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Last day for Hilton’s UK, Europe and Middle East flash weekend sale

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Hilton is running a flash sale on rooms in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.  The sale home page is here.

We never got around to covering this last week, amongst all the coverage of the new British Airways Club Suite and the changes to American Express sign-up bonuses.  Apologies.  However, you still have today to book.

Here are the terms:

book by Monday 25th March

stay on any weekend until 8th September 2019 (Fri/Sat/Sun nights except in the Middle East)

all bookings are pre-paid and non-refundable

some hotels may have midweek dates available at sale prices

Hilton flash sale

The discount is up to 25% off Best Available Rate.  Because these rates are non-refundable, you should really compare them with the standard Advanced Purchase Rate.  As this is usually just 10% or so below Best Available Rate, the sale should still offer a saving.

Remember that Hilton Honors is offering 2,000 bonus points per stay, which I value at £6-£7, until 5th May.  Full details of that offer, and the registration link (you MUST register before your stay), are in this HFP article.

The home page for the Hilton flash sale is here.

PS. Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Hilton Honors points.  That page is regularly updated with the latest special offers and will still be accurate even if you are reading this article months after publication.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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Hilton India and SEA sale
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BA sale
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  1. sprout7 says:

    O/T – I’m afraid I need some advice on the following strategy:
    I’m looking to align my wife’s BAE tier point year end with mine and despite numerous calls and mails to exec club they are unable to help. The only way I can think to do it is by transferring her points to her account, closing her BA account (forfeiting an unused 2 for 1 voucher in the process) reopening a new BAE account in March / April (my year end is March 8th) and transferring the points back into the new account.
    Could anyone confirm if this will / won’t work?
    Many thanks

    • Should work but seems a little extreme. It is pathetic that BA allows this situation to develop. We have four different month ends amongst the four people in our house.

      • sprout7 says:

        Yea it does seem bonkers. My main concern was reconnecting the new BA account to Avios but I guess we’ll give it a go. thanks

      • Yes it is, but it is the only solution BA will offer sprout IME. Been there, tried that! I agree it is extreme though, with status lasting up to two years date differences should not be much of an issue if Mr(s) Sprout travel regularly. At the very least it should provide scope for managing the date of closure and rejoining.

    • ChrisC says:

      You are actively wanting to give up a potentially valuable 2 for 1 voucher just to tidy up some dates?

      You must be mad to give this up and then be willing spend X thousands of avios unnecessaryily on your next trip where you could have used the voucher and saved them.

      She would also lose any current status she may have and also the life time tier points – which may not bother you / here but it would other people.

      But if you want to waste the voucher and avios then go ahead. The only people who would benefit are BA.

      • sprout7 says:

        Following the change in Amex sign up bonus rules the 2for1 becomes less valuable to us as we will cross refer more frequently and obtain more vouchers than in the past. (I currently hold 2). Hitting the £10k spend target is not an issue.

        We intend to travel on more short haul redemptions in economy so having Silver status becomes far more valuable (and for long haul seat reservations). Therefore aligning tier point year end dates becomes significant if we are to maximise the effectiveness of tier point runs / holidays.

        I can assure you there will be significant benefits for me if she is able to get lounge access as well rather than me suggesting she sits outside while I go in alone!

  2. Shoestring says:

    O/T There are other cards. FWIW I took out a Sainsbury’s Nectar credit card this morning, it offers 28 months zero interest on both new purchases and balance transfers up to your credit limit. So you can buy new things for the next 28 months and pay no interest on your purchases, obvs only up to your credit limit. [I have no balance transfers but I guess you’d pay a small fee to transfer your balance from another credit card, then zero interest for the 28 month term.]

    Acceptance was immediate online – which is better than I can say we ever got for Amex card applications! 🙂 Credit limit £15,000. You *must* pay the minimum monthly amount each month or you will lose your 28 month free credit offer.

    Don’t do this unless you can pay off the balance in full before the 28 month term is up (when you start paying interest.)

  3. Rob, any plans to cover the Apple Credit Card that was announced today? US release ‘this summer’ but I don’t see any details of when it will hit the UK.

    • Mikeact says:

      No point.

    • Shoestring says:

      understood but ‘hard cash in return for spending’ will only ever be a fixed percentage of your spend – whereas Avios points (for example) can at times be worth many multiples of their face value.

      Eg a face value 1p Avios point can work out to be worth 4p or so when you need that flight and cash prices are sky high – but there’s still a reward flight available!

      • Chris L says:

        I agree but for many it’s “ifs and buts” vs cold hard cash. I doubt most consumers who follow a blog such as this manage to achieve 1p per Avios value. You’re only going to do so really if you’re redeeming for business class or above, aside maybe from peak times, granted.

      • Chris L says:

        Sorry I meant “…most consumers who DON’T follow…”

      • £25,358.46 for 2 pax one way in flexible first EDI-HKG on Christmas eve when I must travel. I paid under £1k + 75k avios with a 241. Also used avios to BKK on same date last year in CW when even economy was over £1500 return. Doubt you’ll see me near an apple card so long as an avios card remains.

      • Correction to my 22.11 xomment: should read 120k avios for peak first, was thinking of my default off peak CW redemptions which are 75k.

    • Optimus Prime says:

      But a card with those benefits and no fees is not sustainable in the UK market, is it?

    • No

      • This is the sort of problem old media has; failing to keep up with new tech. Apple has massive clout, and Sachs isn’t some two-bit operation. This card will no doubt come to the UK (less sure about mainland Europe), you should be at the front of covering this Rob. Just Saying…

        • The problem is the Apple brand is on a slippery slope because they are failing to keep up with new technology. Reason for their interest in such things as credit cards is because the know they are fighting a losing battle on the tech front. I suspect they will be another Nokia within a decade.

  4. Spurs Debs says:

    Oh I’m going to look at that … any excuse for a spa treatment !

  5. Shoestring says:

    Don’t forget the big wins. You might be focused on points & flights – but some of the really big wins are on pensions & ISAs. Points might be a hobby but points = money.

    Get another £40K into your pension, if at all possible. Before the end of the tax year. That’s the very best big win in my humble opinion.

    Mission success.

    • Shoestring says:

      so a £40K contribution for a basic rate taxpayer must be worth 800,000 Avios points

      for a higher rate taxpayer, considerably more 🙂

    • If you’re earning so little that you get the full £40k allowance then you don’t earn enough to put away £40k ….

      The only reason I think I should stick HFP into a corporate vehicle is that I could reduce my salary to exactly £40k, pay the entire lot into my pension and have zero tax liability.

      • Jimbob says:

        Not entirely true, with the joys of a db pension you can earn less than £100k, yet have “pension growth” of more than £40k per year, and get hit by a marginal tax rate of 80%.

        Think I may have gone off topic though…

        • Haha – it gets better – move from earning £109k to £111k by doing £2k of non-pensionable extra work to cover a gap and you can get a nice £9k+ tax bill, marginal rate 475% or thereabouts. All on a theoretical benefit that you’ll lose about 25%+ of by taking earlier than State Pension Age…

          (OK I’ve gone even further OT but couldn’t resist!)

        • Matthew says:

          Would you mind explaining for me?! Are you talking about the LTA? Thanks

      • FlyingChris says:

        “So little” being under 150k…?

        • £150k is £90k net. I doubt anyone on £90k take-home is putting £40k into a pension unless they have substantial savings to top-up their day to day spend.

        • Charlieface says:

          Sorry mate, anyone on 150k paying the full 40% really isn’t doing their homework.
          (For reference I’m on less than 10% of that at the mo)

  6. Benilyn says:

    OT: London to Maldives redemption in business, any ideas? BA impossible to get. Looking for March 2020.

  7. See above…

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