Bits: photos from Amex’s new Centurion Lounge in Covent Garden, Louis Vuitton opens in T4, HFP IT

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News in brief:

The American Express Centurion Lounge in Covent Garden is open

The American Express Centurion Lounge is back for 2018!  Until 16th December, the pop-up lounge is open at Unit 6, Langley Street, which is about 60 seconds walk from Covent Garden tube station.

American Express Centurion Lounge London 2018

Entry is available for all Platinum and Centurion cardholders.  There are free drinks for all – although the champagne had run out by 5pm last night when I arrived – and there is also the odd bit of free food coming round.  Click to enlarge the pictures:

American Express Centurion Lounge London 2018

There is also a gift wrapping station and, at least yesterday, an area downstairs where you could get an airline sleep mask monogrammed!

American Express Centurion Lounge London 2018

The lounge is open between 11am and 6pm.  Up to two guests are allowed per Platinum or Centurion cardholder.

Thanks to Alan for these photos, which were better than the ones I took!

American Express Centurion Lounge London 2018

Louis Vuitton opens in Heathrow Terminal 4

Louis Vuitton has opened its third Heathrow outlet, in Terminal 4.  This follows openings in Terminal 5 in 2014 and Terminal 3 in 2017.

The new 116 sqm space features a selection of leather goods, footwear and accessories for both men and women, including watches, jewellery, fragrance and Louis Vuitton City Guides.  Personalisation of leather goods is also available.

The store’s concept is apparently inspired by 1950’s Italian design:

“At the entrance, clients are greeted by a see-through façade with latticework that utilises the signature LV monogram of flowers and diamonds. This mesh combination alongside the muted tones and materials used, including champagne metals and ivory ceramics, seamlessly blends the store with the travelling world.”

HFP IT tweak

Finally …. we made a tweak to our IT settings which has hopefully stopped the problem of the mobile site accidentally showing when accessing HFP on an iPad.  This has been happening ever since our server move last month.

If you find any issues with the wrong version appearing on your device, please take a screenshot and send it to rob at so we can investigate.

You may still see issues if you read Shopper Points because we are trialling the ‘fix’ on HFP first.

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  1. OT Does anyone have an email for claiming missing points for Marriott. Need to claim for 2 separate accounts about 2 different things.

    • Found it

    • Hi Liz, IIRC you were doing your 3 bridges cruise this week. If so, how did it go? I’ve been thinking about doing that for some time now.

      • Fab – I put some great pics up on my FB page. Was a lovely day. It was our anniversary on Wed. Only the 1pm sailing is going at the moment. The staff were all lovely. We booked a cream tea but ended up with a cuppa and warm mince pie. Met a lovely guy from Oz and spent the trip chatting to him. Then went to Edinburgh for a meal, Xmas markets and theatre to see Kinky Boots! Fab day out! The winter sailings don’t go under the rail bridge but go under the 2 road bridges. We will go back in the summer and do the island and go under the rail bridge. Bargain at £7 each with the Expedia offer.

        • Good to hear and congrats on your anniversary. You hit a lucky week with the wearher given tbe rain and winds last week and snow on the way now. I am sure you will find a way to get a decent deal next time too.

  2. OT: How long after hitting the spend target does it take the Lloyds voucher to deposit into accounts these days; should I expect it within a few days or after the next statement is generated? Where should I look for it if it goes to BA? I don’t see a voucher section in my account there.

    • They’re not going to BA, you have to call to redeem it and they should have a record of it. IIRC it’s generated with the next statement from the period in which you hit the target spend.

      • Thanks Anna, so nothing has changed. Target spend transaction cleared yesterday so hopefully will have voucher after my statement next week. I plan to cancel 2x75k redemptions for £70 and bank 72k for 2021 flights after using the voucher for TYO.

        • Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I think it’s the statement AFTER the one which would include the transaction which hit the 7k. I hit my last £7k early June and got my voucher at the end of July anyway. Though when they were having all the IT problems last year I rang them and they generated that one manually within about a week.

          Your maths has got me a bit confused though, where do the 72k avios come from?!

        • Shoestring says:

          cancelling reward flights & changing to 2-4-1?

        • Cheers Anna. Maths current reservation I need to change is 2 x zone 7 ow CW = 2×75k = 150k. New reservation with voucher will be 2 × 39k so will 78k leaving me 72k to the good from my original 150k cancelled reservation. Shoved £5k spend through in a hurry on Curve so hopefully no nasty shocks on statement but even if there is then still under £150 to save 72k avios.

        • @Harry, I need to change 2 seats to TYO from BKK. Just decided to trigger Lloyds voucher to use on new booking while options still available.

  3. Clarence says:

    O/ T. Just tried to use combine my Avios to move Avios from Iberia Plus to BAEC but was told my details don’t match. I have moved Avios many times from Iberia Plus without a problem. Does anyone have a solution

    • Shoestring says:

      Open Aerclub Avios a/c on the platform. Use ID details same as on Iberia. Pull IB Avios—> Aerclub then onward —> BAEC

  4. O/T: SPG points from 29 Ways have just hit my account.

  5. OT: At the beginning of December the kitchen of the Plaza Premium LHR T4 Arrivals lounge had ‘technical problems’ (or a similarly phrased excuse) so couldn’t serve any food from the menu. They did have a reasonable selection of cold sandwiches with biscuits and tortilla chips and olives which you could help yourself to. No timescale for when the kitchen would be working again. Might be working now? It was out for at least a few days.

    • I went to the Plaza Premium arrivals lounge on Tuesday and the pitch was still closed.

      • Kitchen*

        • Thanks for the update. Must be something major! Saw a mouse in there a couple of months ago on the visit before last but apparently that’s nothing new for Heathrow. So this lounge hasn’t been able to serve any hot food for two weeks then…

    • Kitchen was closed on Thursday morning too. On the plus side I got to try coco pops for the first time in years…

  6. What’s the Louis Vuitton advert about?! What’s it got to do with points?!

    • I’m sure you’d earn quite a lot of points on pretty much anything you bought from there.

    • The majority of our articles are not related to points. Have you only just noticed?

    • Haven’t you read the banner at the top of the page? ‘Head for Points, helping business travellers maximise their miles and find new places to buy overpriced so-called luxury goods’

      • Brian … fundamentally, 80% of the UK readers of HFP are well-paid London professionals with, I’d guess, an average income in excess of £50k. That’s who we write for. You’re still welcome if that’s not you, of course, but you’re not the core.

        Something else to think about …. LVMH has a market cap almost FIFTEEN TIMES bigger than IHG (€129bn v £8bn). It is TEN TIMES bigger than IAG (€12bn market cap). LVMH, I would guess, is bigger than every quoted hotel group in the world PUT TOGETHER. It can’t be much smaller than every quoted airline group in the world PUT TOGETHER. If you think that the luxury goods market is only for a tiny niche then you are massively mistaken.

  7. Great photo of Amex’s Centurion Lounge front door. It’s a work of art 🙂

  8. David Griffiths says:

    Hi Rob,
    If I am not a “London professional”, though I am a BA gold card member. Would you regard me as a “ core member” Incidentally I live in Wales, and the tolls on the Severn Bridges have been done away with. First time a tax going from England to Wales across the Severn estuary has not been in existence since Roman times apparently. So if you add up all that revenue, compound it, allow for inflation, especially around the time of the Black Death, it’s probably more than LV’s capitalisation. 😏. What has this got to do with points?, not much either as in your example. Accept I suppose you did get points if you used a card payment at the tolls. Though I willl admit, this would be post Roman Empire days. Incidentally, would a Roman general, who was posted to say, a fortress at Caerleon in Wales, and who had a ton of air miles be your target market even though he was not a Londinium Professional?
    Thought of the day. Does anyone know of a professional outside the M25? 🤔

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