approach, this time around anyway.

    • Tom Cook says:

      I’m on my second SPG card and have hit the bonus in the first 3 weeks. I plan to wait until the points sweep over before cancelling, just to be sure.

  • Graham WalshWalsh says:

    OT I’ve had a reply from Virgin now regarding my cancelled flight due to technical issues. They sent me a link to refund the CP T4 stay. They have asked the refund department to issue a refund the on the downgrade from PE to Economy in terms of taxes paid (to the original card – but that is probably churned). As I used 2 of the the Amex Econ > PE upgrade vouchers, they have extended one of them until April 2019.

    Firstly one PE upgrade voucher is useless to me as I want to travel with other.

    I don’t see any mention of cash compensation for the delay of 14 hours to my destination and losing a day of my holiday. I thought they would offer something under EU261 or do they say the refunds etc are it?

    • Harry in transit says:

      They are probably just as cynical about it as BA, trying get away with what they can.

      Involuntary downgrade (fare class) equals 75% compo for that leg. Check out CAA page for the cancellation compo formula. Claim again, more insistently, explaining your entitlement under EC261.

      That’s probably all you need to do as they’re expecting 95% of people to walk away with that first response. But a second refusal would lead me to threat of MCOL, then MCOL – not sure if you have the time for that, if not, Messrs Bott + Co will sort your compo out for a %.

      • Graham Walsh says:

        Thanks. That’s what I was thinking too. Most people would accept that and run.

  • Travel Strong says:

    OT: On Thursday evening, Wizz Tours, the holiday arm of Wizz Air, quietly announced to its email distribution list that they will “cease operations on 31 December 2018”. If bundling their flights with a travel agency room rate is not proving profitable, should we be concerned about the profitability of the core business?
    Cobalt Primera Air Berlin … I hope wizz is not next, even if just to keep prices to budapest competitive.

    • Mike says:

      I wouldn’t be particularly worried.
      Every time I fly wizz it feels like maybe 10% are tourists, the rest are visiting friends and relatives in one direction or the other / commuting. (I know of someone who used to fly into LTN on the first flight of the day from BUD and walk to Bedfordshire uni in time for her morning lecture, stay a few days sofa surfing then head home on Thursday!)

      • Aeronaut says:

        Brexit and the potentially diminished marked for UK – EU27 could however have an effect.

        Of course how it all actually pans out is anyone’s guess.

  • rob says:

    Amex Offers:

    I’ve used a couple of different offers recently that have been saved on various Amex cards. However I was on the understanding that you receieved an Email from Amex to confirm you had used an offer. Is this not true? As I’m sure I have in the past.

    Have done maybe 6/7 transactions with the ‘spend £5 receive 500 Avios’ but sort of seems like it doesn’t track each time? Am I being daft?


    • Graham WalshWalsh says:

      You usually get an email instantly after the transaction. Maybe have a web chat with Amex.

    • Genghis says:

      I enabled the 500 for £5 offer on Tue I think it was. Got the 500 yesterday. No email confirm.

      • Liz says:

        I redeemed the offer on tues also – no email or pts yet!

        • A270 says:

          I redeemed the £200 off £600 offer both on main and supplementary 10 days ago. Got the email but no credit so will chase up.

        • FlyUpTop says:

          Redeemed on Mon, no email or points yet?

      • Rob says:

        Odd, also spent £5 on Tuesday at LHR and got nothing!

        • fivebobbill says:

          Yip, me too. Saved to card, made the spend, no email and points

        • Simon says:

          Also redeemed £200 off £600 spend with Amex Travel. Took more than 2 weeks post-email confirmation before the £200 was credited.

    • Gavin says:

      I’ve used a couple of Amex offers recently but got no email. The £5 for £20 Amazon spent credited with no email received, however the 500 Avios has not yet credited despite disappearing from my saved offers. I’ll probably leave it another week before chasing.

      • Harry in transit says:

        Disappearing from saved offers is a very good sign!

        Got 6 more of the GBP5 & 500 points offers to process next week when I get a minute so can give an update from a decent statistical basis, marks out of 9 coming right up (currently running on 2/3 for emails but 3/3 for credit received

    • Anna says:

      I’ve not had anything either despite using it on 3 cards in our household!

    • Brian W says:

      Worked for me. I saved the £5 offer and spent the £5 on my BAPP on 23rd and got two emails confirming redemption rather than the usual one. 500 Avios posted around a couple of days later.

      I’m sure they will post eventually. I’ve redeemed offers before and received no email but it’s posted anyway.

      • Rob says:

        Mine is now showing as redeemed on my statement – it wasn’t this morning. This is from a Tuesday purchase.

  • Nick says:

    Does anyone know if landing cards still need to be completed at Heathrow, for non eu citizens?

    • Harry in transit says:

      Think so, they still hand them out on board so must be a requirement for non EU/ EEA.

      Not hopeful the EU will use its collective brain and leave visa requirement pretty much the same as it is now after Brexit…

      • Callum says:

        You do realise the main reason for leaving the EU is to get rid of free movement? It would make no sense to keep the visa system the same.

        • John says:

          Free movement is not the same as visa-free for holidays. EU citizens will probably need to fill out landing cards eventually, with exceptions for those who get their current status grandfathered, and ETIAS will probably apply to British citizens when it launches.

    • ChrisC says:

      yes but only if you are entering the UK.

  • Ian says:

    Yesterday I booked a trip for us next summer, going up to NCL then hiring a car for the week we were there. I just booked it on the BA website (BA + Avis) and I was amazed what good value it was. When I looked at the price I thought it was just for adding on the car but no, it was for the total trip. This was a great contrast to a trip to Scotland last year when I thought the cost of hiring a car for just a few days was very expensive indeed. Car hire prices remain a complete mystery to me.

    Incidentally, I could find no option to hire the car just for some days rather than the whole week. Just anyone know if that facility has gone from BA? It doesn’t really matter as it was so cheap for the week; I am just interested to know.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, they changed it annoyingly.

    • Stu N says:

      You have to use the “customise my trip” bit if you want a car and/ or hotel for part of the trip. It’s very glitchy though.

      • Anna says:

        It is glitchy, you have to double check that all the elements are included correctly or you end up having to go right back to the start! Also somewhat browser dependent as to whether you can use the facility at all in my experience, which I find weird for such a big outfit (though maybe not given current events!)

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