Very generous offer of £75 Wheely credit from American Express

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A good deal with Wheely, the London-based Uber competitor, has appeared on a lot of American Express cards.   You need to look under the ‘Offers’ section on the online statement page of each Amex card you have.

You will receive £25 cashback when you spend £25 with Wheely in one ride.  You can get the money up to three times until the offer expires on 17th May.  It is actually three x £25 credits per Amex card, so you may find that you can get it six or nine times depending on how many of your Amex cards it appears on.

Wheely is equivalent to Uber Exec and Uber Luxe,  Its cheapest option is a Mercedes E-Class.


The biggest snag is the need to spend £25 in one ride.  It is NOT cumulative and you do not get any credit if you spend under £25.  Spend £24 and your net cost is £24.  Spend £26 and, with the credit, your ride will only cost £1.

This is not a problem if you are heading to an airport but on shorter trips you cannot be sure you will hit the target.  The complex way Wheely calculate fares (an E-Class is £6 + 50p per minute + £1.60 per mile) means that you can’t be certain what you’ll pay.  It is certainly worth a look, however.

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  1. If using Wheely for a short trip under £25, could you not leave a tip to bring it over £25?

    • Is that possible to do on the app before payment is collected?

    • Given the charging structure and the fact that even a short journey is likely to be close to £20, wouldn’t you just sit in the car at your destination until the ‘per minute’ charge takes you to £25?

      This probably wouldn’t be more than a few minutes – I can think of worse ways of ‘earning’ £25.

    • Allook at the wheels faq suggests you add a % before the trip so maybe tricky to use for top up to £25.

      • The Savage Squirrel says:

        A bit strange having to choose a tip BEFORE you know whether the service was brilliant or rubbish!

        • Very American – had that with SuperShuttle in NYC before. Glad I picked zero as the service was appalling!

    • It does give you an estimated cost before you travel. So using that and a tip should give you a good chance of hitting £25

      • Lady London says:

        Solve the simultaneous equation and, as the base charge is £6, you only have £19 to use up sitting in the car. If you’re a real cheapskate you’ll time how many minutes the journey took , then at the end sit in the car for whatever remains of 38 minutes. Alternatively make sure the journey is at least £19/£1.60 less as many minutes at 50p each, that you think it will for sure take a minimum of.

        If you’re really enthusiastic you can draw yourself a graph ahead of the journey, and select the number of miles the journey was, on the x axis then look up to what point the curve on the graph is alongside, on the y axis as the car stops and they will give you how many minutes you have to sit in the car to make up your £25.


  2. Ot- what is stopping me from sending money to a friend as a gift on PayPal using my Amex to hit my spend req? It seems no fees unless I’m being stupid.

    • I need to do something similar and was wondering the same. I couldn’t see any mention of fees for person to person transfers, haven’t tried it yet though.

      • Yes. You should be OK for a couple of grand. Billion pound pay pal ain’t go na notice

    • Nothing apart from PayPal’s trigger happy AML process.

      • But if I’m transferring money to my sister to pay my nieces rental bond then I should be OK? Losing PayPal for a while as a payment option is hardly a chore.

      • Lady London says:

        Agree, You really don’t want to take even a small risk with Paypal. If you’ve ever had to deal with their call centre in the Philippines… you’d know why. Like getting stuck in Kafka’s castle.

        Why not use something easy like Revolut? or just a cheap transfer like a few that have been mentioned on here? or you transfer direct to the business she’s got to pay….

        Do;n’t forget lots of websites use Paypal as their payment machine even if you don’t choose to pay with Paypal. so if you mess up Paypal, then it will take you ages to clear and meanwhile you are blocked.

    • I though Paypal payemnets to freinds and family were only free if using a debit card? Have they recently dropped the charge for a credit card or are you happy to swallow that charge?

      • Dang! There are a lot of typos in that last post I put up. Sorry about that. I’m not illiterate but I am a crap typist!

      • In the past there was definitely a 3% charge but does it not come out of the receivers end?

      • The fee for sending a Personal Transaction payment is paid by the sender. The fee for a Personal Transaction payment will be displayed upon making the relevant payment. Please see the User Agreement for more details.
        Domestic Personal Transaction payments:

        Activity Fee
        Sending a Domestic Personal Transaction Payment FREE (when no currency conversion is involved)

    • Ben Wood says:

      Be warned, my Amex account has been suspended since December because of this.

      • Same here. After very much ‘small fish’ transactions.

        The Indian fraud team are a delight to deal with.. not.

      • I could see Amex getting tetchy if this is used to hit a target and then cancel the card or similar. I am genuinely sending my sister some money and nowhere near a target with it?

      • To be fair to Amex, from the BAPP T&C:

        You may use the card up to your credit limit for purchases and, if we tell you, for balance/money transfers, cash advances and other types of transaction we may allow.

        So probably not worth the risk?

  3. OT: I am trying to decide what to do with my amex reward points as likely to cancel my gold card soon. I have around 30,000. I will probably sign up again in a year to get another intro bonus.

    My goal is to fly long haul ideally in first, or a fancy business class (one way most likely). Currently have around 30,000 avios and around 20,000 virgin miles. Last year I flew to china on airchina first class with virgin but this is now lot more expensive.

    Any ideas of if I should focus on virgin or ba if my goal is to save up for one nice trip somewhere?

    • Just curious. Why wait a year to sign up?

      • Buying a flat this year, so dont want a load of credit card apps before I get the mortgage.

        • I personally think avios is more flexible with more airlines so would be aiming that way. Potentially lower fees ex-eu (eg ex-Amsterdam).
          Very sensible re: mortgage. That’s a hefty financial product and you don’t want to risk getting a great deal because you earned a few thousand miles!

        • @james don’t forget that cancelling cards will also have an effect on your credit record.

      • Ah that makes sense. We collect Virgin miles but I think Avios is the more flexible option

        • Arguably Virgin is more flexible as they can be transferred later to Hilton or IHG at a reasonable rate of you have a good value redemption in mind.

    • If i was you, i’d convert them to avios – 60k is a nice number. Fly to the us on American or Iberia and come back using the virgin miles in economy or a cash ticket.

    • Depends, are you traveling solo or with a +1

      What’s your intended destination?

      • Probably just on my own (although don’t tell my partner), as doubt I’ll earn enough for 2.

        Pretty open minded about destination as long as it is somewhere interesting. USA would be good, China, tempted to visit south africa.

    • 30000 Singapore miles one way to the Middle East? BA or royal Jordanian return on avios (or maybe even virgin from Tel Aviv if you can get to Israel cheaply)

  4. TGLoyalty says:

    Any referral scheme for wheely? Or first time use promo code?

    • You’re welcome to use my referral code, XU5YC – it’ll give you 20% off your first ride

  5. Looking at those Wheely fares, it seems quite expensive, considering that I have had some pretty nice cars even on the normal Uber service. The airport fares seem a little bit above Uber.

    Seems quite an expensive way of promoting themselves, but i ain’t complaining.

    A 20 minute drive at night should easily be above £25.

    • Wheely fares in Moscow seem quite reasonable, shame this offer can’t be used for them!

    • illuminatus says:

      You can’t really compare Wheely to Uber. Don’t get me wrong, I use Uber all the time – but while you can get a nice car sometimes, getting a nice driver along with it is almost impossible in London (much less of an issue in Portugal or Belgium from my experience). Wheely cars and drivers are on a totally different level, and it is my go-to service for Heathrow (£50 vs ~£35 using Uber).

      • Have to say, I used Wheely a couple of times about 18 months ago to use up some introductory credit and it was impressive. Ordered a E-Class but got an S-Class, and the overall service level was higher than Uber (or, more accurately, like Uber was when it launched in London).

  6. The Streets says:

    OT but for all these Amex offers where it says “Spend must be billed to your Card account by XX date”.. does that mean if a payment is “pending” then the offer has “billed”?

    • yorkieflyer says:

      I was told not by Amex and they told me the Travel service takes 3 working days to debit your account, The pending charge is just an authorisation. If you get the email saying you’ve used the offer you could certainly pursue the cash back but the rules could allow them to decline I believe

      • The Streets says:

        Thanks – fingers crossed it will cross the line in time.. but again a little unfair to the general public who see a use by date when in fact the transaction should have gone through perhaps a week before!

        • I’m in the same boat. I booked flights yesterday to use the £50 off £200 amex travel spend. I had an email to say I’ve used the offer. I had this before with another offer, I bought something the day before it was due to expire – I did indeed cross the line in time.

    • Agree, that’s my experience too.

    • I spoke to the call centre about this today. As long as the transaction date (day you pay for it not day it shows as a confirmed transaction on your account) is within the validity period of the offer you are safe. I used the £50 off £200 spend on Amex Travel and was assured I was safe for the statement credit.

  7. OT: Anybody know if there is anything useful I can do with 30k FlyingBlue miles apart from shorthaul flights? Unless I’m missing something something they are virtually useless for anything else including hotels.

    • FB Promo Awards?

    • Promo awards best, may have potential with DL/VS in due course too.

    • There is the Flying Blue shop where, from memory, you can get a gift voucher with a value of about £50 for that. Rubbish compared to value on flights but if you cannot use them to fly better than nothing. I probably shouldn’t admit it here but I was so underwhelmed by the options I ended up forgetting to do anything with about 30,000 miles and they expired. So I basically burnt a £50 note…

    • Thanks everybody confirmed my suspicions. Don’t want to burn for £50so looks like I’ll have to shift some Marriott points over to make better use of them.

  8. OT – it looks like BA’s shopping portal Gate 365 is either not working or has ended? Has anyone else noticed this or had success using it today?

  9. illuminatus says:

    Wheely is awesome, I highly recommend it – imo the best ‘service/price’ ratio (vs expensive Uber options, Blacklane, Kabbee Exec, AddLee etc). Heathrow £50 from SW is a bargain, Gatwick at £85 less so.

    • illuminatus says:

      and yep, please use H6CD5 to get 20% off your first ride)

      • could you give the first 4 digits of your post code so i can get rough idea re cost. i’m in SW15 and want to get this to Heathrow so wondering re the cost. thanks

        • illuminatus says:

          SW18. From what I understand, airport transfer prices are largely fixed by area, so yours should be close. In fact, I’ve just checked in the app – it gives the same £50 from SW15 to Heathrow T5 in E-Class

        • Thanks illuminatus

    • Sounds expensive. My local minicab company used to be £33 to T5 when I lived in SW18

      • Do have S-Class Mercs?

        • Would it get you there any quicker if they had?

        • Honestly Rob who cares!

          • Since its obvious that a minicab firm running clapped out bangers will be cheaper than a company using S-Class Mercedes cars, I just assumed there was a point to your comment 🙂

        • Well, almost everyone on here cares!! This site helps people travel in more comfort to a destination in the same time as someone at the back of the plane. I’d take an S-Class over a Prius if I can. And using this deal, the S-Class could cost a couple of quid and the Prius many times that.

        • +1 SimonW!

  10. Paul Stevens says:

    OT: Flying BA first to Tokyo – 777 to Haneda or 787 to Narita. Or maybe out on one, back on the other. I’ve never flown on a 787 before but have flown BA first on a 777 a few times if that makes any difference.

    • Prins Polo says:

      Not sure what the question is but I would (and have given this choice) fly JAL to HND. Vastly superior.

      • Paul Stevens says:

        241 so has to be on BA. I suppose my question was is the 787 so much better that it offsets the slightly less convenient Narita airport?

        • if you are using a 241, maybe mix and match depending on the time and availability. I flew back on the 787-9 in F and loved it. Yes Narita is a bit more complicated to get to but I think the flight time and the quality of plane more than made up for it.

        • I went First in a 777 to Haneda last year. The 777 isn’t my favourite First cabin – you can’t get from one side to the other without going through the galley and there didn’t seem to be anywhere for the crew to put out snacks. But the crew were good and the food (especially coming back) was excellent.

          Haneda is a nice airport these days.

        • +1 on ex-HND F catering. Best I’ve ever had on BA.

        • F on 787-9 is an excellent experience, food normally good from Japan too.
          My only issue is the dining table, worst product ergonomics ever.

    • TokyoFan says:

      We went into NRT on the 787 and out of HND on the 777 which suited availability of F at the time and timings for our trip. I preferred the 787 but only for the obvious reasons (newer, cleaner, quieter etc). Agree with Genghis about the food out of HND in F – a stunning wagyu steak – yum!

  11. The Wheely offer is tricky. Testing the pricing formula for long distances e.g. My house to Heathrow = £40 (having subtracted the credit) which is roughly the cost of an Uber with no surchage.

    For Wheely in central London, google provides the calculation inputs your journey. Search your destination from your location for the mileage and time.

    E.g. Google says 20mins to go 3miles
    20 * 0.5 = £10
    3 * 1.6 = £4.8
    +£6 for the E-Class
    Total cost = £20.8 – Don’t take a wheely!

    E.g. Google says 36mins for 6.2miles (diff route)
    36 * 0.5 = £18
    6 * 1.6 = £9.6
    +£6 for the E-Class
    Total cost = £33.6 – £25 credit = £8 – Save £8/10 over Uber.


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