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British Airways releases four teaser photos of the new Club World seat!

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British Airways dropped four teaser images of the new Club World seat onto Instagram on Saturday.

I’m not allowed to comment on them, but feel free to draw your own conclusions ….




More news to follow soon, I’m sure …..

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  1. It looks just like, yet another, space & money saving, uncomfortable, ‘skinny seat’ to me!

    Image #1 has my back in spasm before even trying it out!

    IMHO, it’ll be a pain in the a**e! Period!

    • Shoestring says:

      You’ll eat your words, that’s no skinny seat lol 🙂

      It’s Club World, remember? Does *anybody* use skinny seats in Business?

      • I doubt it! 🙂

        Well, it looks like BA do now! 🙂

        • How can you make a comment like that from those photos. There is no way you tell what type of seat it is.
          Obviously just a BA hater!

      • Just travelled from TPA tp LGW in Club World, flt ran 5 Hrs late due to computer sending wrong signals on landing gear, on an aircraft that had just arr in from LGW, Missed my conection to GLA/ was not informed of being offloaded at the dreaded LGW, luggage left unatended in the midle of the Airport for anyone to walk away with, was informed \i req to buy a new Tkt to GLA and pay excess bggage ? when in essence had a Tkt drc to Gla also paid $200.00 for excess bge @TPA Total Lack of Communication ,||in a very Hostile Envoronment , Cabin Crew totally useless with in Flt food Service ,new bedding ,don’t make me laugh,total Rubbish, not asstance from Cabin Divas masquerading as Flt attendants , made me ashamed to say I am British at these clowns ,they could not run a lemonade stand !
        Seat was so narrow & uncomfortable as a bed , another Joke , & I am tiny, ,compared to most Paps, Ba stop trying to makebelive they are a Bitish Company, that Irish guy totaled the Airline many years ago, from one who was a serving Employee when it was truly BRITISH .
        end of trip had to get a new Tkt at GTW, to then Fly out of LHR also a coach Tkt to get there with 10mins to takeoff, do that as a disabled person , especially running on empty food wise for two days .I detest this Airline the Worlds Worst as far as I can attest to, have been flying this route for 30 yrs, ,would give anything toavoif it Via SEA . Robbed of ID for the second trip in Six months something very wrong .3 car bk 2 were ok third was refused Agt s stated he did not have the car I had req, but showed a picture of a Sports car tht was never req ,jst a four door chevy cruz .\I firmly beleive they BA & Avis truly hate all Passengers .
        Still hurting in the UK after just 1 Wk of landing .

        • Doug M says:

          IF TPA-LGW-GLA was a single ticket BA should have rebooked you. You’re also entitled to EU261 compensation if your flight was more than 4 hours late. BA are just an agent for Avis, all rental companies bait and switch car models all the time, the ‘Or similar’ is the biggest crock of lies.
          You obviously need to complain to BA about what has happened. Try to stick to facts regarding service and events. Stating the seat was narrow will get you nowhere, it is what it is, and if you’ve done this for 30 years you presumably knew what you wee getting? Calling the crew divas rather than having specific examples of their failure also won’t help. You need to be calm and very factual to get the best outcome. Ranting only makes you feel better in the short term, getting money from them is much more satisfying.
          In terms of avoiding it fly Virgin Manchester to Orlando, or AA via another USA east coast city and then TPA as a domestic. You really don’t need to fly via Seattle.

  2. Jotaele says:

    OT: Just for future reference in case it is useful for anyone. In a recent flight in WTP from LHR to JFK the in-flight entertainment didn’t work for the full flight. I’ve just been offered 5,000 avios as compensation.

  3. Shoestring says:
    • That will do us just fine, thanks. However, redemption availability may be severely limited, l fear…

  4. Liam J says:

    Looks like the fabulous AA / CX seat, which I’m a huge fan of. Bring it on!

  5. Chris James says:

    Only about 10 years too late …

    • Cavemonster says:

      Agree with everything above. Once we have the nice new seat then my personal peeves – which seem to chime with others above – of cabin way too hot (what’s the point in fancy bedding when you’d dehydrate if able to use it) and galley crew chat (the nosey parker in my quite enjoys the tales of who sh*gged who last night etc) both of which mean rest is patchy need addressing.

  6. Andrew S says:

    It’s gonna have to go a long way to keep up with the Qatar Q-Suite!

  7. Oh this is going to be painful. We are going to be inflicted with more “jam tomorrow” marketing crap than you can poke a stick at, and for what; a product on a single plane that won’t fly for months, then a product which will not be universally available till at least 2023 or 2024.
    It will be the not just any business class but an M&S business class, luxury and the best thing since sliced bread.
    In truth it will be at best adequate, 10 years too late and no where near close to Qsuites or half the products already flying.

    • Spot on 👍

      • I for one am looking forward to seeing what’s coming. Don’t bash them before they’ve announced the seat! I won’t be angry if it’s not Q-Suite standard as I’d still take a BA long haul direct flight any day over Qatar 2 x mid haul flights which erodes the benefit of having a flat bed in the first place!

        • Definitely worth the break, to be nearly at Silver at the end of your trip..

    • Correct for the first part. Wrong for the 2nd part.

      • My concern if Club World becomes 6 instead of 8 across in business is that reward availlabilty will diminish and cash prices will go up.

        • Doug M says:

          The whole 6 across 8 across things is misleading because of seat space overlap. Should we consider some airlines two deep because your feet are under someone else’s seat?
          I believe BA have stated the seats are likely to result in less dense cabins. So one way or another they’ll be fewer seats, either in other cabins as CW is expanded, or in CW itself. We really don’t know if the redemption options will reduce, or prices will increase, but we can make a good guess can’t we.

        • Graeme says:

          This is my main concern too. Whilst CW has its detractors, if BA have to fit less seats in the same footprint, prices likely to go up so they can keep up their margins. There will be less people on each plane also meaning eemand will increase in theory.

          Whilst CW is not world class business product, it serves a purpose, call it J-, then as long as prices reflect that, i’m happy to pay. If new CW is J+, we may all have to accept higher prices and less Avios availabilty

          • That’s now how airline pricing works. You charge what has to be charged to fill the plane. If people are willing to pay £500 more for the new seat then BA will quickly find it can do that and will increase pricing accordingly.

            However, initially you will have routes where only 1/2 or 1/3 daily flights are the new seat. As fully flex tickets let you take any service the ability to increase pricing is slim for full J. You may see fewer discounted deals.

        • The cabin is gonna be smaller, I´m 99.9% sure about it.

          • It isn’t much smaller. Don’t underestimate how much space you save by having cubby holes.

  8. Jonathan says:

    Has there been any indication of when the new seat (whatever it’ll turn out to be) will start being rolled out?

  9. jamesup says:

    Been loving following this story, and enjoying the idea that BA have pulled a blinder on everyone, developing their new seat in plain sight, dropping loads of clues, but keeping us all guessing.

    If the new seat is the Rockwell/Panasonic waterfront, it’s been in the public domain for three years. That seat was launched in 2016 as a ‘concept’ but never sold to anyone – theory – BA have exclusivity on it.

    The name waterfront – a few articles have mentioned that this is a bizarre name for a seat. Unless you consider that BA is headquartered in a building called Waterside – it’s an injoke. I’ve seen a bunch of project code names do the same thing.

    The paterns on the seat – The wavey patern on the seat door is almost exactly the same as the wavy patern on the new Club World coffee cups.

    And last – the august 2015 pattent that BA made for a New Club World looks remarkably similar to the Waterfront seat (just flip the herringbone, change some angles, then add a door)

    I really want this to be true cause, major respect to BA if it is.

  10. BA has just confirmed on its Instagram stories that its new Club World seat will be revealed at around 10am tomorrow morning.

  11. Chechire Pete says:

    Intriguing all these rumours! Latest rumour I heard based on the LOPA layout of the cabin is that it’s 10 rows x 4 across, all front facing. 5 of the centre pairs can be used as double beds for couples.

    All speculation I gusss!

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